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Translations: One Piece 898 by cnet128 , Gintama 674 (2)

Over Time 11

Over Time 11

+ posted by momodaisuki as translation on Oct 4, 2006 13:47 | Go to Over Time

-> RTS Page for Over Time 11

Page 01
Text: VS不良チーム!!孤軍奮闘する鷹見だが左腕に負傷を・・・?!
VS the team of delinquents!! Takami fights alone, but then he injures his left arm...!
Taro: 鷹見くん・・・

Page 02
Hotta: 甘ぇ・・・
-- This is nothing...

Page 03
第11話 意味
Chapter 11 -- The Point
Text: その一球が、運命をざわめかす!!
Their future rests on that one ball!!

Page 04
Catcher: 内野フライ、打ち上げた!!サード!!
It's an infield fly!!
Third baseman!!
Hotta: チッ
Club: ほーい
Got it
Club: ぶごっ
Ex-club: オラぁ、ボルタ。ヒットだぜぇ!!
Here Volta
It's a hit!!
Ex-club: ほれ、早く走・・・え?!
C'mon, start runnin--

Page 05
Hotta: うるせぇ、アウトだ!!
Shut up
I've been put out!!
Ex-club: ・・・え?えっ?!え~?!
Huh?! What?!
Umpire: ス・・・スリーアウト、チェンジ!
Th- three out
Taro: ちょっと、ちょっと、鷹見くん
Hey, hey
Takami: ヌ?
Taro: あのさァ、アレ・・・さっきのでアレ・・・
Umm, that...
just now it...
Catcher: おーい
Catcher: チビよォ、お前っ・・・
Shrimp, you...

Page 06
Catcher: 左腕・・・痛めたんだろ、さっきのバットで・・・
you've...injured your left arm, right?
With that bat just now...
You've got less on your pitches...and the course of your balls are easier to hit...
Taro: そーそー、それだよ!!左腕っ!絶対左ヒジケガしてる!!
Yeah, exactly; That's it!! Your left arm! You've definitely hurt your left elbow!!
Catcher: 痛いんじゃねーのか?
It hurts, doesn't it?
Takami: イタくない!!
It doesn't hurt!!
Taro & Catcher: イヤ、でもちょっと・・・
Hey, but, wait--
Takami: イタくない!!
It doesn't hurt!!
Taro: そんなワケねーじゃん!!オレにゃーわかるん・・・
No way!!
You can't hide something like that from--
Takami: イタくないったらイタくないィ!!
I said it doesn't hurt!!
Taro: んな意地張ってる場合じゃないよォー!!そもそもそれオレの体・・・
Stop it, you're just being stubborn!! Besides, that's my body--

Page 07
Takami: イタくないィーーー!!!
It. Doesn't. Huuuuurt!!!
Taro: いだだだだだだだだ・・・・
Ex-club: おいボルタ!!
Hey, Volta!!
Ex-club: 何なんだよ、さっきのはよォ。せっかくオレがヒットを・・・
What was that just now?
I made it a hit for you and--
Hotta: あ゛ァ?!!
What, got a problem?!!
Ex-club: あ・・・イヤ、何でも・・・
Uh...no, it's nothing...
Hotta: ・・・フンっ。走んのがダルかっただけだ・・・クソっ!!
It was just a pain in the ass to run... Shit!!
Club: なー、もーあんな不良どもと試合なんてしたかねーよ!
Hey, I don't wanna continue this game with those guys!
Me too; It's all just painful
*sigh* Why do I have to do something like this...
Taro: ぎゃあぁぁ
Takami: イタくなァーい!!
It doesn't hurt!!
Club: そもそもオレら野球好きってワケでもねーし
Besides, it's not like we like baseball or anything
Yeah... Baseball's just--
Takami: あ゛ん?!!

Page 08
Takami: 野球好きでもねーのになんで野球部入っとんじゃーーー!!!
If you don't like baseball, why are you in the baseball club?!!
Club: アンタがムリヤリ引っ張ってきたんでしょー?!!
Hello?! You forced us to join!!!
Taro: アイツがピッチャーやんの?おっかねー
He's gonna be the pitcher?
Ooh, scary...

Page 09
Umpire: っトライーク、バッターアウト
Striiike! Batter, out!
Umpire: ストライーク、バッターアウト!!
Batter, out!!
Club: ・・・意外とピッチングは真面目だな・・・(ホッ)
...So when it comes to pitching, he's quite serious...
SFX ピク *piku*
Club: ぐぼォ
Hotta: あ゛?誰が真面目だって?
What's that?
Who's being serious?
Umpire: デッドボール!
Dead ball!
Club: ひえぇ~・・・あんなの当たったら死んじゃうよ~
Ouch... A hit like that can seriously kill...
Club: ん?

Page 10
Club: わぁああぁぁ、既に死んでる人いたーーー!!
Someone's dead already!!
Takami: ・・・ほォー、元レフトの割にゃイイ球投げんなァ!
For an ex-left fielder, you pitch quite well!
Hotta: てめーにャ関係ねーだろーが!!
It's none of your fucking business!!

