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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen Oneshot : Oumagadoki Zoo

Oumagadoki Zoo

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Dec 20, 2009 17:03 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

So this is a brilliant One-shot from WSJ #02/2010. Some guys from the ToC Thread (and my humble self as well) were really digging this story and so I just HAD to translate this - no matter how long it might take to work myself through those 47 pages!
I hope you guys enjoy it and maybe I'll continue doing some One-shots every now and then. We'll see~

PS: I'd be really appreciated if someone were to make a scanlation for this!! Those interested - I can send you a RAW file (was posted by the guys from Raw Paradise; thanks!!)


☆閉園後の動物園はデンジャラス…!? 摩訶不思議動物園読切Cカラー47P!!
☆After closing time the zoo gets dangerous…!? One-shot about a super mysterious animal park, 47 pages with color pages!! [white text on red ground; top line]

Oumagadoki Zoo
[TN: Title is a play on words with 逢う魔が時 which is read the very same way and means "twilight" or "time for disasters"; it's like the witching hour but at dawn]

The director of the zoo I'm working part time at is a rabbit!? [yellow text with blue border]

3号連続! X'mas&お年玉
超豪華読切プレゼント -第1弾!!
3 consecutive issues! X'mas & New Year's gift
The super magnificent one shot present – the first shot!! [logo on the bottom left]

Horikoshi Kouhei [white text, red border]

-page 1-
☆The shadow that's crawling over her part time job of dreams is!?

駅からバスで一時間の山の奥休日でも賑わない  逢摩ヶ刻市の隅に佇む寂れた動物園  ライオンが退屈そうにあくびをし  アフリカゾウは水をまき散らす  オジロワシ羽根をつくろえば  アオダイショウがトグロ巻く  私 蒼井華(あおいハナ)がバイトの面接を受けるのは  そんなフツーの動物園
Boxes: A one-hour bus ride from the station far up in the mountains // lies the run-down zoo of Oumagadoki city, empty even during holidays // There's the lion that seems to yawn of boredom, // the African elephant that's spraying water, // the white-tailed eagle fostering its plumage // and the Japanese rat snake that's coiling itself. // I'm Aoi Hana and I'm here in this very normal zoo // to attend an interview for a job

履歴書もった!  うう…初バイト緊張する   それにしても寂れてるな…
Hana: I got my curriculum! / Oh boy…my first part time job, I'm all tense… // But this place really is in decline, huh…

-page 2-
Hana: Starting today I'll be living in the company of animals, just what I've been yearning for!
どじゅるり <sfx: salivaaa~te>
色んな動物と触れ合う憧れの癒し生活!!  今まで何も人並みに出来た事なんてないけど…  今度は違うわ!!
In picture: The comforting and soothing life of encountering various animals that I've been craving for!! // Though until now there hasn't been a single thing I'm good at like the others… // But this time it's different!!

Box: One week ago, on my way home, I noticed an advertisement

恐ろしく簡潔な 募集広告――…
An awkwardly short / job advertisement

Oumagadoki Zoo
Part Time Zoo Keeper
Your Task: CARING.

Hana: …that character for "ma" is…? [TN: The "ma" from Oumagadoki is written with the character for "demon". On the first page the Oumagadoki city is written with this character for ma (摩). I'll come back to that later on…]

何?アンタ バイトすんの?やめときよ
あんたは役立たずの使えない子なんだから  やめときな
Hana's sweet friends(lol): What? You wanna work part time!? Let it be! // Yeah, you're a good-for-nothing who can't be used for anything. // So just give it up already!

Hana: As if…

Someone: HEY!

-page 3-
またかよウゼェ  エサあっちだっつーの   んぬおお…  しゃあねえな……   「権限発動」  すっからな!?
Person: Not again…shut the hell up! // Your food is over there god damnit! // Ngghhh… // Can't be helped, huh…… // "Power Activation " // You want a taste of that!?


Sign at cage: Lion – Felidae

-page 4-
Lion: GRR!? // Hgrnhnh…

どーする?   ったく今日もうエサやんね
Person: So, what will you do? // OK fine...that makes no food for you today

え?   かっ顔…ウ……
Hana: HUH!? / Th-that face…ra……

ん?   あっやべ  てめー帽子…
Person: Hm? // Ah shit // You bastard, my hat…

Lion: Garu?


Person: So she saw it……how troublesome…

-page 5-
Office Sign: If you are lost, come here.

なるほどお前バイト希望の奴か  どうしようかと思ったがちょうど良かった  見られたなら話は早え   俺は  園長の   椎名(シイナ)   面接を始める
Shiina: I see, so you're the girl who's hoping for a job, huh? / I was wondering how I could begin the interview. But since you saw my face that makes things a lot easier. // That's what you call perfect timing! // I'm the / director of this zoo // Shiina. // Let's start the interview.

-page 6-
Hana: A rabbit?

Shiina: Yup

Hana: Wait a moment, may I not ask a question or two!!?

