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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Over Time 9

Over Time 09

+ posted by momodaisuki as translation on Sep 17, 2006 16:15 | Go to Over Time

-> RTS Page for Over Time 9

Page 01
Text: この不良達の正体は何と?!
The unexpected truth about their past!!!
Hane: そんなに昔が懐かしいスか?
Feeling so nostalgic about the past,
Hane: 元野球部の先輩!!
ex-baseball club senpai?
Taro: え?
-- Huh?
Taro: 元野球部?ナニソレ?
"Ex-baseball club"? What's he talking about?

Page 02
第9話 切符(チケット)
Chapter 9 -- Ticket
Text: その線路は、あの月まで、きっと。
The tracks will surely...to the moon...

Page 03
Senpai: 何だてめー、死にてーか?!
You better shut your mouth or I'll kill you!!
Hane: 何でもすぐ暴力ってのもわかりやすくってイイけどさァ、そんなだからあーゆーコトになったんじゃないの?
Using violence to solve any problem is nice and simple
But isn't that precisely the reason something like "that" happened?
Senpai: よく喋る1年だな・・・引っ込んでろ!!!オレが用あんのァてめーじゃねー!!
You sure talk a lot, 1st Year...
Get lost!!!
I have business with someone else!!
Senpai: おい、クソチビ!!!てめーだよ!
Hey, shrimp!!! I'm talking about you!
SFX ビクッ *biku/jump*
Taro: はひィ
Senpai: 野球部作んのァやめろっつってるだけどろォが!!!黙って言うとーりにしてりゃすむのによォ。バカか、てめーは?!
I'm just telling you to stop making a baseball club!!!
You just have to listen!! How stupid are you?!
Taro: ひ・・・ひィーーー!!たっ、たた鷹見くん。やっぱり今はやめとこー次があるって、次がっ!
A- Aaaahhh!! Ta- Ta- Takami-kun, I'm telling you we better stop this for now. There's always a next time!
Takami: あ゛ァ?!次だ?
"Next time"?
Aoi: ・・・なんでですか?

Page 04
Aoi: なんであんなに頑張ってる人が野球部作っちゃダメなんですか?
He's working so hard
so why can't he start a baseball club?
Taro: ・・・日野さん・・・?
Senpai: んだ?この女・・・てめーにゃ関係ねーだろ
What's with this woman...
It's none of your business
Aoi: 関係・・・無いかもしれない・・・けど・・・でも私応援したいんです!
Maybe...it isn't my business...but...
...but I want to support him!
Aoi: この人の野球部-- んぎゅ
And the baseball club he's--
SFX ガッ *trip*
SFX ズッ *slip*

Page 05
Aoi: あ・・・あわわわわ・・・
SFX くくッ ぶぶぶっ くす② *giggles*
Senpai: てんめー、クソ女(あま)ァ!!!よくも恥をっ
Damn you, bitch!!!
How dare you embarrass me
SFX ガッ *grab*
Aoi: 痛っ。ゴ・・・ゴゴゴゴメンなさい。でで、でも・・・
I- I- I'm sorry
B- b- but...
Aoi: 元・・・野球部さん・・・なんですよね?野球・・・お好きじゃないんですか?
You are an ex-...baseball club member...right?
Don't you like...baseball?

Page 06
Senpai: ピーピーうるせぇ
You're noisy
Hane: お・・・おいっ
H- hey
Aoi: ・・・う゛ぅ

Page 07
Hane: おいおい、先輩。知ってるか?女の顔殴るよーなヤツは・・・
Hey, senpai
You know something?
A guy that punches a girl's face...
Hane: クズってんだぜ!!
is nothing but a loser!!
Senpai: あ゛?何古臭ぇコト言ってんだ。今は男女平等の時代だろ?
What an old-fashioned line
In this age women and men are equal, right?
Hane: ユキエちゃん、お願い。この娘を保健室・・・
Yukie-chan, can you please take her to the nurse...
Yukie: う・・・うん
O- ok
Senpai: ん?

