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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 3

The rabbit, the cheetah and the behavioral display

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Aug 12, 2010 21:36 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 3

Good evening! I'm back from exam hell and real life, diving into my holidays. I'll be trying to catch up the Oumagadoki as soon as possible. Sorry to keep you guys waiting!!

Reserved for BakanaHaven. (For now, if I don't see any progress by the next weeks, the deal's off and I'll switch back to free usage.)

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Sign: Implement Storage (crossed out)
In Paint: Aoi Hana’s Room

Diary: Keeper’s Journal 8/4 (☀), Day Four // Animal Keeper, the job of my dreams! In order to change my clumsy good-for-nothing self I started to work as one. // The zoo director is an egotistical rabbit by the name of Shiina-san. // Due to that man’s “powers”… the animals transform as soon as the park closes. // Our big goal is to make this zoo the most interesting in the world. // It might be higgledy-piggledy // But after winning my mother’s consent I started to move in and work at this place.

Cell phone: Mother [TN: Underlined] / Don’t worry / I’m fine
Hana: It sure would be nice if there were some visitors coming tomorrow~!

Side text: This time will tell about how Hana, who moved in at the place of her part-time job, will handle feeding the animals!!

Page 2
Side text: ☆The "Oumaga", the place where demons meet, is boiling up its popularity!! // The third chapter of the new series, pages increased to 23!!

Insert text: Yo, visitors, better show up!! (Shiina) [TN: White letters with black lining] // …please visit this noon, okay? (Hana) [TN: Black letters with white lining]

Horikoshi Kouhei

Chapter 3 (bunny symbol) – The rabbit, the cheetah and the behavioral display

Page 3
Box: The next day // after closing time
Shiina: Hmph… Lately, // it’s been nothing but boring shit…
Animal 1: It’s the food!! Yaaa~y!!
Animal 2: Hurry~!!
Hana: Everybody, you have to line up or I won’t give you anything! // It makes the food distribution much easier, you know! // Phew~
Hana (thinking): The number of visitor’s been zero again today, huh…
Hana: Ah, if it isn’t Arai-san the Racoon! Good evening! [TN: araiguma (洗い熊) means racoon in Japanese, so her name is yet again a play on words.]
Arai: Ah, are those pesticide-free!? Are those some pesticide-free ones!? Are they!?
Hana: They probably are pesticide-fr… // Ouch!!! // Gwaaa~h!!

Page 4
Hana: I screwed up again…
Arai: Ah! They really are pesticide-free, they really are!
<sfx: *sniff*, *sniff*>
Hana: They might be pesticide-free, whereas I am talent-free…
Hana: Buhhh!!! // Ow, ouch!! I’m sorry. You’re smashing my head!!
Shiina: If you’re just blabbering boring shit, so be it!!
Umawabi: But director, / everybody is really happy about the fact that Hana-chan decided to stay here!
Animal: Ahh!
Wolf: Yeah, we’re being fed three times a day, morning, noon and evening! Every day!
Hana: It turned into self-service feeding!!

Page 5
Hana: This is no good! They just eat the things they like!! // Especially! // The one over there, that chee-… // -tah?
Chita: Hm? Me? I’m “Chita”, nice to meet you [TN: Cheetah is chiitā in Japanese, they shortened the vowels in his name.]
Hana: Even though you’re a cheetah you’re all plump and chubby! You eat way too much!! / Ouw // Did you run around at all lately!?
Chita: Not at all, this way’s fine, y’know! // I’m telling you, as long as I’m at this place there’s absolute no need for me to run, y’know!! [TN: Trying to adapt that cheetah’s speaking manner here. So don’t wonder about all the “y’know”]
Hana (in picture): HUUU~H!?

Page 6
Uwabami: Before you came here everybody just freely ate stuff from the forage depository, that’s how things developed the way they are. // And Chita has been a real bad case of gluttony.
Hana: That’s a consequence of the director’s principle of only doing things he finds interesting, isn’t it…?
Chita: Ahh~, man, I’m stuffed!! And now a lil’ nappy-nap~~
Zebra: Ah!! Directoo~r!
Shiina: The carrots are mine, all of them!
Zebra (in picture): Those are mine~!
Hana (in picture): He’s confiscating the carrots…
Hana (thinking): He’s skilled…
Shiina: Don’t you give any of these carrots to those beasts!! They’re unworthy of’em!
Hana: And yet you spit them on me!!
Sign: Recommended Route
Hana: Director, um…
Shiina: Scram
Hana: But Director!!