後にしろ  今は面接
Shiina: Let's do that later // Now's the interview.

Hana: A rabbit!? Director!? What!? Is it a mask!? Huh!? And that lion!!? He chew on you…huh!?

蒼井花 17歳 志望動機「役立たずな自分を変えたい」  「動物が大好き」ね……  まあどうでもいんだけどなそんな事   そちとら聞きてえ事は山程あろうが   こちとら一つ   あの貼紙見て   思った事言え
Shiina: Aoi Hana, 17 yrs old, reason for applying for the job: "I wanna change my good-for-nothing self" // "I love animals", I see… / Well, that's all nice and stuff // I'm sure there's loads of things you wanna ask… // but I also got a question… // When you saw that ad… // what were you thinking, spit it out!

Hana: Though he's a rabbit he's scaaary!!

-page 7-
Hana: …that character for "ma" is…?
ウサギの「被りモノ」してライオンに噛まれても無傷でやたら偉そうな人(?)が園長な動物園はフツーじゃない!!  私が夢見たのはフツーの動物園帰りたい帰りたい帰りたい帰り
Hana (in picture): Some guy with a "rabbit mask" who even when he was bitten by a lion didn't get hurt the least being the over top self-pleased director of a zoo just isn't normal!! // What I dreamed of was a normal zoo! I wanna go home, go home, go home, go home

おい   何かねえの?
Shiina: Yo // So you didn't notice anything?

…たはー!!   あ…あ…えと…誤字が…   「逢摩ヶ刻」の「摩」が悪魔の「魔」に…  何か縁起悪いなーって…   あの私…やっぱりあの  よく考えたら高校でバイト禁止で……私…あの…
Hana: …wah!! // U…um…well…there was a misspelling… // The "ma" in "Oumagadoki" was written with the "ma" from "akuma"… // …making it seem like some sorta bad omen… // Um, you see...actually I… / Thinking about this again I remember there's a prohibition for part time jobs at my high school……so, I'll…um…

フム…     採用
Shiina: Hmpf… // YOU'RE HIRED

Hana: Huuu~h, why that!!?

-page 8-
どうしよう大丈夫かな  絶対ヘン…あの園長
Hana: What shall I do!? I wonder if I'm gonna be alright… / That director…sure is strange!!

これ着て外で待ってろ  逃げたら追うぞ全力で
Shiina: Wait outside and wear these! // If you're trying to run I'll hunt you down with all my force!

…でも…   ゾウ…   ライオン…   ダチョウ…   ……よし!!   何…園長に目をつむればフツーの動物園!!なっちゃったもんはしょうがないやってみようよアオイハナ!!   わっ
Hana: …but… // an elephant… / a lion… / an ostrich… // ……alright!! // What's this…disregarding that director this is just a normal zoo!! Let bygones be bygones, can't be helped. And then give this a try, Aoi Hana!! // Wah!

言い忘れてたけどお前  時給100円な
Shiina: Forgot to tell you this / you're getting 100 Yen an hour [TN: LOL…that's like 1,12 $]

Hana: What's that hat for…!?

Shiina: To hide my face, you know that!

Hana: Huh!? And my hourly wage is that small!?

節約な…この園には目的がある   簡単に説明するぞ
Shiina: To save money... besides, there is a purpose to this zoo. // I'll explain it in a simple way…

まもなく閉園ですさっさと出てけ!  まあ――いればの話だけど
Speaker: The zoo will be closing down soon, so take a hike! / Oh well, it's not like there are any visitors to begin with

-page 9-
閉園時間は4時44分   動物園は……   閉まってからが忙しい
Shiina: The park closes down at 4:44 // And only after it's closed…… // this zoo's bustling

檻が!!   え…!!?
Hana: The cages are…!! // Huh…!!?

Shiina: My appearance was changed by a curse…

-page 10-
元の姿に戻るには   "魔力"が必要でね
Shiina: And in order to return to my former self… // …"magical power" is needed, you know

TN: In the sign above the entrance the former mentioned "ma" character changes again into the "ma" from demon (akuma)

いや  あの…私が働きたいのは…
Hana: No… // Um, you see…the place I wanna work at…


ここにいる"動物"だけじゃまだまだ足りねえんだ   さあ  諸君
Shiina: But with only the "animals" in here it's not enough… // So~ // ladies and gentlemen…

Hana: …is a normal…

-page 11-
動物園…   今日も元気に   同志を集めよう
Shiina: Of this zoo… // let's today once more… // happily gather us some new comrades!

-page 12-
うわああああああ~~~~~!!!?  うわああああ何コレえええええええええええ

Shiina: Shut up and stop ringing my ears!

おいシイナ 腹ペコだその女何だ!?喰わせろ人間は羊の肉に似てるらしい!
Shishido: Hey Shiina! I'm hungry!! And what's that woman, huh!? Let's feed on her! They say human meat tastes like mutton!