Page 08
Taro: お前なァ!!!
Senpai: あ゛?!
Taro: あっ、イヤ、そのっ・・・ちょっと待って、え・・・っとあの・・・つまり・・・
Oh, no, uh...
Wait, umm...it's, uh...see...
Taro: だからその、よくわからない・・・んですけど、野球やってたんなら野球で白黒つけま・・・せんか・・・?
Well it's just an idea, but if you used to play baseball
can we clear this up with baseball...?
If we have a match and I lose...I'll drop the club
Taro: え・・・っと、その、だから・・・
Er...umm, so...
Taro: もしこっちが勝ったら日野さんにっ・・・謝れよ!!
If I win,
could you pl--...no!
I'll have you apologize to Hino-san!!

Page 09
Senpai: 謝れだァ?!!ふざけんな、なんでオレが謝らにゃ・・・
Cut out the crap! Why must I apologi--
Hane: アンタが負けたらっつってんだろ、頭悪いなァ・・・
You sure are stupid. He only said if you lose...
Senpai: あ゛ァ?!!
Hane: ・・・それとも勝てる自信無いスか?3年A組、堀田健先輩
...Or could it be you're afraid you'll lose,
Year 3, Class A, Hotta Ken senpai?
Hane: 元野球部レフトで5番
Ex-baseball club member. Left fielder, 5th batter
Senpai: コイツなんでんなコト知ってんだ?!
-- Why does this guy know that?!
Hane: 仮にもクリンナップの一角任されてた強打者が
Whatever happened, you were a batter strong enough to be given that position
Hane: それでもこんな1年の素人チビの球・・・打てる自信が無いってんなら、逃げちゃえばイイんじゃない?
But if you're still not sure whether you can hit a ball pitched by an amateur 1st Year like him,
you can just run, you know?

Page 10
Senpai: ・・・っのヤロウ
...You bastard
Senpai: ・・・フン、わかったよ!受けてやる、その試合・・・
...Hmph, alright!!
I'll take you on in this match...
But if we win, that deal's not fair for me!!
Senpai: オレらが勝ったらチビ・・・てめーの利き腕・・・へし折ってやる!!!
If we win... Shrimp, I'll take your right arm...
and break it!!!
That way you'll never play baseball again!!
Taro: え?!ちょっ、ちょっと待って、そんな・・・
What?! Hey, wait, no--
Senpai: うるせー!!試合は今週末だ!!場所はこっちで用意する。逃げんなよ!!
Shut up!! We'll have the match this weekend!!
We'll choose the grounds
You better be there!!
Taro: え・・・えらいコトになった
I- I'm in deep shit
Hane: あらら
Oh my
Aoi: ・・・ホントゴメンなさい、私のせーで・・・
...I'm very sorry; It's my fault...
Taro: あっ・・・日野さん・・・あの・・・ケガは?
...umm...Are you ok?
Aoi: わっ、私は大丈夫ですよ。ピンピンしてますよ!(このとーり)
I- I'm fine
I'm all ok!
Aoi: ・・・それより、私・・・何て言ったら・・・
...But more importantly, I...don't know what to say...
Taro: あ゛ー、イヤイヤイヤ、全然問題無しっ
Ooooh, no, no, no. Don't worry about it

