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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 22


+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Mar 16, 2011 01:32 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 22

Hi everyone~

Aquarium Arc reaching the climax! Next chapter will be 23 pages, so look forward to that.

For RH only.

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Insert text: This grotesque form…!!

Isana: “Able to freely transform my own body”… it’s a little different, // Aoi, or whatever your name was!
<sfx: *murmur* *mumble*>
Visitors: So this is the reason for the alarm and the ruckus that was going on during the show…? // Looks like it crashed down, huh…
Hana: Director!!! // It’s all my fault…
Isana: You hardly know a thing even though you guys are such good friends, huh~ // This is the curse! Now don’t you think…

Page 2
Isana: You will return back alive after you’ve seen this form!

Insert text: The tyrant Isana has smashed Shiina…!!

Chapter 22 – Friends
Horikoshi Kouhei

Headlines: ☆JUMP Comics Volume 2 in stores: 29th December!! The orca will be on the cover!! // ☆ A bangai-hen will be released in Jump NEXT!!! Details on Page 228!!

Isana: The magical powers are powers of changing!
Shiina (in picture): *cough*
Isana: Unless I can break the curse, I’m a human bearing magical powers! / I can always return to my whale form.

Page 3
<sfx: *fissss*>
Isana: I figured out all the tricks in using the magical powers! // If you understand that, shut up and die!
Shiina: Hah… / Hah…
Isana: Still able to move, I see… tough, aren’t we…

Page 4
Hana: Again…
Chita: Huh…?
Sakamata (in picture): His face…!?
Shiina: You, // you just tried to harm one of my friends, didn’t you!?
Isana (in picture): What was that just now…? // For just an instant… // He was human…
Shiina: Shit like that… is what I hate the most! // Hah // Hah
Isana: How…… // How did you…?

Page 5
Isana: WHY YOU!!?
Shiina: All that asking, shut up!!
Shiina (in picture): Too strong…
Hana: Di…
Isana: How come you can change back when I can’t!!?

Page 6
Hana: Director!!
Chita: Stop it, giant whale!!
Uwabami: Gyaaaah!!!
Oogami: Oogami: What IS that!? It’s huuuuge!!! Huh? Don’t tell me that’s the Balanidae Helmet Guy!? [TN: For reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balanidae]
Gorilla Kong: Is that a whale!?
Shishido: Hey, Gorilla, thanks. Now let me down, dammit!!
Hana: Guys!!! // How come you’re here…!?
Oogami: ‘Cause my nosebleed stopped.
Oogami (in picture): What is that? / What is that? / What is that? / Just what is that?
Gorilla Kong: And it seems that Kasai-san just followed the noise… / We found him eventually when he had bumped into a wall.
<sfx: *bump*>
Shishido: Fiiish!! /You fucking bastard!!

Page 7
Isana: Huuuh? // So the small fry has assembled…
Everybody: Director…!!!
Oogami: Wha… // What has happened here…?
Isana: Your boss is already // done for, you hear me…!?

Page 8
Everybody: DIRECTOOOOR!!
Gorilla Kong: Uhooar!!!
Hana: You guys!!!
Igarashi: That person is quite frightening!!
Shishido: Fish…… I’mma kill ya later! // I can’t allow anyone to kill the prey I had my eyes on!!
Everybody: TAKE THIIS!!!

Page 9
Gorilla Kong: GORILLA CLAW!!
<sfx: *clutch*>
<sfx for Kasai: *RAM*>

Isana: What do you intend to accomplish!?
Shishido: LION HEART!!
Isana: Keh!!
Shishido: Ug-ugh! // Hah… // Hey, Shiina! How long ya plan to sleep over there!? // Aren’t you supposed to be stronger than me!?

Page 10
Isana: How dare they oppose humans… // Orca, // KILL THEM! // Prove that you can be / of at least a little help!
Sakamata (in picture): …… in a world of survival of da fittest… // … I will…
Sakamata: I will… // never accept orders from da weak!

Page 11
Isana: Ugh… you bastard, what do you intend to do…!? Were you moved by their affection!? Are you gonna betray me…!?
Hana: Orca...
Hana (flashback): This place is no different than a jail to them!!
Sakamata: I was affected by nothing, nor did I betray you… // I simply… followed you because of your strength!

Page 12
Sakamata: But den I just met another person far stronger dan you!
Chita: Directooo~~~r!!
Shishido: Hey there, fish!! Are you planning to become our ally, bastard!? You’re so lame, dude!!
Sakamata: I also don’t intend to conspire with your bunch! // I’m a Transient, a rogue among orcas!

Page 13
Shiina: I’mma thrash you good!
Shiina (in picture): hah / hah
Isana: Everyone of them… // BUOOOOO
Sakamata: *smack*
Someone: Waah!!
Isana: You’re really pissing me off, down to the bone…
Shiina: Huh? // Gah
Isana: Just die / already!

Page 14
<sfx: *swallow*>
Everybody: DIRECTOOOR!!?
<sfx: *rumble*>
Isana: Urrgh…!!
<sfx: *drop*>

Page 15
Shiina (in picture): During that time // they dropped in my scarf…
Fuka (flash back): Relieve // my anger…
Shiina (in picture): Revised Shark fin-Man! // So / you relieved it yourself, didn’t you?
Sakamata (in picture): Shark teeth… // Fuka!?
Hana (in picure): Everybody is giving their all, yet I, their zookeeper, can’t do a thing. What should I do!?
Someone: Director!! From above!! // His upper jaw is…
<sfx: *chomp*>

Page 16
Shiina: A single tooth was enough to pay him back!

Page 17
Hana: No matter how often he’s going to say he’s human, / his body must work the same as a whale’s since he was able to use Echolocation! // Sperm Whales have a substance called “Spermaceti” in their heads for diving purposes, which they can harden and liquidate… // In order to strengthen those head-butts he probably hardened the Spermaceti! // So if he can’t use it…
Isana: Uagh…
<sfx: *drip*>
Hana: It’ll weaken him, no doubt about it!!
Shiina: Kidnapping my friend and even hurting them… // I’m gonna beat you black and blue…! // Prepare yourself, Whale Man!
Isana (in picture): A boost in his magical powers…!?

Page 18
Shiina: This time, I’m gonna thrash ya… // RABBIT

Page 19
Shiina: PEACE!!!!
<sfx: *CRASH*>

Insert text: Striking with his “peace” while thinking of his comrades… demolishing the giant aquarium director!!

End text: Next time: The end of the Aquarium Arc, increased to 23 pages!!

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