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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 7

The director and the lion

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Sep 26, 2010 23:11 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 7

No kidding, four chapters in one week. I could have been able to release this one a little earlier... but as a fan I know it's better to get your fix little by little without too much waiting in between, so I didn't rush myself. This chapter marks the end of the first story that was not a self-contained one week episode and I thought it was quite cool. But what's lying ahead of us is the first major story arc, starting with chapter 8. I can tell you: great stuff. Seriously!
(It's super heavy on the text and might therefore take a little while to "overcome"... I'll try my hardest to catch up. Only four chapters to go and we're up to date!)


Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Hana: Director!!!
Shishido: And… TAKE THIS!!

Insert text: Facing the lion’s destructiveness Shiina is…!?

Page 2
Uwabami: Hana-chan // What’s the meaning of all this…?
Hana: Uwabami-san…!! // I… I wanted to hear his story… // So I secretly siphoned off some of the director’s smoke… // And when I did… // And when I did that…
Uwabami: DIRECTOOOR!!?
Hana: I’m so sorry!
Shiina: Hmph…
Shishido: Now then, hand over the boss seat!

Page 3
Shishido: A rabbit just can’t keep up with a lion like me, whad’ya say!?
Shiina: I’m a human!

Chapter 7 – The director and the lion
Horikoshi Kouhei

insert text: A huge coup d’etat is imminent at Oumagadoki!!

Page 4
Uwabami: That lion! // Him again…
Hana: Again!? // By “again” you mean something like this has happened before!?
Uwabami: Yes. The incident happened shortly before you came here, Hana-chan. // The director brought that guy with him, completely beaten up. / The director said, that he’d be our new companion, you know…… but…
Hana (thinking): All beaten up?
Shishido: Gnrrgh!!

Page 5
Uwabami: But the moment after he transformed, that guy ran riot. // And he started attacking the park and us all indiscriminately.
Shishido: Who’s the boss of this place!!?
Uwabami: Ever since that incident the director made sure to never let that lion change forms again.

Page 6
Shishido: You know what? A leader’s supposed to be someone real strong // And you see, I’m a friggin’ power pack.
Shiina: More importantly, lion…
Hana: Young lions display their strength by taking over another pride. // That’s the lions’ society…… // I even forgot those things…
Uwabami: Hana-chan, your self-reproaching won’t solve any of this! / We have to hope the director will stop him…
Hana (thinking): The only way to stop him… is by overpowering the opponent and make him surrender… // But…

Page 7
Shiina: You sure // you’re alright?
Shishido: What are you // talking about!!?
Shiina: Tch…!

Page 8
Hana: Director, dodge it!! // Why’s he not dodging the attack!? // It could kill him!
Shishido: Hahhaa!! // It’s my victo--

Page 9
Shiina: I’s asking you, // You sure, you’re alright like this? // Well, if you’re able to move around like that everything should be okay
Shishido: What the fuck, you bastard… // How come my attacks won’t show any effect… // DIE, FUCKER!!! // In the end I am…

Page 10
Shiina: It really healed.
Hana: A… wound…?
Shishido (thinking): This is…!! // I was…… that’s right… // I was challenging someone to a combat…
Shiina: You forgot?

Page 11
Shiina: It was me who brought you here // But since you were practically on the verge of death / it’s not that surprising you don’t remember.
Shishido (in picture): Back in the savanna…… // That’s right, I… had lost…!!
Shiina: Yo, can you talk?

Page 12
Shishido: I lost… // I couldn’t steal that pride… Hrngh… // I’m not going… // to let myself… get killed by their leader… in a place like this……
Shiina: As if I’d let you die on me! You’re powerful / I took an interest in you! // C’mon / Let’s go home!

Page 13
Shishido: You saved me… // Why, you!?
Shiina: “Why”, you’re asking? // That’s because I think it’s fun to be with the guys I took a liking to. // I think it’s fun being with your friends

Page 14
Shiina: The creatures in this park, each and every one of them, are friends!
Hana (in picture): Director…
Shishido: Friends…?
Shishido (in picture): What I wanted… / was the boss position…
Shishido: “Friends” you’re saying…
Shishido (in picture): However, What I was craving for…

Page 15
Shishido: Was something… with force! With power! // A thing you achieve by pushing your opponent to the ground, that’s what I wanted…!! // And “friends” are… // NO SUCH THING, ARE THEY!!?
Uwabami: He’s roused to fury!
Hana: Director!
Shiina: You’re a real blockhead, aren’t ya…
Shiina (in picture): Since his wounds all healed up…
Shiina: And for dim-witted guys there’s the…

Page 16
Shiina (in picture): RABBIT BITCH SLAP!!
Shishido: Ugh!
Hana: He caned him just now…
Uwabami: He caned him, right. [TN: The original word isしっぺ (shippe), originating from 竹篦 (shippei) which is a bamboo stick that is used to hit monks in order discipline them into greater wakefulness. EDIT: just saw it’s on [url= http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shippei]Wiki.]
Shiina: That was your punishment. // I won’t let you do dull shit like that! // The moment you came to this place // You’d already become one this park’s friends!

Page 17
Shishido: H-… hey!!
Journal: And with that the director had brought and end to this turmoil.
Shiina: Go, apologize! Tell them you’re sorry.
Shishido: Don’ push me!
Oogami: Mm, well, it’s not like he beat us to the point where we can’t move after all… // So I guess we might forgive him for the director’s sake…… right?

Page 18
Shiina: Oh, right, right, I’ll have to think of a name for him. / Starting today the lion’s called // Shishido.
Journal: The reason why everybody calls him “director”
Uwabami: You stupid cat! How dare you…! Doing this to (my) director--!!
Shishido: Huh!?
Hana (in picture): He might be an egoist with a laissez-faire principle // However, since he also believes it’s fun to be with all the others he must esteem them… // He really is “the chief of this park” // Who cares deeply for his friends.
Hana: Director
Shiina: Hm?
Hana: The answer from back then… please tell it to me.
Hana (flashback): Why don’t you just exhibit the “transformed animals” to the publi--…
Shiina: You’re a blockhead, too!?

Page 19
Shiina: There’d only come weird guys / like those robbers from the other time for example! // I don’t want that. // What I want, is to make this park number one in the world in a fun way! // So, don’t you go use my smoke as you please!
Hana: I’m sorry. I’m really sor--… / …huh?? // Director… your hand!!
Shiina: What’s this!!?

Insert text: Suddenly and unexpectedly turning human…!!!

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#1. by minimoku ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2010
Yeah!!~ Thanks for the release!! XD
#2. by Shiina98 ()
Posted on Sep 30, 2010
thanks a lot
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