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Translations: Gintama 656 (2) , One Piece 881 by cnet128

Over Time 5

Over Time 05

+ posted by momodaisuki as translation on Aug 22, 2006 06:05 | Go to Over Time

-> RTS Page for Over Time 5

Page 01
Text: 鷹見の言葉が波紋を起こす!!
Takami's words cause a ripple of surprise!!
Students: 名門(ウチ)をブッ潰す?!
"Squash" our team?!
Students: 宣戦布告?
A "battle"?
Side text: 名門学盟館に挑戦状!!
A challenge against the Gakumeikan!!
Coach: 誰だお前
Who are you
Takami: ワシぁ鷹・・・イヤ、瀬戸川高校1年・・・
I'm Taka--
I'm a Year 1 from Setokawa High...

Page 02
Takami: ずん胴チビという!!
I'm called The Ugly Midget!!
Taro: 名前わかんねーからテキトーに言ったァ!!!(しかも悪意マンマン・・・)
He forgot my name so he just made one up!!!
(And one that's totally insulting...)
Karasuma: ・・・あっ、あの時の面白いチビ・・・
...Oh! It's that interesting midget...
Girl: どーしたの?秋津(あきつ)さん
Are you ok, Akitsu-san?
Misaki: あっ、スイマセン・・・あのぅ・・・
Ah, I'm sorry...umm...
Takami: 一か月後に試合じゃ!!ええじゃろ?
We'll have the match in 1 month's time!!
That should be ok, right?
Taro: ダぁ~メェ~
Coach: いいだろう
Why not

Page 03
第5話 さくら
Chapter 5 -- Cherry Blossoms
Side text: 遠き日の思い出は桜と共に。
Together with the cherry blossoms, memories of that day, long ago...

Page 04
Taro: なんであんなコト言うんだよぅ!!
Why did you say such a thing?!
We're talking about the Gakumeikan, you know?! They're the best among the best!! What are you think--
Takami: うっせ!!
Shut up!!
SFX ゴチッ *whack*
Taro: 大体今日言ったけどウチ野球部無・・・
Besides, like I told you today, our school doesn't have a Baseball Cl--
Misaki: ちょっと待ってぇー!!
Wait up!!
Misaki: 琴吹(ことぶき)太郎くん・・・だよね?
You're Kotobuki Taro-kun
Taro: え・・・と、誰さん?
Who are you?
Takami: 美咲・・・
Misaki: 急にゴメンね
I'm sorry for suddenly stopping you
My name's Atsuki Misaki!
I'm the manager for the Baseball Club in Gakumeikan now but...

Page 05
Misaki: 与作・・・え~・・・っと琴吹くんと同じバスに乗ってた鷹見の・・・幼馴染み・・・でさ!
I'm Yosaku's...uh...or Takami, the boy that was on the same bus as you
We...were friends since small!
Taro: あっ、あの時泣いてた娘だ・・・
The girl that was crying then...
Misaki: 実はね・・・渡したいモノがあるんだ
Actually...there's something I want to pass you
Taro: モノ?
Misaki: うん!なんとなくずっと持っちゃってたんだけど
I've been keeping it although I was thinking of giving it back...
Misaki: ハイ
Taro: !!夢まもり・・・
!! The dream charm...
Misaki: それキミのでしょ?与作が最後まで握ってたんだけど、アイツはそーゆーの持たないし・・・
That's yours, right? Yosaku was holding it till the end but he's not the type to have something like that so...
When I saw you back at school, I thought I had to give it back to you...
Taro: さっき?
"Back at school"?
Taro: 見てたんだ、宣戦布告!
Oh, you were watching me challenge them!

Page 06
Text (Misaki): まるで・・・
It was like...
Misaki: スゴイ感動した・・・ホントよ?
Yeah, I was really impressed...
I mean it
Misaki: 琴吹くん中学は野球部だったんでしょ?
Kotobuki-kun, you were in the Baseball Club in middle school, right?
(I heard it from someone)
Your pitching is amazing, so your goal must be to get there, right?
Misaki: 甲子園
The Koshien
Taro: ・・・え?
Taro: イヤイヤイヤ、甲子園なんて
The Koshien?! No, no, no
Misaki: 琴吹くんなら行けるよ!
Don't worry, you'll make it there!
...Although I guess it's wrong for a Gakumeikan manager to say that!
Kids: スイマセーン、取って下さァーぃ
Could you please throw that ball back to us?
Misaki: ホレっ
Here you go
Kids: ありがとーございましたァー
Thank you
Misaki: ・・・思い出すなァー
...This brings back the memories

