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Hoop Men 17


+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Dec 5, 2009 17:18 | Go to Hoop Men

-> RTS Page for Hoop Men 17

Hey everyone, it's been a long time again. I finished this series about two weeks ago but couldn't upload it until now since my TL checker buddy was busy with exams and preparing for job hunt. So please bear with it~
So this is it - the final chapter! Even though I'm a terrible lazy bum who took way too much time for this rather short series and even though my first translations were kinda sucky...I'm proud and I feel like: wow, I really did it!
Just like Satou Yuuho, personally, as a translator I also went through a process of growth and improvement. But it wouldn't have been possible without various people's help and support! Therefore, I'd like to name a few of those users who aided me in clearing this challenge with their contribution:
• First of all thanks to MangaHelpers' awesome TL checking people helping new translators to improve! A LOT!! This whole system is just so helpful and awesome...I can't imagine any other place where I would have received this amount of assistance and feedback and it really, really helped me. Especially in the beginning! Therefore a big THANK YOU to: njt who encouraged me when I started and lent me a hand in the IRC a couple of times; Meriken who has never been to busy to lend me some of his immeasurable amount of linguistic knowledge and wits; and last but not least the guy I prefer to refer to as Tensai: Arth who defines words such as friendly, nice and aiding! You rock, dude!!
• Next I would like to thank each and everyone who has been working on Hoopmen in the past few months. Be it with my humble self or just other groups that took on this project! So, a big shoutout to: carrotop from Nonbiri Scans who had been aligning with me from the start until the close end; taiyouchan whose TLs had been helpful to me from time to time when I started and CXC Scans for providing the first SLs of this series!; next Nicasso from Trinity BAKumA who pitched in and help closing the gap; and lastly each and every other contributor like Espling, LegACy and Bod Rangzen among others...
• And of course, to each and every of you readers who followed my TLs of this series! Doesn't really matter if you were just reading it or if you were clicking the "Thanks" button or even wrote me a line or two of feedback - Thanks for sticking with me!! Hope to see all soon~
•• PS: Kawaguchi Yukinori-sensei will publish a new one shot in the next Akamaru JUMP! It'll be about boxing...I will definitely try bringing that stuff out to you all - so keep your eyes peeled!!


-page 1-
第31回 卒業証書授与式
Yashiba Metropolitan High School
31st Graduation Certificate Awarding Ceremony

えー皆さん   卒業 おめでとうございます   …えー…卒業後どんな進路を選択
Principal: So, everyone // congratulations on graduation. // …um…no matter what route you might take after graduation…
う   おうっ   あうっ
Haraguchi: Uh // uhuu // ahuu

最終話 成長
Final Chapter – Growth

The time flies by…and their three years of high school life are about to end…

-page 2-
Principal: Take pride in being a Yashiba graduate…
あはっ   ッウグ…   ああ…あ~~…  あっ   …ッ   ああああああ
Haraguchi: Ahaa // uguu… / aa…ahaa~~…a / ah… // ……ng // aaaaaaaaa
ははは…原口 お前   泣きすぎだろイミわかんねえ
Someone: Hahaha…Haraguchi!! / You’re crying too much! I don’t get a single word!
Haraguchi: I KNO~W!!! I’M CRYING AFTER A~LL!!!
Someone: You’re voice is too loud!!
Haraguchi: Naa…ah…ahaaaa…
コラ そこー
Principal: Quiet over there!
いや まあ   泣く気持ちわかるよ <ぐっちゃん>
Yuuho: Oh well… / But I really understand your crying mood <Gucchan>

-page 3-
Yuuho: How many times did we… [TN: Yamato Takeru is that you? Kawaguchi really bears a certain handwriting from his days at Murata’s (ES21) Love it!]

