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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 4

The rabbit, off to town

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Sep 19, 2010 23:51 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 4

Yo! I'm sorry, I suck ass at keeping up with translations... it's just that JUMP kinda kicked me in the crotch when I saw how the Japanese audience received the series. (It plummeted big time...) So, I'm not too sure how long this series might be able to survive. Right now it has a little buffer but this doesn't ensure a long run by any means.

PS: I hope some of you guys read my TL even though there are some SLs floating around the net for some time. But to be honest, they're not that great... (not that I'm boasting on how aweome mine are, though. Ah well, please enjoy them!)

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen
Insert text: The topic of the top secret meeting is…?

Sign: In meeting
Uwabami: The number of today’s visitors was zero again! // At this rate not only becoming number one in the world but even this park’s future is both in great danger!
Name tag: Uwabami // Snake
Uwabami: On the other hand, the director probably doesn’t want us to interfere in this issue.
Oogami: But we’ve got to do something about it!
Name tag: O o ga mi // Oogami // Dhole (red wolf)
Hana (thinking): We really are in deep trouble, huh…
Uwabami & Oogami: Therefore~

Page 2
Uwabami: since you’re the only human in this park, Hana-chan / we’re entrusting you!!
Oogami: This!!
Pamphlet: Welcome to Oumagadoki Zoo!! / We got a snake! And a wolf also! / Access
Hana: Fliers? Huh, did you handwrite them?
Uwabami: Yeah!! They’re advertisement! We would like you to go to town and hand them out! / In order to boost this park’s popularity!! // But if the director were to find out about this, things would get troublesome, no doubt on that. So, no matter what, you have to make sure that…
Shiina: I pushed ya outta the ring, my win! // Oh, what’cha guys doing!?
Uwabami: Hana-chan, do your best…

Page 3
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Chapter 4 – The rabbit, off to town
Horikoshi Kouhei

Side text: The egotistical director and the clumsy zookeeper are off to town!! The forth instalment of the new series you don’t want to miss!!

Page 4
Hana: Gyaaahhhh!!!! // Why are you even coming along, directooor!? / If you were seen with that rabbit face of yours we’d be in real trouble, don’t you thiiink!?
Shiina: “Why” you askin’? / Because this seems fun! // And things should be alright as long I hide my face under my hat, right!?
Hana (thinking): As if that hat was any less gaudy!
Shiina: So, / for what reason are we heading for town again!?
Hana: Huuuh---!? / We’re off to hand out pamphlets! It’s for advertising’s sake!!
Hana (thinking): I don’t have a good feeling about this--!!

Page 5
Shiina: Drop us off here, Takahiro!
Takahiro: Roger.
Shiina: Alright, go Aoi Hana!
Hana: If you do things that will harm our image all our endeavors will go to nothing!!
Shiina: In order for that not to happen, you’ll work harder!
Hana: There are not just ones written by Uwabami-san and Oogami-kun…
Pamphlet: Oumagadoki Zoo // I am awkward. / I am Gorilla Kong. / I am awkward, therefore Goriko We got a gorilla.
Hana: There’s one from Chita-kun, and one from Gorikon-kun…
Hana (in picture): For the park’s sake, everybody…
Pamphlet 2: Oumaga (cut off) // We got a cheetah that’s running around!! So, it’d be nice of you to come! / Access
Hana (in picture): They entrusted things to me, I have to give it my best!
Shiina: Ya slow! Walk faster!

Page 6
Shiina: Woah, this place’s really something!
Hana: Please stop it director and come down here!!
Shiina: This seems interesting

Page 7
People: What’s that!? // He’s hanging from a street sign // Why’s he wrapped up in such thick clothes on a hot day like this?
Hana: Director, just like I expected, you're too suspicious. Everyone’s looking at us
Shiina: You sure it’s suspicious and not charming? // Ohhh! // That…
Hana: Huh?
Shiina: Looks good!
Hana: Gyaaa--h!!

Page 8
Shiina: Aoi Hana, we need this at our zoo!
Shop Owner: What do you think you’re doing with my shrimp!?
Hana: Stop iii~~~t!!! <We don’t need this!!> // Director!! // Didn’t I tell you not to do anything that will harm our image!?
Box: Carrot juice that Hana bought for him in order to calm him down
Shiina: Well, but you know / about interesting things, I…… / I just love them!
Hana: What’s up with that soft tone of yours!? // So, will you keep it down a bit from now on? This might be a good place to hand out our fliers…
Shop Owner: We got moderate prices~

Page 9
Shop Owner: Gr- grandma! It’s the rabbit!! The king of the rabbits!!
Shiina: Whatcha doin’ all of a sudden!?
Hana: I’ve had enough of thii—s!!
Hana (in picture): I absolutely can’t take my eyes of the director, not for a single moment!! // Watching the director // and handing out fliers… // and on top I’m worried as to whether I can do well… // Oumagadoki Zoo! // Please visit us!!!