Page 07
Taro: あの、鷹見くんにもあったんだ・・・子供時代
So even that Takami-kun had...
...his childhood days
Misaki: アハハハハ、そりゃーね!でも昔から何も変わって無いよ
Of course! Although he was always like that
Misaki: ガキの頃から目つき悪いでしょ?口も悪いし
Even when he was small, he looked scary and he talked mean,
He was always a selfish and violent idiot: The worst kind of guy you'll see!
SFX ミシミシ *crack, crack*
Taro: あ゛だだだだ、オレ何も言ってな・・・
Owowowow, I'm not saying anything...
Misaki: んで二言目にはすぐアレ
And every other sentence of his was
Takami: 甲子園じゃー!!!
I'm going to the Koshien!!!
Misaki: って
like that
Misaki: 年がら年中野球、野球
It was always baseball for him
Even when it rained, even when there was a strong wind
Misaki: 大晦日も元日も
Even on New Year's Eve, even on New Year's Day itself
Even when he was sick, even when there was a typhoon

Page 08
Misaki: ホントに笑っちゃうくらいの野球バカ
It was almost funny, his obsession for baseball
...Although I used to follow him all the time...
Misaki: ・・・そ~いえば・・・
...Oh, yeah...
Misaki: あの時も確かこの公園だったなァ・・・
"That" was also when we were in this park...
Misaki: ちょっと、聞いたわよ与作、どーゆーコトよォ!!
Hey, Yosaku! I heard what happened!
What is this?!
You fought with your team mates in the Little League
and you got kicked out?!!
Misaki: せっかくリトルリーグの名門に入れたのに!!
How could you, when you made it into a school famous for it's Little League?!
Misaki: ちょっと聞いてる?!やんや、やんや
Hey, are you listening?!
*on and on*
Misaki: その人形・・・私の!この前2組の久山くんにとられたヤツ・・・
That doll...It's mine!
It's the one that Hisayama-kun from Class 2 took from me...

Page 09
Misaki: ・・・ケンカってひょっとしてコレ取り返してくれるために・・・
...The fight...Could it be you did it to get this back for me...?
Takami: 違うわ、ボケぇ!!
you idiot!!
Takami: 気に喰わんけぇ・・・ブン殴っただけじゃ!!!
He pissed me off...
So I punched him -- That's all!!!
Misaki: ・・・ゴメン
...I'm sorry
Misaki: ゴメン・・・与作、ゴメンねぇ
I'm really sorry
Because of me-, because of me,
the Little League you wanted to join so much
Misaki: 甲子園の夢・・・私・・・邪魔してる・・・私・・・私・・・
Your dream to go to the Koshien...I'm...getting in your way...
Takami: あ゛-、もうウザイ!!
Aargh, you suck!!
Misaki: ウザっ?!!
SFX ガァン *shock*
Takami: リトルなんか関係ねーよ!!
The Little League, it doesn't matter!!

Page 10
Takami: リトルなんか入んなくても絶対ワシは甲子園に行っちゃる!!約束じゃ!!
Even without the Little League, I'll definitely go to the Koshien!!
I promise!!
Takami: だからお前はもう泣くな!!
So you, stop
Misaki: ぜったいに約束?
You'll keep your promise?
Takami: ぜったいじゃ!!
Of course!!
Misaki: ぜったいのぜったい?
Really, really?
Takami: ぜったいのぜったいじゃ!!
Really, really!!
Misaki: じゃーこの桜に誓って・・・
Then, can you swear it on this cherry blossom tree...?
Takami: あ゛ァ?!!ヌぅ・・・誓う
Urgh...I swear
Misaki: 約束破ったら?
And if you break your promise?
Takami: しつけーっ!!!
Cut it out!!!
Misaki: ・・・あの日から・・・
...From that day...

Page 11
Misaki: あの日からアイツの甲子園(ユメ)は・・・私の夢になったんだ
From that day, his dream to go to the Koshien...
became my dream too
Misaki: んん?!何だコレ?ゴ・・・ゴメンね!あれー?もー泣かないって決めてたのに・・・
Huh?! What's this? I- I'm sorry!
That's funny, I already told myself I won't cry anymore...
Misaki: アタシってダメだァー・・・
I'm so...ugh...
Taro: ふぎィ
Misaki: アハハハハハハハハ・・・ナニそれーーー?!
What is that?!

Page 12
Misaki: てゆーかホントどーなってんの?・・・それ
I mean really, how do you do it?
...That face
SFX ぐにぐに *squish, squish*
Taro: ふぁ?
Misaki: 琴吹くんって不思議な人
Kotobuki-kun, you're such a mysterious person
Misaki: なーんでかアイツの事ばっか思い出しちゃう
For some reason, you keep reminding me of him
Taro: ひょっろられぷんほらぁひふん(ちょっと何すんの、鷹見くん?!)
Hehwayahuihahihun (Hey, what're you doing, Takami-kun?!)
Misaki: ・・・ひょっとして・・・私を笑わそうとして・・・くれてる・・・の?
...Could it be...you're trying to...make me laugh?
Takami: んん・・・んなワケあるかァ!!!
Uhh... Of course not!!!

Page 13
Misaki: それじゃ逆に恐いって・・・でも
It's more scary than funny...but
Misaki: ありがと・・・
Misaki: あーあァ
Misaki: 結局・・・私全く実感無いんだ!与作が死んだって・・・
In the end...
I just can't make myself believe it!
That Yosaku's dead...
Text: この桜に誓って・・・
Swear it on this cherry blossom tree...
Misaki: ・・・だってさ、与作(アイツ)のいない春が来るなんて想像も出来なかったのに・・・
...I mean,
I couldn't even imagine a spring without him...

