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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 18

Get Igarashi…!

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Dec 5, 2010 20:00 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 18

Hi folks~ this will be the last translation for the moment, since I caught the flu and don't really got the drive to translate Japanese right now. I hope you understand this.
For those of you who didn't hear it: Oumaga rose in the rankings this week, yay~! Then we have a second printing scheduled for Volume 1, Volume 2 to be launched December 29 and a special chapter in JUMP Next coming. We're facing good times here, I hope... enjoy this release!!

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Insert text: The King of Beasts starts his counterattack against the Gangster of the Sea!!
Sakamata: Guagh…!
Sakamata (in picture): Dat guy… with only dat little piece of information from just now // he was able to come up with such a maneuver… // is dis what da battle instinct of a lion is like!?
Shishido: I~diot! You’re an i~diot!! / Don’t you dare go down already!! ‘Cause I still…

Page 2
Shishido: have to KILL you some more!!!

Insert text: The ferocious rush to Igarashi’s rescue!!
Chapter 18 – Get Igarashi…!
Horikoshi Kouhei

Igarashi: Shishido-kun… he really is amazing… // but also scary!!
Shishido: And while we’re at it, eat this!!! SPECIAL MOVE!!!

Page 3
Shishido: LION HEART!!! // Hurts even more than Shiina’s attack/ doesn’t it!!?
Igarashi: He copied the director’s Rabbit Peace!!
Shishido: And one more…!!
Sakamata: How many times do you plan to pull da same move with your hands…

Page 4
Shishido: I hnly hill hnsin ma fnfs, ya iwiod!!! (small: I only kill using my fangs, you idiot!!!) // Ifs na win!!! (small: It’s my win!!!)
Sakamata: K-kch!!! // GUAAARR // AARRRGGH
Sakamata (in picture): I, who stands at da very top of da food chain, am going to lose…? // I won’t let dat happen!!

Page 5
Shishido (in picture): Water---!!

Page 6
Mukanai: ? What was that sound just now…?
Name box: Sponsor – President of Ushimi Construction Works / Hanauwa Mukanai
Mukanai: Hey, hey, hasn’t there been quite a ruckus outside ever since? It’s all like “baaam” and “booom” and stuff like that. // Oh, and the orca still didn’t come up!? It will come, right?
Isana: Oh, my… I am so sorry. / I am also wondering just what the ruckus may be… // And please excuse the orca, there are some minor arrangements that have to be made…
Mukanai: Minor arrangements, you say? You really are a funny one!
Dude 1: U~~m, huh? That ball was too small, it seems… oh! / That’s one of the balls the dolphins use, isn’t it!? U~~m…
Dude 2: Okay!! That was Kaizou-san… um, -kun’s ball-balancing performance!! Ladies and gentlemen, please give him a round of applause!!
Visitor 1: What the hell’s this!?
Visitor 2: How shoddy…
<sfx: *silence*>

Page 7
Mukanai: Hey, ever since those trainers switched in it’s been one mistake after another!! // You don’t expect me to pay any money for such a boring show like this, do you!?
Isana: I will have // a serious talk with them later on. // If you’d excuse me for a minute.
Isana (thinking): Bumptious moneybag…
Mukanai: Ohhh, it’s the Beluga whale~!!
Isana (thinking): Hey, still not done!? There is only 30 minutes left till the end of the show! / And what’s with all that noise!? Report immediately! // Respond!
Maki: Eghh~~ / I’m dying, dying!
Devilfish: Shit-!

Page 8
Isana (in picture): I can’t reach them. What the hell’s going on…!?
Isana: Orca, answer!
Sakamata: *rustle*… Y…… es
Isana: Did you move the seal to the office yet?
Sakamata: *rustle*… It…is sti……ll her… *rustle*… *clunk*
Isana: Each and every one of them… // is a useless idiot!

Page 9
Shishido: Bobaaa!!
Sakamata (thinking): Da signal was cut off…
Sakamata (in picture): Due to da heavy damage to my head I can’t tell if I was able to transmit everything… // At any rate, I need to bring da seal to da director’s office quickly, or else…
Shishido: …da fuck’s this!?
Shishido (in picture): The glass is fixed again!? I can’t get out!! // I’m useless in the water!! I can’t fucking swim!! Shit!!
Igarashi: Isn’t this the same system that’s used with the cages in the zoo!? // Wait a… do you mind releasing him!? Shishido-ku~~n!!

Page 10
Sakamata: Does it hurt? / Due to da director’s magical powers da Plexiglas is repaired immediately. // Now den… I took da stick before… // Time for round 2!
<sfx: *turn*>
Shishido (in picture): Shit, I’m fucked!!
Shishido: Baiyon Barb!!! (small: Lion Heart)

Page 11
Sakamata: Making a ruckus and shouting “Who’s at da top?”
Shishido: Burgh!!
Shishido (in picture): Breathe!! I can’…… it’s no u…
Sakamata: No doubt, on land you’re quite strong // But dis world is about survival of da fittest… // da strongest one will win in da end!!

Page 12
Gorilla Kong: I’M SORRYYY~~!!!

Page 13
Hana: Shishido-kun!!
Sakamata: It’s you!!
Oogami: Mind letting go of him? C’mon, let go!! Attaboy~!!

Page 14
Oogami: Igarashiii~!!! We got hiii~~m!!!
Igarashi: You guuu~~ys!!
Hana: If it wasn’t for Shishido-kun entering the fray we wouldn’t have been able to find Igarashi… // Thank you.
Hana (in picture): Oogami-kun’s nose was hurt during battle. // None of us had any idea on what to do… and during that moment, / but we heard a loud noise and ran after it.
Hana: Really, thank you very much, Shishido-kun.
Gorilla Kong: He’s a real man of honor!!!
Oogami: Hana-chan, let’s quickly return to where Takahiro’s at!!

Page 15
Sakamata: Don’t you think it’s a bit too early to be so relieved?
Gorilla Kong: You two!!
Sakamata (in picture): “Bring da seal to da director’s office…” // If I don’t accomplish dis task da director will kill me. // Dat order is top priority right now.

Page 16
Hana: Wait!

Page 17
Gorilla Kong: Miss Zookeeper!? That’s dangerous!!
Hana: I have been thinking about it all this time when I arrived at this aquarium…
Sakamata: Planning to interfere…?
Hana: This place may really be fancy and huge… and it may also be popular, // but the creatures working here have the eyes of a dead fish! // Not a single one of them looks like he or she enjoys it!

Page 18
Hana: This place is nothing but a jail to them!!
Gorilla Kong: Miss Zookeeper…
Sakamata: You rea~lly are an annoying female specimen…
Hana: I absolutely cannot let such a place like this // lay its hands on Igarashi!!
Kaizou: I’m feelin’ just

End text: Chapter 18 – The End. / Hana in a big pinch!?

Page 19
Kaizou: so miserable!
Mukanai: Welcome back! Finished all your business?
Isana: I had to send out a little message… on top of that, I will have to leave for just another minute, if you’d excuse me.
Mukanai: You seem swamped!! You really are a funny one! Where are you off to this time!?
Isana: To my office.
Shiina: The director’s office… // didn’t expect it to be that far away!!

Insert text: Isana has started to move… hurry up, Shiina!!

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#1. by dagnel ()
Posted on Dec 5, 2010
thank you Mr. Prince :)
#2. by MIhata ()
Posted on Dec 5, 2010
Thank you :)
Hope you get well soon.
#3. by TitaniumChloride ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2010
Keep up those fluids and get well soon! Thanks for getting this translation up and take your time with the rest~
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