-page 4-
何つーか…   この体育館で…オレら…何つーか……何つったらいいの この感じ
Yuuho: How many times… / This PE hall…just how many times have it been…there are just so many memories associated with it
バスケ部(おれら)の…  おれらの全部が体育館(ココ)にあるんだもんよっ!!!
Haraguchi: It’s just… // This place here has been our everything!!! We put so much into it!!!
あっ   そう それ!!そのセリフ オレがいいたかった!!   主人公として
Wha… / yeah, that!! That’s the line I was about to say!! / Trying to be the protagonist, huh!?
卒業生 答辞
Microphone: Graduate student’s formal reply

-page 5-
卒業生代表   ジョシュア 久慈 グリフィンJr.君
Microphone: Graduate’s representative // Joshua Kuji Griffin Jr.-kun

本日はお日柄も良く僕達の新しい門出に相応しい日となりました  外国から来た僕が晴れてこの日をむかえる事ができたのはーー   僕をサポートしてくれる人々の存在があったからです   まず日本での生活の面倒を見てくれた僕の祖母に感謝したい
Josh: Today's a bright day for all of us. Sun showing his smile makes this a day appropriate to our departure into new grounds / That I, who came from overseas, can be here today-- // …is only possible due to several people’s support. // First, I want to thank my grandmother thanks to who I got to experience the trouble and difficulties of life in Japan…

Eguchi: His Japanese’s become the real deal, huh
すげー勉強してたからな   そーいや 逆に英語勉強しだした奴いるんだよね
Yuuho: ‘Cause he studied his ass off! // Speaking of which, there’s another guy who started to learn English
Eguchi: Huh?

b]-page 6-
アイ アム ア チャンピオン   ユー ア ーノット ア チャンピオン   アイム タツヤ   キル ユー
Fujishiro: Ai Am A Chanpion // Yuu Ah Not A Chanpion // Ai’m Tatsuya // Kirr Yuu! [TN: He’s got a strong accent when talking so I decided to write some words incorrect and stuff like that]
Eguchi: Fujishiro!!!
Yuuho: Hahaha…seems like he really became serious at basketball in the past 3 years…
やるからには頂点をとる   バスケの本場アメリカでトップになってやる   オ~~~ウ ユー アー ほくろ
Fujishiro: Next, I’ll be striving to the top! // I’ll make it to the top in basketball’s home, America!! / Wooo~h, Yuu Ah mole
イエ~ス アイ アム
Yuuho: Yi~es, ai am
Eguchi: …wo~w…so, what’s next? You goin’ to take some tryout?

-page 7-
トライアウト?何だ それは
Fujishiro: A tryout? What’s that!?
え   え じゃあどーすんの…?留学とか…?
Eguchi: Huh!? / So, eh, what’cha gonna do…? Abroad studies and stuff like that…?
Fujishiro: Only an idiot would be worried what to do. I’ll go abroad and once I’m there, I’ll think about it
Eguchi: HUUU~H!!?
バーカ 江口 藤代をおめーの常識で諮れっと思うな
Yuuho: Eguchi, you idiot. Don’t think a person with your sense of logic can discuss with Fujishiro
オオ~~ウ~ ユー アー ほくろ
Fujishiro: Woo~~~ah~ Yuu Ah mole
イエ~ス アイ アム
Yuuho: Yi~~es, ai am

いや でもマジで…   この藤代(アホ)の3年間での進化っぷりみてっと   ムチャクチャだけど何か やるんじゃねーかっていう期待感あんだよな
Yuuho: But seriously… // I have seen that idiot’s evolution in the past 3 years and… // he might have his vices but I don’t think there is anyone out there who’s out of his depths! I’m expecting big things of him
Fujishiro: I think, I’ll raid a bunch of pros during their game… (Fujishiro’s head: punch vs kick)
何かやらかす不安もあるが   もちろん バスケ続けんのは藤代だけじゃない   ジョシュとATSUMUは大学のスカウトの目にとまりバスケの強い大学への推薦入学が決まってる
Yuuho: Though I’m kinda scared at the same time… // Of course, it’s not only Fujishiro who continues with basketball // Josh and Atsumu attracted university scouts’ attention, so it was settled they’d enter universities with strong basketball factions by recommendation