「シシド」は  バカ  だな
Snakes: Shishido is // an idiot // it seems~ [TN: "shishi" 獅子 is Japanese for "lion"]

Medusa Woman: Would you be so kind as to call the director properly!? You idiot!

園長 今日の仕事は?早く伝えてくれ 予報では一雨くるらしい // ワシは羽根が濡れるの嫌なんでね
Eagle Man: Director what's today's job? Hurry up and tell us! The forecast says there's likely a rainfall coming // Eagles feel uncomfortable with their feathers getting drowned, you know

Elephant Man: What!? There's rain falling!? May I do the shower then!? The nose shower!! May I!? He~y? When it rains, may I?

蒼井華   「西遊記」という話を知ってるか?
Shiina: Aoi Hana // Do you know the story of "Saiyuki"? [TN: If you don't know it, read the "Journey to the West" article on Wikipedia. I love that story!]

ヤダヤダヤダフツーじゃない!!フツーじゃないフツーじゃない早く帰らなきゃ!   帰る帰る帰りますうぅ!!!
Hana (in picture): No good, no good, no good! This isn't normal!! Not normal, not normal at all! I have to get home immediately! // (bubble: Hm-!) // Must get home, get home, get hooo~me!!!

あれは  実話でね
Shiina: It's a… / real story, you know

-page 13-
あの話の主人公達は"魔力"によって人のような姿形となったサルやブタだ   こいつらも同様!どういうわけかその"魔力"を持って生まれてきた動物なのだ!   魔力を集める事で呪いは解け   俺は元の姿に戻る事ができるさあ!   50の獣共(ケモノども)!手短にいくぞ  今日から新しくお前らの飼育員となる蒼井華だ   あいさつ!!
Shiina: The main characters of that story were a monkey and a pig that took shape of human by the means of "magical powers". // And these guys are the same! They're animals that – by some reason – were born bearing these "magical powers"! // By gathering magical power the curse is broken… // …and I can return to my former self. // Alright, my 50 beasts! We'll hit the road in a blink! / This is Aoi Hana who'll be acting as your zoo keeper starting today! // Say hi!!

Hana: ………wanna go…

次に!!今日の仕事だ   心して聞け!   今日の仕事はあ!!
Shiina: Next item on the agenda: today's job!! // Listen carefully! // Today's job iii~s…!!

Hana: …home…

-page 14-
Shiina: "Plundering smuggled "animals""!!!

Animals: Wooo~h!!!

Hana: Um…I wa…

メンバー!!  発表!!!
Shiina: Member~!! // Announcement!!!

in picture: *rumble* // Here! Me!

Hana: Go hoo~me…

Shiina: Huh?

Medusa Lady: The situation is literally mind-blowing. That's to be expected though

in picture: Here! Me!

Shiina: That was just a taste of things abpout to come...

-page 15-
つまりね!こういう事さ   昼はフツーの動物園として資金を調達!!   でも   閉園すれば魔力うごめくモンスターパーク!   そしてこの逢摩(魔)ヶ刻動物園には大きな目的があるんだ
Funny Animals: Let's recapitulate the situation~! // During daytime this is a normal zoo, doing the fundraising! // But… // once it closes down it turns in a monster park, crawling of magical powers! // And this Oumagadoki Zoo serves a very special purpose, you know

Hana (in picture): How cuuuu~~te~!! This is it! That's the comforting…

ボクらと同じ魔力を持った動物を集める!!  その為には…
Animals: That is gathering animals that are also bearing magical powers just like us!! / For that reason…

Hana (in picture): and soothing animal life I've been yearning for…

Hana (bubble): "For that reason"?

Shiina: It's performance at daytime and a world of endless battles at night!! Overworking without thinking!!

Medusa: She came round~!

Shiina: Due to that goal you never get to relax, there's no such thing as spare time!!

-page 16-
あ…アコガレアニマル癒し生活は!?   ここどこ!?
Hana: Ah…the soothing animal life I've been yearning for!? // Where are we!?

ホ ホ ホ
Ostrich dude: Ho // Ho / Ho

夢ね   空よ
Medusa: You were dreaming~ // We're in the sky

Hana: Whyyyyy~!!?

Medusa: If people were to see us that'd mean lots of trouble, I'm sure you understand this?

Hana: That's not my point!!

Washihiro: Cyclone approaching, we have to accomplish this operation quickly, director.

Shiina: Understood. Wait for further instructions, Takahiro! [TN: "taka" 鷹 is Japanese for "falcon"]

Washihiro: It's not "Taka"! I'm an eagle, so it's "Washi"! [TN: lol…wonderful play on words I couldn't translate. First of all "washi" 鷲 is Japanese for "eagle". But there's also the personal pronoun "washi" (predominantly used by elder men) which is a way to say "I"]

Shiina: Oh shuddup! Yo, we've arrived!

着いたってまだ空だ   雲が触れる夜空だぜ?シイナ
Shishido: "Arrived" you say…we're still midair! // I can even touch the clouds of this night sky, Shiina.

