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Hoop Men 8

That number 9 guy

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Apr 19, 2009 16:58 | Go to Hoop Men

-> RTS Page for Hoop Men 8

Time for my return! Yes, I’ll have to skip chap 7 for now since I had no time at all during the Easter holidays and last week my new semester started…I think chapter 7 might follow when Hoopmen’s finished or when I find time to do so. Anyway, I also decided to leave the Japanese script out in parts where I'm quite sure I got them right, since it’s just too damn time consuming.
This chapter had some tricky passaged but I took my time, so it should be alright.


– page 1 –
Kawaguchi Yukinori
Chapter 8 – That number 9 guy

By taking him lightly you prove yourself as an incompetent person, that’s the man Komuta!! [TN: Quite freely translated but the phrase is not that easy IMO]

– page 2 –
Haraguchi: Hell yeaaaaa~h!! Atsumuuuuuu~!!!

The Yabashi bench’s in excitement!! (in picture)

Josh: Nice Atumu!! [TN: No typo, remember: Josh can’t pronounce the name properly]

Atsumu: Huh? Ah! Yeah, nice!

Tokiwa bench:
1 - …amazing
2 – Did that number 9 just do a dunk!?
3 – Just now he jumped like super high, y’know
でも 騒ぐと カッコわりーし
4 – But the fuss they’re kicking is so uncool.
5 – It feels like “A dunk? For real?! Woo~w…”

– page 3 –
Tokiwa player: Huuuu~h, wait a minute…!! Didn’t that number 9 just now strike Ideguchi-san’s hand!?
Isn’t that a foul!? No matter how you look at it, it’s a foul!!

Haraguchi: Huuu~h!? Where’s that supposed to be a foul!? He didn’t strike him at all!
Fukuda: Don’t mind him…

Tokiwa player: How’s Yashiba planning to win against us?

Yuuho: Ah,
that guy from just now…

Tokiwa bench:
1 - But that just now…it’s bad, isn’t it?
五十嵐 今日 「50点差つけて勝てなきゃ試合後ダッシュ20本」 つってたのに…いきなりダンク決められるって…
2 – Just when Igarashi was today like “If you don’t win with a 50 point spread you’re gonna do 20 dashes after match”…there’s a decisive dunk all of a sudden…
3 – That’s bad! Igarashi will lose his temper…

– page 4 –
Igarashi: Hmpf…
That number 9
That dunk just now…that was a first rate jump.
He seems to have considerable physical abilities
一応 注意しておくか…
I can’t say much after just that one play but--- for the time being we should be vigilant…
しかし 出口め油断しやがって…
But that damn Ideguchi being so imprudent… [TN: Coach uses –me suffix which I learned would be “contemptuous”. Therefore I chose to put in a “damn”]
「どんな格下の相手とやる時も全国レベルの選手を想定して挑め」と常に 言ってあるだろうが…!!
I always told them “I doesn’t matter how much worse opponents you have, face them assuming they’d be players on national level”, didn’t I…!!
Well, it’s alright.

– page 5 –
Igarashi: So…Nagashima…
go and crush that number 9!
心を へし折るんだ
Before he becomes a full grown terrifying player…
Break his spirit!!
I doesn’t matter how much you struggle, there will always be opponents you can’t beat.
On court where those guys are
Make that guy think
“I don’t want to stand here a second time”
Go and show him the difference in abilities

– page 6 –
Tokiwa player: …Nagashima has…
Lost his interest in attacking…!?

Nagashima: Ku…!!

Tokiwa player: …..!! He did a shot that’s…impossible to score!!!

– page 7 –
Number 5(guess it’s Yaguchi): Alrii~ght!! I got it!!

Someone: Atsumu~!! Take another shot!! It’s a swift attack!!
Someone: Ah…but as expected of Tokicent they switch over to defence rea~lly fast!!! [TN: Since I decided to call the school “Tokiwa Central” I had to adjust it in here. In the original they call it “tockichuu” instead of “Tokiwa Chuuou”]

当然だ…ウチのDFを前に八柴ごときが そう何本も 速攻を通せるわけがあるまい
それにしても 永島の課題は立ち上がりの悪さだな…
永島 お前はこれから 全国の強豪達と渡り合っていかなければならない器なんだからな…!!
Igarashi: Well of course…for someone like Yashiba no matter how often you try swift attacks, it’s impossible for you facing our defence
Nevertheless, regarding Nagashima looks like he’s getting even worse…
If he can’t overcome the pressure of “Being an ace”…he’s too weak
Nagashima, therefore, from this point onwards you’ll have to show that you got the ability to face the hard to beat opponents of national level…!!

