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Hoop Men 2

Miracle Combo

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Mar 12, 2009 03:43 | Go to Hoop Men

-> RTS Page for Hoop Men 2

Um yeah...so I finally did my first real translation for a chapter. Sure feels nice!!
I thought it'd be a shame if no one would pick up this new series...that's when I said to myself "You wanna do translations in near future...you just have to start at some point!!" - so here it is!!

I hope it doesn't have too many flaws...neither English, nor Japanese is my mother tongue - please keep that in mind.^^"


Even I might become a hero!! (red&blue)
That's what he thought but he has to take his first steps!! (red&yellow)

Kawaguchi Yukinori

Page 2
For an extremely normal high school student, extremely normal things are real fun! (side)
5th place: The Yashiba curry from school cafeteria
4th place: Ihara-chan from Japanese class
3rd place: My class mate Shinoda
2nd place: Meeting of the defenders of world peace (laughs)
1st place: Meeting for watching over Hira's love

Page 3
My Top 5 "reasons as to why I go to school"
That has been my ranking until last week.

Page 4
Fried set
Cooked fish set
Hamburger steak set
Pig Kimchi set

What about this? [じゃあ これは?]
Ah, it's the...Japanese fried chicken. [あー それはアレだよ 和風フライドチキン]

Page 5
ねぇねぇアレって誰? 留学生?
Hey, hey...who's that? An exchange student?

Well he's talking English with the kid next to him

Joshua Kuji Griffin Jr.

Exchange student from America and the star of hope of our youth basketball club.

The situation has changed a bit from when I was a small kid and spoke English
I've joined the basketball club to act as Josh's interpreter
But ever since I entered high school the order of my "reasons why I go to school" ranking has suddenly changed. Big changes were made.

8th Class...
9th Meeting for watching over Hira's love
10th Japanese...
11th Seating order...
12th Masa...
13th Yashiba...
14th English...
15th Roof top...

Page 6
(New) 5th place: My value rising

Where were you born in America?

You're of mixed race?

今アメリカ(むこう)で何流行ってんの? ジョシュに聞いてよサトー
What's currently an in fashion in America? Ask Josh those things, Satou~!

Satou: Wait a moment...one at a time/first things first~

リスニングの授業以外で披露する機会もねーし今まで意外に注目されなかった この特技
Box 1: Apart from listening class I never had a chance to shine but up til now I received surprisingly much attention for my special skill.
Box 2: It's thanks to me being able to communicate with the good looking exchange student.

Page 7
4th place: Meeting of the defenders of world peace (joining of a new member)

Josh, you're good~

Josh: I'm from America but these are popular over there.

て ゆーか
Box: It also

Page 8
Box 1: brought new topics to talk about.
Box 2: And guys of the same age also feel the same, it’s somehow normal.
Box 3: We became friends surprisingly quick
それでも やっぱり異国での生活で 身近に言葉が通じる奴がいるってのは 相当デカいことらしく 色んな局面で オレを頼ってくるんだ
Box 4: But nevertheless living in a foreign country and being able to understand the words/language around you was the same for him as relying on me in many situations.

Josh: What's the meaning of this?
Josh: How's Yuuho’s family doin'?
Yuuho: I was starting to think "How annoyiii~ng!!" but…

Page 9
たった一人言葉の通じる雄歩(キミ)がいい奴で よかった
Josh: You're the only person...thanks to you I can understand all those word. You're a good guy. I'm glad.
違う場所で言われてたら ちょっと感動してたかも
Box: Even though he said it in a weird location I was moved a bit
あ そう?
Yuuho: Ah is that so?

Page 10
考えてみりゃ 俺救世主の救世主って感じじゃねぇ?優しくしてやんあいどなー || んっ?
Yuuho: /I think it's kinda like I'm the saviour of the saviour, isn't it? I'm just so gentle~/ Hm?
あ キミだぁー 通訳できるんでしょう? スゴイねー
Girl: Ah, it's you~ You're his interpreter? That's so cool~
ミス八高の豊田先輩!!!マジかよ 話しかけられちょっとよ!!!
Yuuho: /It's Miss Hachikou: Toyoda-senpai!!! She just talked to me a bit!!!/
Yuuho: Oh noo~ it's nooo~t!!!
Toyoda: Could you ask Josh if he has a girlfriend?
Yuuho: Red or blue, what do you like better?
Josh: What's that all of a sudden?
あ いるらしいっス
Yuuho: Ah, seems like he has one.

Toyoda: Eh?

Box: Sometimes you gotta be strict

Page 11
へっ…まあ いいさ 確かにジョシュはスゲーよ
Yuuho: /Heh...it's alright. But Josh sure is amazing.../

Page 12
During new members basic training
上手ーし // 格好良し
/He's all skilled/ /and all cool/

Page 13
Because he has joined the atmosphere sure has changed
ねー 何か引っ張られてる感あるよね
Koganei: Hey, I’ve got the feeling he really pulls them with him.
Yuuho: /Certainly a hero/

Yuuho: And I'm the interpreter. Who helps by supporting the hero. ...that really is alright.
Yuuho: For now...

