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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

World Embryo 42

The Kazama Hospital

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 2, 2009 06:27 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

S: --er--
S: Master--
S: Master, you must come immediately!
S: Mas...hyah!
S: M-Master...? What's wrong?

H: ...the decoding of the encrypted F.L.A.G. file has been finished...
S: Eh?! Then...
H: ...but we'll talk about that later.
H: What's wrong?
S: Oh, yes! We have a guest. Joe-san and the others have brought...
H: A guest...?
H: ...ah.
H: You're...Amami-kun's...

Chapter 42 - The Kazama Hospital

K: Why didn't anyone notice?!
B: Several hours after Test Subject #78 disappeared...
K: Someone went through the gate to the parking lot using her ID card...20 minutes after he disappeared!
K: Indentification of employees coming and going should always be the first and foremost priority! There should be a limit to how much you overlook things!!
B: the Chairwoman went missing again.
G: I-I apologize...we simply failed to notice...
K: How could these elite workers make such an amateur mistake...?
S: The records don't lie.
S: But if a lie isn't noticed, then it ceases to be a lie.

K: What are you talking about, Sakomizu?
S: It'll be easier to understand if you think of it this way..."all of us, at one point, received some sort of autosuggestion telling us to lose interest in the two."
S: That's why we weren't able to detect the lie that lurked in our records.
S: The reason Kanzaki-san noticed...
S: is because he had his guard up and was in Kensei mode! (Earlier.)
S: Call back all the Jinki Users who are still out searching.
S: It's necessary that we have someone check all of the records while in Kensei mode.

C: ..truly horrible.
C: You force me to drive you all the way here, and now I get treated like this?
R: I can't have you Kensei all of a sudden.
R: ...Neene...is Shizuru-san really with Arisugawa?

N: Yes!
N: Joe and Clara are with them as well! They're quite far from the HQ.
R: Is that so...
R: ...Neene, can you go upstairs and keep watch for me?
N: Ne...am I allowed to use force? Earlier, papa, you said no...
R: It's really not a good idea...
R: But now is an emergency situation, so we have no choice!
N: Emergency?
R: Your power is a necessity, Neene. You don't need to hold back, so let's work hard together!
N: Neh!
N: Well, here I go!

C: ...that was some very clever wheedling.
C: However...of all the places I'd imagine us to end up...
C: To me, this hospital is the beginning of everything.
C: It's the same to all of you as well, isn't it?
R: ...I dunno.
C: Sending the child far away from the two of us in a place like this...is there something you want to ask me?
C: Or do you think you actually have what it takes to try something?
C: I know you're a virgin.
R: ...you even went as far as investigating that? F.L.A.G. really is horrible...

R: But that's right...
R: "With your help, I can get rid of that as well..."
R: Just kidding.
R: I just wanted to get this back.
R: Did you really think I'd do something like that?

R: Don't make me laugh. As if I'd pollute my soul like that...
R: Go rub yourself on a pillow or something...
R: You perverted old woman!
C: Wha...
C: ...I wouldn't get too carried away if I were you, boy.
C: Your pursuers will be here to catch you any minute now.
C: The positions in society, safe havens, and futures you all possess....we'll take everything!
C: We can even make it so that your family will force you to starve to death in Tokyo while cursing your name!

R: ...I've thought this for a while now, but you're really petty, you know that?
R: Maybe selfish would be a better way to put it...
R: The point is...the only way for you to do all that stuff is if I give you back to them..right?
R: F.L.A.G. seems pretty fragile to me. Its parent company may be huge, but the existence of this organization is top secret to the outside world...
R: Wouldn't it be a critical blow to a cell phone company if they let the public know that using their cell phones has the possibility of turning them into monsters?
C: You're thinking of leaking something to the press?
C: Impossible! We'll just cover it up...
R: It's not impossible. There are tons of people who want to hear about it...
R: The story surrounding "Suraga," that is...

R: "I always told myself,"
R: "that if F.L.A.G. ever found out about Neene,"
R: "that I'd just have no choice but to take on all their Jinki Users myself."
C: Y...you're bluffing!
C: There's no possible way...you could...
R: That's right, it's a lie!
R: I've made no preparations! I have no plan! This is all just talk!
R: But this is the only true weapon I have!!

R: "Fine, you don't have to believe me. I'll just start with you, then."
B: All I have to do is trick her into thinking "Amami Riku is the kind of person who would do something like that!"
R: "If you keep refusing to accept the truth, then I'll just behead you as my declaration of war."
B: "If I do something careless, I could be in danger..."
R: "I think I'll start with your ear...this will be quite a minute task for a Jinki, so it might be a bit difficult, though..."
R: Then an equilibrium will be established!
R: Now hurry up
R: and give in!

R: I-I understand...! What do you want to hear?!
sfx: hah x3
J: ...seriously?
J: That girl...Neene is the prospected source of the infection...?
J: She was born...from a cocoon...?

