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Translations: Gintama 656 (2) , One Piece 881 by cnet128

Over Time 10

Over Time 10

+ posted by momodaisuki as translation on Oct 4, 2006 13:45 | Go to Over Time

-> RTS Page for Over Time 10

Page 01
大10話 ドキドキ
Chapter 10 -- Heart Pounding
Side text: 次々と巻き起こるピンチ!!凸凹コンビは乗り切れる?!
Troubles just keep coming at them!! Will this awkward pair be able to pull through?!

Page 02
Text: VS元野球部チーム(不良)大きなハンデに勝機は・・・?!
VS the ex-baseball club (i.e. delinquents)!! With the huge disadvantage, will they be able to win...?!
Club: ・・・なー、やっぱコレ着てなきゃダメかな・・・
...Hey, do we really have to wear this...?
Taro: ふあぁ
SFX ヌっはっはっはっはっはっは *nwahahahahaha*
Club: バっカ、また殴られんぞ?!
You idiot! Do you wanna get punched again?!
Why do we have to do this...
I wanna go back home and watch TV...
Taro: ・・・でもさァ、鷹見くん。どー考えても5対9はキツイって・・・
...But Takami-kun,
no matter how you look at it, 5 VS 9 is too big a disadvantage...
Takami: あ゛っ?
Taro: だってさ、大きいの飛ばされたら終わりじゃん?
I mean, if they hit the ball far, that'll be the end for us
Takami: グヂグヂうるせー
Oh, shut up
Takami: ワシの後ろに球は飛ばねー!!!
There's no way a ball will fly past me!!!

Page 03
Taro: ・・・なんか今日はいつもに増して邪悪スマイル・・・
...His smile looks even more evil than usual...
Taro: ・・・てゆーかむしろ問題はアレか・・・相手が・・・ねぇ
...Well, I guess that'll be the least of our worries...
After all, the other team's...yeah...
Ex-club: オラ来いやァ、クソチビィー!!!
Hey, c'mon, shrimp!!!
Umpire: っトライーク
Ex-club: おっと・・・
Catcher: 痛ってぇ~、捕れね・・・
Ouch, I can't catch this...

Page 04
SFX ボゴォ *Bogo*
Ex-club: ヒャハハハハ、わりー②。ギャハハハハハ
Sorry about that
Catcher: うぅ・・・
Ex-club: 足がスベっちまったよ!
I slipped!
Catcher: しまっ・・・
Ex-club: ホラ②、振り逃げだよ!
Haha, it's a passed ball!
Umpire: アウトぉ
Club: ・・・え?
Ex-club: とォりゃあぁー!!!

Page 05
Club: ぐぁっ
Ex-club: ヒャハハハ。わりーな、いきおいあまってよ!
Sorry about that; I couldn't stop in time!
Club: おっ、おい、アンタ何やって・・・ちょっと審判!!
H- hey, you! What're you...
Hey, umpire!!
Umpire: うるっせーな。試合中によくある接触ってヤツだろーが。んなコトでいちいち文句たれんじゃねーよ
What, got a problem? They just came into contact; It happens all the time in matches
Don't make a fuss over such a small thing, sucker
Catcher: わっ
Catcher: ・・・つ
Ex-club: 振り逃げパーフェクトぉ、やったね!
Another passed ball
Taro: ホーラね、やっぱこーなるよーな気ィはしてたんだ。不良がルール守ったら奇跡だね!
You see?
I knew something like this'll happen
It'll take a miracle to get guys like them to play by the rule
On top of that, the umpire's one of their relatives
Ex-club: オラっ、金貸してくれよ!
hand over your money

Page 06
Hotta: ・・・フン。てめーらの野球ゴッコなんかにまともに付き合うよーな善人の集団に見えるか?
...Hmph. Do we look like such good-guys that'll play along nice in your silly baseball game?
This is such a pointless match... You should've just gotten down on your knees like I told you to!!
Hotta: 野球なんざくだらねー!!!
so stupid!!!
Catcher: ひゃっ
Catcher: ・・・くっ。また振り逃げ・・・
Another passed ball...
Ex-club: おーラッキー!!二塁行けるんじゃね?回れ、回れー!!
Yay, I'm lucky!! Looks like I can make it to the 2nd base!
Run on, run on!!

Page 07
Ex-club: んぉ?
Ex-club: んだよ?!自分(てめー)から殺されに来ちゃったの?
What's with you?! Came to be killed?
Ex-club: 死ねゴラぁ!!!

Page 08
Takami: タッチアウトじゃ!!
Touch out!!
Hotta: てめー、チビ!!
Shrimp!! You...!
Hotta: ・・・やめろっ・・・やめちまえよ!!どー見ても、もームチャクチャだろーが、こんな試合っ
...Stop it... Put an end to this whole thing!!
Can't you see? This isn't even a match at all
Hotta: バカらしくなんねーのか?!イイ加減諦めろ!!・・・こんななってまで・・・
Don't you feel stupid?!
Give it up already!!
...There's no point continuing this...

