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Hoop Men 12

Fujishiro Tatsuya

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Jun 28, 2009 03:22 | Go to Hoop Men

-> RTS Page for Hoop Men 12

And another one...Hoopmen just ended this weekend and the chapter was quite impressive, the general feeling was very nice. Even though it were just 17 weeks, this series has grown on me. : )
So, here is chapter 12 of 17...the others will follow during the next weeks, I definitely want to do this until the last chap!! If you want to, please stick around and keep following my releases!

This chapter was very nice and it made me wonder once again why this series did this nosedive...anyway, enjoy:

Edit: Thanks to Arth-kun who was willing to do the accuracy checking! ありがとうな~


-page 1-
Chapter 12 – Fujishiro Tatsuya

A man like a giant, will he be a blessing or a disaster…!?

-page 2-
The dangerous guy who’s got a shared destiny with Komuta!?
Haraguchi: Fujishiro Tatsuya / A first year / tall like a giant / That boaster with an afro…don’t you know him? / Well, I guess it’s not that surprising, you don’t know him… He fought with Atsumu and was suspended from school for it… <So he didn’t attend school>
Yuuho: …I see…
Girl: You want to receive another arrest for fighting!? Don’t be stupid, Atsumu!
Yuuho (thoughts): I’d always been wondering about it…so that’s the reason for his arrest…

-page 3-
Haraguchi: Well, rather than a fight, it was more like that guy started lashing about all of a sudden
Yuuho: Huh!? You were there and saw it!?
Haraguchi: Yeah yeah, the whole basketball club did
Yuuho: Huh? How comes that!?
Haraguchi: Ah, well, it’s because Fujishiro was part of the basketball club for one day
Yuuho: W-what!?
Haraguchi: You see, on his first day after entering the club he fought with Atsumu and that’s about it
Atsumu: …You know what // why don’t we stop that story here? [TN: Badass Atsumu ftw]
Haraguchi: Huh? Why that? / Why?
Yuuho (thoughts): Hey, Gucchan!! Stop it, Gucchan!!
おお こえー…今 鐘すげーこえーオーラだしたよ
仲イイっつっても やっぱ 鐘はオレとかとは種類が違う…
Yuuho: Ah, let’s leave it like this then // Oh wow, that was scary…Atsumu had some crazy shit aura around him just now! Even if we get along pretty well, we’re definitely not tarred with the same brush…or maybe our experience of life is just different…
<above Yuuho’s head: I wonder…>

-page 4-
Shitty bully: Hey Satou // d’you know the reason for this? // sfx: *pat* // Not there // That thing // Those moles that look like tears really are really pissing of, don’t you think so? / Don’t you think it’d be better to cover them? <kukuku…> / And after that you have to fix that school uniform of yours, c'mon!! That’s violating the school regulations!!
Yuuho: Ah…yeah // Oh…yeah…

-page 5-
Eguchi: You tend to do that every once in a while, huh?
Yuuho: Oh no…I was just remembering something unpleasant / Rather, that Fujishiro…picking a fight with Atsumu… / An afro, huh…
Someone (Nakanishi?): Ahh, that Fujishiro…

-page 6-
Nakanishi: He really was huge / Over 1,90m, wasn’t he?
Yaguchi: Yeah yeah / And he was a fast runner and had enormous jumping power…
Yuuho: Wow, sounds like he was amazing…was he an experienced player?
Nakanishi: Nah, he just had the amazing abilities of a natural athlete
Yaguchi: It’s like, if he’d been serious about it, his powers would be amazing about now
何か…聞いちゃ マズいんすかね… …あの鐘と
Yuuho: This might be kinda…awkward to ask about but…y'know, that story with Atsumu
Nakanishi: Huh? Not really!? Ah, that’s right, you hadn’t been here yet then
Yuuho: So, did he start lashing about all of a sudden and stuff…?
Nakanishi: Well no, I wouldn’t say all of a sudden…
Ide: I’m Ide Akinobu. I might be a beginner, but I’ll do my best
Nakanishi(?): Oh, that’s alright. Beginners are more than welcome / Well, next is the manager

-page 7-
Koganei: I’m Koganei Mao / Nice to meet you all
Atsumu: She’s just pretending to be that nice. You guys better be careful
<in picture sfx: hahaha>
Koganei: What’s that!? Seriously, stop catering me some weird image!!
Atsumu: There it is, that’s her real self
Someone: You guys seem to get along quite well
Fujishiro: Huff, huff
Yuuho: Hoho~ <So Koganei-san’s the reason behind this>
Yaguchi: Yeah, no doubt about it <just like with you> / Because of that, his competitiveness was fired up and he wished to slug it out but…

