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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 2

The rabbit, the gorilla, and the animal keeper

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Jul 24, 2010 21:43 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 2

Here we go again~! Alright, chapter 2 coming right ahead. This one was half as long as the first one and didn't feel as difficult either, that's great! I still need someone to double check the first chapter for accuracy before we can start working on a scanlation... I want to make sure you guys get a release of appropriate quality, so please bother with it for the time being. -- If you might know someone capable, push him to do the job. That'd be awesome!

Enjoy this one for now!!

PS: Shiina is win.

Page 1 – Colored Page
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Chapter 2 – The rabbit, the gorilla, and the animal keeper

Working at the zoo // is this hard!? [TN: rainbow letters]

Horikoshi Kouhei [TN: bottom right, purple letters]
Second instalment of the new series with colored opening and increase to 25 pages!!

Side text: ☆ The tale of the unreasonable rabbit, zoo director Shiina, who makes the good-for-nothing Hana work until she drops develops!!

Page 2
Side text: The morning of the second day at the zoo she’s part-timing at starts with thunderous rumbling!!

Sign: Implement Storage (crossed out)
In Paint: Aoi Hana’s Room

Hana (in picture): Summer holidays are starting today!! // But there’s quite a ruckus going on… gotta be Mom! But it’s the summer holidays, so let me sleep some more!
<sfx: rumble, rumble>
ていうか昨日 何がとんでもない事があった気が…
Hana (in picture): Speaking of which, it sure feels like yesterday happened something that’s just too hard to believe…
Hana: Hrmm~~ just another 36 hours, Mom…
<sfx: rumble, rumble>
<sfx: crash>

Hana: MOM!?

Page 3
Shiina: Surprise wake-up call // Interesting! // How long do you think you’re sleeping!? GO AND WORK!
Sign: Shi i na – Shiina – Zoo Director
Sign: A o I Ha na – Aoi Hana – Animal Keeper

Hana (in picture): Ahh… now I remember.
Book: Keeper’s Journal
Entry: Keeper’s Journal, 8/1 (☀) Day One // In order to change my clumsy self animal loving me arrived at the zoo where I’d be working as a part-timer. // There I met the zoo director who happened to have taken the shape of a rabbit due to some sort of curse. // In order to break the spell and return to his human life the zoo needs to be made most popular in the world. // But since that director lives to the sheer limitless egotistic principle of “only doing what’s fun” // he used his mysterious “powers” he achieved from the curse to make the animals transform so he wouldn’t have to do any keeping. // The zoo of the shape-shifters, the Oumagadoki. I, who gathered great knowledge of animals, will be working here…

Page 4
Shiina: So, are you ready?
Hana: I don’t really understand…!?
Shiina: There are 30 animals in this zoo // And from now on, I will be leaving all the animal keeping and maintenance in your hands. // You’ll be working night and day, 24/7!
Hana: Um… may I chime in for a second?
Shiina: I’ll refuse anyway, but what is it?
Hana: Yesterday there was no bus for me to ride home anymore, and since I was all worn out… you let me stay at this place over night but… // But do you really want me / to move in here // permanently? // It’s that… starting today it’s summer vacation, so school’s not a problem. But… // my mother will be worried…… plus, it’s also… / about underwear… I don’t have any to change, so it’s a little…

Page 5
Hana: I beg your pardon but it’s impossible for me to move i--… n, huh? // WHA!!?
Shiina: FOOLISH REQUEST!! // Whether it’s animal keeping or cleaning / ALL that uninteresting crap
Hana (in picture): He will… stomp me!? // Have to avoi--…
Hana: Wahhh // Kyaahhh!!!
Shiina: is your job to do!
Hana: UGHHH!!!

Page 6
Shiina: The park opens at 9:00. / Until then you’re cleaning, get it? Cleaning!
Compass: N Predator Area – E Fancy Area – S Mixed Area – W Powerful Area
園内は大きく分けて  東西南北4つのエリアに分かれてる
Shiina: Due to it’s huge size the park is segmented. // It’s separated in 4 different areas according to the cardinal points. // And this right now / is the West Area.
Hana: Well, so… since there’s hardly any time left… it’s alright to just do the cleaning in the West Area, right?
<sfx: crumble>
Hana: Eehhh!!? I just thought about our schedule!!
Shiina: “You getting skilled enough to run the show on your own quickly” // + // “You making this place into the world’s most popular zoo in the world” // = / “Me returning to my human self!”! Now be a nice girl and try to make it!
Hana: Please refrain from making up weird formulas like that!

