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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Over Time 6

Over Time 06

+ posted by momodaisuki as translation on Aug 29, 2006 16:04 | Go to Over Time

-> RTS Page for Over Time 6

Page 01
Hane: 映画なかなかよかったな。学校サボった甲斐があったね!
The movie was pretty good
It was worth cutting classes, huh?
Yukie: 私ハネくんとなら何でも楽しィー♡(キャッ)
Well as long as I'm with you, Hane-kun, anything's fun♡
Text: おサボリ中のこの少年は?!
Who is this boy, cutting classes?!
Etc: んで隣の奥さんったら
And then, the lady next door...
Oh my
About the contract...
Yukie: そーいえば私の頼んだパフェまだ来ないんですけどォー!!
By the way, the parfait I ordered hasn't come yet!!
Hane: あー大丈夫。もーすぐ来るよ
Oh, don't worry, it's coming soon
Yukie: え?!どーしてわかるの?
How do you know?
Hane: さっき8番テーブルのお客さんがユキエちゃんと同じ「マーベラスデリシャスチョコレートパフェ」頼んだ時に、ウチに注文受けに来たのと同じショートボブのウェイトレスさんが「あっ!」って顔してたから
Well, when the people sitting at Table 8 ordered a "Marvelous Delicious Chocolate Parfait" -- the same thing as you did, Yukie-chan --
the waitress with a short bob who took our order seemed to recall it
Hane: ホラね!
You see!
Yukie: スゴーイ!!ハネくんって神様?!
Wow!! You must be God or something!!
Hane: ちょっとゴメン
Sorry, give me a moment

Page 02
Baldy: おい、何するこのガキ・・・
What're you brats--
Waitress: きゃっ
Hane: おっと
Hane: 大丈夫?パフェありがとう
Are you ok?
Thanks for the parfait
Waitress: ・・・ハ・・・ハイ
Yukie: ちょっとハネくーん!!
Hane: ゴメン、ゴメン
Haha, I'm sorry

Page 03
第6話 知らないこと
Chapter 6 -- The Unknown
Text: ・・・一つの球(ボール)に運命が集う。
...Their lives gather to one ball

Page 04
Sign: 職員室
Teachers' Office
Teacher: 何?!部活を作りたい?
You want to start a new club?
Taro: えぇ・・・とまァ・・・出来ないですよね?
Well...sort of...
But it's impossible, isn't it?
Teacher: イヤイヤ、出来るよ!
No, no. It can be done!
Teacher: ただ部員を5人以上集めるっつー条件でな!期限は来月の10日・・・まー大体1か月ぐらいか
You just have to get at least 5 people to join the club!
The deadline is the 10th of the next month so... Well, you've got about a month
Taro: 1か月?
A month?
Teacher: ウチは皆どっかの部に入らにゃならん決まりじゃけぇ、それまでに集めんと他の部に入っちまうのよ!
In our school, it's compulsory for all students to join a club
So if you don't find the people you need by then, they'll join some other club!
Teacher: まー頑張ってあと4人集めるこったな!
Well, you'll have to find 4 more people first. Good luck!
Taro: あんがとござしたァ!
Ok, thank you!
Teacher: ・・・ところで何部作るん?
...By the way, what club are you planning to start?

Page 05
Taro: 野球部ですけど・・・
A baseball club, if that's ok...
Teacher: ・・・え?
Takami: 1か月・・・イヤ1週間で4人集めんぞォ!!!イヤ1日あればっ・・・イヤ3分!!!
In 1 month... No, in 1 week, we'll find 4 people!!! No, 1 day's enough... No, we'll get them in 3 minutes!!!
Taro: イヤ、無理・・・
Hey, that's impossible...
Teacher: あァ、ちょっと、琴吹!!待て、野球部はっ
Hey, wait, Kotobuki!
Wait, the baseball club--
Teacher: 琴吹・・・野球は・・・
The baseball club...
Teacher: 野球部だけは・・・いかんぞ・・・
The baseball club...
...is the one thing you shouldn't...
Taro: 部員あと4人どーやって集めりゃいいんかねぇ
I wonder how we're supposed to find 4 people that'll join the club
Taro: あー、面倒くさっ
Ugh, this is such a pain
Teacher: 日野(ひの)無理すなァ
Hino, you sure you're ok?
Aoi: 大丈夫です
Yes, I'm fine

Page 06
Taro: わっ
Aoi: きゃっ
Aoi: ゴっ・・・ゴメンなさい!!
I...I'm so sorry!!
Taro: あ・・・イヤ、別に・・・
Uh, no...Don't worry about it...
Aoi: 私ったらちくそー
Shit, what am I--
Aoi: あっ
Taro: あっ
Aoi: あの時の・・・
You're that...
Aoi: あっ、あの時はホントにありがとーござ・・・
Th- that day, thank you so--
Taro: ぐへぁ
Aoi: あァぁ、ゴメンなさァーい!!!
I'm sorry!!!