Page 11
SFX ズキ *pang*
Umpire: ファール
Aoi: ホント情けないですね、私・・・今日のためにバイト夜中の時間帯と交代してもらったんですけど、そのまま来て待ってたらついウトウトと・・・
How embarrassing of me...
I had my part-time job hours for today shifted to yesterday midnight so that I'd be able to come watch today's match
and I came straight from my job but fell asleep while waiting...
Club: え?!徹夜?!!
What?! So you didn't sleep all night?!!
Aoi: やっぱり夢を追いかけてこんな頑張ってるってスゴイ!皆さんスゴイです
I'm really impressed at how you guys are working so hard to achieve your dream!
You're really great
Club: オレら別に・・・なァ
We aren't really...huh?
Yeah... It's not really our business...
I mean, actually, we'd sort of like to run away...
Aoi: でも・・・逃げてないじゃないですか!
You aren't running away!
Club: お・・・おぅ
Yeah...sort of...
Aoi: コレ・・・よかったら皆さんで食べて下さい。元気復活!レモンのハチミツ漬け
This...Please have some. It's lemon soaked in honey
It'll help you get back your energy!
Club: おー!

Page 12
Aoi: きゃっ
Club: ・・・どーやったらそこでこけるの?!
...How can you trip there?!
Umpire: ファール
Hotta: よくねばんじゃねーかクソチビ・・・そんな片手でよォ
You sure keep it up, shrimp
with only one hand
Hotta: 知ってんだぜ?てめーが左腕痛めてるコトぐれーよ!だからずっと言ってやってんだろ、「ムリだ」ってなァ!!
Did you think I hadn't noticed?
I know you've hurt your left arm!
That's why I've been telling you "It's impossible"!!
Hotta: 諦めろ!!今のてめーじゃ何も出来ねーよ!
Give it up
You can't do anything in that state!
Takami: 出来るわ
Oh yes, I can

Page 13
Takami: この試合に勝つ!野球部も作る!んで甲子園じゃ!!
I'll win this match!
I'll make the baseball club!
And then I'll go to the Koshien!!
Hotta: いつまでもわかんねぇチビだな!!
You really don't get it, do you, shrimp?!
Hotta: どんなクソ真面目に夢見て頑張っても不可能なコトってのがあんだよ!!
No matter how hard you work towards a dream
some things just aren't possible!!
Hotta: それにも気付かずバカみてーに真っすぐ走り続けて・・・何がやりてーんだ
Sticking to your dream and running towards it like an idiot without even realizing all that...
What're you trying to achieve?!

Page 14
Hotta: そこに何の意味があるってんだゴラぁ!!!
What's the point of it all?!!
Ex-club: ちょっとボルタ、力みすぎ・・・っ
Hey Volta, you're putting too much strength--
Ex-club: あ?
Takami: 言ってるコトがワケわかんねーよ、オッサン!
I don't get what you're saying, old man!

Page 15
Takami: どんなに高く険しい壁が立ち塞がっても・・・どんなに不可能に思えても・・・
No matter how big the obstacle is...
No matter how hopeless it may seem...
Takami: それでもそこに向かって走るだけじゃ!!意味なんて考えたコトもねーよ!・・・ただ
You just have to keep running!! I've never thought about the point of it! ...It's just
Takami: 死んでも諦めきれねー・・・
something that you can't give up even if you die...

Page 16~17
Takami: それが "夢" っちゅーんじゃ、ボケぇ!!!
That's what a "dream" is, you idiot!!!

Page 18
Hotta: フツーにありえねーだろ・・・
-- It's impossible...
Hotta: あのガタイで。しかも・・・片手で・・・
With that body size. And...with only one hand...
Anonymous: ホ・・・ホームラン?!・・・2ランホームランん!!!
A h- homerun?!
...It's a 2-run homer!!!

Page 19
Blackboard: チーム
The ex-baseball club-san team
The new baseball club (temporary name) team
Ex-club: ちょっとてめー何勝手に書いてんだ、コラぁー!!!(てか誰だてめー!!)
Hey, what're you doin, writing the score without permission?!!
(Like who are you?!)
Aoi: あっ・・・ゴゴ・・・ゴメンなさい、その・・・だっ、誰も書いていなかったので・・・
Oh...I- I'm s- sorry, I uh...
N- nobody was writing it so...
SFX ズキ *pang*
Text: それでも手負いの鷹は翔んでいく
-- And yet the injured falcon will keep on flying
The top of the 2nd inning, 0-2
The game continues with the "ex-baseball club-san team" on the offense...
Text: 意地の先制点(ホームラン)!!しかしケガが?!
With his stubborn determination, he delivers the first homerun!! But what about his injury?!

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#1. by NeoShweaty ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2006
i thought you had dropped this. Good to see i was wrong.
#2. by momodaisuki ()
Posted on Oct 6, 2006
Haha, yeah... I was...er...a bit busy... > <&#12446;
But it's a great series so I'll try to keep it up 'u<b
I'll let you know when I drop it (and hopefully someone will pick it up...)

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