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Over Time 4

Over Time 04

+ posted by momodaisuki as translation on Aug 10, 2006 15:02 | Go to Over Time

-> RTS Page for Over Time 4

Page i
Text: グッド☆モーニング?!
Good morning?!
SFX ぺぺぺぺ *beep⑨*
Taro: ・・・んむぅ、今日の卒業式さすがに行かにゃ!
I guess I can't miss the graduation today!
Taro: ・・・にしても嫌な夢見ちゃったなァ・・・
...that was a pretty bad dream...
Takami: 連れてけ甲子園
Take me to the Koshien
The falcon will fly
Taro: 夢・・・かァ
A "dream", huh...?

Page ii
Taro: ・・・でも夢でよかたァ~!!
...But I'm so glad it was just a dream~!!
Takami: よォ
Takami: いつまで寝とんじゃボケぇ!!
Get out of bed, you dumbass!!
Taro: 夢でよかたァ~
I'm so glad it was just a dream~
Takami: てめー、しつけーんじゃ!!!
How many times are you gonna say that?!!
Taro: ぎゃん
Taro: た・・・鷹見くん、部屋にゃぜって入ってくんなってあれほど昨日言っ・・・たじゃないスか・・・
Ta...Takami-kun, yesterday I told you so goddamned many times never to step into my room--
...or please not to step in...didn't I...?
Takami: てめーが起きんけぇじゃボケぇ、ムーミンか!!
I wouldn't have come if you'd woken up,
you Moomin!!
Taro: ムーミン?!!・・・てゆーかまだ7時
...But it's only 7 o'clock
Takami: ワシゃ毎朝6時からランニングって決まっとんじゃ!!早く替われ!!
Well, I go jogging at 6 every morning!! That's my routine!!
Now hand over your body!!
Taro: イヤ、オレもう替わりたくな-- べぼっ
But I don't wanna change places anymo--

Page 01
第4話 アリンコ
Chapter 4 -- Little Ant
Side text: 「休んでる暇は無えーーー!!」太郎後ろ後ろ!!
"I haven't got the time to rest!!" Taro, watch out behind you!!

Page 02
Taro: むをォー
SFX ゴロ③ *roll*
Takami: 戻れたんじゃけ、えぇじゃろがっ!!!
You got your body back so it's ok, right?!!
Taro: ・・・よくない
...It's not ok
Text: 昨日は結局あの後・・・
Yesterday, after that...
Karasuma: テレビ見る、帰る!
I'm going home to watch TV
Text: 不利になった西商マスカッツから
Put at a disadvantage, the "Nishishou Muscatels" started saying
Team NS: てめーんトコだけ助っ人はズリーぞォ!!!
It's not fair!! You guys still have that boy helping you!!!
Text: その結果
-- As a result
Text: 人間のお山が出来ましたとさ。
A mountain of bodies was formed
Team M: きゃーっ
Text: 当然試合中止
And of course, the game was canceled
Taro: ん?
Takami: ヌ?
Text: 確かにその後なんでか元に戻れたんだけどね
It's true that I somehow managed to return to my own body after that
Text: 案の定オレがこっぴどく叱られちゃったのさ・・・完。
but as can be expected, I was the one that got scolded... The End.
Taro: ゴメンなさい
I'm sorry
Taro: クソぅ、こいつのせいなのに・・・
Damn it, when it was his fault...
Takami: ・・・にしてもチビよォ
...Hey, midget
Takami: 汚ねぇ!!(部屋がっ)
It's so messy!!
(Your room)
SFX どがらじょべぇ~・・・ *clatter*
Taro: なぬぅ?!!
Taro: しっ、失敬な。これは合理的と言ってだな・・・
H- how rude!
This is all according to the physical law of thermodynamics and...
Takami: 片付けっ!!
Clean it up!!

Page 03
Takami: 落ちつかん!見ろ、このトリ肌(ブツツ・・・)
I can't stand it!
Look, I've got goosebumps
Taro: はァ?!!なんでオレの部屋でアンタが落ちつかにゃ・・・
Why do I have to make you feel comfortable in my--
Takami: うむ!
Taro: お・・・落ちつかにゃい・・・
Now I feel uncomfortable...
Taro: オレの部屋なのに・・・ん?
And this is my room...
Taro: 1年の時買ったグローブ。一週間くらいだったかな?・・・使ったの・・・
It's the glove I bought in Year 1 (7th grade)
Wasn't it for about a week?...that I used it...
Text (Taro): 先生!!明日から部活休みます!
Sir!! I'll be skipping club activities from tomorrow!
Text (Teacher): なんで?
Text (Taro): 肩こわしたんで・・・
I broke my shoulder...
Taro: しかたねーよ、ついてけねーんだもん!
It can't be helped
I can't keep up with everyone!

