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Hoop Men 10


+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on May 31, 2009 23:57 | Go to Hoop Men

-> RTS Page for Hoop Men 10

Long time no see...or something like that. I finally found some time for this and it's my first translation since we got the new awesome changes in the translation system. After I read again and again about the wordy translator and how it sucks to be too precise, I tried approaching this chapter a bit more freely than I used to do before. I hope, this spices things up and improves the flow of my trans.

This chapter had some tricky passages but apart from that it's Yuuho's "awakening" and he has some nice lines in this chap.
I'm looking forward to some ideas for improvement!! : )


-page 1-
They’re overwhelming!! And then…!!

Yashiba (89) – Tokiwa Central (45)

Igarashi (in picture right): Shit…!!
With Yashiba as opponent…
With Tameyoshi as opponent…
What’s this mess!?
Igarashi (in picture left): 5 more minutes to go…
Now’s the time we would usually withdraw our starters and send the 2nd string out…
Referee: Yashiba player substitutions!!
Haraguchi: Al~right, Yuuho
ひと足先に 行ってくるぜ!
We’re one step ahead. We’ll get going!
Yuuho: Yeah
Show them our fighting spirit!!

-page 2-
The Yashiba Basketball club
That’s 11 people in total!!
The 5 warriors that follow right after
the starting members, go!!

Haraguchi: Let's go~!

Chapter 10 – Debut Kawaguchi Yukinori

-page 3-
Igarashi: Ugh…!! <The second string…!!>
Yashiba guys 1: Wow, this is so refreshing! To think that we can sub all our guys against an opponent like Toki Central.
Yashiba guys 2: Usually they would be the ones to go with that routine.
Yashiba guys 3: Yeah, yeah. And we would have trouble facing their 2nd string members that were sent out!
Now that's humiliating.
In picture: <hahahaha>

Igarashi (in picture): *quick glance*
Igarashi: Kch!!
Igarashi (in picture): *smile*…

-page 4-
Igarashi 1: We’re also subbing the whole team
Igarashi 2: Starting from 3rd string and lower, go out as you like
Igarashi 3: ….And
Igarashi 4: A team, B team you come outside with me for a minute
八柴の2軍なんぞとウチの1軍を戦わせられる...!! // 格が違うんだよ... // …そう…そうだ // これはあくまで練習試合 // …調整に過ぎん…
Igarashi 5: Yashiba’s 2nd string and their likes battling with our 1st string…!! // That’s just so wrong… // …right…that’s it… // In the end this is just a practice match… // ...I overdid it with the modifications... // At the tournament we’ll show them our true power…
Tokiwa #4: Ah…coach…
Tokiwa player: Uwa~aah…what shall we do…?
Tokiwa player: Well…um…we gotta go, that’s bad
Tokiwa #12: Can’t be helped…hey Maeda, you toe the mark for the rest of the game
Maeda: Ah…yes!!

-page 5-
あー裏... 出てっちゃったよ あのハゲ
Yaguchi: Ah, there he goes…off to the back, that baldy
That guy’s really acting like a brat
Hanai: Yeah, yeah
Atsumu (in picture): Hm?
sfx in panel 2: dozens of *thump*
Yuuho in panel 3: He said “The whole team gets to play”...that means…ah, it’s finally here. It’s my debut in a match! // …no good…I’m getting tensed… // I get to play in a real match… // Ah well, the opponents just their 3rd string… But then again, it’s the 3rd string of a veteran team… …they must have quite some skill //
オレ1人 足引っ張ったりとかして...
At a time where everybody wants to conquer the country,
I might be getting in their way, dragging them down…
And I really don’t want to perform poorly in front of Koganei-chan… // No, wait. It’s alright! Just believe in all the training you’ve done, Yuuho!
何より オレは今「キンチョーしている自分」を認識できているじゃんか!!
Above anything, I have to recognize that this is my tensed self now!!
I have to control my feelings!! I can do it!! // Alright, come out, demon of tension ruling...!!

-page 6-
Yuuho: Achooo~!!!!
Koganei: Wait a…what are you doing?
Atsumu: Well, it’s because Yuuho was getting all tensed up
Nakanishi: Say what!!? How cheeky!!
Yuuho (in picture): Aahhh
Nakanishi: You jerk, I hope, you don’t think you’ll set the world of fire or anything!!
That’s just ridiculous!! You’re the noob among noobs!! Just run!! If anything, run!!
Yuuho: No, I didn’t think that...
Hanai: Haha…but I understand that, getting nervous and stuff
Yuuho: Right!? Hanai-san understands me!!
Hanai: Yeah, and it's important to know what we're capable of as we're developing……... [TN: Thanks to njt for his help on this one]
Yuuho: Aha!! Ahahah!! …ahah!!
Josh: What is he shouting for!? What’s going on, Yuuho!?
You see, even if you don’t get to play, watch everybody’s play closely so it won’t be wasted time!! Watching can also be training!!
Yuuho: No, that’s not it…I mean, the whole team gets to…ah well, it’s alright already…

