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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Over Time 12

Over Time 12

+ posted by momodaisuki as translation on Oct 6, 2006 05:33 | Go to Over Time

-> RTS Page for Over Time 12

*groan* Someone, give me a comprehensive dictionary that translates baseball terms from Japanese → English... @Д @" (笑)

Page 01
Text: 春もそろそろ折り返し、いつもと少し違う景色
Spring is almost halfway gone
and the scenery is a bit different from always
Text: 試合もそろそろ折り返し
The game is also about halfway done
Text: こちらも少し見慣れぬ景色
And here too, the scene is not quite the usuall
Taro: 鷹見くんが・・・打たれてる。もう左腕が・・・
Takami-kun's pitches...are being hit
His left arm is already...
Side text: 負傷した鷹見・・・!!襲い来る敵打線!!
Takami is injured...!! And the batters on the other team are overwhelming him!!

Page 02
Umpire: ストライク、バッターアウッ
Strike! Batter, out!
Takami: どらくそォ
Damn it
Text (Taro): 鷹見くんのマグレホームランはアレっきり・・・
That was the last of Takami-kun's lucky homerun...
Taro: やややっぱりアレはマグレだったんだあ!!!もおォぉぉダメだァー!!!(うあぁああぁぁ)
S- so that was really a fluke!!!
Nooo, we're done for!!!
Text (Taro): え~っと
Text (Taro): つまりはねー
In other words
Text (Taro): 大ピンチ!!!
We're in deep shit!!!
Text (Taro): ってコト
-- As can be seen
Can: みどりの青汁
Green aojiru
(Note: Aojiru is a healthy but terrible green substance/drink that's a mixture of all sorts of grass juice. The significance is probably that Hane has as bad a taste/is as old-man-ish as Takami...w)
Hane: あーあァ
Oooh, no

Page 03
第12話 イチゴ
Chapter 12 -- The Strawberry
Text: その先の光にきっと続く道・・・
This path is bound to take you that light ahead...

Page 04
Ex-club: もー楽勝って感じだな!
This is gonna be an easy win!
Yeah! Although they had me sweating back then
Nobu, give me a cream bread too!
Nobu: ん!ん!
Ex-club: オレも
Me too!
Nobu: ボルタも食う?
Want one too, Volta?
Volta: いらねぇ!!!オレぁ甘いモンは嫌いだっつってんだろーが!!
No way!!!
I've already told you, I hate sweet stuff!!
SFX ズキ *pang*
Hori: お前、チビ、やっぱり左腕・・・
Hey, shrimp. I knew it, your left arm--
Takami: なんともねーよ!!
There's nothing wrong with it!!
Taro: ウソつきいるよー
We've got a liar here~
Club: ヤバイんじゃねーの?
But it doesn't look it
Aoi: だっ・・・大丈夫ですか?!
A- are you ok?!
Takami: おい、コレ。このレモンのハチミツ漬けってのは体にえぇんじゃろ?
Hey, this
This lemon-soaked-in-honey thing is good for your body, right?
Aoi: はいっ!栄養満点、元気復活です!!
Yes! It's rich in nutrients and it'll help replenish your energy!!
Takami: ふーん・・・

Page 05
Takami: よし、治った
Ok, it's all fixed
Club: えぇーーー?!!
Aoi: まァ、よかった!
My, how wonderful!
Club: え゛えぇぇえぇぇーーーっ?!!
Taro: ヤダヤダー、もーやめてよォ、鷹見くーん!!オレの体なんだよ?もっと大事にさァ・・・
Noooo! Stop it already, Takami-kun!!
It's my body, you know? Take better care of it...
Taro: ん~・・・でも確かに今回はオレの売ったケンカを鷹見くんにやらせてるよーなもんで・・・
Hmm... Although, this time I am sort of making him fight out a match I started...
No, no, no. He's always putting me in a tight spot, so I'm not doing anything wrong!!
Taro: ・・・でもやっぱりそれでも・・・それでもやるってんならさ・・・
...But, no matter what I say...
If you're still gonna do it...

Page 06
Taro: 絶対・・・勝ってくれよ!!
You have to...
win, ok?!
Takami: ・・・あ゛ァ
Club: 抜けたァ
It's rolling
Aoi: あァ・・・
Oh no...
Hane: あーあァ、そこはダメだって。何やってんだ?!
Ugh, that's not right
What're they doing?!

