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Hoop Men 15


+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Sep 22, 2009 19:48 | Go to Hoop Men

-> RTS Page for Hoop Men 15

It's been a looo~ng time. I was on the road for couple of weeks (been to France for a week and visited a friend of mine for another two) so I didn't find any time for translating. Anyway, yesterday night I finally came down to business again - somehow it just came over me "Wanna...end...this series!!". *lol*
So even though I felt I've become a little rusty over the last two and a half month due to lack of regular practice I was f*ing fast with this piece...

-page 1-
Chapter 15 – Team (チーム)

With the ticket to the inter-high on the line,
「東京都選手権 兼 全国大会都予戦がはじまった」
The Tokyo Championship and the play offs for the Nationals have started

公式戦開幕!! 八柴どーなった!?
Clear the stages for the competition!! What'll Yashiba gonna do!?

-page 2-
トーナメントDブロック / そろって190cm越えの本上三兄弟擁する志世多高校
Tournament’s D Block / Shiyoda High with the three Honkami brothers who each is taller than 190cm,

Uketachi West High School led by the trickster Takanose Keigo, / Egisu High, the runner-up winner last year, who are the crowd favourites for crushing Souei

-page 3-
強豪ひしめく中この日 最も 会場の注目をあびたのは
Jam-packed with these strong teams, the team who received most attention was from a school never heard before

-page 4-
no text

-page 5-
Player: Ah…!!
バカ者 何やっ 戻れっ
Coach: Idiot!! What’cha doin’!? Turn back!! [TN: It’s cut off in the Japanese, so if it doesn’t fit the bubble try to stuff the major parts so one knows what’s going on : )]
Player 2: Uff…!!
バカ 簡単に抜かれんな // おいっ!?
Coach: Idiots!! Don’t let him get through that easily! // HEY!?

-page 6 + 7-
no text

-page 8-
うおおおおおっ空中でパス受けてそのまま…アリウープ / あの9番…なんて奴だ!? / もう40点くれー取ってんじゃねーか // あの11番もすげえ!!完全に試合をコントロールしてる / つーか あれ…留学生…? / …とにかく…八柴つええっ!!!
Audience: Woooaaaa~h, he caught the pass mid-air just now… <an alley-oop> / That number 9…just how amazing is that guy anyway!? / He already scored like 40 points by himself, didn’t he!? // That number 11’s also amazing!! He’s controlling the whole game! / I mean…huh…he’s an exchange student…? / …Yashiba’s strong, that’s for sure!!!

-page 9-
おおーっしゃああっ!!! いいぞ2人ともっ!!
Fukuda: Oh yeaa~~h!!! / Keep it up, you two!!
てか会場揺れたぞ今っ!!! / 何か もう自分のチームと思えねえっ
Haraguchi: Yeah, they made the hall tremble!!! / It's hard to believe we're on the same team
スゲエ!! ジョシュも鐘もマジですげー!! / このでかい会場に集まったやつら全員2人に注目してんだ / あ でも / この展開は…
Yuuho: It’s amazing!! Josh and Atsumu, they’re both overwhelming!! / All attention of each and everyone who’s assembled in this huge hall is focussed on those two / Ah…but… / at this rate…
Nakanishi: Alright, keep it up, Atsumu!!
あ!! / またあの9番だっ // 高えっ誰も届かねー!!!
Someone: Oh!! It’s that number 9 again! // Wow, so high…there’s no way anybody can reach him!!!

-page 10-
うお…凄えブロック9番のさらに上を……… / えっ…!!?
Audience: Woah…what an incredible block! Even higher than that number 9……. / HUH…!!?
ごわあ!!! / 何やってんじゃあ藤代ォーーー!!!!
Nakanishi: What the…!!? / What’cha think you’re pulling off, Fujishiroo~~~!!!!

