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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 254

Uni's Arrival

+ posted by momogoldfish as translation on Aug 21, 2009 13:56 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-> RTS Page for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 254

Cover:A smile in full bloom
Blossoming in the sky...!

Target 254 Uni's Arrival

[Sidetext: Uni appears!!]
Bluebell:『Ah- she's moving…』
Irie:『Uni asked...
from her own lips…』
That little girl is the other boss of the Millifloreー!?』
Reborn『So it really was you
You've grown up, Uni』
Uncle Reborn』

Tsuna『!! She's an acquaitance of Reborn!?Speaking of which…
You called this baby UNCLEーー!?』
Reborn『You're noisy』
Tsuna『O-ow~!!W…who is she!?』
Reborn『The granddaughter of an acquaintance of mine』
Tsuna『Ah…there's a pacifier hanging from her neck…
even though she isn't a baby??』
Everyone from the Vongola』

Tsuna san's face turned redーー!』
Byakuran『Hahaha With this I have everything all in one place
But I'm surprised…
You're looking much better
It seems you've recovered
Uni chan♪』
Ryohei『She was sick or something?』
Irie『No…Byakuran san…under his hands
Her soul was broken』
Irie『In order to gain control of the Blackspells, Byakuran san...
took away her power of speech…』

Byakuran『Don't badmouth people, Shouchan
Uni chan was a bit nervous so I only gave her a little tranquilizer to calm her down』
Irie『No, during the negotiations with the Uni who was boss of the Giglio Neo family that later became the Blackspells, you forced Uni some potent medicine upon her
and turned her into a doll under your control. Isn't that right? Uni san…』  
Uni『But during that period, because my soul
escaped to somewhere faraway, I was alright』

Uni『Byakuran it seems that
I can soar to other worlds like you』
Uni『Let's return to the matter at hand
As the boss of the Milliflore Blackspells, I agree to the rematch with the Vongola』
Final bubble:That promise...

Uni『That promise of a rematch between Byakuran and Irie, really does exists』
Bluebell『Why does she know about things like that!』
Byakuran『I'm glad that you've become so spirited but, Uni chan
You have no right to speak out against my decisions』
Byakuran『When I am perplexed I'm prepared to discuss things with you. But you're just number 2
All final decision making powers are with me』
Byakuran『This conversation is finished』
Uni『…is that so… 
I understand… 』

Uni 『In that case, I'll
withdraw from the Milliflore Family』
Uni『Sawada Tsunayoshi san…
I have a request』
Tsuna『Eh!? A…a request…!?』

Uni『Please protect me』

Aren't you the Boss of the Blackspells…!?』
Uni『It isn't just me
Along with the Pacifiers of my comrades』

Tsuna『These are…
the Acrobaleno's!!?』
Byakuran『You can't just take these out on your own, Uni chan
Those are my Trinisette collection』
Uni『You're wrong…these were entrusted to me…
even if you take them, they can't be called Trinisette
This is because』
SFX: Paaaaa-
Tsuna 『WAA』

Uni『If their soul is gone, the Pacifiers won't show their reason for existence』
Irie『…That!What is that light!?』
Tsuna『W…what's happening?
Why can that girl cause them to glow!?』
Byakuran『……is that so…
So that's the reason!! 
That's great Uni chan!!
You can do it if you try!!
I certainly need you
Well, let's be friends again, Uni chan』
Uni『Don't come near me!』

Uni『No longer can we
give our souls to you』
Byakuran『What? Saying something like this on your own?
Even if you run away with these, I'll just chase you to the ends of the earth to get them back.』
Byakuran『Well, lets go back
back to where I am』
Kyouko『Tsuna kun!! Please help her!!』
Tsuna『Er- B-but…』


Reborn『Don't get cocky, Byakuran
Whoever you are and whatever the situation
if you try to do anything to the boss of the Acrobalenos
I won't just stand and watch』
That little girl is the boss of the Acrobalenosー!?』
Byakuran『You want to be a knight?”The Strogest of the Acrobalenos” Reborn』
Kikyou『Byakuran sama Please do not worry. We will immediately take back Uni sama』

Kikyou 『Hahah』

Squalo『Your opponent is me!
I've been waiting to wreck havoc for so long!!』
Hibari『You are in the way』
Mini speech bubble:Stab
Tsuna『Squalo and
Hibari san!!』
Squalo『What, you bastard!?』
Hibari『He's my prey』
Kikyou『Hahah A bunch that never learns』
Tsuna『W-wait…everyone!! What are you all~~!?』

Insert text:The battle continues!

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#1. by hyoriFTW ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2009
That was fast.

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