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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 15

Willpower of the Underdog

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 16, 2010 12:17 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 15

Howdy! Great news: guess who's caught up with Weekly Shounen JUMP's chapters with his scripts!? :D Damn right, yours truly!
Scanlations will continue soon, but let Cuhw catch a little breath. That guy is doing all the cleaning, redrawing and typesetting by his own and I made him do like 5 chapters or so in 10 days which is damn tiring as you can imagine.

Fun trivia: This week's JUMP features chapter 18 of Oumagadoki, making it the longest series I've been translating up to this point. lol

Reserved for RedHawk's! (Thanks to NisemonoKami for the PR!!)

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Oogami: It’s the enemyyy!!!

Chapter 15 – Willpower of the Underdog
Horikoshi Kouhei
Insert text: Two guys not fit for battle facing the worst possible situation: combat!!

Chita: Let go of me! Ouch! It hurts, y’know!!
Maki: No I won’t~ It’s an order, you see. “Catch them!” was what he said!

Page 2
Maki: I’m Tekka Maki the Tuna. // Hey, hey, you’re a fatty, huh? / I really hate fishy guys, you know! // I think I’m going to capture you // by dragging you in-... side thi-… // urgh…
Chita: She drowned!! What’s up with her!?
Dholak: Tekka Maki, don’t tell me you can’t breathe if you don’t move!? Will you just pull him inside already!?
Maki: Sh… shut up, Dholak! I can’t just… eat him like… a crab or something.
Oogami: Chitaa!! Now’s your chance!! // If you run down these stairs you will get to Igarashi!! // GOO!!!

Page 3
Chita: You don’t have to tell me that!!

Page 4
Chita: She’s…!
Chita (in picture): She managed to keep up with my speed!!
Maki: Feeww~~… I went a bit too far~……
Oogami: You gotta be kidding!!? Didn’t Hana-chan say your initial velocity was at 70 km/h, Chita!?
Maki: Hey, hey, you are…

Page 5
Maki: Quite fast, aren’t you!?
Chita: You’re // real fast yourself, bitch!
Maki: I really like guys who are not up to anything fishy! // But I won’t let you get past here! // I am going to capture you!
Chita: Sounds fun!!! You just try that, y’know!!
Maki: It’s fun, ri~~ght!!?

Page 6
Oogami: Chitaaaa!! Where the hell are you going!? // Don’t tell me your wild side awakened at a time like thiiis!!?
Oogami (in picture, handwritten): Where has your cool side from before gone!?
Dholak: Do you know what the highest rushing speed of the tuna is?
※It’s the fastest among all fish
Dholak: 160 km/h!
Hana (flashback): Surpassing 100 km/h!!!
Oogami (in picture): Faster than Chita!!
Dholak: The fish tank on this floor is connected continuously! // Tekka Maki has a way of going to anywhere whenever she wants to!
Graphic: “Big Sea Corridor” Floor [TN for Scanlator: Please also change the names in circles as follows!]
大 = O |ド = D | 知 = C | マ = M [TN: You guessed it, they stand for the characters’ names]

Page 7
Dholak: Looks like it’s checkmate for you, zoo… but I won’t kill you because you’re going to become our commodity. / So why don’t you let yourself get arrested obediently, hmm…?
Oogami: D-… don’t want tooo!! // Hiyah!! // Ha ha ha! I knew that one! Crabs are only able to move laterally! // Have fun running towards that wall for the rest of your life~~!! // I’m going to retrieve Igarashi now!!

Page 8
Dholak: Are you an idiot?
Oogami: Ack!!
Dholak: Spider crabs can move freely in all directions! / Plus, right now I’m in my human form so it doesn’t even have anything to do with that, gishigishi! // Do you have any brains?
Oogami (in picture): He cut me!? // …no, that’s not it!! He skewered me!!! In one sweep!! What kind of friggin power is that!?
Dholak: Once I’ve caught you, I’ll rise in the ranks! // So you’re gonna be my stepping stone!
Oogani: What the hell is this guy…!! Compared to this crab even the orca doesn’t seem as scary!! He may be just a crab… // But he’s SCARY!!!