ハナの気絶(ばくはつ)で時間がおしてる睡眠6時間・朝の一服・9時から開園のリズムは崩せねえ   30分でケリつける   飛び降りるぞ獣共(ケモノども)
Shiina: Thanks to Hana's mind fuck caused nap we're behind the schedule! 6 hours of sleep, a smoke in the morning, opening the zoo at 9:00, knocking that rhythm on the head is out of question! // We'll wrap things up in 30 minutes! // We're going down, beasts!

Shishido: Huh!?

ホ  それ…死ぬネ!!
Ostrich: Ho // We'll die then…right!?

園長…   強引♡
Medusa: Oh director… // so forcible~ ♡

Hana: Go hooo~~~me…

-page 17-
Boss: Make sure not to cause any trouble to our client, got it…

Vice: Got it!! Later boss!

ちょお!  出せやコラ  聞けや
Crocodile: Wait a… // Hey, let me outta here! // Listen to me!!

クスリ・銃火器・何でもごされの我が組織ですが今日の目玉はコレ  人語を操る新種の化けワニでござ~~~い!   もはや人間と言っても過言ではない世紀の大発見モノ!!
Vice: Be it drugs or weapons, no matter what you're looking for, I'll be able procure it. But for today this is my pick of the day. // I'm presenting you a neee~w form of magical crocodile that mastered human language, Sir! // I'm not exaggerating when I say I'd rather call it human-like than animal. It's the type of discovery you only make once a century!!

"Power Activation"

-page 18-
Shiina: Safe.

ぎゃあ~!!   でっかくなってるう!!   皆は!?
Hana: Gaaahh!! // He's become huuu~ge!! // What about the others?!

Shiina: Cancel. [TN: So apparently Shiina's powers work like…well…Bankai in Bleach. His release command is 権限発動 (kengen hatsudou) whereas "kengen" is a rather abstract term, meaning power but more along the lines of "authority" or "competence"; "hatsudou" is "to invoke" or "put into action". I think both words are juridical terms. Same goes for his quitting command that is解除 (kaijou) which means "cancel" or "release"]

こうするなら言ってくれ!?   最初に!!   
Shishido: If you plan using this, tell us!! / Beforehand!!

Shiina: Alright, where's it, where is it!?

Shishido: Hey! Tell us beforehand, got it!?

Hana: This ain't normal, this ain't normal, this zoo ain't normal, it's not……

-page 19-
な……何が起きたんだ…!?   お客様!!
Vice: Wh……what has happened…!? // Oh, Mr. Customer, Sir!!

密輸動物ってのは   ドレ?
Shiina: So, where's the / smuggled animal?

Vice: Who's there!?

某 動物園園長   椎名   と   哀れな獣(ケモノ)たち
Shiina: Director of a certain zoo / Shiina // and // a bunch of pathetic beast

Shishido: Who you're calling pathetic!!?

Shiina: I'm here to pick up that animal. But while I'm at it I might also take some money if you have any?

ど 同業者か!?   あめらややややっちまえ!!   チョリッス中ボッス!!
Vice & Minions: Bu- business competition!? // You guys, g- g- ge- get'em!! // Aye aye, vice boss!!

哀れな獣共(ケモノども)   こっちもやっちまえ
Shiina: Pathetic beasts // prepare to strike as well!

-page 20-
ちょっ皆!!   後ろお!!
Hana: He- guys!! // From behiii~nd!!

Ostrich: Ho!

イタッ   速っ
Hana: Ouch! // He's fast!

オレ!ダチョウ!!  ダチョウの特徴脚力!!  ホ  ホ 脚なら任せろオレダチョウの町田(チョウダ)!!
Chouda: I! Being ostrich!! / Ostrich's trait is strength of legs!! // Ho // Ho / When comes to legs, leave to me, Chouda the ostrich!! [TN: Honestly, I'm sorry but this guy doesn't use particles or prepositions and stuff…so I'll have him speak like this. Oh and his name comes from shuffling the syllables! An "ostrich" is 駝鳥 (dachou) in Japanese]

-page 21-
魔力とは  姿形をヒトのように変形させそして各々の動物特有の"力"を発揮させるもの   ライオンのシシドは純粋なる『力』   放せ
Shiina: The magical power / not only enables them to transform into human-like appearance but also boosts and manifests each of their peculiar beastly powers. // In lion Shishido's case it's pure and genuine "force" // <in picture: Let go>

必殺!!  ライオンハートッ!!
Shishido: Special Move!! / Lion Heart!!

Minions: Argghhhh!!!

魔力を持たねえてめえらじゃ   俺らには勝てん
Shiina: Without magical powers... // you bastards will never be able to defeat us!

-page 22-
Minions: Ugh…!?

Hana: What…!? They're knocked down even though they only touched the smoke…!?

