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Hoop Men 14


+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Aug 3, 2009 16:41 | Go to Hoop Men

-> RTS Page for Hoop Men 14

So here I was sitting and thinking after skipping over the 14th chapter and doing the script "Wow, this looks fairly easy" but when I was going into the real thing it kinda turned out quite horrible and nasty. I will definitely need some revision and suggestions for improvement at certain passages.
Some might wonder why I did the whole script even though I tend to just put Kanji/Kana in there when I'm not sure about the passage but I really want to contibute to the amazing service of "MH Dictionary". It's just plain amazing and so helpful - it helped me quite a hand full of times during this chapter! So therefore, I'll continue with full scripts, I think.



-page 1-
第14話 才能
Chapter 14 – Talent

A never-ending stride fills one with strength,
And the moment will come, when the flower will blossom.

-page 2-
The quiet and peaceful PE hall from back then…?

The Jump Shot // It’s quite different from the Lay-up. It’s a throw performed from a certain distance to the hoop.

-page 3-
I’m in the middle of ferocious special training in order to broaden the width of my play / So that I can become a full-fledged player who can achieve something in the competition games

あ``っ だっ…
Yuuho: …sh… / argh c’mo… / …yeeaa~h

佐藤雄歩の新たな武器!! (の予定)
It’s Satou Yuuho’s newest weapon!! (In development)

うーん ちょっとだけ見えてきたかも…
あとで ジョシュ秘伝の書 見よっ
Yuuho: Alright, maybe just a little more and it will become evident…and after that I’ll go take a look at Josh’s book of secrets!! // Based on my analysis I’ve come to think that Yashiba’s in heavy need of a shooter

-page 4-

-page 5-
Someone: Woooaahhh!!!!

-page 6-
Josh: Good
Guy 1: Nice rebound!! That just now was amazing, Fujishiro!!
Guy 2: Oh look at him, so he got the skills, huh?

Box: And just next to me there’s idiot Fujishiro who’s in the middle of his very own ferocious special training

あ``あ``っし もう一丁!!
Fujishiro: Aaa~lright, once more!!

Though it’s an idiot tailored training that’s based on his happiness that it evokes…
Fujishiro: Getting skilled is da bomb~~

Yuuho (in pic): Hmpf.

J バスケでアトゥムをぶっつぶすしまよゥ
F うお…何だよ…異国の人じゃねーか…
Y あ… あ こいつジョシュ!!アメリカから来た うちのエースなんスよ…!
あの…藤代君にアドバイスあるって…オレ 訳するから!!
Josh: Let’s crush Atumu at basketball!
Fujishiro: Wow…what’s with him…is he like a foreigner…?
Yuuho: Ah… / Yeah, this is Josh!! He’s from America and he’s our club’s ace…! / So, um…it seems he’s got some advice for Fujishiro-kun…so, I'll translate for you!!

-page 7-
うん うん
Yuuho (in pic): Okay, got it
あ リバウンドってゆーのは
Yuuho: You just have to learn the "Rebound"!! / Oh... A rebound is... //When you jump up and try to grab the ball when the player misses a shot, and... /

外れた ボールを…?
オレにゴミ拾いをしろっ つーのかよ…
Fujishiro: A missed shot...? You telling me to pick up trash or what...!?

違うし!! コレ訳っ!!訳だから!!
Yuuho: NO / That’s not it!! This is a translation!! I’m just translating <so I'm not actually saying any of this, okay!?>

ゴミ拾いじゃない!!リバウンドをたくさん取れれば その分チャンスが広がすんだ!!
試合の流れを決める チームの要だよ!!
Yuuho: It's not picking up trash!! If you manage to get lots of rebounds, your greatly increase your team's chances!! / It's a pivotal role that could change the flow of the game!! // If Komuta-kun misses a shot, you would pick it up and... ARRGH!

KOMUTAが出したゴミを 俺が…
Fujishiro: I should take care of Komuta’s garbage…!?

イヤ ホント違…

高度な技術はこつこつ時間をかけてマスターしなきゃなんないけど リバウンダーとしてなら…
Yuuho: You're the only once that has both the height and drive to make a good rebounder... / You've also got enough power to hold your position.//It takes time to master all those fancy techniques, but as a rebounder, you could...

Fujishiro: Are you telling me I can't do anything fancy... Huh!?

