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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Over Time 7

Over Time 07

+ posted by momodaisuki as translation on Sep 1, 2006 04:00 | Go to Over Time

-> RTS Page for Over Time 7

Page 01
Hane: 「西中の鷹」
"The Falcon of Nishi-chuu"
Takami: あ゛ァ?!
Hane: 初対面でイキナリ悪いんだけど・・・
I'm sorry, I know it's sudden since we've only met, but...
Hane: 投げてくれよ!
I want you to pitch me a ball!
Hane: オレは行幸中1年、桐嶋(きりしま)波音(はね)。まー、別に覚えなくてもいいけどさ
I'm Kirishima Hane, a Year 1 from Miyuki Middle School
Although you don't have to bother remembering that
I'm a catcher, but it's not really my thing, so this is just something I like to do!

Page 02
第7話 衝撃
Chapter 7 -- Impact
Side text: ちょっと気だるい午後の授業・・・葵ちゃんの考えごとは・・・?!
An afternoon class that's a bit boring... What is on Aoi-chan's mind...?!

Page 03
Yukie: 100万円だって♡ハネくんもやろーよ!それで100万手に入ったら土日に二人で旅行でも行こー♡
He said "1 million yen"♡ Hane-kun, why don't you do it too?
And if you get the money, we can go on a trip together over the weekend♡
Hane: ん~・・・土日はシズカちゃんとデート・・・
I've got a date with Shizuka-chan on Saturday and Sunday...
Yukie: ねー、お願ーい
Oh, pleeaaase?
Hane: ・・・イヤ、オレはもう・・・
...No, I already...
Hane: 野球は・・・辞めたんだ
Student: おい、チビ。本当なんだろーな。100万っつー話!!
Hey, shrimp. It better be true
that you'll pay 1 million!!

Page 04
Takami: 二言はねー!!ワシに勝ちゃ100万円じゃー!!!
I won't take back my words!! If you win against me
you get 1 million yen!!!
(C'mon and bite, fish)
Taro: あのォー・・・100万円て・・・誰の?
Umm...who would this...1 million yen come from?
SFX おぉーーー!! Woooow!!
Takami: 勝負のルールは簡単じゃ!!
The rules are simple!!
Taro: ねー②、まさかオレの金じゃないよね?
Hey, hey
Don't tell me it'll have to come from me
(There's no way I'd even have it)
Takami: 1対1の1打席勝負!
It's a 1-on-1 game,
with 1 time at bat!
Taro: でもこの状況だとそーゆー風に見えちゃうじゃん?
But in this situation, it'll definitely look like it right?
Taro: あんまオレの体で変なコト言わ-- なぶっ
I mean, I can't have you saying crazy things when you're in my bo--
Takami: 三球三振でワシの勝ち。1ミクロンでも前に飛ばしゃーてめーらの勝ちじゃ
Three balls, three strikes and I win
If you can hit it forward so much as 1 micron, you win
Taro: ・・・クソぅ・・・なんでまた替わっちゃうんだよぅ~。終わったな、オレの人生・・・
...Shit... Why did we end up changing again~
This is the end for me...
Takami: 安心せぇ!!
Don't worry!!

Page 05
Takami: ワシぁ負けん!!
I won't lose!!
Taro: ・・・また根拠の無い
...Words without proof again?
SFX ぐり② *grind*
Ponpoko: よォーし、んじゃオレからかー?!!
Alriiight, then I guess I'm the first one up!!
Ponpoko: 残念だったなァ!!野球はもー飽きて辞めちまったが中学ん時はキャッチャーで4番打ってたんだ!!
This isn't your day!! I already got sick of baseball and quit
but in my middle school years, I was a catcher and I hit cleanup!! (←Thanks to NeoShweaty for editing)
Takami: キャッチャーか、ちょーどイイ・・・
A catcher, huh. That's just right...
Although I'll be surprised to see anyone good enough to be my batteryman here
Takami: おい、チビ!!根拠が欲しいか?
Hey, midget!!
You want proof?
Ponpoko: ガハハハ、てめーみてーなクソチビの球、オレに打てねーワケが・・・
Hahaha, there's no way I won't be able to hit a ball
pitched by a shrimp like you--

Page 06~07
SFX ドカァ *dokan*
Ponpoko: ・・・へ?
Takami: ・・・コレが根拠じゃ
...This is my proof

Page 08
SFX ゴォン *gooon*
SFX ドゴォ *dogoo*
Ponpoko: ・・・ウソぉ
...No way
Takami: 一人目ゲットぉ~。お前今日から野球部員!
Got our 1st member~
From today onwards, you're in the baseball club!
Takami: じゃー、次!
Now, next!
Yukie: どーしたの、ハネくん
What's wrong, Hane-kun?
Hane: ・・・イヤ・・・何でも・・・
...No...it's nothing...

Page 09
Hane: じゃー行こ・・・
Let's go--
SFX バコォ *bakoo*
SFX ドゴォ *dogoo*
Higaisha: ひっ
SFX バコォ *bakoo*
Text (Hane): ・・・なんなんだよ、コイツ・・・
...What is it with this guy...
Hane: ・・・イライラするなァ・・・お前
...He's really...
...pissing me off
Text (Hane): あのフォーム・・・あれじゃまるで・・・アイツの
That form...it's almost like
Takami: 何じゃ?!てめーは
Who are you?!