ウワバミ   おまえのピット※器官で密輸動物を探し出せ
Shiina: Uwabami // Start searching the smuggled animal with your pit organs [TN: 蟒蛇 (uwabami) is Japanese for "Giant Snake"/"Anaconda"]

Uwabami: Understood ♡

いやあ   あんたら俺と「同じ」でねーか驚いたわあ   俺を助けてくれたの?でらありがたいわ
Crocodile: Well, well // So you guys are "da same" as me, it seems. Paint me surprised! // Did you come to rescue me? If dat's da case, thanks a lot! [TN: So this croc has some really weird speech pattern that I didn't get at first. Apparently, he can't pronounce some syllables from the "a" row.]

※Snakes got a warmth detection feature called "pit organs"

Shiina: No.

Crocodile: Say croc!? [TN: This crocodile uses some lame jokes. Instead of "nani" (what) he asked "wani" (crocodile)]

お前の魔力が必要なんだ   俺の呪いを解く為に
Shiina: It's just that your magical power is needed // In order to break my curse!

-page 23-
Crocodile: I'm thinking maybe whatever you just did left me feeling kinda weary…or not

Shiina: I confirmed your magical power. Shuddup!

Shishido: Let go of me!

Hana: From behiii~nd!!

そうそう   ありがとな
Shiina: Ah, that's right // Thanks

連絡つながらねえから…来てみればよお   何だいこりゃあ何だいこりゃあ……
Boss: I couldn't contact you…so I thought, I might head over and check things out… // What's this mess, huh!? What's this mess!? [TN: This guy has some rowdy, foul mouthed way of speaking. He also tends to repeat certain passages, especially stuff he shouts]

Minion: Boss!! The truth is…

-page 24-
おいおいおいおい何だそれ!!   なあ!?おい!!   金も商品も奪(と)られたあ!?   そいつは許されんよなあオイ…!!そいつは許さんよ俺はよぉ――…
Boss: Hey, hey, hey, hey what's this!!? // Huh!? Hey!! // The money and goods both got snatched away!? // As if I'd let them through with such a thing…!! Hey, I won't allow such a thing---!!

今日の収穫!!   発表――!!!   ナイルワニの!!   ハニワニ君だ!!
Shiina: Announcement of… / Today's ingathering--!!! // It's the Nile crocodile // Haniwani-kun!! [Like mentioned earlier: wani = crocodile : )]

Haniwani: I don't really get this but please treat me well, everybody!!

Next up!! An important item on the agenda!

<sfx in there are: Oohhh~!!'s and Wahhh!!'s and *clap, clap* and a *heartbeat* for Haniwani>

-page 25-
これを見ろ!!   魔力計測器!!今日のワニをふまえて   計算した結果…   俺が元の姿に戻るにはまだあと100体分の魔力が必要だ!!!   全然足りん!!
Shiina: Look at this!! // The Magical Power Measuring Instrument!! The arrival of today's crocodile included, / I calculated the result… // There's still the amount of another 100 animals' magical power needed before I can return to my former self!!! // We still got ways to go!!

ボク頑張るよ!飛ぶね!園長   「モモンガ」
Flying squirrel: I'll give my best and hurry things up, director! // box with arrow: Flying squirrel

俺も冬眠延期してやっからよ園長   「ヒグマ」
Brown bear: I'll be postponing my hibernation as well so we can do it, director!

蒼井華   今からは自由時間だ   開園準備は午前6時から   調べモノして俺は寝る   このリズムは絶対だ
Shiina: Aoi Hana // Starting now it's your free time! // Park opening preparations begin at 6:00 / I'll go through matters to be checked and sleep then / That rhythm is absolute!

Hana: A chance to escape!?

だから  その間 園の掃除しとけ   いいな?   任せたぞ
Shiina: So, / you'll be cleaning the park in the meantime! // Got that? // I'll leave this your hands!

-page 26-
Elephant: Look, look! Look at this awesome dump I just took!!

Haniwani: Wow, that's amazing!!

?-Animal: Miss zoo keeper, this guy pooped!

?-Animal 2: Do your best~~! I'm counting on you!

Koala: Who the fuck ate my Koala's March!? [TN: Koala's March @ Wiki – I love 'em. They're so delicious; but it wasn't me, Koala-san!]

「AM 2:05 開園準備まであと3:55」
Box: 2:05 AM – Time left for park opening preparations: 3:55

Shiina: Thanks

別に嬉しくないし!!   この仕事終わったらもうトンズラするし!!   ちょっと嬉しかったりしないし!!  フツーじゃないんだもん
Hana: Don't think that I'm happy with his gratitude!! // Once I finished this, I'll finally escape!! // Like a small thanks of his would change my mind!! / This definitely ain't normal!

魔力!?いゃいゃ(笑)   とにかくここはおかしい!   そもそも何でウサギ!?
<in picture:> Magical powers? You must be kidding me (laughs) // Now this place sure is strange! // And why a rabbit, to begin with!?

強引だし  謎だし   何より意地悪だよあのバカウサギ!
Hana: He's brutal! / And awkwardly enigmatic! // And first and foremost he's an ill-tempered, malicious idiot, that rabbit!!

