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Hoop Men 6

Number one in the team

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Apr 4, 2009 16:06 | Go to Hoop Men

-> RTS Page for Hoop Men 6

New week, new Hoopmen. This one was neither difficult, nor very long. I'm kinda sorry it took me so long again. But yeah, here it is.
Everyone who likes this series as much as I do keep your fingers crossed that it will stick around for some time!! I hope so. : )


-page 1-
今日は いつもより 早いね ユーホ!!
Josh: Ohh
Today you’re earlier than usual, Yuuho!!

ちょっと早く目 覚めてさ
あ 昨日言ってた「見せたいモノ」って何?
Yuuho: I woke up a bit early
Ah, what’s the thing you want me to show you mentioned yesterday?

そうそう! 見て!
Josh: Aah!
That’s right! Look!

A present from Josh for Yuuho who has started to face basketball straight on!! (side)

-page 2-
Kaguchi Yukinori

第6話 チームで一番
Chapter 6 – Number one in team

Josh: That!

That worn out and crammed notebook is Josh’s... (side)

-page 3-
何 このノートすげー年季 入ってんな...
Yuuho: What's that notebook? It’s got some time under its belt, hasn’t it…
But it has “Training notebook” written on it?

Josh: Yeah.
The time I started basketball I noted down all things I thought of during training

へー...「ジョシュ 秘伝の書」だな!!
Yuuho: Ehh…then it’s ”The book of Josh’s secrets”, isn’t it?!

...当たり前だけど 全部英語だな...オレ しゃべれるけど 読み書きは あんまり...でも がんばって読むよ
これ なんで オレに?
Yuuho: …though it’s to be expected, it’s all written in English, isn’t it…I can speak but not really read and write…but I’ll try my best reading it!
Why do you give that to me?

Josh: It’s because you somehow looked really worried yesterday at training.
I thought it might be useful

ても もう 悩んでねーよ1コ「気付いたこと」あるし
Haha...thank you!!
But I’m no longer worried. There’s a thing I realized.

“A thing you realized”?

何でもない よし練習を...
Don’t mind...okay, let’s start practi...

-page 4-
誰 コレ?
Yuuho: Huh...a photo...
Who’s that?

Josh: Aah...
My...basketball coach.

Yuuho: ...ehh?

よし! それよりドリブルだユーホ!!
Josh: Alright! Let’s do some dribble from here onwards, Yuuho!!
I said this yesterday as well but your dribbling skills are low, you can’t do anything at all on court!

-page 5-
レイアップが入るようになったとはいってもパスを待ってるだけの 今のユーホじゃ プレイの幅がない
Josh: Even if you say your layup will be a safe score, for the current Yuuho who can only receive passes the play doesn’t have any width.
If you get good at dribbling you can cross your opponent’s defense and score by yourself!

よし やるぜジョシュ!!
Yuuho: Ohh...!!
Alright, let’s do it, Josh!!

OK 試合に向けてがんばろう!!
Josh: Okay, let’s do our best in respect of the match!!


-page 6-
no text

-page 7-
Nakanishi: I won’t let you take that shoot so easily, Josh!!

-page 8 & 9-
no text, just Komuta being awesome. :D

-page 10-
Guy1: Incredible!!

Guy 2: It’s s a combo play of Josh and Komuta!!

Nakanishi: Shit...they got us...!!
Okay, one more time!!

Haraguchi: Ohh!!

みんなも すごい気合入ってる!!
手ごたえ 感じてるんだよ「このチームならいけるかも」って
(sexy) Koganei: Everybody’s full of spirit!!
They feel an effect like “We might do it with this team”

-page 11-
in picture: Alright

...って みんなが試合に向けて盛り上がる中
Yuuho: ...so everyone’s in the process getting exciting in respect of the match
I’m the only one running and doing basics training
Yuuho (in picture): If it was before yesterday...

へっ どうせ オレは ヘタクソですよ
Yuuho: Heh, I’m hopelessly unskilled anyway

と くさっていただろう
Yuuho (in picture): I would have gotten depressed.
でも 今は違う...
何つーか ジョシュや鐘のおかげで...
Yuuho (panel with Josh and Komuta): But now’s different...
It’s somehow thanks to Josh and Atsumu...
That I became aware of it and thought “I get it”

Yuuho: I’m hoplessly unskilled but
There is a thing I can become the team’s number 1 in...!!!

