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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 21

The Curse of the Whale

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Mar 13, 2011 20:37 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 21

Hello everybody.

I finished a fair number of scripts for Oumaga this week and they're currently PR'd. So expect more to come... spread some love in these dark times!

RedHawk only!

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Horikoshi Kouhei

Headline: The brand new JUMP Comics Volume 2 released on December 29th!! And there will be a special chapter released in Jump NEXT! (in stores: January 8th) as well!!

Shiina: There are still some things I have to finish here!
Isana: Enough… enough of this…! // A conversation with an idiot like you won’t go anywhere.

Chapter 21 – The Curse of the Whale

Insert text: They saved Igarashi!! All that’s left is the one-on-one fight between these two men!!

Page 2
Hana: Igarashi-san, are you okay!?
Igarashi: Yes!! Yes!! My lady, Chita-kun, how come you guys are here!?
Chita: That’s not gentleman-like at all, y’know
Hana: I heard the words “director’s room” in the conversation between the orca and the walrus // So we just tried asking some of the fishes about it. / And they told us everything in a blink of an eye!
Shiina: Aoi Hana, go now. Fast!
Hana: Huh? / And what about you, Director!? Didn’t we say we’d all return together!? // We already achieved our goal!
<Kanji on Igarashi’s forehead: Goal>
Shiina: That guy // stepped on me before! / So I’mma have to pay him back first!

Page 3
Isana: Now you try that! // Small fry!!
Sakamata (in picture): It’s fully grown!! // As far as speed is concerned, da rabbit wins, but concerning power…
Shiina: Oh, a power struggle with a worthy opponent, interesting! Count me in!

Page 4
Isana: Tch!
Sakamata (in picture): Dese are da rabbit’s true colors…! // Because of da seal being free he can go all out… // His moves are even stronger…
Hana: I knew he was strong… / But once he gets serious, things turn ugly, huh…
Chita: I don’t think anyone should anger him anymore, y’know……

Page 5
Isana (in picture): Not just speed but also power…… tch!! Shit! If I don’t stop his movement… // I’m done for……
Shiina: RAPID RABBIT // STOMP!!! // That’s payback for what happened before!
<sfx: *happy*>
Isana: You small fryyy!

Page 6
Isana: Let’s see how you like it if I stop your movement!
Hana: Chita-kun! Get the director…
Chita: Huh!?
Hana: Ready, // GO!
Isana: Tch!
Shiina: What’cha think you’re doing, Chita!?
Chita: But the zookeeper told me to…
Chita (in picture): And once I hear that signal, I just have to…
<sfx: *boing* *boing*>
Isana: Small fry……

Page 7
Hana: Echolocation. // The sound waves that toothed whales use to communicate or to paralyze their prey… am I right?
Isana: Quite knowledgeable, aren’t we? // “Aoi”… was it?
<sfx: *turn around*>
Hana: Yeah. // And I love animals!
Igarashi: Lady, you better don’t…
Hana: Therefore, let me tell you this: // You’re so cruel that it’s unbearable!
Igarashi: Lady!
Isana: Huh?

Page 8
Hana: To you, all the animals at this place are nothing but means to an end, aren’t they!?
Igarashi: Please, stop. It’s dangerous!
Hana: Seeing how you treat all of the fishes like that…! No matter how popular you’ve gotten… // or how much of your human body has recovered // I can’t think of you as a human being!
Isana: Who asked you, know-it-all!?

Page 9
Isana (in picture): Hah… // hah…
Isana: It’s no use…
Shiina: Aoi Hana, stop acting so recklessly! Return to where Takahiro is at! // I’ll be coming once I have punched him another 2,840,000 times!
Isana: It’s useless…… I see. // The little miss giving me her fucking little speech. // So that Demon Whale / really / did / fucking end my life / as a human!
Sakamata: It’s da first time… I’m seeing it……
Isana: Without / knowing a thing about it // she just / can’t / think of me as a human being...

Page 10
Isana: Those were some cruel things you’ve said there!

Page 11
Hana: The part… where he didn’t recover yet…
Chita (in picture): Waaaahhhh
Chita: He’s waaaayyy more whale than I thought!! // Ugh!!
Shiina: Chita!! // Hey, what the fuck, Helme… huh!? Whale Man!
Isana: Until I was cursed… // I had it all! // Money, status… // The full package…

Page 12
Employee/Suck-up: Oh my~, how beautiful! / “Whale watching” is another fine hobby of the young master!
Isana: Creatures of the sea don’t seem to be scared of humans… // Why do you think that’s the case?
Employee/Suck-up: …why is it?
Isana: It’s because there are no humans in the sea! // For that reason there are literally huge things / swimming around all calmly!

Page 13
Employee #1: What’s he saying…!?
Employee #2: Like I understand a moneybag’s brat’s talk…
Employee: Young master, what are you…!?
Isana: The fun of crushing one of them… // you understand it, don’t you?
<sfx: *gunshot*>
Employee #1: Won’t stop until he’s at the top… That’s the type of person he is…
<sfx: *gunshot*, *gunshot*>
Employee #2: That’s just abnormal, going on a cruise for just that reason…
Isana: Hahaha // Ahh~, how refreshing…
<sfx: *splash*>

Page 14
Employee: Young master!!
Isana: Ugh…!!
Demon whale: Show me by the means of these powers!
Everybody: Waaahhh!!
Demon whale: Go and create a special place for these creatures, well-known throughout this world!

Page 15
Demon whale: I won’t kill you! // Show it to me!
Isana: I did what the Demon Whale told me to do. / I took possession of this run-down aquarium and made it my castle!
Shiina: You get what you deserve, right~?
Hana & Chita: Director…
Isana: And during all of this I discovered how to use the magical powers!
Fishes: It’s time! // It’s time!
Isana: Now then~ // The show’s over already!

Page 16
Isana: Once I’m done smashing you, I’m sure you will tell me / how you managed to weaken the curse all in detail.
<sfx: *yay* *yay*>
In picture (from right to left): Ahaha, that was so much fun~ // But the orca didn’t come! // The second half was the opposite of entertaining!

Page 17

Page 18
Hana: A Sperm Whale!!
In picture: Waaahhh
Hana: So he can freely transform his own body with the magical powers!?
Isana: Little miss… no matter how you think about it // I am // HUMAN!
Shiina: Aoi Han…

Page 19
<sfx: *THOMP*>
Hana: DIRECTOR!!!!

Insert text: The world’s biggest type of power…!!

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