Page 14~15
Misaki: 今年の桜も満開なんだもの
And this year, the cherry blossoms
are in full-bloom again
Misaki: ・・・だからアイツも・・・さ、今でもどこかでうるさーく言ってる気がするんだ!
...So I get the feeling that...
even now, somewhere, he's shouting the same thing:
Misaki: 「甲子園じゃーーー!!!」って
"I'm going to the Koshien!!!"
Taro: ・・・アンタの夢はあの娘の夢なんだって・・・
...She said your dream is hers as well...

Page 16
Taro: いい娘だよな
She's a good girl, huh
Taro: アンタにゃもったいない
Too good for you
Text (Taro): ・・・ちょっとだけ鷹見(コイツ)のコト見えた気が・・・する
...I think that
I see a bit more of Takami now...
Taro: なァーんだよぉ!!鷹見くんの甲子園の夢ってさァ、実はあの娘のためだったんじゃん?!
Hey, don't tell me!!
Could it be your dream to go to the Koshien
was actually for that girl?!
The beauty of youth, heh? Hey, hey
Takami: そんなに死にてーか?!!
Do you really want me to kill you?!!
Taro: ゴメンなさい、調子乗りました
I'm sorry. I went too far
Taro: お腹空いた。早速美咲ちゃんにもらったオニギリ食べよっと
I'm hungry
I guess this is the perfect time to have Misaki-chan's riceballs
Takami: ヌ?やめたほーが
I don't think you should--
Taro: ダぁーメ!オレがもらったんだからな!!
No way! I got it so I get to eat it!!
SFX もぐもぐ *munch, munch*
Takami: ワシャ知らねーぞ!
Well, I warned you!

Page 17
Takami: ホレみろ
Told ya
Team: ありがとーございました!
Thank you very much!
Takamori: 監督ぅ、さっきの本気スか?
Did you mean what you say back then?
Coach: さっきの?
"Back then"?
Takamori: 試合受けるって
About taking on the match
Coach: ・・・あァ、できるもんなら受けてうやる。本当に試合出来るっていうんならな
...Yeah, if they can do it, we'll take them on
If we can really have a match, that is
Coach: 瀬戸川だ?
Setokawa, right?
Coach: 野球部あるなんて聞いたコトないわ
I don't remember them having a Baseball Club
Taro: ねー、どーすんのー?瀬戸川(ウチ)野球部無いよ?
Hey, what're you gonna do? Setokawa doesn't have a Baseball Club
How can anyone make such terrible riceballs?
Takamori: あーもぅ一つ質問イイですか?もしですよ?
Oh, and can I ask another question? It's only an "if" but

Page 18
Takamori: もし鷹見が生きてたとしたら・・・オレとアイツ・・・エースはどっちですか?
If Takami were alive...
Him and me...Which of us would be the Ace?
Coach: くだらん
What a stupid question
Taro: そーかァ、とーとー鷹見くんも諦める気にな゛っぺほ
I see, so Takami-kun, you've decided to give up at las--
Takami: なるかっ!!!死ね!!イイ加減わかれチビ!!ハラが減りゃメシを喰う
No way!! Go die!!
Get it into your tiny head, midget!!
If you're hungry, you eat
Takami: 眠けりゃ寝る!気に喰わんならブン殴る!!
If you're sleepy, you sleep
If someone pisses you off, you punch them!!

Page 19
Takami: そこに橋が無けりゃ作んだよ!!
If there's no bridge,
you make one!!
Taro: え?!
Taro: 作るって何を?
What are you going to..."make"?
Text: 0からの出発(スタート)!!夢、動き出す!!
Starting from nothing!! The dream begins to move closer!!

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#1. by La_Muerte ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2006
im not criticizing, just thought id help u out on the this since u help me so much, ill try to help u out on the Zan too, even though i havent noticed any mistakes on them, heres some mistakes i might have noticed

Misaki: 大晦日も元日も
Even on New Year's Eve, even on New Year's
Even when he was sick, even where there was a typhoon

dont know if it was a double typo but u put "even on New Years" twice, and where u put "even where there was a typhoon", i think u meant "even when there was a typhoon"

but once again great translation :Gaipose
#2. by momodaisuki ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2006
Quote by ヒューゴ :

dont know if it was a double typo but u put "even on New Years" twice, and where u put "even where there was a typhoon", i think u meant "even when there was a typhoon"

lol Thanks for the check~! Yeah, the typhoon bit's wrong -- Oops >u<
The New Year's part is right: &#22823;&#26214;&#26085;&#8594; New Year's Eve, &#20803;&#26085;&#8594; New Year's. But I agree it sounds weird...I'll go change it a bit *dash* &#949;=(((>&#969;<
#3. by La_Muerte ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2006
looks great, u fixed it right

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