Page 04
Taro: ・・・まるで新品な・・・
...It still looks brand new...
Taro: あァ!!!ホレ片付けなんかしてっから遅刻しちゃうぅー!!!
Look, because you made me clean my room up, I'm gonna be late!!!
Takami: ランニング・・・
Time to jog...
Taro: え?!今オレ遅刻しちゃうって言ったんだけど
Hello? I just said I'm going to be late?!
Taro: ・・・てゆーか・・・その上なんで・・・
...on top of that...
Taro: オレが走らにゃいけんの?!
Why am I the one jogging?!
Takami: うっせ!!替われんのじゃけ我慢せぇ!ワシの甲子園のたまじゃ!!!ヌっはっはっは
Shut up!!
We can't change places, so stop complaining!
It's to get me to the Koshien!!! Nwahahaha
Taro: もォイヤだァーーー!!!
I can't stand this!!!
Text: と同じセリフを言い続けてあっとゆーまの一か月・・・
Or so he kept saying as a month quickly passed...
Text: 路を歩けば桜咲く
Now cherry blossoms bloom along the roads

Page 05
Sign: (兵山県立)瀬戸川高等学校
Setokawa High School
Text: ピカピカ高校1年生!
And Taro's a brand new 1st Year in high school!
Taro: ピカピカ?ボロボロだよ!
Brand new? I'm totally worn-out!
Kazu: 今年のセンバツ学盟館スゴかったなァー!!しかも今年はあの烏丸も入るっつーしな
This year a lot of great players entered the Gakumeikan!!
I even heard that Karasuma got in this year
They might actually win all the spring and summer games...
Yasu: あっ、そーいや太郎。明日部紹介だけどドコ行っか決めた?
Oh yeah, Taro. Tomorrow the clubs are all gonna be having presentations,
but have you decided which one to watch already?
Taro: ん?
Taro: ・・・あ
Kazu: どしたん?
What's wrong?
Text (Taro): 忘れちゃってたのは
I probably forgot
Taro: あっ!
Text (Taro): きっと春霞のせい
because of the spring haze
Tar: あァー!!!
Oh yeah!!!
Text (Taro): PS2ソフト「D.O.N」の予約ともう一つ
to order the PS2 game "D.O.N" (Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto) and...
Taro: ・・・あの、鷹見くん
Takami: あ゛?!なんじゃ?
What is it?

Page 06
Taro: ゴメン。この高校(ガッコ)野球部なかった
I just remember this school doesn't have a Baseball Club
Kazu: 太郎ォオおぉおォお
Taro: おっ・・・落ちどぅー!!
Aaah!! I'm gonna fall!!
Kazu: ・・・最近の太郎の「一人リアクション芸」はもー神の域だな・・・
...Taro's "one man reaction comedy" has really surpassed the human realm...

Page 07
Taro: イヤー、だってやめるつもりだったからさァ、野球。なんかこーつまり忘れてたんだよ!
No, you see, I was planning to quit baseball
so it had just slipped my mind!
Really, I would have liked to go to the Koshien too
but we'll just have to give up!
Taro (thoughts): ホントに忘れてたけどラッキー。コレでこの面倒くせーオバケともおさらばできんじゃね?
I'd really forgotten about it, but this is great!
Now I might be able to get rid of this troublesome ghost
Taro: うふふ
Taro: あのォ~、鷹見くん・・・さっきからドコへ?
Umm, Takami-kun...
Where are you taking me?
Takami: 野球部あるトコ
Somewhere with a Baseball Club
Sign: (兵山)学盟館高等学校
Gakumeikan High School

Page 08
Players: ちゃんと捕れー!
Catch it!
Taro: ムリっ!!!
No way!!!んなコト出来るワケねーじゃん!!ズボン脱げるぅー
Taro: ダぁーメだって、絶っっ対ムリ!!
No!! It's impossible!!
There's no way we can't do this!! You're pulling off my pants!!
Takami: ワシん球見せりゃ出来る!
Show me a ball and I'll do it!
Taro: 帰るぅー
I'm going home
Takamori: おーい、どーかしたのキミィ!
You there, what's up?
Takamori: ウチの制服じゃないね!
You're not from this school, huh?
Takamori: 何?迷子?キャッキャッ
Did you lose your way or something?
Taro: え・・・と、あのその・・・
Takami: 早よ言え
Spit it out
Taro: そのぅ・・・ですね・・・