Page 14
入った!? ぅあれっ!!?
Yuuho: Did it go in!? Ah what!!?
Josh: Good! You're getting better, Yuuho!!

Page 15
Josh: But you still have no clue as to how to throw the ball, it seems.
Use the jump’s ??? [Kanji too small] It’s a feeling like simply putting it over the goal.
Regulate your power!!

Yuuho: So it’s regulating, hm?

置いてくる…か うーん
/Putting it…hm? So…/
置く... …おく...
Yuuho: Putting… …it feels like…

Box: Putting

うお ユーホ早えーな!!
Random guy: Woah, Yuuho’s early!!

Box: I started to accompany Josh with training before school/morning training. And because I completely understood his teaching methods the delicate me became better.

あ 入っ...おおおおおおおっはあああ!!!
Yuuho: Ah it went in…yeeeaaa~h!!!
Josh: Good!!

Page 16
ちょなみに 今 練習してるのは「レイアップシュート」
Box 1: By the way, the training I did now was for the “Lay-up shoot”
Box 2: It’s a basic shoot with a high rate in success.
走り込んでジャンプし ボールをゴールの上に置くように放つシュートで
Box 3: For this shoot you jump while running and you hit the ball by putting it above the goal.

あん時 コレができてればなあ…!!
Yuuho /I could have used that one during that time…!!/

Box 4: And with that shoot

ユーホ 集中!! 1本入ったからって満足するな!!
Josh: Yuuho concentrate!! Don’t be all satisfied just because one went in!!
Practice be repeating! If your success rate doesn’t rise you won’t be useful during games!!
Yuuho: I…I understand that!!
/So the first goal is to perform a lay-up shoot during a game/
Box 5: My top 3 of this week’s “reasons why I go to school” follow.

Page 17
(New) 3rd place: The fact I practiced
Yuuho: And put it up…

Page 18
Box: ...and

Captain: Oh!

Page 19
(New) 2nd place: The fact I became better

Page 20
おおー雄歩初得点じゃね!? レイアップとかいつの間に練習したんだよ!!
Oohh, Yuuhos first points, no!? Did you learn that lay-up throw and such in some secret training!?
いやー!! 何か見よう見まねで!? 「よかったらできた」みたいな?
Yuuho: Noo~!! It's kinda like learning by watching! Looks like I did quite a good job?

オレ けっこー 才能あるかも
Box: Maybe I do have some talent for it.

あ そーだ
Somebody: Ah, that’s right.
ホラ コレ この前 行ってたバスケの教則本 用語とか解説してあって通訳の参考になると思うから
Here, I told you before, it’s a basketball manual. It has the terminology and such things explained. I thought it might be handy for interpreting.
あ!! あざーっす!!
Yuuho: Ah! That’s good!!

でもさー 何かサトー君上手くなってきてない?
Koganei: But you know…Yuuho-kun has become kinda better, no?
Yuuho: You think so?
うん もしかしたらいつかー
Koganei: Yeah, maybe…

Page 21
Koganei: You’ll eventually become a real member rather than just the interpreter.
And form a combo with Josh together.

Box: …that is all just because of you!!!

Page 22
ッじゃあ ユーホ&ジョシュで奇跡起こしちゃおっかなー (そして その あかつき に は <-)
Yuuho: Well, will the Yuuho and Josh combo make miracles then. (small) And as a matter of fact …
オレと人生のコンビを組んでくれ 愛という名のコートを2人で駆け抜けよう
Form a combo of life together with me. Love shall be the name of the court we run through together.
Koganei: Sato…no!! Yuuho…<3

「学校に行く理由」1位は もちろん君だよ小金...
Yuuho: /1st place of “reasons why I go to school” are of course you…Kogane…/
Koganei: Woah!!
Atsumu will
come to training from next week onwards…!!!

Page 23
練習に…って 他にも部員いんの? ...「アツム」?
Yuuho: /To training she says…besides is he a member? …”Atsumu”?
マジか!! おお...つーことは ジョシュと鐘がコンビ組むって事か!!マジで奇跡起きっぞ これ!!
Captain: For real!? Ooh…that means he and Josh could form a combo!! They’ll make miracles!!
え......!! イヤ奇跡のコンビは俺とジョシュ... てか「アツム」はなぜ小金井ちゃんにメールを...
Yuuho: /Eh..!! No, the miracle combo is me and Josh…and why does this “Atsumu” send a mail to Koganei-chan…?/
Yuho: U..um, who’s that Atsumu-guy?
Koganei: He’s an idiot!!
バカなに その親しげな...
Yuho: “Idiot”? Why so intimate…?

Page 27
小牟田 鐘 小金井の彼氏
Komuta Atsumu. Koganei's boyfriend!
ユーホショック!! 雰囲気ありそーな奴てすよ…!?
Shock for Yuuho!! He seems like a guy with an atmosphere!!

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#1. by Jameo ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2009
nice trans man. i hope youll keep up translating this and become a successful translator. (weil du auch aus D bist) ^^ XD
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