-page 8-
ホントに みんな すげーよ   この3年間でYASHIBAはちょっとしたバスケの強高校になちゃってもんな   …   え 俺?   オレは3年間でそこそこのシューターになりました フツーに進学します   それで?   それでっていうと …なに? どーゆー事?   ああ…   今の俺の心境?   ちきしょーくやしー!!!何でオレだけ…   ま 凡人のオレにしちゃよくやったでしょ…こんなもんじゃね?   推薦は取れなかったけど大学でもバスケやっていつかあいつらを追い越してやるぜ   …3つのうち どれもちょっとずつ当たってるけど…   どれもほぼハズレかなー<そんな心境>
Yuuho: Everybody’s really amazing // In these past 3 years Yashiba has made it from a high school with a miniscule basketball faction to a basketball power house // ……… // Huh, about me? // I’ve become a shooter who helps out every now and then. I’m entering just a regular university // What else? // What’cha mean by that? / Ahh… / How I feel about it now? // SHI~T, IT’S MORTIFYING!!! WHY’S IT ONLY ME… // Well, being the average person I am that’s best I could do…can’t be helped, huh? // I might not have received a recommendation but I’ll continue playing basketball at university and one day I’ll surpass those guys!! // …my three high school years each has been a bit of a success… / But each and every also had its losses~ <that’s how I feel>

-page 9-
2年の時…夏合宿に行く途中電車の中で   TAMEYOSHIが こんな事を言っていた
Box: In our second year…onboard the train heading towards summer training camp // Tameyoshi said this:

メシ食わねーと体に力入んねーのと一緒でよお   せち辛いよの中を強く生きていくためには心にも栄養が必要なんだよ
サトウ おめー こないだの試合でまたアレ決めたべ?   何つーんだ アレ?…ホレ ホレ あんじゃねーか こーゆうやつ ホレ
Tameyoshi: If you don’t eat your meals you won’t have any power in your body, it’s the same! // In these tough times we’re living in, in order to live strongly you need to feed your soul as well! It’s necessity! // Satou, in that one game back then you decided everything with ‘this’, didn’t you? // It was ‘this’, wasn’t it? …c’mon, c’mon, it was this move, no? How do you call it again? Look!
あ 3点すか
Someone: Ah, you mean a three pointer?
そうそう フリーポイント
Tameyoshi: Yeah, that’s it! A free pointer!
あ スリーです   3です 3のスリーです
Someone: Ah, no. It’s ‘three’ // ‘Three’ as in ‘3’

そう 3な そうそう そういうのが心に効くんだ   辛い事があった時でも自分の過去のいいプレーを思い出すとお前を向ける   先生も大学ん時空手でなーー
Tameyoshi: Ah, yeah. It’s 3, yeah yeah. So use that thing for your soul // Even when times are tough you need to remember your good plays from the past and you’ll be able to strive forward / It’s the same with your Sensei, in university I used to be on the karate---

よーするに アイツ 過去の栄光にすがって生きてるって事だよな…
Haraguchi: So in other words he’s just clinging to his glories from the past, huh…
な マジだせえ あいつ
Yuuho: Yeah, that guy’s so lame

と その時は完全にバカにしていたが
But even when we made fun of his words back then…

-page 10 & 11 -

-page 12-
2年生の時の冬の選抜  創英のエースをかわして決めた 決勝の3点   オレの高校3年間のベストプレー   ちょっとしたきつかけで入部して   バスケの楽しさを知り   ライバル達と   競い合うために   必死で身につけた力
In my second year, during winter selection’s tournament / I decided the game by avoiding Souei’s Ace and throwing the game winning three pointer // It was my best game throughout my three high school years // I joined the club on a whim of the moment // I learned the fun of basketball // And in order to compete // with my rivals // I was desperate to attain power

-page 13-
あの瞬間   ベストなシュートの感覚(タッチ)が残るこの手で摑んだものーー   勝利 仲間 自信 それら全てが
That moment // The feeling of my best shot it still remains in this hand of mine, I can still sense it-- // Victory / Comrades / Self-confidence / I can feel it all

-page 14-
The proof of my growth

オイ 雄歩   写真 とろーぜっ!!
Someone: Hey Yuuho / Let’s take a picture!!
Yuuho: Yeah!!