Page 10
People: What’s that? // A zoo? // Sounds like a fraud! Scary! // There is no such place in Oumagadoki City, right!?
Hana: Uhhh……… I can’t even handle out a single shee~t… / Even though they put all their hopes in me… I don’t think I can ever show myself in front of them again……
Shiina: Oh!
Hana: I won’t let you stray around anywhere, director!
Hana (in picture): No good, no good! I gave up too soon! // I decided to give my best!!
Hana: Oh snap---!!! // I was unheeding!!
Shiina: There’s a grocery store! <carrots!>
Hana: Director--!! Wait! Seriously!!
Girl: Huh--!? // Isn’t that Aoi!?

Page 11
Girl: What’cha doing, klutz girl?
Hana: Oh
Girl: Ah, you can’t believe it, huh? For a guy to have such sharp cheekbones, you don’t see that often, right?
Guy: Oh, Miura-chaan, c’mon
Hana (in picture): They’re classmates… // Why do I have to meet them at a time like this…
Girl: Right, you mentioned something about working part-time before, didn’t you? // What? So you’re really keeping up with it, wow!
Hana: Yeah… w-well,… I try!
Hana (thinking): I need to do something about the director! This is no good~~~
Girl: A job where they keep a clumsy girl like you!? / Just what sorta lame ass business is that!? One really has to wonder, right?

Page 12
Guy: What’s this? Who the hell’s handwriting nowadays!?
Girl: How laaa~me! Just use a computer, will ya~
Guy: A zoo? That sounds kinda really lame.
Flashback: Since you’re the only human in this park, Hana-chan / we’re entrusting you this!!
Hana: It’s true… // We might be going south right now, but… // But we’ll change that soon! Because we’ll be becoming the most popular zoo in the world!
Girl: Say what? // So, you’re in a real pinch here? Well, lemme give you a hand then!

Page 13
Girl: Like this! Watch~ // Hahaha!! They’re blown all over the place, that’s good, isn’t it? // Struggling desperately even though you can’t do shit // It makes me sick, don’t you agree---!? // I got carried away a little…
Hana: Excuse me!! I- I’m sor-… excus--…

Page 14
Hana: I’m sorry, could you plea-… // Ah---! Please don’t step on them!
Guy: Huuh---…
Girl: What’s she doing? // That clutzy screw up // How dare she…
People: Hey, stop getting in the way!! // Move!!
Hana: I’m sorry… // Ah, there’s one over there as well…
People: Ou—ch!! What’re you doing!?
Girl: She makes me sick!

Page 15
People: Hey, watch we’re you’re going!
Hana: I’m sorry! Ah, that one should be the last one…
Guy: Come with me for a minute
Hana: Hm!?
Guy: Ma gurl here, ya see // She sayz, ya makin’ her real sick, ya kno'!?
Girl: We found ourselves a really desperate one here!
Hana: Eh!? What’s this all about… / Give back my fliers!
Girl: I think it’d be better not~ to oppose him~ // Because my boyfriend // is a boxer, you know
Hana: Ah! / Don’t do that!!

Page 16
Shiina: You’re in the way! // Don’tcha loiter away on me like you please, Aoi Hana / I brought // some necessary things with me!
Hana: THAT’S A CRIME--!! / speaking of which, director…
※Stealing is an absolute no-go!

Page 17
Guy: Ow… // What the…
Hana: Ababaaaahhh!
Shiina: Hey
Guy: What the fuck, you bastard!?
Guy (thinking): Wasn’t that… a rabbit just now…?
Guy: My sharp cheekbones… / how dare you hurt them---!!?

Page 18
Shiina (in picture): RABBIT W(double)-PEACE!! [TN: Quite a fun name, V + V making a W. So the name's "Rabbit W-Peace" but read "Rabbit Double Peace"]
Shiina: And don’t make fun of my stuff! // Let me hollow his face further!!!
Hana: This isn’t about handing out fliers anymore!!
Girl: Wait! Wait, klutz girl!!

Page 19
Hana: Sorry~ // If you’ve got anything more to say come to THIS place // See ya
Journal: After returning the carrots and the shrimp (while getting beaten up by the director), we fled. // We failed in handing out the fliers. And on top of that I made myself a fool. It was a real disaster. // But I won’t lose my courage anymore without talking back! // Because I’m the zookeeper of Oumagadoki zoo!!
Hana: I’m so sorryyyyy~~~…
Oogami: Can’t be helped!
Shiina: This thing’s also quite interesting~
Hana: We have to return that as well!!
Journal: For some reason the director was really into that traffic cone. He didn’t want to let go of it for quite some time.

Insert text: They’re growing step by step!!

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