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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 20

Zoo Director VS Aquarium Director

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Mar 2, 2011 22:22 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 20

Helloooo~, been quite a long time. Feels good to be back, spreading the Oumaga love and doing fun stuff in one's holidays.
Sorry for the little dry spell in releases. I will try to close the gap in the next few weeks. I will NOT abandon this series no matter how long it will go or when those fucktards from JUMP decide to cancel it. I promise! :)

Volume 3 in stores this week, 11/3/4. I'll be sure to get my copy some time soon. Enjoy this chapter, we're reaching the climax of the first major arc!

Redhawk exclusive.

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Insert text: Takahiro, anxiously waiting for his friends!!

Takahiro: They’re late…
Takahiro (in picture): There’s a huge nonstop ruckus that’s been going on for a while. Did they find out about our infiltration mission?! Is everyone okay?! // Is it alright for me to just stand here and wait?!
<sfx: *twitch* *twitch*>
Takahiro (in picture): …… no! It’s my task to wait! // And to believe in everybody!
Takahiro (monologue bubble): And to rest my sore muscles as well!
Takahito (in picture): I’m praying for your safe return // guys!!
<sfx: *tick* *tick*>

Page 2
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Headline: ☆JUMP Comics Volume 1, a second printing has been scheduled due to its popularity!! It’s selling like crazy!!

Insert text: (bunny symbol) Zoo Director VS. Aquarium Director!! The climax of the Aquarium Arc!!


Chapter 20 – Zoo Director VS Aquarium Director

Horikoshi Kouhei

Page 3
Isana: You do know why this place has a door, right?
Shiina: Of course I do! // Though I didn’t know there was one before I came in here flying!
Isana: Orca! // Stop this idiot!
Igarashi: Please rescue me as fast as possibleee!

Page 4
Shiina: Let go of him, Helmet Man!
Sakamata (in picture): I’m still hurt from all da damage… // dat fucking lion…
Isana: ……what’s wrong?
Sakamata (in picture): If I don’t do it…
Isana: Hurry up!
Sakamata (in picture): I’ll be done for // No…… / No doubt about it!

Page 5
Sakamata (in picture): I’m at da top!
Sakamata: One who is at da top // will devour bastards like you here and now!

Page 6
Sakamata: Even stronger… // … dan before! His power’s rising…

Page 7
Shiina: That’s payback for what happened at the lake!
Isana: Oh my… I will have to clean up this mess, what a pain… // So in the end, none of them // were useful! // If you’re going to ravage this place anymore, things will be quite troublesome. / Looks like you really don’t want to calm down and chat with me, huh~ // I already said it before, but I’m very happy that I was able to meet you. // All that pain, all that trouble and bitterness of living secludedly and secretly, / if anyone understands them, it’s gotta be you, right?

Shiina: You’re noisy!

Page 8
Shiina: I really // can’t stand you!
Isana: …so in the end you can’t engage in a proper conversation, I see~
Shiina: Of course I can, you idiot!! // I just don’t speak with guys / I can’t stand!

Page 9
<sfx: *wobble* *wobble*>
Igarashi: Beg your pardon…!?
Isana: This guy isn’t worth a thing to me. // You know what I mean, right?
Shiina: Huh? / Uhh… Ohh! You mean you’ll return him?
Shiina (in picture): Why didn’t you say so from the beginning…
Igarashi: Director! He meant that he’s keeping me hostage!! <Free~~ze!!>
Isana: All I’m saying is that I want to have a little chat. // You don’t want me to harm this guy in some way or another, do you…?
Shiina: I would smash you // before you could do anything!!

Page 10
Igarashi: Directooor!? I’m his HOS-TAAAA-GE!!!
Shiina: I’ll beat you black and blue // as fast as I can!!
Isana (in picture): Quite fast~
Shiina: Take this!!

Page 11
Sakamata (in picture): He stopped Isana’s tailfin. // Just what kind of power does dat rabbit possess…?
Shiina: The same attack won’t work again against me!
Isana: Look up!
Shiina: Ugh
Igarashi: Oh no, directooooor!!
Shiina: Shit!
Isana: The cost for repairing all of this is nothing to be sneezed at. // Be a good boy and obey me!
Page 12
Shiina: Rapid Rabbit // Rebound!! // Roll over!! // Run!!
Sakamata (in picture): He can keep up with da speed of dat tailfin!!

Page 13
Isana: That’s enough!
Shiina: Argh
Sakamata (in picture): Da tailfin’s growing… // Is he going serious…?
Shiina: I will… // smash you!

Page 14
Isana: You’re too impulsive!
Sakamata: He saw through it!
Sakamata (in picture): Rabbit… dere’s no doubt about it… // you’re on par with Isana!!

Page 15
Shiina: Eat this!
Isana: What is it, you bastard?!
Shiina: Ngh!
Isana (in picture): He managed to shorten the distance, huh.
Isana: However, the damage you have taken by now is quite serious // Are you okay?

Page 16
Shiina: Igarashi!
Igarashi: Directoooo(undecipherable scribbles)!!
Isana: What?
Isana (in picture): In that instant just now? He was so fast that I didn’t even notice……
Sakamata (thinking): So he snatched him away in da end!
Sakamata (in picture): All dat shouting about how he’d smash him was in preparation for dis!?
Igarashi: I’m just sooo happy, my tears won’t stop anymore (undecipherable stuff)
Shiina: Hell yes!

Page 17
Shiina: I got him baaa~ck!
Igarashi: Thank you, Sir!
Isana: Like I’d let you go!
Hana: Is it here? You think it’s alright to enter? // Well, I don’t know but… // A door is there to be opened!!
Shiina: Aoi Hana, I’m counting on you.
Hana: Direc…
Shiina: Chita. // I need your belly, sorry.
Chita: Huh?

Page 18
Chita: That’s terrible, y’know!

Page 19
Shiina: Aoi Hana, return to where Takahiro is at! // There are still some things I have to finish here!
Isana: Enough… enough of this…!

Insert text: Shiina is transcending!! Isana’s composure is…!?

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#1. by MIhata ()
Posted on Mar 3, 2011
Thank you.
#2. by TitaniumChloride ()
Posted on Mar 5, 2011
I can barely wait for the rest of the arc! *u* Ouma really needs to be higher in the rankings...

Thanks for the translation!
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