ちゃんと 聞けヤ
Yuuho: NO…!!! <Listen carefully!>

-page 8-
Fujishiro: So, you’re saying a guy who’s nothing but tall should do the trash picking, aren’t you…!?

マジ アホかよ こいつ
つーか マジ なに文句言ってんのって感じなんスけど
誰にも負けない「才能(ぶき)」を!! 特別だって事じゃんか!!
Yuuho: No, wrong... // Is this guy totally stupid or what!? // I'm saying it takes time to learn complicated techniques...// I mean... // I mean, for real. What the heck is this guy bitching about. // He's got that one thing I would kill to have... // It means you've got a talent (weapon) that no one else has!! / You've got a talent (weapon) that can beat anyone!! That means you're special!!

-apge 9-
Fujishiro: You’re saying some good things, huh?!

Yuuho: Oh!! / Well, you see…it's like…those last words were my own…

黙れ…次 しゃべったら完全に殺す
Fujishiro: Shut it…the next time you dare talking, I’ll entirely kill you / Entirely, got it!!?


Yuuho (thought): ……Wait a…what the? / Why did I get all worked about bringing that idiot to play basketball?

Fujishiro: Komuta~!! Prepare yourself I’ll take your head, bastard!! / I’ll return the day I have mastered the rebound!! [TN: How f*cking hilarious Fujishiro is…lol]

うん いや ここで身につける
Everyone: Um…no, learn it here

勝ちてーって 気持ちはすげーあるけど
どーにもできなくてもがいて… 空回りする気持ちとかわかるっつーか…
とんでもねー奴だって思う反面…藤代も初心者として 俺が通った道を今まさに小走りで追っかけてきてんだなーって思えるから…?
Yuuho: But his will to win is amazing // He’d leave no stone unturned when the situation was desperate…I can understand those feelings of fruitless effort… // I think it doesn’t matter what kind of guy he is in the end…even Fujishiro can start over again. I wonder if he appeared just now so that he can pursue me on road I’m currently also walking with one step at a time…? // Heh…the kid that’s evil to the core is quite cute to a certain point, huh~

あ``ぁ``し… やってみっか…リバウンド…!!
Fujishiro: O~kay… / Ya watch me do it…the rebound…!!

ガンバレよ…!! 後輩…!! <先週も言ったっけ>
Yuuho: Give it your best shot…!! Kouhai…!! <Didn’t I say that just last week!?>

-page 10-
ナイスリバン!! カンペキだ!!
Josh: Nice rebound!! It was perfect!!

す~~ごいっすね 藤代 そりゃ勝てんわ
Fukuda: He’s reaaa~lly amazing, that Fujishiro. We might win with him!

まー まだメチャクチャだけどな!モノが違う!
どこまでやれっか わかんねーが 即戦力になってもらうか
Nakanishi: Well, but he’s still a little clumsy and lacking! Some things are just off! // I can’t say where his limits are but he’s acquired some serious combat capabilities in nearly no time

あ ゴメン ちょっと待って!!!!

-page 11-
いやいや何ですかコレは俗に言う後輩に追い抜かれバターンですか でもまだ
Yuuho: No seriously, what is this!? Is this the so-called blow in the face one takes when you’re outrun by you Kouhai!? But still…

オウ ほくろ 水
あ はいっス
Fujishiro: Hey mole, water!
Yuuho: Ah, yes sir
Fujishiro: Make sure to run!
Yuuho: Yes sir

ま逆らうと多分リアルにパンチされるし水汲むのは もうしょうがないと思うよ
でも 今一瞬 「オレ スタメン ムリかも」って思ったろ…? ダメそれ ダメ!!
Yuuho (smile): Well, if I oppose being his gofer he might really beat me up. So I think it can’t be helped I have to get him his water.
Yuuho (arrow lol): But weren’t you just now thinking "Maybe it’s impossible for me to become a starter"…? NO GOOD! THAT’S NO GOOD!!
Yuuho (blood): Ouch…

ぐ…そーだ!! 負けっか…!!オレだって…!!
まずは 朝練でシュート100本!!
Yuuho: Kch…that’s right!! I won’t lose…!! Not me…!! // I’ll do some serious training…I’ll create my very own special weapon no one else got…grr!!! // First I’ll do 100 during morning practice!! // And then…