Page 07
Aoi: へー!野球部を一から?!
Wow! You're going to start a baseball club?!
Aoi: スゴイですね!じゃーこれから部員集めですか?
That's really great!
Then I guess you're going to be recruiting people now?
Taro: ・・・イヤ、まー別にオレは集めたくないんだけど、集めなきゃいけないみたいでさ・・・どーしよーかなーって・・・
...Uh, well, it's not like I really want to find enough people but
It looks like I have to do it and...I'm wondering what I should do now...
Aoi: 部員集めと言えばやっぱり宣伝ですよ!放送とかポスターとか
Well, to recruit people, you have to advertise it!
You can announce it on the school broadcasting system or make posters and such
Aoi: 私にできるコトがあれば何でも言って下さいね!陰ながら、日野葵(あおい)っ応援させて頂きますから!
If there's anything I can do to help, please tell me!
I can't do much but I, Hino Aoi, shall try my best to support you!
Aoi: 手伝ってくれてどーもありがとうござ・・・きゃっ
Thank you very much for helping--
Aoi: ・・・大丈夫です
...I'm ok
Taro: 荷物減らしたら?(半分持つよ)
Why don't you lessen your load?
(I'll carry half for you)

Page 08
Taro: ポスターねぇ・・・でも
A poster, huh...?
Taro: こんなデカイのってなんかおかしくね?
isn't this too big?
Poster: 野球部員募集
Recruiting baseball club members
Takami: てめーが小っちぇーだけじゃ!!(えぇから書けっ)
That's just because you're small!!
(Just write it)
Takami: さァ・・・言えチビ!!
say it, midget!!
Taro: えっ・・・やっ・・・野きゅっ・・・ぼっ・・・募しゅっ・・・
Ah...We...we're recruiting...

Page 09
Taro: 野球部員募集ぅ~!!!(ってゆーか)タスケテぇー!!!
We're recruiting people for the baseball club!!!
(but more importantly)
Heeeeelp meeee!!!
Etc: ・・・何だアレ?
...What is that?
Teachers: ちょっと田中先生!
Tanaka-sensei, look!
Wh- what is that idiot doing?!
Kazu: ・・・太郎のヤツ何やってんの?
...What in the world is Taro doing?
Yasu: ・・・さァ
...Beats me
Teacher: コラぁー琴吹、バカなコトはやめろ!!!
Kotobuki, no!! Cut out this stupid act!!!

Page 10
Teacher: 危ないけぇ、早く降りてこい!!
It's dangerous! Get off right now!!
Takami: 何故じゃー?!!何故部員が来ない?!
Why isn't anybody coming?!
Taro: まー・・・そーだろね
Well...It isn't surprising
Takami: あ゛ァ?!!
Taro: だって元々野球部無いってコトは
I mean, if there's no baseball club in the first place
Taro: 野球やりたいよーなヤツが瀬戸川(ウチ)に入るワケないじゃん?!
there's no way someone who'd wanna do baseball
will end up here, in Setokawa!
Taro: ぶほっ
Chinpira: おい、てめーか
Hey, are you the one?

Page 11
Chinpira: さっき屋上でふざけたマネしとったんは
Are you the idiot that was up on the roof?
Takami: おォ、来たぞ野球部員!!
Yes! Here comes our baseball team!!
Taro: ・・・いや・・・こーゆーのは多分違うと思うよ・・・
...Nope...I don't think that's it...
Chinpira: 病院の予約は出来てるか?野球部員
Got a bed ready for you in the hospital,
Baseball Boy?
Taro: ぐぁっ

Page 12
Taro: せ・・・先輩、ボク何か気に障るコトでも・・・
S- senpai, have I done something to anger you...?
Taro: たっ、鷹見くん、替わってぇー
T- Takami-kun, please change
Takami: ヌ?
Taro: ぎゃびっ
Text (Taro): なんとなァーくだけど最近ちょっとだけわかってきた
I think I'm beginning to get it a bit...
Text (Taro): 野球以外じゃ替われない。
We can't change places except in baseball
Text (Taro): ・・・こんなんばっか
...It's always like this
Taro: ・・・もぉヤダ
...I can't take it anymore
Text (Taro): 今までずっとこの手のトラブルはうまく避けてやってきたのに・・・
I was always able to keep away from this kind of trouble, and yet...