Page 09
Taro: 今から学盟館に野球推薦で入学・・・出来ないスかね?
Is it still enter Gakumeikan if I opt to join the Baseball Club?
Umm... I think I can pitch as well as the "Falcon of Nishi-chuu" but...and umm...
I want to go to the Koshien...sort of
Takamori: 鷹?
The Falcon?
Takamori: キャッキャッキャ、甲子園てトコは同感だよォー。イヤー気が合うかもなァ、ボクたちィ!
I want to go to the Koshien too
Wow, we sure think alike, huh?
Taro: ハ・・・ハハ
Taro (thoughts): 変な人・・・
What a weirdo...
Takamori: でもさしがにそれは難しいんじゃないかな?今まで春夏通算21回甲子園出場
But I think that'll be really hard, you know?
So far this school has participated in the spring and summer Koshien 21 times
Of that we've ranked within the top 4 9 times and won 6 times.
Last year's team just won the tournament as well
so this school is one of the most prestigous schools among the prestigous -- It's just like a lion's den!
Takamori: あっ、でも。ホラ、あっこにさ監督いんじゃん?
Oh but
you see the coach over there?
Taro: あ・・・うん
Takamori: あの人ウチに「西中の鷹」をスカウトしてたんだよ
He came to my school to ask the "Falcon of Nishi-chuu" to join this team

Page 10
Takamori: だからもしキミが「鷹」みたいな豪速球投げれるんならさァ
So if you can throw a really fast ball like the "Falcon",
Taro: え?あっ、イヤ
Huh? Uh, no
Takamori: それ監督に見せつけてやろーぜ!そしたらもしかして可能性あっかも!
Why don't we show that to the coach?
Then you might really make it in!
Takamori: 監督の見える所からボール渡すから、おもっきし投げ返すんだぞ!
I'll pass you the ball from where the coach can see
so you throw it back to me as hard as you can, ok?
Karasuma: あのチビ・・・この前の・・・
That midget...
...I saw him before...
Karasuma: ・・・誰だっけ?
...Who was he again?
Taro: べ・・・別にオレはそこまで・・・
I- I don't really need you to...
Yes, please. I'm counting on you!
Takamori: じゃー行くよー
I'm throwing it
Takamori: 軽ゥーく・・・
Just lightly

Page 11
Takamori: ねっ
Taro: え?
Taro: ちょっ・・・速・・・
...It's fast...
Taro: ・・・か・・・はっ

Page 12
Takamori: キャッキャ、ごめんごめん。オレノーコンでさァ!!・・・ダメだ、面白ぇ!!キャッキャ
Hahaha, I'm so sorry
You see, I don't hold back**!!
...This is too funny!! Hahaha
Taro: ・・・ぐぅ
Takamori: オレこーゆーの大好きなんだァ。才能のねー口だけのアリンコを潰すのってさァ、チョー気持ちイイー!!!
I love doing things like this
Squashing little ants, or guys like you that're all talk but without talent
It feels so great!!!

Takamori: おっと
Takamori: 「西中の鷹」なんて言うからだぜー?どいつもこいつも鷹、鷹ってさー
But it's your fault for mentioning the "Falcon of Nishi-chuu"
Everyone's always talking about the Falcon
Taro: ケホ② *cough* *cough*
Takamori: あんなヤツのどこがそんなスゲぇんだっつの。オレずっと思ってたんだァ、あんなヤツ死ねばイイのにってさ
What's so great about that guy anyway?
I was always hoping
that he'd die
Takamori: そしてら、キャッキャ。ホントに死んじまいやんの!!キャッキャッキャ
And then
he really dies!!
Takamori: ・・・それにもしお前がホントに「鷹」だったとしても、学盟館(ウチ)のエースナンバー背負えるのはこの高森(たかもり)啓(けい)だけだ!!!アイツじゃねぇ、オレがイチバンなんだよ!
...Besides, even if you were the "Falcon"
the ace for Gakumeikan will still be me, Takamori Kei!!!
He isn't the best -- I am!

Page 13
Takamori: まー、どこの弱小校の偵察(スパイ)か知らんけど、アリンコはアリの巣にお帰りー!キャッキャ
Well I don't know which pathetic school you're spying for
But little ants should stay in their hill!
Taro: ・・・ねぇ、鷹見くん・・・
...Hey, Takami-kun...
Coach: 高森
Takamori: 何スか、監督ぅ
Yes, Coach?
Coach: さっきから何をやっている?県大会近いのわかってるんだろうな。エースナンバーが欲しければ、オレの機嫌を損ねるな
What have you been doing there? You know the prefectural tournament's coming up right?
If you want the ace number, you better not upset me
Takamori: スミマセーン
I'm sorry~
Coach: 集合ォー!!
Gather up!!
Players: おォォしっ

Page 14
Takamori: なん・・・だ?!この威力・・・しかもこの人垣を縫って・・・! This strength...
...and it came through this crowd...