-page 7-
Atsumu: But then, if your opponent’s some small fry and you can show some kick-ass performance, Mao as well will think “Satou-kun’s so cool”, won’t she?
Atsumu: She will say stuff like “Satou-kun really did his best, didn’t he”
Yuuho: H-huh!?
Oh you, really, I’ve got no clue what you’re talking…what’s that about? Hm?
Yaguchi: What that is? You can tell clearly by watching you
Yuuho: Wait a…leave it alrea…hahaha, stop that please, Yaguchi-sa…
Nakanishi: What’s all this smirking for, Yuuho!! Support your team mates, you jerk!!
.......こんな風にベンチで みんなにいじられていたからか...
Box: And because I was tempered by the vibes of everybody on bench…

-page 8-
Tameyoshi: So, who didn’t get to play yet…oh, it’s Satou, hm!?
Alright, get up. It’s your turn!!
Yuuho: Yes!!
Box (continued from page before): …apart from thinking about my debut match, I was able to go out with a relaxed mood

-page 9-
Nakanishi: Alright, get going!!
Yuuho: Yes!!
Koganei: Satou-kun, stay cool!
Tameyoshi: Oh
It’s like that court is a place of victory and defeat at the same time
Like it’s a campus of burning memories in your heart
Give it your everything when you’re crossing the bounds of winning and losing
… how was that, Nakanishi?
Nakanishi: Good
Tameyoshi: Yashiba High, player change!!

-page 10-
Box: “Your Heart”…. I don’t know if I can play a major role but it’s like…I want to give it my best shot…
Box 2: As a sign of gratitude
In picture: Even if it may sound strange
I want to stand on court and show everyone my gratitude
Panel with lil American boy: Thanks to the beginning of my fate
Panel with Koganei: Thanks for the chance to establish something
Panel with Josh: Thanks for teaching me the fun of basketball
Panel with Atsumu: Thanks for making me feel for the first time since I was born “I really don’t want to lose”
Last panel: For everyone’s sake, I want to play a good match!

-page 11-
It’s like Josh told me
After I’ve become strong, I can repay everyone
I’ve gotten a bit stronger and I want to prove it [TN: Seems like I DID understand it, yatta~!]

-page 12-
Tokiwa jerk: Hey there
Yuuho: Ah…hello
Yuuho (thoughts): Ah, it’s General Jeer…! That guy’s my opponent… [TN: Jeer like in hooting, heckling]
Yuuho (thoughts): The court feels somehow…a bit wider than usual…
General Jeer: Hu~h…
Yuuho (thoughts): Let’s see…defense is man-to-man…
General Jeer: You guys have become quite strong
General Jeer: That number 9 for example…and that half Japanese-looking number 11 is just so cool, isn’t he? I wanna become his friend
Yuuho (thoughts): …tch…what’s that guy? Jabbering non-stop during the match…

-page 13-
General Jeer 1: Ah~…
General Jeer 2:You entered the basketball club in order to conquer the nationals and stuff like that, didn’t you…?
<That number 9 guy looks like that>
General Jeer 3: My senpai are just so lame
General Jeer 4: Nagashima-san and co.
General Jeer 5: They became that serious about their club activities for that reason in first place…practiced till dropping…
General Jeer 6: And this is the result!? It’s like they say, if you got no talent, it’s no use, right?
General Jeer 7: You know, I would really like to become one of the starting members
General Jeer 8: I think, I’ve got a pretty good sense. And even though I’m a beginner I’ve already become quite good at dribbling and stuff
General Jeer 9: So all that I lack is just some battle experience hahahaha…

-page 14-
Yuuho 1: He doesn’t have to get so worked up over club activities…
Yuuho 2: I’ve got my weapons!!
Yuuho 3: Even though I tried so hard I’m just a substitute…
すぐに 永島さんと 張れるくれーになると思うんスけどねー...
General Jeer 1: I think I will be able to compete with Nagashima-san in a twinkling…
General Jeer 2: Oh well…it’s not like this match between 3rd strings has any meaning to it…it’s no fun at all, is it?
Yuuho (in picture): Let’s see…you are…who again? I don’t know ya name……
Yuuho (in picture): But why do I keep calling you “General Jeer” and “That number 35 guy” and stuff like that…for today I will call you by your (assumed) name…therefore, your (assumed) name is…that’s good

-page 15-
You’re Satou-kun! (name assumed)
…What I received from Josh…Atsumu…all the others…and the whole club I got through basketball, I will put in this moment----

-page 16-
Satou-kun (name assumed)...
I will surpass you...!!!!!

-page 17-

-page 18-
Haraguchi: Woohoo~!!! Yuu~ho~~!!
<sfx: pipi~ (final wistle)>
Scoring board (of course): Yashiba – Tokiwa Central
Box: I might not yet be a match for Josh-sensei
Yuuho: Hey, you’re wrong…I doesn’t matter if this is a match between 3rd strings…
Box 2: And I just scored one point at that moment but I learned what it means to be puffed with pride
Yuuho: Basketball is fun!
<sfx: Oohhh~>

-page 19-
Yashiba: Yeeaa~h!!!
Tameyoshi: Complete…
Fuuuuu~!!! [TN: Called it! This is the ultimate proof that Tameyoshi is an homage to Sumitani Masaki’s role “Hard Gay” that was really big in 2005. I simply love that shit and think it’s hilarious. Check it out if you like (and I know you want to)!]

The very best moment!! (side)

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