Page 13
Text (Taro): コイツが来てからオレの人生メチャクチャだ。コイツさえいなけりゃ今頃楽ちんで楽しい高校生活を・・・そう、きっと楽ちんで楽・・・しい・・・
Since he came, my life's been a disaster. If only he weren't here, right now I'd be enjoying an easy high school life...
Yeah, I'm pretty sure. It would have been an easy...and enjoyable...
Chinpira: コレに懲りたら野球部作るなんて戯れ言・・・二度とほざくんじゃねー!!
Now, if you don't want this to happen again, don't you dare say something stupid
like you're gonna start a baseball club again!!
Chinpira: 泥だらけ、汗まみれでボールを追っかけ回す・・・ハン!んなもん何が楽しーんだ?!
Getting all muddy and sweaty to chase a ball around...hah!
What's fun about that?!
Chinpira: ただの球遊びだろーがよ!バカじゃねーの?
It's just a ball game!
What a dumb ass
Text (Taro): うん。オレもそー思う・・・
Yeah. I think so too...
Taro: あんな汚れてドロンコ汗だくで何が楽しいのかさっぱりわかんない!あんな頑張って必死んなって白い球追っかけて・・・全然理解できねーし・・・
Getting all muddy and sweaty
I don't get what's so fun about that!
Working so hard and chasing a white ball like their lives depend on it...I don't get it at all...
Taro: ・・・えも、でも一つだけわかんのは、オレはそんな・・・
...But...but I know just one thing,
that I...

Page 14
Taro: 泥の味も汗のにおいもまだ知らない・・・!
I still don't know
the taste of mud or smell of sweat...!
Chinpira: ・・・あ゛ァ?!
Takami: チビ!!そこを動くな!
Don't move!
Taro: ちょっ、ちょっと
hey, wait

Page 15
Chinpira: ・・・は?

Page 16
Taro: ふぎゃっ
Chinpira: ・・・このチビ殺すっ・・・!!
...I'm gonna kill you, brat...!!
Teacher: おい、お前ら何してるんだ!!
Hey, what're you guys doing there?!

Page 17
Teacher: 校内でケンカは許さんぞ!!
You aren't allowed to fight in school!!
Chinpira: ちっ、鈴場(すずば)かよ!!行こーぜ!
it's Suzuba!!
Let's go!
Teacher: ったくこの不良でもがっ
Grr, those students...!
Taro: ・・・それじゃーボクは失礼しまァーす!
...Well, I'll be excusing myself now
Teacher: お前が悪いんだからな!あんなコト言うからアイツらがつっかかってくるんだよ!!
It's your fault, ok?
If you hadn't said such a thing, they wouldn't have targeted you!!
Taro: ・・・え?
Teacher: 諦めろ!瀬戸川(ウチ)で野球部などありえないよ!私がいる限り断じて許さない!!
Give it up!
There will be no baseball club in this school!
As long as I am here, I won't allow it!!

Page 18
Taro: 鷹見くぅーん、やっぱり諦めた方がイイよ。なんか変だって、この学校・・・野球に対してないやらこー・・・
Takami-kun, I think we'd better stop this
There's something strange about this school...The way they react to baseball, it's...
Taro: ・・・て何してんの?
...What're you doing?
Takami: わかったぞ、チビ!!部員集める方法
I got it, midget!!
I know how we can recruit people
(Fish: なんか見られてんですけど
Why is he looking at me?)
Takami: エサをやらんと魚は釣れん!!!
To catch a fish
you need bait!!!
Yukie: ねーハネくん、さっきのなんでわかったの?!(教えてよー)
Hey, Hane-kun. How did you know that was going to happen?!
(Please tell me~)
Hane: かよわいレディを助けるのがオレの使命だからさ!
It's because it's my duty to lend all ladies a hand!

Page 19
Yukie: それはそーと何で今更学校来んのよ?(もー放課後だよ_
And by the way, why are we coming to school now?
(School's already ended)
Hane: ゴメンね、ちょっと忘れ物しちゃってさ!
I'm sorry
I left something behind!
Hane: ん?何の騒ぎ?
What's all this fuss about?
Hane: ちょっとなにコレ、なんかあんの?
What is this?
Is something going on?
Student: あーなんか1年のチビが面白いコトやってんだよ!
Yeah, some kid from Year 1 is doing something interesting!
Student: 野球で勝負して負ければ野球部入部、勝てばなんと賞金100万円だってよ!
It's supposed to be some kind of baseball match, and if you lose, you join the baseball club, but if you win, you get 1 million yen!
Yukie: 100万円♡
1 million yen♡
Yukie: ねーねー、ハネくんもやろーよ(100万円♡)だってハネくん中学の時さ
Hey, Hane-kun, why don't you do it?
(1 million yen♡)
After all, in middle school
Yukie: スゴかったんだもんねー、野球!
you were such a great
baseball player!
Text: この軟派男(ハネくん)の実力は?!
How great is this guy?!

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