Page 09
Hotta: そんなに野球部が大事かよ?!!
The baseball club couldn't mean so much to you!!
Takami: ヌ?
Hotta: あ?何その反応・・・
What's with that reaction...?
Takami: あー②、野球部!あー!
the baseball club!
Oh yeah!
Takami: 忘れとった!
I'd forgotten!
Hotta: てめー脳みそ腐ってんのかァーーー?!!
Your damn brain needs some serious fixing!!!
Hotta: それが目的だったんじゃねーのか、コラ!!何のためにんな試合やってんだよ?!
Wasn't that the point of this whole game?!
Then what're you doing all this for?!
Takami: あ゛?何のためって一つしかねーじゃろが!!
"What for"? Well, there can be only one reason, right?!
Takami: ワシぁただ単純に
I just

Page 10
Takami: 野球が楽しゅーて仕方ない!!
enjoy baseball so much!!
Takami: それだけじゃ
That's all

Page 11
Taro: 楽しい・・・か・・・
-- Enjoy, huh...?
Taro: ぶぅ②
Taro: ぶほォ
Takami: チ~ビィ~!!
Taro: なっ、ななな何だよ?!今何時だと・・・
Wh- wh- what're you doing?!
What time do you think it--
Takami: 眠れない
I can't sleep
Taro: は?
Takami: ドキドキして眠れない!
My heart's pounding so fast
I can't sleep!

Page 12
Taro: しっ、知らないよ!オレは寝る、おやすみっ
W- well, do something about it yourself!
I'm gonna sleep, night!
Taro: ぎゃぴっ
Takami: 眠れない
I can't sleep
Takami: コレは多分アレじゃ。あの・・・遠足の前のアレじゃな!眠れない、どーしよー
This is like... you know, the way you feel the night before a school trip!
I can't sleep; What should I do~
Text: 永眠。
Takami: おォ、そーじゃ!この時間を利用して明日の試合用にユニフォーム作ろう!!
Oh, I know!
We can make uniforms for tomorrow's game now!!
Taro: えーっ?!なんでオレが・・・
What?! Why me--
Takami: 他に誰がおるんじゃ
Who else can do it?
Taro: うぅ~・・・ねむいィ・・・
Aargh...I'm sleepy...
So this guy was sleeping every night, huh
Takami: 字が汚ぇ。ちゃんとキレーに書け、ボケぇ!
Your handwriting's terrible
Write it neatly, you idiot!
Takami: ヌ!そこちょっとゆがんどる・・・
That last part, it doesn't look nice...
Taro: うるさいィーーー!!
Oh, shut up!!
Taro: 楽しい・・・楽しいって何だろ・・・?楽しいフリなら出きるけど・・・
"Enjoy"... What's that...?
I can act like I'm enjoying something but...
Taro: 心の底から楽しいって・・・どんなだろ・・・
I wonder what it's like...to really enjoy something...
Hotta: 楽しいだァ?!!

Page 13
Hotta: 楽しかねーよ、野球なんざ
Baseball isn't fun
Hotta: 野球なんざクソっくだらねー!!!
Baseball's just a stupid game!!!
Hotta: オラ服部!!
Hey, Hattori!!
Hattori: んごっ
Hattori: なっ、なにボルタくん・・・
Wh- what, Volta-kun...
(I suppose Volta's supposed to be Hotta's nickname...)
Hotta: てめーアウトだろ。いつまで寝てんださっさと戻れ!!
You're out right?
Then get up and move it!!
Hotta: 一回表、二死(ツーアウト)・・・ランナー三塁
Bottom of the 1st inning
Two out...
Runner on third

Page 14
Hotta: ラフプレーはもーやめだ。てめーを本気で諦めさせるにゃコレしかねーみてーだからな
We're done with the rough play
Looks like this is the only way I can make you give up the whole thing
Hotta: てめーの大好きな野球でボッコボコにしてやる!!!
I'll beat you up
in your favorite baseball!!!
Takami: どーぞヨロシク
I'd like to see that

Page 15
Hotta: なーんてな
Hah, as if

Page 16
Catcher: おーい、大丈夫か?!
Hey, are you ok?!
Taro: ちょっと鷹見くんっ
Hey, Takami-kun...!
Hotta: スマネーなァ。手がスッポ抜けちまった!しゃーねーだろ。ホレ、もー終いだ。お終い!!
Oh, sorry about that
It slipped out of my hands!
You know, it couldn't be helped. Well, it's all over then!!
Umpire: ・・・くくっ
Takami: ・・・戻れよ!
...Get back there!
Catcher: ん?

Page 17
Takami: 野球は9回までじゃろーがオッサン!!
Forgot that there are 9 innings in baseball, old man?
Hotta: 何でだよ・・・コイツ・・・
-- Why...
...this guy...
Taro: 痛っ
SFX ズキ *pang*
Taro: ・・・鷹見くん!
Taro: さっきのバットで・・・
Just now, the bat, it...

Page 18~19
Text: 「負けないッ!!」渾身(こんしん)のストレート!!
"I won't lose!!"
He puts everything into the fast ball!!
Takami: このドキドキ終わらせてたまるかよ!!
My heart's gotta keep pounding fast!
Text: 左腕の損傷(ダメージ)は?!
And the damage on his left arm--?!

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