-page 8-
Someone: Nice defence! You stopped him well, Atsumu!!
Fujishiro (thoughts): So I just have to stop them?
Nakanishi: Hey, you idiot!! What’cha think you’re doing!? Don’t lift him up!!
Fujishiro: Why!!?
In the same panel: Huh!?
Yuuho: …I see…so that’s…how he was like… <He even asked “why”>
Yaguchi: Concerning Atsumu, because he’s got an older brother in our grade we got along quite well
Yuuho: Oh, is that so?
Nakanishi: Yeah yeah, for that reason we already knew each other even before Atsumu joined our school / so we gave him a bit of a special treatment for various reasons……. // Irritated and pissed / Fujishiro boiled over with anger at out meeting after the training

-page 9-
Yaguchi: Atsumu even controlled himself at first…but at some point he snapped and struck back / The girls’ volleyball coach saw that…so we had no chance to excuse it
Nakanishi: Ah well, but I’m glad he came back //Alright, c’mon!! Assemble!!
Everyone: Yes!!
Yuuho: I see…so that’s the whole story behind it… // So Fujishiro also had his eyes on Koganei-chan… // I understand his feelings in his position // But beating that Atsumu // And being on par with him…he really is a ferocious guy…

-page 10-
Fujishiro: Yo // Hey you, wait! / Seeing your shoes, you’re from the basketball club, ain’t ya!? / Your training's about to start, right!?
Yuuho in first panel (in picture): Well then
Yuuho (thoughts): A huge guy with an afro…there’s no doubt!! That guy’s Fujishiro!! / What’d he come here for…!!? / Don’t tell me…
Fujishiro: …My arrest has ended…that day has finally arrived…

-page 11-
Fujishiro: The day I will kill Atsumu!! …Aahh~~…what’s this!? / I just can’t hold it back…this fighting spirit of mine…...I’ll just do some warm-up exercises / Alriii~~ght!!
Yuuho (first panel): Just as I thought!! This is bad!!
Yuuho (thoughts): He reached the ring with such ease…!!? That’s amaz…
<sfx: Oohhhhh>

-page 12-
Fujishiro: Whew!! Whew!! Whew!! Whew!!
Yuuho (thoughts): ……ohh!! A handstand…on the ring!!? That’s amazing…but… / no, that guy’s insane…he must have some screw loose or something!!!
<in pic: what’s that>

-page 13-
Fujishiro: Whew!! / Whew!! // Whew!!
Yuuho (thoughts): That guy ain’t normal… // This is bad…at this rate…
Atsumu: Why don’t we stop that story here?
Yuuho: If those two were to clash…!! // it won’t be just a normal fight…!!!

-page 14-
Fujishiro: Alright…now focus on the fight…and while waiting for him, I’ll polish up / my spirit
Yuuho: …if this goes on… // We’ll be suspended for a violent incident…just when we hit our peak

-page 15-
Yuuho: Um, Atsumu is our ace so if he’s not here, we’ll be in trouble…so… / um… // …so if you want to vent your anger… / then, um… // It’s okay to hit me instead…

-page 16-
Yuuho: Ugh!
Fujishiro: Who said, I came here in order to hit Komuta? / It’s true that he makes me sick, however, I’d be an idiot if I were to just act violently / Do you think I’m an idiot?
Yuuho (thoughts): Tch…this idiot…
Box: By the way: this was last week
Fujishiro: I thought about during my suspension

-page 17-
Fujishiro: I won against him in a fist fight / but that was no real victory // My battle with him wasn’t supposed to be something like that / so, in order to win… // I have to…I just have to beat him in the thing he values most // I will beat that guy in basketball // I came here today in order to join the basketball club once again

-page 18-
Fujishiro: Alriii~ght, after saying those things just now, I’m all pumped up!! / Let’s play a round!!
Yuuho: Oh…okay!! // Alright, he’s a complete freak but…somehow I really want to play him now…!! Is it because he's become aware of Atsumu's dedication towards Basketball…? // No matter what it is, that guy might have also changed when he came in touch with basketball ---- just like me…!! // I will answer them // Those feelings!!

-page 19-
Fujishiro: Alright
Yuuho: Huh…w-wait a minute…haha…um… / this is…grabbling is…that’s a foul… / Hey / Seriously!! / Stop it, for rea… / aAHH…
In Picture: What will Yashiba’s basketball club do about this!!?

Really, what will you do about this!? (tagline)

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#1. by Arth ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2009

I'll check the bits with Japanese text like you asked me on the PM :)

I'll send you a PM with suggested changes when I'm done ^^
#2. by Mr. Prince (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jun 29, 2009
#3. by carrotop ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2009
nice tl. I'll try and have it done by today. if possible..
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