Page 7
Hana: The whole place, he says… but even just the West Area is this vast… / One hour to do THIS…!?
Hana (in picture): Besides… / yesterday I was too tense and anxious / to notice it, but / this place is filthy!! It’s like the definition of the phrase “to leave something go to rack and ruin”! // Even the outside of the cages is smeared with poo…
Hana: This is really not a thing one’s dying to do, right?
Shiina: Yeah, but so what!?
Hana (in picture): My first task of the day… // For I am… / the animal keeper!!
Shiina: Ah! Gimme back my carrot!
Hana (in picture): This looks like it’ll be quite a challenge!!
<sfx: *twitch* *twitch*>

Page 8
Hana: Let’s start with the outside first! // It’s mine, Aoi Hana’s // FIR~ST TA~SK!!
<sfx: *thump* *thump*>
Hana: Wah, I stepped on some poo---!!
Hana: Hiii!? I- I slipped!! I’m sorry!!
Shiina: This statue easily makes the top 5 of my favorite pieces out of my whole collection!! // It took me one year to make it get modelled. It’s my “Me Statue”, so if you…
Hana: What’s with that name…!? [TN: Notice the sweat drop. She’s all -.-“, so don’t erase that in your release!]

Page 9
Shiina: DAMAGE IT…!!!
Hana: Wah!! // I’m sorryy~~!!
Shiina: Geez… // Do your job properly!
Hana (in picture) He calmed down--!! Carrots really have that sort of active ingredient!?
Note: ※They don’t
<sfx: *hah*, *hah*>

Shiina: Nice day, huh?
<sfx: *clatter* *clatter*>
Hana: Hm? // Oh! …it’s a gorilla! // He’s swaying with his body. Does that mean the cage…?

Page 10
Hana: Director!
Shiina: You’re too noisy!
Hana: That… that gorilla’s cage… // it’s way too small! // Gorillas are easily trembled animals and very sensitive to nervousness. / They need high trees to climb and things like that… like, you know how in “King Kong” when he was climbing the really high building? / But with things like this there’s a considerable amount of stress inflicted upon him…
Shiina: Well, // then do something, animal keeper!
Hana: HUH!? / Are you saying I have to figure this out all by myself!? // But you’re the director after all, so would you please cooperate with me to a certain poin—
Shiina: Hurry up and do the cleaning! / You got 30 minutes left! // Make sure this place is spick and span before the visitors arrive!
Hana (thinking): He’s the worst!! The worst!!

Page 11
Speaker: 10 minutes left until the zoo closes.
Hana: Not a single person came in the end, huh?
Shiina: It’s ‘cause you didn’t clean enough!
Hana: Even thinking optimistically, just how are we supposed to make this place the world’s popular…?
Shiina: Hey there, watch your mouth, will ya!?
Box: As soon as the park closes, the director’s smoke // diffuses throughout the whole zoo and into the animals.

Page 12
Hana (in picture): I still have my trouble believing all this… // Animals shifting their shape and starting to talk…
Hana: Hm? // Have their numbers decreased compared to yesterday?
Igarashi: My lady!! I hope you’re doing fine!
Wolf: So, again no visitors today, huh…?

Page 13
Shiina: Yesterday I had to show’em your face! // It’s not necessary to make them all transform every time. / And using my powers is a physical strain as well // Bea~sts, // The number of today’s visitors // is ZERO yet again! // The burglars from yesterday and her are the only people to visit this month! // You’re too careless! Stop slacking off, you guys!!
Uwabami: Even if you say so… there’s not really a thing we can to about it. // Due to the entrance fee not covering the zoo’s maintenance costs, a huge deficit incurs. / Before we can do anything about it we have to advertise the zoo to the public…
Sign: Uwabami – Snake
Shiina: That’s exactly // what I meant when I said // you’re slacking off!
Wolf: Kch…

Page 14
Someone: His egotism’s at its best again!! Ruuu~n!!
Someone: HE’S LOSING III~T!!!
Hana (thinking): He really is cruel…
Hana: Why isn’t anybody talking back to him!? / This feels like they’re his slaves!
Gorilla: Ah!
Hana: Hyaaa!! He’s relapsing--!! // Go- Gorilla-san!!

Page 15
Hana: Over here!! // Hah… hah… / You’re alright? U~m… // so, uh… what’s your name…?
Gorilla Kong: ……it’s Gorilla Kong. / The director gave me that name!
Hana (thinking): He and his weird naming again--!!
Hana: You see, Gorilla Kong… / um, it’s quite a long name, so is “Gorilla-kun” fine as well?
Gorilla Kong: Since it’s a name I was given by the director I’d…
Hana: LISTEN!! / Sorry for raising my voice… // This morning! I saw you! Your cage! It’s so small, isn’t it!? / I know you need a vast place with trees to climb as a home. / So why don’t you bang your fist on the table and tell that egotistic director? / I understand how he’s all frightening… but……

Page 16
Gorilla Kong: YOU’RE WRONG!!
Hana: Wahh!!
Gorilla Kong: Oh…!! I’m sorry! / I’m / a bit awkward… // In the past… I was cast out from my troop because of that awkwardness.
Gorilla Kong (in picture) And while I was wandering through the jungle all by myself there suddenly appeared the director in front of me and took me here by force, but… // But there are a lot of other animals here I could talk to and I made a number of friends! I was really happy! For that reason I’m deeply grateful to the director!!
Hana (thinking): Even though he’s so egotistic… / Why did he…?
Hana: Hmm~~… / But even if you say so… // it’s wrong to silently endure it! // If you’re serious and / show him your sincere feelings // He might understand you albeit your awkwardness, don’t you think?
Hana (in picture): I do love animals after all // just like I told him!!
Shiina: We // need you here!