-page 12-
スナップ!! ボールを遠くに飛ばす力 スナップ!!ベイベ!! スナップからの…
フォ~~ムチェッッック   アオッ(OK)!!!
さすがにつかれたベイベー… 手痛いベイベー もも 張るベイベ…
もうやめた てか何かもうバスケとか無…
Yuuho: Snap!! / The power to send the ball flying afar / Snap!! Babe!! / First is snap and then… // Fo~~~rm Cheee~ck!! // OK!!! // I’ll eat lunch sometime between 3rd and 4th period to recharge my batteries… // That way I can do another 50 during lunch break!! // As expected, it’s damn tiring babe~… / My hands hurt, babe~ and my thighs are all stretched babe… // It’s already faded! I can’t help I want to play yet again… / Deceiving myself che~~~ck!!! // And che~~ck!!!

痛ったッ…!! オイ!!!
Guy: Ouch…!! / Hey!!!

-page 13-
シュート練習ん時の感覚を実践で生かせるよう…試すように うつ!!ニュアンスの違う約100本+アルファ
ま まだ全然だけど
Yuuho: During the real training there are defense players // I just need to put the feeling from during the shooting training into practice…I’ve just gotta shoot trying it!! The nuance of difference is just at about 100 throws + α / Well, for now it’s just totally different.

でもめげずにうつ!! ひたすらうつ!!練習後300本…!!! 「最後に帰るんで オレのロッカーんとこに体育館のカギ置いといてください」キャラ定着!!
Yuuho: But I no longer have doubts while shooting!! I’m shooting with determination!! Now it’s time for the 300 throws after practice…!!! I’ve really become one of those "I’ll be going home late, so leave the key for the PE hall in my locker, please" characters!!

○入ったら    ×外れたら
○ if it goes in / × if it doesn't

○ ○ ○… あ…ちょっと内股ぎみにジャンプしたら確率上がった…!!!!
Yuuho (in pic): I've discovered a secret technique in-between the ○'s and ×'s.
Yuuho: ○ ○ ○… / Hey... Jumping with my thighs slightly pointed inward increased my chances of scoring!!!!

と思いきや  勘違いだったり
× × ×…   アレ…?
Yuuho (in pic): ...Or so I thought.
Yuuho: × × ×… // What the…?

○ が「良い」で    ×が「悪い」ってワケでもない
○ is "good" and // × means "bad", let’s see if it makes a difference

×の時の感覚も重要「こーゆー時は外れる」っていう 何つーか ○と×とかオレん中で積み重なって…
The feeling of getting an × is sorta important, too. I gotta have the ○’s and ×’s pile up inside me...
And kinda think about having them transform into something that can't be expressed in words, like "knack" and "skill"

-page 14-
このペースでうち 続けっと  卒業までに…
Yuuho: If I keep going at this pace... / Before graduation I can be like... // *scribble* *scribble* // hoo hoo // My shooting power is 608,350 throws...!!! <or something>

-page 15-

-page 16-
おーう ナイッシュウ!!
松原先生 <あーす><こんちあーす>
Matsubara-sensei: Ohh, nice one!!
Josh: Matsubara-sensei
<background: ‘ello // ‘ello there> [TN: It's kinda mumbled and cut off]

しかし いい選手がいるね…!!こりゃ 期待できる!!
Matsubara-sensei: After hearing all of your stories, Kuji……..I just had to come and see your team practice. / Looks like you have a lot of good players…!! Yeah, I really think you got what it takes!! / But isn’t it also troublesome, being the point guard?

Josh: Yeah!! It’s part of my work as point guard to boost my team mates’ strength…but it’s also the one that’s most fun!!

-page 17-
楽しくてしょうがないです!!八柴には一緒にプレーしててワクワクするようなとてつもない才能を持った選手たちがいますからね!! ATUMU TATSUYA
Josh: It’s fun and inevitable!! Because Yashiba plays together as a team, we’re thrilled and got a number of players with amazing talent!! // Atumu, / Tatsuya

-page 18-

-page 19-
そして ユーホ
And Yuuho!

His Jump Shoots started going in!!

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#1. by carrotop ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2009
yo, its been a while Mr. Price, good to see your alive ^^
and yeah, I'll wait for the proof-read and tl-c
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