-page 11-
しんばん - ちょっと…何やってんの…
Referee [<- it’s written on that little tag]: Wait a minute…what’cha doin'…?
いやあーヒットアップしすぎちゃって… / バカヤロー てめー味方のジャマしてどーすんだ!!
Nakanishi: Ahem,well, it was the heat of the moment kinda thing… / You fucking idiot, getting in the way of your own team…what were you thinking!??
"Friends only during a game of basketball": Carelessness like that is what'll kill you in the end!
Nakanishi: Stop that crap, really!!
ちっ / だから試合出すのはやめろっつったのに…
Atsumu: Pff / That's why I told you to not let this guy play…
いいいいもういいから!!見なくていいから!!こっち見ろ!!な!!藤代!! // おい!!! // ケンカすんな!! // 聞け!! // おい!!
Nakanishi: It’s alright, it’s alright, let him be!! Don’t mind him!! Watch over here!! Hey!! Fujishiro!! // HEY!!! DON’T FIGHT!! // LISTEN!! // HEY!!
調子に乗るなよ 小牟田 てめーの活躍はここまでだ
Fujishiro: Don’t get too full of yourself Komuta! This is all the action you're getting for today!!
…何言ってんの お前 帰れ バカ
Atsumu: …What’cha sayin', punk!? Go home, fucking idiot!!

teammates in the background go: AH… // AHHHH…

-page 12-
Josh: What’cha guys think you’re doin’, fighting at a time like this!!?
Worst possible scenario
Josh: We’re in the middle of a game!! Focus!!
Fujishiro: Ohh, Master!! Please play some more passes over to me!!
Everyone: Master?
Yuuho: When Josh taught him how to rebound it turned into this teacher-and-pupil relation…
Fujishiro: It’s just Komuta who gets to play his part…I wanna score by myself.
おめーはシュート練習してねーぺ!! / とにかく今はリバウンドの事だけ考えろ!!
Nakanishi: You didn’t do any shooting practice!! You should focus on nothing but getting rebounds for now!!
つかアホはアホらしくボーっとしてていいよ オレ外さねーし
Atsumu: And keep up your idiotic actions like staring into space, you’re an expert at it! It’s not like I'll miss shots anyway.
Nakanishi: It’s alright. OK, watch over here, Fujishiro!!
Fujishiro: Very well, so I will get the rebound of, um, the missed shot known as your shitty life…so your life is like the ball and I will…
何か そのカッコよく言おうとしてんのがよくないんじゃねーの?アホなんだし
Yaguchi: What's he trying to say some cool lines that turn out completely nonsensical!? <he is as idiot afterall>
ああ もう…何でケンカするかなー…為吉先生 何とかして…おわっ <ねとる>
Koganei: Aahh they’re at it again…what are they fighting for anyway?...Tameyoshi-sensei, do something about th…what!!?? <he’s sleeping?>
あゆみちゃーん はがっ
Tameyoshi: Oh Ayumi-chaa~n
Josh: You guys are the worst! You're rotten!! Why don’t you just drop dead, you good-for-nothings… [TN: Josh is using quite clumse Japanese here]
くそおっ何て言えばいいんだ!!! <何て 言えば>
Josh: Shit! What can I say to make them understand!!? <What can I say?> [TN: And here he's thinking in English, in his head]

-page 13-
Someone: Yuuho, don’t run away!!
いやだよー  訳したくないよー 何を訳なのにオレが言 感じになって砕られるバターンだよー
Yuuho [in picture ]: Let go! / I don’t wanna translate! / When I translate it’ll just be misunderstood as things I said / Fine, if you feel like beating me up, go on…
なんかメモてねーか八柴 // でもこの強さは本物だぞ // 9番と11番がいいよね
Audience: There seems to be a quarrel going on at Yashiba’s // But their strength’s the real deal // I mean, number 9 and 11 are playing so well
そんだけじゃねー他もよくまとまってるよ / みんなデイフェンスがんばってるし
Audience: It’s not just those two. The others member are also rounding it off / Like, everybody on the team helps out in the defense
アフロ入って高さも加わったしな あほっぽいけど
Audience: They also have that afro dude’s height advantage <though he’s an idiot>
ベンチもテンション高―し雰囲気いいよね / オレもこーゆーチームでらりたかってなあ……
Audience: Their bench players seem pumped up as well. They have a good atmosphere / I would have loved to play in a team like that……
あ 八柴主力メンバー下げた / 次の試合に備えて温存か
Audience: Oh, Yashiba’s mainline players went off the court. / Seems like they’re saving up energy in anticipation for the next game