Page 11
Taro: そっそーいえば、この学校野球部なんてあったの?
B- by the way,
this school had a baseball club?
Hane: あー・・・2年前までね
Oh yeah... Until 2 years ago
Hane: ・・・でもまー元々不良の集まりさ
...Although it was never more than just a group of delinquents
They lost completely in a match against a well-known school and vented their anger on the team by storming into the school and attacking the baseball club members, who all ended up in the hospital
...And that was the end of the club!
Taro: ひィ~!!!(んなヤツらと試合すんのー?!)
(And I'm gonna face those guys?!)
Taro: そーだ、部員いねーじゃん、できねーよ!
Oh yeah, we don't have a team; How're we gonna play?!
Takami: 何のための100万円勝負じゃ、ボケぇ!!
You idiot! Then what was the point of the 1 million yenbet?!
Taro: あっ、そーか。今は野球部員いっぱい・・・っていないよォー?!!
Oh right, now we have a lot of people in the cl--
Hey, they're gone!!!
Sign: 野球部員。
Baseball club recruits.
Hane: さっきの騒ぎに乗じて逃げたな・・・やれやれ
Guess they ran away when they saw the chance... Oh well
Takami: コシヌケぇーっ!!!
SFXカリ② *scribble*
Hane: ホイ。帰ったヤツらのクラスと名前
Here you go
The classes and names of the guys that were here
Taro: コレ・・・
-- This...
Hane: じゃーな。せーぜー頑張って!
Bye then
Good luck! -- You'll need it
Taro: え?!あっ、あのちょっと・・・一緒に試合には・・・
Huh?! Uh, umm, wait... You're not going to the match with me...?

Page 12
Hane: なんで?さっきの勝負負けたワケじゃないし
Why would I?
It's not like I lost in our little match
Besides, it seems like you've forgotten, but like those guys, I want to get rid of your baseball club too!
Yukie: ちょっとハネくん、何協力しちゃってんのさー。野球部潰すほーが100万円より大事なんでしょー!!(ブー②)
Hey, Hane-kun. What're you doing, helping him out?
And you said getting rid of the baseball club is more important than the 1 million yen!!
Hane: ゴメン②
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Yukie: まー、いっか。早く行こ!忘れ物取りに来たんでしょ?
Oh well, let's go then!
You came to pick up something you forgot, right?
Text (Hane): 忘れ物・・・か・・・
-- Something I forgot, huh...
Hane: まーオレはいつでも女の子の味方ってコトかな!
Well, let's just say I'm always there to lend a hand to girls!
Yukie: ちょっと何それー!!
Hey, what's that supposed to mean!!
SFXぷひぃいいいぃ~・・・ *Puhiii* (deflate)
Taro: ぜぇ②、毎日学校往復15kmランニングはキツイってー。あのさァ、そろそろもーよくねー?
Huff, huff
Everyday I jog 15km to and back from school; It's just too much
Hey, can't we quit it already?

Page 13
Taro: ・・・日野さん大丈夫かなァ・・・それにこのメモ・・・
...I wonder if Hino-san's ok...
...Besides, this note...
When did he...and he's got all their classes and names too... Who is that guy?
Takami: うしっ、休憩終わり!
Ok, break's over!
Taro: え?
Takami: ランニング行くぞー!
We're going for a jog!
Taro: え?!ちょっとなんでぇ?!
What?! Wait, why?!
Takami: 投手(ピッチャー)は足腰じゃ!
Pitchers have to put on leg muscles!
Taro: イヤ、そーじゃなくて。さっき走ったのは?!
No, that's not what I meant; I just ran!!
Takami: 下校。
That was just to come back home
Taro: なんだとぅー?!!
Taro: ヤだ、ヤぁーだ!!もー一歩も動けないィ!!
No waaaay!!
I can't move another inch!!
Takami: 試合だぞ?!てめーで売ったケンカじゃろーが、気合入れろォ!!
We've got a match!! You were the one that challenged them so put some backbone into it!!
Taro: あんなもんいきおい・・・てゆーか
That just came out...
Taro: も・・・元はと言えば鷹見くんのせーだろ?こんなあせって急いでやんなくたっていいじゃん!!
I- it's all your fault in the first place!
You don't have to rush everything so much!!
We have 3 years in high school, you know?! We could've made the club next year
Taro: そーすりゃアイツらだって卒業していなくなるワケだし、こんなコトには・・・
That way, those guys would have graduated already and all this wouldn't have--

Page 14
SFX バキ *crack*
Taro: あ゛ぁ゛あ゛あ゛あ゛ぁ゛ぁ゛ぁ゛あ゛あ゛ぁ゛あ゛ぁ゛ぁ゛あ゛。オっ、オレのォおおォオ、何てコトふォおおぉ
My- my my-- How could you?!!
Taro: コレッ・・・コレは限定カラーだったんだぞ?!もー・・・手に入んないんだぞォー?!
Th- this was a limited edition, you know?!
I won't be able to get it anymore!!
Takami: ふーん
So what?
Takami: ワシも同じじゃ!もー次は無ぇ!!!
It's the same for me!
I won't have another chance too!!!
Takami: 明日があるのかすらわからん!!
I don't even know if I'll have another day!!