Page 10
Hane: 投げてくれよ
Pitch it to me
Hane: 一回受けてみたくてさ!
I just wanna try to catching it once!
Hane: アンタスゲーんだってな。アンタの本気の球まともに捕れるヤツいないとかって聞くぜ?
I've heard you're incredible
They say nobody can catch your ball if you don't want them to
Text (Hane): どーせ言う程じゃねーんだろ
Although that sort of talk is always exaggerated
Takami: 知るか!
Like I care!
Hane: ・・・なァんよ。「西中の鷹」がどれほどのもんかと思ってたけど・・・やっぱりウワサだけか
...Hah, and here I was wondering how great "The Falcon of Nishi-chuu" is...
but I guess it was just talk

Page 11
I'll pitch it
Catch it...
Text (Takami): 捕ってみろ!!!
if you can!!!

Page 12
SFX ズドオォ *zudoon*
Text (Hane): 衝撃が
-- The impact

Page 13
Text (Hane): 腹を・・・突き破る!!!
It's penetrating...
my stomach!!!
Text (Hane): 球がこぼれ・・・
The ball, it's falling out--
Text (Hane): コレが「鷹」か・・・
So this is the "Falcon"...
Hane: ・・・でも
Hane: 見ろ。こぼしちゃねーぞ!
I still have it!
Hane: なァ鷹、知ってるか?
Hey, Falcon. Do you know something?

Page 14
Hane: 風切り羽ってのは鳥が高く遠くに飛ぶためにあるんだ!!
Birds have flight feathers so that they can soar higher and further!!
A bird without flight feathers can't fly well... Don't you think it's similar to something?
Hane: アンタが鷹ならオレは風切り羽!!
If you're the falcon, I'll be the flight feathers!!
I'll put you on the wind and get you to the Koshien!
Text (Hane): それがバッテリーってヤツだ!!
That's what a battery is!!
Takami: バッテリーだ?!
You said, a battery?!
Takami: んなもん尻もちつかんよーなってからホザけよ!!
Save the talk till the day you catch my ball
without falling!!
(Note: The kanji in Hane have the meanings 波 = waves & 音 = sound, but they read the same as feathers i.e. 羽 hane)

Page 15
Text (Hane): あの1球だけ・・・バカみたいだろ?・・・でも本当にそれだけなんだ!
It was just that one ball... Isn't it silly? ...But that was really it!
"From now on, my gloves exist only to catch that ball
and my blood will circulate to keep my heart beating, just to feel that impact again!!"
Text (Hane): なんの迷いもなくそう確信できた・・・
Without a single doubt
I could believe that...
Text (Hane): なのに・・・
-- And yet...
Teacher: おい、桐嶋。学盟館合格したそーじゃないか!
Hey, Kirishima
I heard you got into Gakumeikan!
Teacher: おめでとう!!
Hane: ・・・先生

Page 16
Hane: ・・・今から受験受けられて・・・野球部の無い高校知らないですか?
...Is there any high school I can still take the entrance exams for...?
I'm looking for one that doesn't have a baseball club
Takami: オラ、次ィ!!!
Ok, next!!!
Takami: 入れ喰いじゃー、ヌっはっはっは。次じゃ、次ィ!!
It's a great day for fishing, nwahahaha
I said next, next!!
Sign: 野球部員。
Baseball club recruits
Etc: もーイイっスわ
I'm passing
This isn't even fair
There's no way I can hit that
Takami: なヌぅう?!!
Takami: こんんっのコシヌケどもがァー!!!
You cowards!!!
Taro: ・・・イヤイヤ、無理ゆーなよ
...You're really asking too much of them
Hane: お前さ・・・"迷惑" って言葉知ってるか?人がわっざわざ野球部無い学校来たのにさ~・・・
You... Do you know what the word "nuisance" means?
I go out of the way to choose a school without a baseball club and yet...

Page 17
Hane: 1ミクロンでも前に飛ばせば100万円だっけ?
Hit it forward so much as 1 micron
and get 1 million yen, was it?
Yukie: キャー♡ハネくんが私のために100万円!
Kyaaa♡ Hane-kun's getting 1 million yen for me!
Hane: 100万円なんていらねー!
I don't need the money!
Yukie: え?
Hane: ・・・そのかわりオレが勝ったら、今まで打ち取った野球部員は全員・・・白紙だ!
...But if I win
I want you to release all those baseball club recruits you've gathered so far!

Page 18~19
Hane: 野球部なんつーくだんねー絵空事(ユメ)はここまで!お昼寝の時間は終わりだチビッコ!!!
This is the end of your silly dreams for a baseball club!
Nap time's over, kid!!!
Takami: 面白い!!
Sounds fun!!
Text: 甲子園を賭け、決戦開始(プレイボール)・・・!!
On it rests his dream to go to the Koshien!! Play ball...!!

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#1. by KamFan ()
Posted on Sep 1, 2006
Already ?! Faaaaaaaaast !...
Hey, page 16, what's written on the sign when TakaTaro says "It's a great day for fishing, nwahahaha" ?
#2. by momodaisuki ()
Posted on Sep 9, 2006
Sorry for the late reply~ (just got back home from a trip >u<).
Thanks for pointing out the part I missed&#9834;The sign says "baseball club recruits" -- I'll add that in right now &#963;&#969;&#963;

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