Page 07
Hane: 腕痛めて球威落ちてんのに、んな配球じゃ打たれるって。ありゃキャッチャーが悪いよ!
He's injured and lost his stuff
so with that combination of pitches, of course it'll be hit. That catcher's really no good!
I guess they're just gonna lose
Aoi: あっ、この前の、え~・・・っと、その・・・
Oh, you're that person from before, uh...umm...
Hane: オレ?桐嶋羽音
Me? It's Kirishima Hane
Aoi: あっ、私は・・・
Oh, I'm--
Hane: 葵ちゃん・・・だよね!
Aoi-chan, right?
Hane: はい、コレジュース
Here, take this
Aoi: え?あっ、ありがとうございます!!
Oh? T- thank you!!
Aoi: あ・・・あのォ
Hane: ん?
Aoi: ずっと・・・見てたんですか?今・・・ピンチなんです・・・だから
Were you...watching all long? Right now...they're in a pinch...so...
You used to play...baseball, right?
Please, they don't have enough memb--
Hane: ・・・もう辞めたんだ・・・野球!
...I already
Aoi: え?じゃーどーしてここに・・・?
Huh? Then why did you come...?
Hane: んー・・・
Aoi: え・・・っと、あの・・・怒らないで下さいね
Uh...umm...please don't get angry

Page 08
Aoi: 野球・・・お好きじゃないんですか?
don't you like baseball?
Hane: あーダメ、内角はっ。思っきり狙ってたじゃん!
Aw, why pitch inside?
The batter was obviously expecting that!
SFX ふぅ *sigh*
Hane: ・・・オレさ
...Well, I
Hane: ショートケーキがね・・・好きだったんだ!
used to like...

Page 09
Aoi: ・・・え?
Hane: アレ・・あのでっかいイチゴののったショートケーキ
You know...
Those shortcakes with the huge strawberry on top
Now that's what I call a shortcake!
Well, I used to love...the sweetness of the cream and the sourness of the strawberry together
Hane: ・・・でもね。なくなっちゃったんだよ・・・イチゴ
...But then
it disappeared
...this strawberry
Hane: イチゴの無ぇショートケーキなんてもぅ・・・食えなくなっちまった!
A shortcake without the strawberry...
I can't eat that!
Club: わっ
Umpire: アウトぉ
Ex-club: あんっ
Damn it
Hane: あーもー危ねぇな。ボール球うまく使ってけよ!
Shit, that was a close one
They should plan their pitches more wisely!
Aoi: けど・・・
-- But...
Aoi: 今でも好きなんですよね?ショートケーキ
You still like them, don't you?
I mean, shortcakes

Page 10
Hane: 好きだよ!
Yeah, I do!
Hane: だから困ってんだ、オレも
And that's why I don't know what to do
Hane: 多分・・・アイツらも・・・ね
And probably...
the same goes for them too...
Text (Hane): ただ・・・
-- It's just that...
Shizuka: えー?明日のデートムリなのォ?!
What? So we can't go out on a date tomorrow?!
Hane: ゴメンね!
I'm sorry!
Hane: ん?何の用事かって?
Hmm? What have I gotta do?
Hane: ん~・・・ちょっと忘れ物を・・・ね!
Umm... Well, I sort of forgot something, so, yeah...
Taro: あらら
Oh my

Page 11
Umpire: 2死(アウト)満塁ィ!!
Two outs, bases loaded!!
Volta: "絶対絶命" ってヤツだなァ、チビ!!
This is what they call a serious crisis,
Taro: ヤバぁ!!マジでヤベーって。アイツんトコで毎回点入ってんじゃん?
Oh, shit!! We're seriously in trouble! This guy always manages to score
Takami: ヌっはっはっはっはっはっは、大ピンチじゃーーー!!!(ヌっはっはっはっはっは)
We're in serious trouble!!!
Taro: たっ、鷹見くんがコワレたァー!!!
T- Takami-kun's lost it!!!
(Takami: ヌっはっはっはっは
Takami: 久しぶりだなァ。こーゆー局面がたまらんのじゃ、野球はよォ!!
It's been a long time...
It's this thrill of baseball
that I love!!

Page 12
Volta: ・・・てめー、状況わかってんのか・・・
...Do you have any idea what sort of situation you're in...?
Text (Volta): 何で笑う?笑うな、クソチビ・・・笑うなよ・・・
Why's he laughing? Stop it, you fucking shrimp... Knock it off...
Volta: 笑うんじゃねぇぇーーー!!!
Stop laughing!!!
Takami: オッサン、てめーこそもっと笑えよ!
Old man,
you should laugh more!
Takami: んな楽しーコト他にゃねーじゃろが!!
There's really nothing
as fun as this!!
Volta: ・・・クソチビ
...Damn shrimp
Volta: てめー、頭・・・
You're totally--
Hane: てめー頭おかしーんじゃねーの?!
You're totally messed up!!
Volta: ・・・あ゛?
Hane: この状況で楽しいって?!
"Fun"? In this situation?!
Takami: ・・・あ゛?
Hane: それこそ笑っちゃうよ!
Now that's hilarious!