Page 15
Takami: 悪いなァ
Heh, sorry
Takami: ワシもノーコンじゃけぇ
I don't hold back too
Takamori: ・・・何のつもりだアリンコ!
...What're you trying to pull off, Little Ant!
Takami: イイコト思いついたけぇ、教えよう思うてな
I came up with a great idea, so I thought I'd share it with you
Takami: アリを潰すよりずっと気持ちイイコトじゃ!!
It's even better than squashing ants!!

Page 16~17
Takami: アリが名門(ライオン)ブッ潰すってどォよ?!
We "ants" will squash
you "lions" -- How's that?
Takami: 1か月じゃ。1か月後、ワシがてめーらをまとめてブッ潰す!!これは宣戦布告じゃ!!
1 month
In 1 month I'll grind you all to dust!!
Let the battle begin!!
Taro: 野球部無いのに何言ってんのー?!
We don't even have a Baseball Club -- What're you saying?!
Side text: "大胆不敵"に波乱を起こす!!
Surprise the "fearless and undefeatable" team!!

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#1. by La_Muerte (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 10, 2006
awesome, i was waiting for this one too
#2. by NeoShweaty (Scanlator)
Posted on Aug 10, 2006
why did you do this to me? now i have to work on over time :p
#3. by La_Muerte (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 10, 2006
Quote by yoropiko :

Page 13
Takamori: まー、どこの弱小校の偵察(スパイ)か知らんけど、アリンコはアリの巣にお帰りー!キャッキャ
Well I don't which pathetic school you're spying for

forgot the "know"
#4. by destinator (MH Senpai)
Posted on Aug 10, 2006
Thanks a lot for thr translation yoropiko <3
#5. by momodaisuki (Translator)
Posted on Aug 10, 2006
Quote by La_Muerte :

forgot the "know"

Thanks! (Yes, so I was getting lazy~. Everyone, pls point out any mistakes you see >u<)

Quote by NeoShweaty :

why did you do this to me? now i have to work on over time :p

Jia you~&#9834;I'm getting back at you for dropping Fairy Tail when I had alread&#65369; started working on it~ lol
#6. by NeoShweaty (Scanlator)
Posted on Aug 10, 2006
i'm sorry but you know other groups happen. I think my time will be better spento n the other series i mentioned in the later pm (which i would like to hear back about...please)
#7. by La_Muerte (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 11, 2006
Quote by yoropiko :

Thanks! (Yes, so I was getting lazy~. Everyone, pls point out any mistakes you see >u<)

maybe ur just to tired, from all the awesome translations, take it easy :p
#8. by KamFan (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 13, 2006
Just to point out, there are two pages missing in the scan you used :darn
Here's the whole raw chapter :smile-big [url=]
And thank you a lot for your translations ^^
#9. by NeoShweaty (Scanlator)
Posted on Aug 13, 2006
yeah, there are two pages at the beginning that werent included in the original raw release
#10. by momodaisuki (Translator)
Posted on Aug 13, 2006
Quote by KamFan :

Just to point out, there are two pages missing in the scan you used :darn
Here's the whole raw chapter :smile-big [url=]

Omg, and I didn't notice >_<
Thanks a lot for telling me & providing me with the link! I'll get those missing pages translated in short time~&#9834;

Edit: Ok, it's done~! But check for any mistakes plz (- -)zZzZz
#11. by KamFan (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 13, 2006
Wouhou !! You seriously utterly uberistically rocks :smile-big
#12. by NeoShweaty (Scanlator)
Posted on Aug 13, 2006
oh yeah, yoropiko, i dont know if you noticed but in the scanlations i choose to change "falcon" to "hawk" simply because of my past encounters with the word (in hajime no ippo) and after my dictionary confirmed it. Also, i do proofread your translations as i go in the typesetting process so look for corrections there, if you want.
#13. by momodaisuki (Translator)
Posted on Aug 14, 2006
Yup, I saw the scanlation for chapter 3. &#40441; translates into both hawk & falcon and so when I saw that, I considered changing mine to "hawk" too but... Let's just say I like falcons better >u<
I don't mind the editing -- In fact, feel free to ask me if there's any part that seems wrong &#12539;&#8704; &#12539; (Although there was this one bit in chapter 3 that bugged me a bit... I don't think Karasuma being called Ka-kun is meant to be a pun... just a small thing...&#9834;)

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