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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 12

Assault! The local Aquarium

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 7, 2010 22:26 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 12

Double release ftw! mitruly from RedHawk pitched in and proofread this script of mine. Big thanks for that.
Edit: My 30th translation, yay me! 50, here I come~~

Reserved for RedHawk!

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Horikoshi Kouhei
Insert text: It sure is warm… but no matter where you see him, he always wears this muffler…

Chapter 12 – Assault! The local Aquarium

Page 2
Insert text: The stone-cold and rigorous rule of the cruel director… Igarashi is in trouble!!

Isana: It’s almost showtime, right? // Today our sponsors will be showing up, so
don’t blow it!! // And don’t neglect your regular duties either! // Just think of it like this:
each screw up costs us 100 customers! // We’ll continue the meeting after the show.

Page 3
Isana: And think up fucking concepts to attract new customers!
Dholak: That jerk Fuka really had it coming, gishigishi. // Oh well, since it doesn’t affect my position I couldn’t care less.
Ikkaku: One shall not deride the deceased! Let us hold his funeral!!
Devilfish: I- I’m m-moving up t-to No. 7, hahahaha… finally // Wh- what am I s- supposed to do w- with…… this?
Sakamata: Do as you please but get it done! // It’s just a pitiful fish…

Page 4
Sakamata: Now den, everybody, return to your posts!
Maki: Yahaaaa~~~ I can move~!!
Kaizou: I’mma show my fashionable show to dose humans!!
Devilfish: I- I… will get r- rid of Fuka… hehe
Dholak: How disgusting…
Igarashi: We~ll, time is money. So I’d better return to my post quickly…
Sakamata: You’re coming we me!
Igarashi: Yes, sir…

Page 5
Ikkaku: Attention visitors, / the dolphin show, our program’s main event, // is about to start in the central stadium on the seconds floor. // Due to the expected audience we would like to ask you come ahead of time. / Please note that in preparation for more upcoming shows area B1 of the first floor will be off limits. We thank you for your understanding.
Someone: A dolphin show!! // Let’s hurry! Quickly!!
Ikkaku: Alright.
Signs: No trespas[cut off] / [cut off]ntly Cleaning
Isana: Now then… work, little fishies!

Page 6
no text, generally just sfx of water blasts

Page 7
Sakamata: Dis’ll be your working place, seal! // Seeing how you can’t transform back to normal making you execute various odd-jobs will be da only way to put you to use…

Page 8
Sakamata: You take care of basic duties such as cleaning smudge and stains from da Plexiglas, regulating da water temperature and so on! // Everything so dose guys can perform in da shows and make da visitors enjoy dem to hearts’ content without a hitch!
Igarashi (in picture): The fishes transformed…! // They’re just like us…! But……
Fish: Tsubo-kun!! / You alright!?
Tsubo: Hah… so painful… I’m so tired… this is too hard…
Fish: Sakamata-san, Tsubo-kun the moray eel, he’s… / Due to his exhaustion the other day… [TN: Tsubo is a moray eel or in Japanese an “utsubo”. I didn’t want to rename him to “Ray” to make the reference work, so please just remember this note.]

Page 9
Sakamata: All worn out, huh? I’m going to take you / see da director.
Igarashi: He’s in bad condition… // Just what atrocity was he…?
Sakamata: Even though you eat dem you show compassion towards fish? Fuhaha…
Igarashi: But… they are not meant to be eaten but for the audience, so they can enjoy themselves… // They’re your friends, aren’t they?
Sakamata: Once you start working at dis place it won’t be long / until you’ve forgotten dis emotion.

Page 10
Visitor: It’s about to start soon! / The shows at this place are just top-notch!
Devilfish: O-o- okay… p-p- pre-parations c- complete…
Ikkaku: Let the show begin!
Maki: You better make this a success! // I won’t allow you / to pull off anything fishy! [TN: Maki uses the word “toroi” in the original version with “toro” being written in Katakana for emphasis. As mentioned before: toro = tuna. “toroi” literally means something along the lines of “stupid” or “half-assed”.]
Dholak: Let’s see if that old fart won’t slip up… // Lighting’s all set up!

Page 11
Sakamata: I’ll be excusing myself den. // Fucking monster…
Tsubo: It’s so painful… this is too much… I’m begging you, please… please give me a break…
Isana: I see… // you’re useless now!
Tsubo: AAAHHHH!!

Page 12
Hana: Takahiro-kun, are you alright!? We’re so sorry...
Takahiro: *hah* *hah* I’m just carrying out my mission. *hah* [TN for Scanlators: Please notice the *hah*’s are those thick ゼー, maybe you can arrange them the same way.]
Someone: Hang in there! Only a little more!
Takahiro: If only you’d gotten thinner…
Chita: Sorry, really!
Uwabami: Everybody, don’t forget the plan, okay!?

Page 13
Uwabami: We may be about to intrude // but rescuing Igarashi is our top priority. / It’s definitely best if we manage to complete this mission without exposing ourselves!
Shishido: I’ll be striving to kill that fi--…
Uwabami: Really, shut up this once!
Hana: It’s already past 8pm / and yet they’re still running business. // That guy said something about “Night Aquarium” // That’s why we absolutely have to operate without being noticed by anyone. Not the visitors, nor the aquarium’s employees. // If we’re causing an uproar the recovery mission may fail.
Oogami: The bar’s quite high… so scary.

Page 14
Uwabami: But because they’re still open, running business, the other side can’t make any flashy moves either. / This is our chance!
Chita: And once we’re inside we’ll just have to rely on Oogami’s sense of smell and search for Igarashi! // The canidae’s smell goes without saying!
Oogami: *si~gh*… but if that orca shows up I’ll run away! That thing’s damn scary!
Shishido: When he does, I’ll[cut off]
Uwabami: Since we’ll be entering an area completely unknown to us there’s a high risk of separation.
Shishido: [cut off]that fucking fish!
Uwabami: In short // we’ll be progressing // without being seen // and without losing each other! Alright!?
Everybody: Got it!

Page 15
Hana: Director!? Have you heard everything!?
Shiina: We’re there! // Good job, Takahiro!
Takahiro: Mission Complete! // I’ll be staying here on the alert… mission no. 2 already, huh?
Hana: Okay… sorry again. And thank you.
Chita: Hurry up, Gorikon!
Gorilla Kong: I’m sorry. It’s because I’m awkward…

Page 16
Hana: Cheering… they’re probably in the middle of a show…
Uwabami: Now isn’t that convenient? That means there will hardly be any guards!
Hana (in picture): I started this job as a zookeeper because I wanted to change…

Page 17
Hana (in picture): Back then I never / would have expected things to turn out like *this*.
Shiina (flashback): Because I think being with your friends is fun! // I want to make this park
number one in the world in a fun way!
Hana (in picture): If even a single soul was missing, it wouldn’t be the same!
Chita: What are we gonna do? From what I see / the whole place looks locked up, y’know.
Uwabami: Let us search for another loca--……
Gorilla Kong: Director?

Page 18
Everybody (in picture): He didn’t listen to the plan at all------!!!

Page 19
Everybody: Director, you idiiiooot!!!
Shiina: I’m gonna take him back… as fast as I can!!!
<sfx: *alarm*>
Ikkaku: What’s this commotion!?
Sakamata: What was that!?

insert text: Unable to control his emotions! Shiina’s assaulting at full power!!

End text: Next time: The clash of Shiina and the Director!!

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#1. by KrCic ()
Posted on Nov 8, 2010
On fire, Prince, On fire!

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