いえ…   あの人は人間よ
Uwabami: No… // That person is human.

-page 27-
蒼井さん   「ネズミ」
Uwabami: Aoi-san  <box: Mice>

Hana: Gugh!!!

※Snakes gag on small animals!! Kinds, don't try this at home~

え?   人間…?
Hana: Huh? / He's human…?

TV (in picture): It's Atomu-kun!! // How cuu~te

Uwabami: That's right

あーこのレッサーパンダ魔力持ちだ   チェックチェック
Shiina: Aah~ that red panda's bearing magical power! / Check, check [TN: The red panda or "lesser panda" in Japanese is one of the most adorable animals out there. Check it out on Google Images <3]

ただ…私も   よくは知らないけど   あの人は私達とは事情が少し違うの   あの人の魔力は「呪い」によるものらしくてね…
Uwabami: It's just that… / I also don't really know that much about it / but that person's situation is a little different from ours. // It seems that person's magical power is the result of a "curse", you know…

TV (in picture): How cute~ his adorableness is lavishing~! // Kyaaa~ so cuu~te!!

呪い!!あ~~~言ってましたね!!   正直もー どこのファンタジーだって感じです
Hana: A cure!!? Aaaahh~~, that's right! He mentioned that! // Even if he told the truth, this all feels too hard to believe…

…昔 あの人がまだ人間だったときにね   魔力を持ったウサギに襲われて   呪いをかけられたそうよ
Uwabami: …in the past, when that person had still been human, you know // he was attacked by a rabbit that bore magical power // and that's how he got jinxed, it seems

Hana: Uuhh…

-page 28-
まあ いきなり聞けばそうなるわね!
Umawabi: Oh, well, I would make the same face if I heard that all of a sudden

<sfx: *rattle* *rattle* *rattle*>

Hana: Ah…when she laughs she turns into a rattle snake!

それでね…そうそうこの動物園が魔力を集めてるのは   何を隠そうその呪いを解く為なの   そのウサギの呪いの正体は莫大な量の魔力   だから  それを上回る量…つまり私達の魔力を一つにまとめてウサギの魔力(のろい)を吹き飛ばしちゃおうって算段みたい
Uwabami: And then…ah yeah, to be honest, the reason this zoo is gathering magical power // is in order to break that curse. // That rabbit's curse's true color is a tremendously large amount of magical power // For that reason, / we have to exceed that amount…in other words, we're trying to combine our magical power so that the rabbit's curse is blown away!

それじゃあ!!ウワバミさん達は   ひどい!!   あいつに利用されてるって事じゃないですか!
Hana: What're you saying!? So that means that… // That's so cruel!! // Doesn't that mean that guy's using you and the others!?

フフ…いいえ   私達は…少なくとも私は   自分の意志でここにいるわ
Uwabami: Fufu…no. // We…well, I can only speak for myself / I'm here because I want to~

Hana: Why that!?

聞こえてんだよバーカ集中できねーだろ…ったく  ブツブツ
Shiina: I can hear you idiots…damn, I can't concentrate like this… <sfx in bubble: *ears twitching*>

-page 29-
他と姿形が変わってしまった   異形の私達が   どんな扱いを受けてきたか   あなたは想像つくかしら?   皆 決して浅いとは言えない事情を抱えてきたの   園長の呪いを解く事は私達が魔力を使い切り元のフツーの動物の姿に戻る事でもある   自分の為だけじゃないのよ私達にはあの人が必要で   そしてあの人は誰からも必要とされなかった私達を「同志」と呼んでくれる
Uwabami: If it were another place / how do you think they'd treat us grotesque and deviant looking creatures // once we change our form? // Can you imagine it? // We've all decided on our own. And I don't want to sound overly dramatic but we're all here for the same reason // Once we used up all our magical power in order to break the director's curse we'll also be returning to our former, normal animal selves // It's not only about one's own self! We need that person… // And it's not like we're just random people he's reliant on, he's calling us his "comrades"

Hana's classmates: Yeah, you're a good-for-nothing who can't be used for anything.

Shiina: I'll leave this your hands!

Uwabami: That man is the only one who needs us!

-page 30-
あなたもあるいは…   この広告   魔力の素養がある人には「摩」が「魔」に見えるよう細工したんですって
Uwabami: It's the same for you… // This advertisement / was made so that only people with predispositions for magical power could see the "ma" character like in "demon", you know…

Oumagadoki Zoo
Part Time Zoo Keeper
Your Task: CARING.

は?  え?つまり…え?   ええ~~~~!?私も え~~!?うそお!?
Hana: HUH? / What? That means…huh? // Huuu~~~h!? I also whaaa~~!? You're kidding, right!?

Uwabami: It's proven, you're tested…fufufu

Boss: The Oumagadoki Zoo it is, huh…

-page 31-
Shishido group: What was that!?

Uwabami: An explosion!?