Page 15
Takami: あそこで終わってたはずの夢・・・
My dream was supposed to end there...
...But midget! With you around, I can continue baseball
I can continue chasing my dream... You're my light!
Grave: 鷹見家之墓
Takami Family
Takami: もし神様ってヤツがいるとすんなら、そいつの気まぐれでひかれたか細い光の道(レール)
If God really exists,
He laid these weak tracks of light on a whim
Takami: いつ消えるかもわからん微かな光・・・じゃけぇ、なんとしてもしがみついて、しがみついて・・・
As faint as it is, I don't know when this light will disappear...
So I have to hang on, no matter what happens and...
Takami: ワシにゃ次なんてもんは無いんじゃ!!コレはワシの・・・
There is no "next" for me!!
This is...

Page 16~17
Takami: 甲子園(ユメ)への最終切符(チケット)
my last ticket
to the Koshien
Taro: 夢、夢って先のコトばっか言ってるから忘れてた・・・
He's always talking about his dream and looking forward
so I'd forgotten...
Taro: コイツの時間はもー終わってて・・・神様の気まぐれで付け加えられた見えない砂時計・・・
But his time is already over...
and at His whim, God decided to give Takami more time,
time that's being measured by an invisible sandglass
Taro: いつか必ず終わりが来るのに・・・残りの見えない砂時計
There'll be an end for sure...
and yet we can't see how much time is left

Page 18
Sign: マウンドを許可無く使用禁ず
Do not use this field without permission
Shirts: 瀬戸川野球部
Setokawa Baseball Club
Senpai: よォ、チビ!よく逃げずに来たもんだ!!
Hey, shrimp!
I'm impressed you showed up!!
Senpai: と思ったが、よく見りゃお前ら5人しかいねーじゃねーか
Oh, but then it looks like
you've only got 5 people
Takami: ・・・ヌぅ
Taro: ドタキャンされたの・・・
They backed out suddenly...

Page 19
Senpai: せっかく昨日何人か試合前のあいさつに行ってやったのによォ。ヒャハハハハハ
And to think we even went to say hello to a couple of them yesterday
Senpai: どーする?9対5じゃ試合になんねーなァ。土下座して負けを認めりゃ腕折んのだけは許してやっても・・・
So what're you gonna do? We can't have a match with 9 VS 5
If you get down on your knees and admit you've lost, I'll think twice about breaking your arm--
Takami: この程度でよかったか?ハンデはよォ
Is this enough
of an advantage for you?
Senpai: ・・・クソチビ
...Fucking shrimp
Senpai: ・・・口だけは達者だな・・・
...You sure talk big...
Takami: プレイボールじゃ!!
Play ball!!
Text: 運命の開始(プレイボール)!!
The match on which their future rest begins!!

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#1. by destinator ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2006
Cool, thanks for the translation <3
#2. by La_Muerte ()
Posted on Sep 18, 2006
ohh a baseball game, awesome good job on the translation
#3. by NeoShweaty ()
Posted on Sep 18, 2006
they actually play finally? fuck. We need to catch up to the raws...
#4. by momodaisuki ()
Posted on Sep 20, 2006
Yay, finally done~!! >u<b

Quote by NeoShweaty :

they actually play finally? fuck. We need to catch up to the raws...

Haha, thanks for the releases (+ your editing)! &#8594; 3 at once -- Wow! &#9734;&#8704;&#9734;
#5. by NeoShweaty ()
Posted on Sep 20, 2006
what do you mean? without translations, i would be no where. So thank you.

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