-page 14-
Atsumu: Phee~w
Hanai: Nice game, Komuta
Atsumu: Thanks to that idiot I didn’t score that last one……
はは…でもどんどん伸びてるよ藤代 あんなんだけど根はマジメだったりするしね
Hanai: Haha…but he’s steadily getting better, that Fujishiro / He got his problems but it seems like he’s become serious about this
Atsumu: Huu~h!?
…とか言って // 今日の試合鐘(あいつ)外からのシュート多めなんだよね / リバウンドが強いからこそ思い切ってシュートできる
Koganei: …speaking of which // In today’s game Atsumu took more shots from outside. / When rebounds are strong he can take risks and doesn’t have to worry about whether he scores
落ちても拾ってもらえるって安心感があるから / 自分で意識してるのかどーかは知らないけど / 鐘も認めはじめてる証拠 //藤代くんのリバウンド力が八柴の戦力になりつつあることを…!!
Koganei: Even if the shot misses there’s little chance the ball will be lost, so he feels reassured / I don’t know if he’s conscious about it or not / But it’s a proof that Atsumu’s noticed it as well // That Fujishiro-kun’s rebounds have become one of Yashiba’s weapons in battle…!!

-page 15-
ナイスリバウンド 藤代君!!
Koganei: Nice rebound, Fujishiro-kun!!
はっ    ああし!!!
Fujishiro: Huh...? // AA~HHH!!!

-page 16-
兄弟の中じゃ千里が一番うまいなあ / へへ…オレプロになる / …とかガキの頃言ってたなー / とりあえずTOKICHUUに一勝しねーとな  …まあ勝つのはムリでも何とか点差を締めて
Nakanishi: I've always been the most talented out of my brothers by a huge margin / Hehe…"I’m gonna become a pro" / …I always said stuff like that when I was a kid / and "We’ll win against Toki Central in no time" / …well, when it turned out it’s impossible to win for us we at least wanted to shorten the point gap / …
藤代っ!!今のままじゃ強豪からはリバウンド取れねーぞしっかりポジション取れ!! / シュートうったの見えた瞬間!!今!! // そうだ!!!
Nakanishi: Fujishiro~!! At this point you’ve become a formidable rebounder, so go and take your position!! / Observe and wait for the moment the shot is taken!! Now!! // THAT’S IT!!!

-page 17-
…っと入ったかっ!! / でも今の動きよかったぞ!! // 忘れんなよ藤代!!
Nakanishi: …oh it went in!? / But your movement was good!! // Don’t forget that, Fujishiro!!
Fujishiro: Got it!!
何 お前ら そのリアクション 今なんか スゲープレーあったか?
Nakanishi: What’s it, you guys!? What’s that reaction!? Was it an amazing play just now!?
Kogani: No, that’s not it…that shot just now…was taken by…

-page 18-
No Text

-page 19-
お… // 雄歩が3点THREEPOINTシュート決めたあーーー!!?
Nakanishi: Wha… // Yuuho just scored with a THREEPOINTER-----!!?
おい ほくろ何やってんだオレの見せ場(リバウンド)減るだろ
Fujishiro: Hey mole, what’cha think you doin’!? You prevented I get to show off with a rebound!
え / ハハ 何すか それシュート外せってコトすかハハハ…
Yuuho: Huh? / Haha, what’cha saying!? Do you want me to miss my shots? hahaha…
そうだよ // 何が面白―んだお前
Fujishiro: Damn right… // What’s so funny!?

成長中! じけるな!!
They’re growing stronger! Don’t wuss out now!!

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#1. by carrotop ()
Posted on Sep 23, 2009
shall wait for tlc, thanks for the tl
#2. by Arth ()
Posted on Sep 24, 2009
Checking translation~ I'll pm you when I'm done ^^

[edit] pm sent :)
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