Page 17
Gorilla Kong: To be serious // and show my sincere feelings…
Hana: I’ll accompany you when you go ask him! After all, I’m your kee--…
Hana: Gyaa---!! He found uuuu~s!!
Gorilla Kong: Oh… the name’s…
Hana: C’mon! What’s wrong!? Tell him!
Gorilla Kong: I am… // I am… / Director… [TN: The gorilla has quite a strange speech pattern, so don’t wonder if his sentences sound a bit weird. He sometimes puts in a “I” without completing his sentences.]
Hana (in picture): A carrot! If I give him a carrot he’ll calm down!!
Shiina: JET…
Gorilla Kong: I am… awkward and therefore…

Page 18
Hana (in picture): Drumming as a threatening gesture!? // Apart from intimidation… it’s used in moments of agitation!!
Hana: Huh!? What the!? Where are you goi--…
Hana: Huh… // Wait a… he can’t be---… // Director…
Gorilla Kong: I am…!!

Page 19
Gorilla Kong: It’s because I am awkwaaa~rd!!!
Hana (in picture): This may be bad!!
Hana (from mouth): Whaawawawa~~
Gorilla Kong: The truth is… I… just like now… // I love clambering up high places!!

Page 20
Hana (in picture): You gotta be kidding… if he plans showing his feelings like THAT…!! // The director will snap just like he did before! This is bad, bad, bad, REAL bad!!
Hana: He… he’s King Kong…
Shiina: GET DOWN!
Hana (in picture): There’s an aura of pure rage around him!!
Hana: Hii! // What shall I do!? What shall I do!?
Someone: What’s going on over there? // Does he think he can stop him with a carrot…?
Someone: Gorilla Kong!? What does that guy think he’s doing--!?

Page 21
Gorilla Kong: For that reason… my cage… my home… make it bigger…
Hana (in picture): I’m responsible for this. I need to do something about this…
Hana: Director, please listen to me!! There’s a mistake, this is…
Gorilla Kong: My home… // I am…
Someone: Looks like it’s gonna fall over… watch out!!
Someone: If he were to fall from that height…
Hana: Director…
Someone: It’s toppling--…

Page 22
Shiina: RABBIT // PEACE!!

Page 23
Hana: Huh?
Hana (thinking): He damaged his nearly-completed “Me Statue”!!
Someone: He stopped it… awesome!
Someone: The director did this to a piece from his collection…… I can’t believe it!
Gorilla Kong: Directo--…
Someone: It’s completely shattered into pieces… // An object… from the director’s collection…
Shiina: Gorilla Kong
Gorilla Kong: Hii! I’m sorry, I am…
Shiina: and Aoi Hana

Page 24
Shiina: This rubble’s a pain in the ass! / Take care of it and clean this shit up!!
Hana: What the…!? Again… his face was…
Hana (thinking): Speaking of which!
Hana: Your words reached him, Gorikon-kun!!
Gorilla Kong: The name’s… I am…
Shiina: 60 punches for each of you should make us even…
Hana: Huh!? / In the end it was all for nothing!?
Gorilla Kong: I am… prepared for the worst!!

Page 25
Entry: Keeper’s Journal, 8/2 (☀) Day Two
Gorilla Kong: I’m sorry
Hana: No need to be, I pushed you to it
Entry: In the end I’m not sure about how much I could accomplish // but for now we managed to solve Gorikon-kun’s troubles and worries by enlarging his cage using the Me Statue’s debris. // The director might only do things that interest him… but in tough times he prove to be a person who thinks of his friends and who’ll reach out for them.
Shiina: Work energetically!
Entry: Well, maybe.
Shiina: If there’s no “Me Statue” how are we supposed to ever become world’s number one…? So, here it comes – number 2!
Hana (thinking): Personally, I think we’re better off without one…
Entry: Number one in the world // There are still many things I need to accomplish here, and I certainly can change for the better even more until we get to that point. // I’ve decided to give it a shot and try my hardest.
Hana: So, I’ll be moving in here…?
Entry: PS: Gorikon-kun was extremely handy.
Gorilla Kong: Because… I am awkward.
Hana: You gotta be kidding!!

Insert text: Take Hana’s perseverance and the director’s power and strive for popularity!!

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#1. by minimoku ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2010
Oh, Thank you so much!!!

I've been waiting for this chapter from you >.<

#2. by Nightthroat ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2010
wieder viele vielen dank hierfür ^^
große klasse =D
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