Page 7
Hana: The world’s most popular zoo // You really plan on creating it, don’t you!?
Shiina: That’s where you coming from, huh? <what’cha want?> // "Behavioral // Display" it is?
Hana: Yes, / the Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaidō is really famous for it, but…… well, um // Generally, it’s the scheme of animals displaying their natural behaviour to the visitors // In short, it’s the act of keeping the animals in a way very close to their wildlife.

Notice: ∘Polar Bear
For the bear the visitors look like a seal sticking its head out from the water so after spotting them he’ll lunge right at them

Hana: The incident with Gorikon-kun from before made me realise this // Inside those uniform, rectangular cages…

Page 8
Hana: The animals of this zoo forget what wildlife was like! // Especially that guy over there…!! // So, with the behavioral display as a basis for this zoo! // We’ll recover their wild side!!
Shiina: Alright, give it your all!
Hana: You’re just gonna dump it all on me!!?
Shiina: I’ve got a principle of only doing the fun stuff around here // So, for me that means // If it’s boring shit // YOU DO IT!

Page 9
Hana: As egotistic as usual. // But it’s alright! I’m gonna do this! I’ll gonna outtalk him big time!
Hana (in picture): But first comes evoking his instincts, which means…
Hana: Chita-kun!
Chita: Hmm?
Hana: Let’s Diet!!! ~Let’s recover that wild side of yours~
Chita: Huu—h!?
Chita: Don’t wanna! // I’m sleepin’!
Hana: Let’s Diet!!! ~Let’s recover that wild side of yours~
Chita: Jeez, you’re persistent!

Page 10
Hana: But if you continue this way, soon enough your legs won’t carry you anymore, and you will only be able move around rolling. That’d be a waste! // You have to run around every now and then and work off all that meat!
Chita: It’s alright! / And running is a pain in the ass, y’know // ‘Cause I can live just eatin’ and sleepin’, y’know!
Hana (thinking): Hrrmm… that really is the philosophy of an animal…
Hana: Bu- but listen! Evolution shaped your body making you fastest on earth! / That’d be a real waste, wouldn’t it!?
Chita: That’s just your human reasoning! // Most of the stuff you’re saying doesn’t make any real sense to me, y’know // And I don’t care if you tell this to the director either.
Hana (thinking): How stubborn… // (lamp) <ha-haa~h> / That’s it…

Page 11
Hana: Telling the director is fine, right? // Directoooo~r
Shiina: Scram as fast as you can!
Hana: I’d been thinking / the most remarkable and strongest person in this park, it’s gotta be you, director, isn’t it!? // It just HAS to be you, director, riii~ght?
Shiina: SCRAM
Hana: It-… it’s sure nice, isn’t it~ // But what if there was like one animal, you know, / who’d talk bad about you, Mr. remarkable and so strooo~ng director…?

Page 12
Shiina: I’d kill him! Who’s it!?
Hana (thinking): He sure gets angry in a blink!! Oh boy, scary! So scary!! But I’ve to……
Hana: W-well, Chi-… Chita-kun // “Between the director and me it’s obvious I’m faster, y’know! But don’t you tell’im!”, or something like that is what he might or might not have said. [TN: Notice how the font gets smaller the longer she speaks. Please adapt this in your release, start some point around the “like that” to make them smaller : )]
Hana (in picture): I’m sorry, Chita-kun. Inciting the director on you with a lie was the best thing that came to my mind // in order to make you remember the importance of running… so, better prepare yourself…!!
Shiina: Go and call Chita……
Hana (in picture): Success--!!! B-but scary…!!!
Hana (thinking): There’s a good chance you’ll get killed if you do shabby… but I’m really sorry, Chita-kun!

Page 13
Chita: Huh? // What’s this…
Signs: Shiina – Director // Chita – Chita
Uwabami: You’re saying that Chita picked a fight with the director?
Wolf: They say they’ll do a race!
Ostrich: I’m all tense… hoh!!

Page 14
Chita: H-… hey!! Zookeeper, what the hell’s this!? Don’t you listen!?
Hana: Wha~t?
<sfx: fufufufufu>
Hana (in picture): The animals at this place are special… // So if they were to forget about their instincts this place wasn’t a park but rather the very same as prison to them…
Hana (thinking): Sorry~
Animals: Let’s go~!!
Shiina: Chita~ // How about you excuse yourself for opposing me / by dying, huh!?
Chita (thinking): What’s he so upset about!?
Someone: The rules are simple! // One round alongside the outer wall of the park, a distance of about 3 km!! // The first to reach the goal takes the win!!
Hana: A~lright! // On your marks… // Get set…
Hana (in picture): Run, Chita-kun…!!