Page 13
Hane: 甲子園行くだァ?!
Going to the Koshien?!
How can you say that when you're struggling here
Stop being so naive, shrimp!!
Hane: てめーみてーなチビよォ
A shrimp like you
Aoi: 桐嶋・・・くん?
Hane: 本気で行けるとか思ってんのかよ!!バッカじゃねーの?!!
You seriously think you can get there?!
You're a total sucker!!
Takami: フン・・・あいにく生まれついての野球バカでなァ!!死んでも治らん!
Hmph... Yeah. I've always been
a sucker for baseball!!
That won't change even if I die!

Page 14~ 15
Hane: ククっ、まったく同感だ!!!
the same goes for me!!!
Takami: ・・・ヌ?
Text (Hane): つくづくオレも・・・
I really am...
Text (Hane): 野球バカだな!
a sucker for baseball!
Hane: キャッチャー交代だ!!
I'll be the catcher!!
Hane: んしょ
Takami: てめー野球部潰してーんじゃなかったんかよ
I thought you wanted to get rid of the baseball club
Hane: ん?あーアレ!
Huh? Oh, that?

Page 16
Hane: しょーがねーじゃん!欲しくなったんだ、このダセぇTシャツ!
Well, it can't be helped right? I really wanted
this ugly T-shirt!
Text (Volta): ・・・ウゼぇな
Text (Volta): どいつもこいつもよ
They're all pissing me off
Volta: ブッ殺さにゃなんねーバカがまた一人増えやがった!!
Looks like there's another idiot I've gotta get rid of!!
Hane: いーか、オレぁわざわざデート断って来てんだ!
I even cancelled my date to come here!

Page 17
Hane: 遊園地より面白ぇんだろーな?
This had better be more fun that going to an amusement park!
Takami: ディズニーも真っ青じゃ!!
Oh yeah, even Disney'll be shocked!!
Text (Hane): 1球目。今までの打席を見ている限り、内角低めが打ちづらそうだった。初球ならなおさら手は出さないはず!
The 1st ball
Seeing his batting so far, it looks like he's got a weakness for a low inside pitch. If it's the first ball, it'll give him even more reason to let it pass!
The 2nd ball
This time we'll give him something similar to the high outside pitch he seems to like. But we'll fix it a bit so that he'll hit a foul. That way, we'd have one count!
Text (Hane): 3球目。内角高め、死球スレスレのボール球、仰け反るくらいのヤツで!
The 3rd ball
A pitch inside, aimed towards the batter. One that makes him step back will be just right!
The 4th ball
After the third ball, he won't know what to expect so he'll be hesitant. There, we'll finish it off with a low outside pitch!
Hane: やっぱ似てんな、あの時と・・・この理屈じゃ説明できねー感じ!
It's really like back then...
This feeling that can't be explained by reason!
I still don't know if you're a falcon or a sparrow
...So till then

Page 18~19
Hane: オレの風切り羽(ハネ)、お前に貸しといてやるよ!
I'll lend you
my flight feathers!
Umpire: スリーアウト、チェンジ!!
Three out! Change!!
Volta: クソっ
Hane: なァ先輩、知ってるか?人間てのは美味いモン食う時ぁ笑うもんさ
Hey senpai, you know something?
When humans eat something delicious, it's natural for us to laugh
Take for example...a shortcake with a huge strawberry on top of it!

Page 20
Volta: うるせぇ!!!オレぁ甘ぇモンは嫌いなんだよ!!
Shut up!!!
I hate sweet stuff!!
Text (Aoi): 言ってましたよね?イチゴ・・・なくなったって・・・でも
You said
that the strawberry...had disappeared
Text (Aoi): ・・・でもそこにあるのはきっと
...But it must be right there --
Text (Aoi): 大きなイチゴがのったショートケーキですよ!
A shortcake
with a huge strawberry on top of it!
Volta: まだだ、ゴラぁ!!!まだ9人対6人で6点のリードだぜ?!
It's not over yet, punk!!!
It's still a match of 9 against 6 and we have a lead of 6 points!!
Volta: てめーらがピンチだってコトに・・・変わりぁねぇー!!!
It doesn't change the fact that...
you guys are in a pinch!!!

Page 21
Hane: ピンチ?
A pinch?
Hane: もー1点も入らない上、たった6人でまたオレが回ってくるんだ
You won't make another score
And with only 6 people, it'll be my turn again in no time
Hane: チャンスだよ!
We've got a chance!
Umpire: ホ・・・ホームラン!!
H- homerun!!
Text: 反撃開始!!
Time to fight back!!

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