S: Is that why the Chairwoman...Sawako-san took Riku-san?
C: Rikkun was keeping such a dangerous thing like that secret?
C: Arisu-san know about it too and was just keeping quiet?!
C(small): Huh? But I thought the source of the infection was that kitsune mask guy...
H: Of course, I feel that something like that was to be reported as soon as possible...
H: But you didn't...dare to, did you...?
A: ...yes...
S: Why would Riku-san go that far to keep it a secret...
S: Uuu...I suppose he doesn't trust us...
S: He's at a dead end...again...
A: Shizuru-san...?
S: I had no idea that Ricchan was involved...in such a battle...
S: ...no...
S: The truth is, there were so many indications that I probably could have noticed...
S: But...I was afraid to ask.

S: The bonds that broke after Amane-chan disappeared...after two years, they were finally beginning to return.
S: I was just so afraid for them to break again...
S: That's...what must have kept him from going forward.
S: He's still all alone, even now...
S: He keeps everything wrapped up inside, all alone...
S: In a place...I can never reach...all alone...

H: Joe!!
J: ...don't stop me, Hayato!
J: I haven't been this pissed for a long time.
J: That idiot doesn't understand anything.
J: Youhei's probably rolling over in his grave right now!
C: Please, wait a minute, brother!
S: ...You...hei...?
R: "That has nothing to do with this."
R: "Don't worry about it"...
R: For now...you don't need to remember him...but...

R: Someday, please...
R: recall that name that should bring back so many memories to you...
H: Amami-san...we will ensure your safety.
H: Rest at ease.
S: O-okay.
H: Also, about the source of the infection...we'll have to begin by erasing the doubt surrounding Neene-kun.
S: It's "The Masked Man in the Black Suit," right?
H: This is why it's necessary that we get Amami-kun's testimony...
R: Tsukishiro-san.
R: I'll search for him.
R: I'm his partner, after all.
sfx: haa x3

R: Amami Riku, where are you...?
R: If I were him, where would I go...?
R: What would I be worrying about...
sfx: haa x3
R: It's you...

C: The Kazama Hospital used to be a collection facility for Lost Rebounds.
R: But it was a public hospital, why would...
R(small): It used to belong to the Kazama family, too...
C: It's true that it wasn't part of NEFT...or the Tokiji Group.
C: But the people here caught on to the Lost Rebound disorder far before F.L.A.G. did.
C: In fact, the very reason NEFT found out about the existence of Kanshu themselves is because there was a large number of Lost Rebounds being held here as mentally ill patients.
C: That's when this hospital started working together with the newly-formed F.L.A.G. in order to research and protect the afflicted...

C: After the fire, the Tokiji Group took over the responsibility of collecting and researching the patients.
R: ...does Tougo know about that...?
C: As soon as I realized Kazama-kun was a Jinki User, I was surprised and immediately severed our ties...
C: But of course he doesn't know.
C: It's a deep secret only known by a select member of people who are directly connected to what happened...
C: As for people connected to the hospital...probably only the Head Doctor.
R: The Head Doctor...
R: Kazama Haruki...Tougo's older brother!
?: Hurry up, Kazama-kun!

T: But I'm part of the annexed division...(are you sure this is alright?)
W: We don't have enough people, and since you're currently under the care of us here at the HQ, you're going to have to help us!
W(small): You already started following me, anyway...
T: ...this can't be happening. Why would Riku run away...
T: What the hell is he up to...?!
R: So...what happened here two years ago?
R: What did F.L.A.G...do to this hospital...?!
C: ...if you want to know about the plan, it's all stored in F.L.A.G.'s servers...and since you're a Jinki User, you should be able to retrieve the data using that cell phone of yours.
C: I want to know the raw information!
C: You're one of the people involved with what happened two years ago, aren't you?!
R: What is she hesitating for all of a sudden...?
R: Uwahh! It's from Arisugawa?!

C: ...I wasn't one of the people involved.
C: When I woke up, it was over...
C: It had all ended already...

R: What eyes...!
R: Shit, I'm going to lose my countenance...!
R: ...let me ask a different question.
R: What happened to Agatsuma-san?
C: ...that's what I'd like to know. Just what is she? What does she have to do with the annexed division?
R: What...she's just my classmate!
C: Liar!
C: She...
C: made contact with the Jinki Hunter.

R: Wh...at?
C: I'm not lying.
C: The report came from one of the men we had investigating you. And right after he reported that, he disappeared...
C: This happened one week ago.
C: That's why we started watching you...and began the birdcage plan.
R: She's lying!
C: There was a possibility that you and the annexed division were sending information to the Jinki Hunter through her.
R: She seriously looked up to him!! If she actually had met him...there's no way she would have talked about him so feverishly...like that...
R: It can't be...was that a lie too? Why...would she do something like that...?
C: We waited to wait to act until we investigated some more, but...

R: A text message...
R: from Arisugawa...
R: Eh?
R: A forwarded message? From Masaki-san?
R: But...she should be...eh?

B: To Komaki-chan - sorry about earlier.
B: I really think it'd be best if we could meet and talk things over, but that isn't possible now, so I'm sending you this instead.
B: Right now I...am together with a certain person.

A: I just happened to run into the very man I've always looked up to.

R: So that means...she...
N: I can still...hear...
R: really met up with Takao,
R: and then...died?
R: My lie became the truth...

Next Chapter: May 30. (Yes, that's right, another three months of nothing...)

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