Page 15
<sfx of Gorilla Kong’s drumming: DON>
Elephant: He’s faa~st!! This really is the director’s undisputable discipline, no doubt on that!!
Hana (thinking): Chita-kun, just remember how to run // You’re a cheetah after all!!

Page 16
Chita (thinking): He really is fast, that director…
Shiina: That bastard Chita, first he goes on bragging and now look at this head start… // Even though I’m still just doing a little jogging here
Eagle: The director already finished about ¾!!
Hana: You gotta be kidding!? Isn’t that way too fast!?
Eagle: Chita should be at about half way through, not really sure! // As of now, I’d say he ain’t got no chances of winning anymore!!
Wolf: Ah! / I can already see the director!!
Hana: So fa--!! // Huh…? // Impossible… you gotta be kidding me!?

Page 17
Shiina: This is lame, let’s call it quits
Hana: THIS IS TOTALLY LIKE IN THAT ONE FAIRY TALE!!! // Chita-kun // is still…
Chita: huff // huff
Chita (in picture): What the hell’s this!? What the hell am I running for!? Why the hell’s the director that pissed!? // This gotta be that zookeeper chick’s doing!
Chita (thinking): I can’t even see the director anymore...
Hana (in picture): Let’s recover that wild side of yours!!
Chita (in picture): Running around wildly like one pleases // I don’t need that sorta stuff recovered! // What purpose does running serve in wildlife anyway!? “The sake of escaping” or “The sake of hunting” // That’s what it’s about! // “For the sake of escaping” or…
Chita (thinking): Oh… the director.

Page 18
Chita (in picture): “For the sake of hunting”… // Huh!? So, what is it… what’s it I’m running for!? / Up until now I didn’t look at it that way but… / the director… // he really looks tasty…!!
Someone: Did the director withdraw from the race…?
Wolf: No matter how you put it that fatty never had any chances of victory to begin with! / Miss Zookeeper, where in the world did that confidence in victory come from?
Hana: But I’m telling you! // Once a cheetah starts running, in only 2 seconds… // he can accelerate to 70 km/h…
Wolf: Oh!
Hana: And in about 3 seconds… / !?

Page 19
Hana (in picture): He can go faster than 100 km/h!!!
Chita: Heh, // still got power left, let’s end this! // But, well… it’s alright // ‘cause right now

Page 20
Chita: is kinda fun!
Hana: ……p- p- // PULL THROUGH!!!
Shiina: As if I let’cha // Rapid Rabbit…
Hana: Chita-kun, the director’s…

Page 21
Shiina: FLIGHT!!!
Chita: Ah, it’s no use… that’s my limit…
Hana: Right before the goal--!!!
Box: The cheetah can hold his peak speed only for about 10~20 seconds.
Shiina: Don’t you fucking get
Chita: Huh? // Hmwaahh!!
Shiina: in my way there---!!

Page 22
Hana: You were great!! It was so close, you can’t really speak of winning or losing! That’s right!

Bottom: Next time – In order to find visitors the director and Hana go of to the city!?

Page 23
Someone: Director…!!
Shiina: I was fast there, wasn’t I!?
Chita: Huh?
Hana (in picture): Ah… that’s right, I… that lie about talking bad about him… // Now Chita-kun’s gonna get killed!!
Shiina: But y’know // that’s been some real fun in a long time! // We can only assume it, but I don’t know how this would have ended // if you’d been thinner… / or something like that
Hana: Haha…
Hana (thinking): Everything’s alright, then…?
Chita: Hehehe…
Box: The next day I had to install a treadmill in Chita-kun’s cage.
Shiina: I wanna do this again / lose weight!
Hana: So, overall the behavioral display… was a good thing, right?

Insert text: Aiming for number one in the world – Run! Run!!

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#1. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Aug 12, 2010
i thought red hawk is doing it..they already release the first two..

anyway, thanks for the trans..pretty damn funny..bugs on crack :))
#2. by minimoku ()
Posted on Aug 13, 2010
Yeah. Red Hawk Scans doing this series already. 2 chapters was out.

"Double release" soooo great >.<

This scanlations group work so fast and they're looking for a JP-EN translator for this series.

Mr.Prince I'm so glad you back ^^~ Thanks so much for translation. XD
#3. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Aug 15, 2010
Well Mr. Prince is clear: at this moment, the translation is reserved for BakanHaven. The translator makes a good point when he wants to see progression. So if things are await too long then he'll make it free usage.

Thank you very much Prince. I am glad that by your translations, you're making scanlations possible
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