Hana: I'm a normal high school student…

フフフ…GPSってのは便利だなおい   よくやったよ中ボス   動物園が根城たあ面白いよ!!   ああコラ!?   ウチの商品返して貰おうじゃねえのああ!?   刃向かう奴は撃ち殺すから!!!
Boss: Fufufu…this GPS thing's quite useful, huh!? // Well done, vice boss! // So their main base's zoo, huh!? How entertaining!! / Don't you think!? // Now, would you return our ware, huu~h!? // Those who're resisting will be shoot to death!!!

Box: 3:00 AM – Time left for park opening preparations: 3:00

尾けられた!?   さっきの奴だあのでけぇの…!   へっ!シイナが出るまでもねぇ
Shishido: They put a tail on us!? // It's those guys from earlier. And what's that huge guy there…!? // Heh! No need bothering Shiina because of this!

Rhino: Shishido, stop that!! Let's first get the director…

-page 32-
Shishido: Learn from the lesson I'll teach you idiots!!!
バカはてめーだよ   GPSの発信機は   てめーにつけたんだよぉ
Boss: You're the idiot! // The GPS transmitter // was stuck on you foolish bastard!!

必殺 ライオンハー…
Shishido: Special Move! Lion Hear-…

シシド!!   うわああ!!!   シシドォ―――!!!
Animals: Shishido!! // Waaahhh!!! // Shishidoo~~!!!

-page 33-
てめえらボサッとすんな  行け行け散れ散れ
Boss: Don't you guys just stand there doing noting! / Go, go! Scatter! Spread!

Minions: Aye aye, Boss!

シシドォ シシドォ~
Chouda: Shishidoo~ / Shishidoo~~

Shishido: What's this shiii~t!!?

俺はよ   やられたらやり返すのよ
Boss: I'm the // "an eye for an eye" type of guy!

Rhino: That bastaaa~rd!!!

倍返しでな!!   ああ!?
Boss: Make them pay in spades!! // Got it!?

Uwabami: Hana-chan, go and call the director!!

Hana: Huh!? Ah…yes!

待て待てどこに行こうって!?   誰も逃がしゃしねーよ
Minions: Wait, wait! Where you think you going!? / We won't let a single person escape!

Uwabami: Waah!

Hana: Uwabami-san!!!

-page 34-
行って!!   園長を呼んで!!   なんとかしてくれるからあの人なら!!   これじゃあ開園間に合わないわ
Uwabami: Leave!! // Get the director!! // If anybody can help us it's him!! // With things like this we won't be able to open the park in time!

Minion: Don't struggle like that!

Re-echoing: Yeah, you're a good-for-nothing who can't be used for anything.

ハア  ハア   今まではそうだったかもしれない…けど!!   今!!ここでは!!     私…   私が…   必要とされてる!!
Hana: *huff* // *huff* // That might have been the case until now...but!! // But right here and now!! // I… I am… // I'm needed!! //

Re-echoing: I'll leave this your hands!

園長 皆が…!!!
Hana: Director, everybody is…!!!

Hana (in picture): Shiina-san!!!

-page 35-
蒼井華   この状況 3秒で説明しろ   魔力がざわついて調べモノに集中できん   リズムが狂う…
Shiina: Aoi Hana // You got 3 seconds to explain this situation! // I can't concentrate on the affairs to be checked with all this ruckus caused by magical power! // The rhythm's getting messed up…

Hana: What!? That just now…!?

ゲート燃えてんじゃねーか!!   まーた出費だ!!
Shiina: They even burned the entrance gate to ashes!? / This'll cost craploads!!

-page 36-
おいオイオイオイやっちまったよ   やっちまったあ~~~~   もう しょうがねえよなあ??ええ?こうなったらよお   全部売り飛ばしてやろうかなあああ~~~!?   あはっ   あははっ
Boss: Ey! Hey, hey they're already done for!? // They're already done for!? // Can't be helped, huuu~h?? Huh? With this like thii~s… // Guess we'll just sell all you guys off, huuuuu~~~h!? // Aha // Ahahah!

-page 37-
「脱兎のごとく」   蹴る!!   さっきの組織かしゃらくせえ
Shiina: "Rapid Rabbit Punch" // Kick!! // It's that disgusting organization from earlier [TN: There's a neat implied meaning that got lost in the translation. Shiina's attack 脱兎のごとく (datto no gotoku) means literally "like a rabbit" but means stuff like "as fast as one can", "high speed" etc.]

Boss: It huuuuu~rt huuuuu~h!!!

-page 38-
ボス!!こいつですよこいつがここのボス!   毒ガス使ってきます!!
Minion: Boss!! That's the guy! That guy's their boss! // He's using poison gas!!

Boss: Huuh!?

うう…っ     園長…
Animals: Ugh… // Director…

はっははは!!てめえの部下は使えねえカスばっかだな!!  このバケモノウサギが!!ええ!?コラァ!!
Boss: Hahahaha!! Your subordinates are just a bunch a useless trashes!! / What you say, demon rabbit!? Huh!? Huu~h!?