– page 8-10 –
Honestly, I love these pages as a translator.

– page 11 –
Haraguchi: Yeeaa~h Atsumu!! Once again, this guy’s just awesome!!
He broke through Tokiwa’s defence, one of the best in the whole metropolitan area, so easily!!

– page 12 –
Igarashi: Easily?
No, that’s wrong…!!!

Nagashima: His dribbling is terrific!! It’s so good!!
And that speed doesn’t match his physique at all…!!

Tokiwa player: He’s not just fast
That sudden change of directions after the high speed roll turn!!

Nagashima: He’s controlling his speed…!!! That’s something you can’t do unless you train your legs and loins appropriately!!
And by including that quite small pass fake he detained Ideguchi-san and co…

Tokiwa player: After learning about our movements that bastard calmly started to make a drive course…!!
In that one play just now several techniques were combined…!!

ただ身体能力が高いだけのガラの悪いチンピラじゃ ない!!
Igarashi: He’s not just a worthless hoodlum who’s got high physical strength!!
He polished that talent of his through a considerable amount of training…

– page 13 –
Igarashi: Without doubt, he’s the real deal…!!!
Why is a player like that at such a puny school like Yashiba…!!?

– page 14 –
Girl: Ooo~i!!

Yuuho: …huh, aren’t those girls from Tokicent?

Atsumu: Oh what, so you came to watch me?

Girl: Ahahahaha we attended to cheer on you

Haraguchi: Why are they supporting Atsumu…?

Yoshino: Ah, now that you mention it, that guy was earlier talking to those girls at school gate about something…

Tokiwa bench: Woa~h, Ideguchi-san you have to fight!!
Nagashimaaa~ kill them!!

Yuuho: Hmm~…but does that mean they could feel “Yashiba’s victory”…

– page 15 –
Girl: But Atsumu-kun’s awesome!! How comes you can do that stuff!?

Koganei: That’s because he practiced until he could do it
Atsumu’s been a baskettard ever since the old days…
In basketball it’s advantageous to be tall
Since I want to become the number one player in Japan, I’m the number one milk drinker in Japan!! [TN: I love this part sooo much. XD]
Walking home from school on the tip of my toes gives a power up to my soleus muscles
soleus muscle (in picture)

Atsumu: Just a bit more until evening…it’s because I want to…practice shooting…uff…Mao-chan you wait over there, ‘kay?

Koganei: Da~rn, it’s alright Atsumu!! Because there won’t come out any ghosts and the like!!

Atsumu: Alright, I’m looking forward to your support~

Koganei: …but I never thought he’d become a figure who’s wrapped in cheap flattery

– page 16 –
Igarashi: Hmpf…
Ahahahahah, what a nice shot!
Ahahahahahah…another nice shot!
…I’ll recognize you, number 9…You’re a very skilled player…!!
I’ve to say that scoring abilities of you are definitely on national level!
…but…that’s about it.

– page 17 –
Komuta: Hey Josh!! Pass!!

八柴は9番という得点源を得ただけ さっきから9番(あいつ)の個人技で得点を重ねているだけ
Igarashi: So far Yashiba has only scored with their number 9, just now they could only score due to that guy’s skills.

Josh: Atumu!

Igarashi: When we stop that guy, we’re stopping Yashiba as a whole…let’s go!!
With a triple team…!!!

– page 18 –
Nakanishi: Yosh!!! Nice pass, Jooo~sh!!!

– page 19 –
It’s not just Komuta!
There’s also Josh!!
Igarashi’s speechless!!

Nakanishi: Alriii~ght!! [TN: It’s just random “bashaaaa~” but I think a non-Japanese reader would understand it xD]

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#1. by tehgrim ()
Posted on Apr 21, 2009
"Koganei: That’s because he practiced until he could to it"

i think its supposed to be "do it" but its a small typo.
#2. by Mr. Prince (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Apr 21, 2009
thx tehgrim! Fixed it.
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