-page 15-
TAMEYOSHIが言う心の栄養ってのはこの事だよ(多分)   努力の末にあの奇跡の3点を決めたにの右手 奇跡の右手   奇跡 みる?   この右手に摑んだ全てを携えて   これから強く生きていくぜ(笑)
Tameyoshi said that this would be my souls nutrition (maybe) // This is the right hand that threw the miraculous three pointer after all these great efforts // <in picture>: Can you see the miracle? // I can feel them, all those things I carry in this right hand of mine // Let’s live strongly from this point onwards~ (lol)

この手でピース   この手でメッセージ   この手で初めて   商店街におこしの皆様   ただ 今 春の
In boxes: Forming a peace sign with it // Writing messages with it // And during my first… // In the shopping district above everybody else’s heads / It’s spring now after all…

-page 16-
Shinoda: Satou-kun…thank you…
エ   何ソレ 何で ありがとう
Yuuho: Huh? / What’s that? Thanks for what?
…わかんない 何か色々 混じったかも
Shinoda: …I don’t know. Just for a lot of things. I guess, I’m just jumbled
Yuuho: Haha
Box: After retiring from the basketball club this Shinoda-san made me bloom a second time as no. 1 reason as to why I come to school [TN: I’m terribly sorry this sentence turns out this LONG in English when the box for it is so friggin small. Oh yeah, and Shinoda sucks…she’s f’ugly…]

じゃ オレ ちょっとバスケ部で集まっから
Yuuho: So, I’ll be meeting with the guys from the basketball club for a bit
ウン あとでね
Shinoda: Okay, later then~

あ サトー!   何やってんの屋上で!!   エ 何   何 その感じ   何かヘン…
Koganei: Ah, Satou! // What you have been doing on the rooftop!? // … / Huh, what? / What’s this atmosphere / You’re kinda strange…
あ…いや 別に…
Yuuho: Wh…not at all…

なぜだろう 心の奥で何かがチクっとした
Box: Why’s it that something was piercing in the depths of my heart

-page 17-
おーーー!!   スゴーイ!!もう片付いてる!!   てか ATSUMUいるでしょ!!   クツ あったもん
Koganei: Oo~hh!! // Amazing!! They already tidied up everything!! // That must mean Atsumu’s here!? // Yeah, there’re his shoes

Yuuho: It’s true!! Atsumu~~!!!
おせーよ   てか YUUHO 1対1やろーぜ
Atsumu: You’re late! // C’mon Yuuho, let’s do a 1 on 1
Koganei: Just Atsumu? Where’re the others?
Yuuho: Allrii~ght!!
Atsumu: They haven’t arrived yet

-page 18-
つーかさ   バスケ部 誘ってくれて ありがとう
Yuuho: Oh yeah / Thanks for inviting me to the basketball club
何ソレ   何で今?
Koganei: What’s that? / Why now?
Atsumu: Hey he~y
っしゃあっ!!!   ちょっと待て ATSUMUも くつ下脱げよ すべるぞ
Yuuho: Let’s goo~!!! // Hey, wait a moment. Atsumu you better take off your socks as well or you’ll slip
いーよ 別に
Atsumu: Naw, I’m fine
俺 脱いでんだよ!! そっち不利だぞ同じ条件で…
Yuuho: But I took them off!! You’re at disadvantage! I want this to be fair and square…
はい ピーッ
Atsumu: Okay, here I go~
Yuuho: Hey, waaiiii~~t!!

-page 19-
ご愛読ありがとうございました!! 川口先生の次回作にご期待ください!!JC①巻は7月3日、②巻(完結)は9月4日発売です!!
Thank you very much for reading this series with pleasure!! / Please look forward to Kawaguchi-sensei’s next work!! / Jump Comics Vol. 1 will be on sale 3rd July, / Vol. 2 (End) will be on sale 4th September!!

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#1. by Jameo ()
Posted on Dec 5, 2009
vielen Dank, fand die Serie auch toll. Schade das die Serie so früh enden MUSSTE!!!!!
Bin mal auf den one shot gespannt...

jetzt noch schnell was auf engl.^^
Thank u very much..... waiting for your next TL....

#2. by Nicasso ()
Posted on Dec 6, 2009
I think I speak on behalf of all Hoop Men readers when I say; a big thank you. Not only for sticking to the series until the end, but also for doing such a good job at it. :]
Shame the series had to be cut short. Had this particular charm to it. Oh well, all good things come to an end I guess, but I'm looking forward to that oneshot. If someone scans it I will try to convince my group to do it. We'll hopefully finish the final chapter of Hoop soon as well~
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