いってえ…     同じく…
Shishido: It hurts…
Other Thing: Same here…

Shiina: They are my subordinates but they aren't trash!

-page 39-
「同志」だ   ついでに  てめえの部下よりぼど有能だよ
They're "comrades"! // And by the way // they're way more capable than your minions!

Hana: Shiina-san…!

蒼井華   この煙は俺の魔力
Shiina: Aoi Hana // This smoke is my magical power.

Minion: Boss!! That's the poison gas!!

吸ったり   吐いたり   俺は魔力を操る
Shiina: By inhaling // Or by exhaling // I can control the magical power

あの時でっかくなったのは   みんなの魔力を吸ってパワーアップしたから!!
Hana (in picture): So he was able to grow that tall back then // due to a power-up he received by inhaling everyone's magical power!!

-page 40-
魔力は!!持たない者には有害だが   持つ者にとっては生命力に等しい   たとえば…撃たれたって魔力を注ぎ込めば   たちどころに回復しちまう!!   そして   俺には莫大な量の魔力がる!!!
Shiina: Magical power is harmful for those who don't bear it!! // But for creatures holding it it's the very same as vital force! // Let's say for example…if you're feeding it to a bunch that got struck down // they'd be recovered in a blink!! // And // I just happen to possess a considerable amount of magical power!!!

-page 41-
Boss: You got to be kidding...

逢魔ヶ刻動物園を   なめんなよ   権限発動!!!!!
Shiina: Don't fuck // with Oumagadoki Zoo!! // POWER ACTIVATION!!!!!

おおおおおおおお!!   おおおおおおおお!!

-page 42-
Boss: Mo…Monsters!!!

Animals: OOOOHHHHH!!

そう   俺達は化物(バケモノ)   だから早く元の姿に戻って   フツーの暮らししてえんだよ   無銭入園者は全部外に出たな   今度は逆に……吸う!!   権限発動!!
Shiina: That's right // We're monsters! / And that's why we want to return to our former selves as soon as possible // so we can live a normal life! // Seems like our visitors all left the park, not that they paid to begin with. // This time…let's toke another time!! / Power Activation!!

へっ!!この距離なら…   銃を持つ俺らが有利だあ
Boss: Heh!! At this distance… // we've got the advantage thanks to our guns!!

-page 43&44-
蒼井華   おまえの魔力も   必要だ
Shiina: Aoi Hana // Your magical power // is also needed!

Hana: --yes!!

ちゃんと返せよ?  園長
Wolf(?): Be sure to make'em pay good / director!

知ってるか?  ウサギには穴を掘る習性があってね…   埋まれ
Shiina: Did you know? / Rabbits got the trait of digging holes, right…? // You'll get buried in one!!!

やっぱ逃げときゃよかったな…   はい…
Boss: It would have been better if we'd been running away, huh…?
Minion: Yeah…

Shiina: RABBIT HOLE!!!

Bad guys: GYAHAAAA

-page 45-
Shiina: Returning the magical power…

Racoon(?): Jeez…we've been facing tough times

よくわからんけど俺のせいで皆に でら迷惑を……
Haniwani: I don't really get it but it's like my fault that everybody had this trouble…

Rhino: Nope! It's your fault, Shishido! This has all happened ‘cause they pinned you with the transmitter, you stupid cat!!

Shishido: Huuh!?

Washihiro: My plumage is getting soaaa~ked!

シイナさん   私は動物が大好きです   でもこの動物園はどう考えてもフツーじゃありません   園長はウサギだし   動物達は喋るし変身するしで正直……ついていけません
Hana: Shiina-san, // I love animals. // But no matter how I think about it, this zoo just isn't normal. // I mean, the director's a rabbit… // …and the animals are babbling and mutating…frankly, I don't think I can keep up with this.

-page 46-
Uwabami: Hana-chan…

Shiina: …oh, really?

でも!   皆の「元の姿に戻りたい」って願いは…   すっっっごくフツーだと思う!   手伝いたい!  こんな私でよければ働かせて下さい!
Hana: But! // The the desire of "everybody wanting to return to their former selves"… // is just soooooo~ normal, I think! // I want to help with that! / If I fulfil the requirements, please let me work here!

Shiina: Teh

Animals: Yaaaa~y!!

まあーー  時給は100円なんだけどな
Shiina: Well~~ / You're getting 100 Yen an hour nonetheless, got it?!

Hana: HUH?...got it…

「AM 6:00  開園準備スタート!」
Box: 6:00 AM – Park opening preparations: start!!

That's the Oumagadoki zoo, a place jam-packed with joy!!

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#1. by zambo92 ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2009
where can i find the raw for this?
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its wait till the (maybe^^) Scanlation is out...
its too long to read, for now^^
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thanks a lot. I liked the look of the raw

I hope someone will scanlate it
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thank you so much!
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Posted on Jan 18, 2010
Thank you xD
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Hi, I cleaned the raw of this manga, send me a pm, you can uses this cleaning if someone sees it as good for a Scanlation.
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