みんな わかってっとは思うけど...
常盤中央高は 都内でもベスト16に入る強豪だ!
為吉(先生)のツテがなかったら オレらと練習試合組んでくれーるよーな 相手じゃない!!
悔しいけど 向こうの2軍にも勝てねーかもしんねーって感じだ!!
Nakanishi: I think everybody understood this but...
Tokiwa Central School is a champion who entered the Best 16 of our metropolitan area!
If it weren’t for Tameyoshi(-sensei)’s connections we aren’t the kind of opponent they’d face in a practice match!!
It’s a pity but I feel like we can’t even beat their 2nd stringers!!

-page 12-
今度の試合で 常盤中央(そのやつら)といい試合ができれば オレらも上狙える チームだって事だ!!
Nakanishi: ...on contrary speaking
If we give them a good match in this time’s game, we’re a team that can aim higher!!

Nakanishi: Josh and Atsumu entered...

Yuuho: Captain!!

Nakanishi: Hm...?

「いい試合 なんかじゃない!! 勝つんだ!!
って ジョシュが
Yuuho: "It’s not like we'll give them a good match!! We’ll win!!
If the whole team puts its power together to become one, we’ll definitely win!!”,
says Josh

-page 13-
へっへっ ドリブルも まともに できねーくせに 何言ってんだよ
Guy: Hehheh, what are you talking, you can’t even dribble properly yet!

イヤ コレ訳っスよ!! ジョシュが行ってるのを訳しただけで...
Yuuho: No, that was a translation!! I just translated what Josh said...

つっても 雄歩にも 活躍してもらうさ 司令塔のジョシュと意思疎通 できねーと どーにもなんねーしな
Nakanishi: But Yuuho’s showing great efforts as well. If it weren’t for him we couldn’t communicate with our control tower Josh, isn’t it?

練習の後 全員でガンガンミーティングやっていくから 通訳たのむぞ!!
Nakanishi: After training the whole team’s going to have an intense meeting, therefore, please interpret for us!!

Yuuho: Yes!!

悩むのをやめたのは 通訳に徹するって 決めたから?
Yuuho: The thing I can become number one in
Is the power of English conversation?
Did I stop worrying because I decided to devote myself to interpreting?

-page 14-
Yuuho (in pic): No, that's not it!

Yuuho: *huff* (multiple times) [TN: breathing heavily]

-page 15-
ダンクとか できねーし
ドリブルでもパスでも シュートでも
でも 気付いたんだ
Yuuho: Though I can’t dunk or anything
Or even dribble, pass or shoot
I think becoming the team’s number one is far away
But I realised
There is a thing I can become number one in…

Ide: …ah…

-page 16-
Number one in the team

-page 17-
I’ll become the number one guy of doing practice…

左に...切り返した... 抜かれる...っ!!
A counter…to the left…he overtook me…!!

-page 18-
Yuuho: Ahh!!!

sfx: *boing*

Yuuho: A~~~~h!!
So close…!!

Nakanishi: Yuuho…
That technique…when did he…

うーん...昨日はもーちょっとで 抜けてたのに... 惜しい...
でもオレ ぜってー上手くなってきてる!! 今に見てろ!! みんなの倍 練習して...
Yuuho: O~kay…I missed it yesterday just by a tiny bit…so close…
But I’ll definitely become good at it!! Just watch for now!! I’ll practice twice as much as everybody…

-page 19-

Josh: Oh,
You’re late, Yuuho!!

早え!! しかも 何か増えてる <朝練メンバー>
明日から 電車 一本早めねば...
Yuuho: Guh!!
So early!! Moreover they’ve kinda increased <The morning practice members>
I’m going to take one train earlier starting tomorrow…

Next time: It’s the match!! (white)

One week until the match against Tokiwa Central!!

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#1. by Jameo ()
Posted on Apr 4, 2009
THX man, weiter so^^
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