Page 9
Dholak: Now surrender obediently! // Mr. Underdog who was destined to lose from the very beginning. [TN: This is quite a nice wordplay. In Japanese there’s the word 負け犬 (makeinu) which literally means “losing dog” but is used figuratively for “loser” or “underdog”. I chose the latter one in order to get this implicated meaning across.]
Oogami (in picture): I already said, I don’t want to!! // He’s so scary…!!
Dholak: Answer me, dammit! You can speak after all. So, are you gonna cooperate?
Oogami: Yeow!
Oogami (in picture): Ouch!! / Don’t wanna!! // I don’t want to… // He’s so scary… and it hurts!!
Oogami: Ackk!
Oogami (in picture): Seeing all this…

Page 10
Oogami: I just can’t keep up with all of thiii~s, dammit!!!
Dholak: Sti~ll running away? // I forgot to tell you this, // we were told it’s okay to kill you if you resist! // It might lower my evaluations from the boss… I really tried my hardest here to cooperate, but you / prefer to resist!
Oogami: Aaahhhh!! And you’re telling me this NO~~~W!!?

Page 11
Oogami: Owww!!! // hah // hah
Dholak: A dead end, too bad for you.
<sfx: *huff* *huff*>
Oogami: It’s enough… / hah… my body hurts and I’m too damn scared… I can’t keep up with this anymore. // If being caputred is an option, I’ll take it!

Page 12
Chita: What the hell’s up with you… still not at your limit!?
Maki: Nope~
Chita: I can only go at my top speed for 20 seconds!! I only got about 5 seconds left, not a single one more than that…
Chita (in picture): Is she trying to fool me? // Or is she really just playing with me!?
Maki: Hey, hey, looks like you really can’t raise your speed any further, huh!?
Chita: Wha-!?
Maki: So you weren’t fast after all, hmm!?

Page 13
Maki: I hate such fishy guys!
Chita (in picture): It’s no use, I can’t keep up // I’m getting caugh--…
Dholak: Gishishishishishi, lame! So lame!! But you understood your situation! // Thanks for helping me with my promotion! Gishishishi // Well, you agreed to help me by becoming the stepping stone leadings to my goals, // I appreciate your effort!

Page 14
Dholak: Huh?
Oogami: RUUN!
Chita (in picture): Oogami--!!
Oogami: RUUUN!!!
Dholak: What is this? What’s that yapping? The barking of a losing dog?
Oogami: Ugh!!
Dholak: Gishishishi

Page 15
Oogami: You fool! Don’t you know that wolves are masters of calculation!? // Sorry to tell you this just now.
Dholak: That’s why I’m asking what this is all about! // I already told you that Tekka Maki will capture that fatty, didn’t I!? Didn’t you hear what I said about her speed!?
Chita: Hhhnnggghhh!!! [TN for Scanlators: See how the letters get bigger in the raw. Maybe you can adapt this in some nice way :)]
Maki: Oh~ // So you ARE fast // in the end, huh!?
Oogami: It’s exactly that tuna’s speed… / that’s going to backfire at you!! // CHITA, NOW!! // STOP RIGHT THERE!!!

Page 16
Chita: Hm?
Maki: Wha-!?
Dholak: Ugh!

Page 17
Oogami: Hell yeaaah!!! // Hahaha!! A collision at over 100 km/h! / Just as planned… haha
Chita: Huh? Wha-? / hah / hah hah [TN for Scanlators: every ゼー equals on “hah”]
Oogami: I lured the crab into that corner so the tuna would crash in him. / hah / hah // I came up with this when I noticed the tuna’s overflowing energy and vigor.
Chita: I could have never thought this up from just that… // hah / hah
Oogami: You’re just way too absorbed in running!
Chita: But you know what! Just before I exceeded my limits, y’know! // I ran for 25 seconds straight, y’know, I definitely broke the 200 km/h mark!!
Oogami: No, you didn’t! Geez… // Ah well, at any rate…
Chita: We managed the unexpected, yeah!!!

Page 18
Oogami: It may hurt and be scary to the point I can’t keep up with it. // But the thought of not returning with everybody is even more unendurable! // Let’s go, off to Igarashi!
Chita: Let’s not lose any time and head there!
Shiina: Shit…!! Fucking shit…!! // I have to get Igarashi back quickly! // Rapid Rabbit…
Fuka: Hey! // Wait… rabbit… man…

Page 19
Uwabami: Kasai!!
Devilfish: J-j just m-my f-f- favorite k- kind… of w- woman…a s-s- snake woman… wriggle, wriggle!
Ikkaku: You are // quite reticent, I see!

Insert text: The executive staff are attacking one by one!! Next issue increased to 23 pages to commemorate the popularity!!

End text: Chapter 15 – The end.

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#1. by dagnel ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2010
thanks again, Mr.Prince.
#2. by KrCic ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2010
Thank you man!...
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