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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 23

Zoo vs. Aquarium: The Decisive Outcome!

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Mar 27, 2011 22:39 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 23

Hi everybody!

Prepare yourself for what is in my opinion the greatest chapter of Oumagadoki Doubutsuen! It had everything a good Shounen Action Manga should have. Great stuff and a Sakamata (one of my top favs from this series) on his best!


Reserved for the Hawks

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Top: ☆ A bangai-hen to be released in Jump NEXT!!!

Bottom: ☆ JUMP Comics Volume 2 of Oumaga in stores 29th December!! The finale of the Aquarium Arc comes along with an increase of 23 pages!!

Chapter 23 – Zoo vs. Aquarium: The Decisive Outcome!
Horikoshi Kouhei

Insert text: The fight of two individuals, both plagued by a curse, which have their appearance changed. And the one to be beaten in the end after all was…

Page 2
Insert text: Full power! Dent him further! Thrash him!!!

Oogami: Hell yeaaah!! // This is it!!
Sakamata (in picture): On top of losing da spermaceti // his so-called defensive power… has diminished to zero!! // Dis battle is / da rabbit’s…
Isana: DON’T YOU…

Page 3
Hana: He can still move!?
Shiina: DOUBLE PEACE!! // hah // hah // That // was for kidnapping my friend! // This leaves another / 2,893,999 more punches to go!

Page 4

Page 5
Isana: Nggaaaahhh!!!
Shiina: I won’t do this just to your body, but to your spirit as well…

Page 6

Page 7
No text

Page 8
Hana (in picture): He has…
Sakamata (in picture): defeated…
Shiina: Hah // Hah // Hah // Hah / Hah / ……

Page 9
Shiina: You lose…… // IT’S MY WIN!!

Page 10
Everybody: Waahhhh, Directooor~, you’re awesomeee~~!!!
Shiina: Hm?
Oogami: Wah, he collapsed!! We’re sorry!
Shishido: A’ight… now’s my chance!
Oogami: What the!? Stupid cat!
Sakamata (in picture): He’s gotten stronger during da fight… // So da trick behind using da magical powers is…
Oogami: Not only did we manage to retrieve Igarashi but we also defeated the whale!
Uwabami: Hm?
Oogami: There’s no need to stay here any longer. Let’s get back, quickly!
Uwabami: This place… huh? That octopus…?
Chita: Good morning, Uwabami!! / We won, y’know!!

Page 11
Isana: I’ll kill you… // Why you… // I did it… I made this aquarium… *cough* into what it is… // Then why… why only you… I’m gonna kill you… hah… I can’t stand you! / I’M GONNA KILL YOU! // Orca!! // Kill’em! / *cough*… Do it… / Kill’em for my sa… ke!
Sakamata: Is dis how my service to his strength is gonna end…? // Has he forgotten dat I betrayed him? // Maybe he isn’t even thinking while he’s speaking anymore.

Page 12
Chita: That guy’s body… // it’s diminishing…
Shiina (in picture): His magical powers… they’re getting weaker…
Isana: Orca…
Sakamata: My name is Sakamata!

Page 13
Sakamata: He assigned da staff members on a mere whim, nothing more… // yet I quite liked it. // …… zoo group! / Leave!
Hana: What do you… intend to do with that person…!?
Sakamata: Send him back to da ocean. I’ll also be leaving dis place. // Dere is no longer any reason for me to stay here. // Dis person, who looked down on us sea animals, / I’ll let him die in da ocean.

Page 14
Sakamata: I’m da ruler of da sea, dat’s what distinguishes us.
Shishido: You bastard, you’re gonna run after you won!? Wait, it’s not like I lost to begin with!
Fuka: I’m the ruler of the sea!
Shiina (thinking): Which one is it…?
Shiina: Well, it’s fine. But don’t you dare show up a second time!
Shishido: No, come again!!!
Ikkaku: I hastened after all the noise…

Page 15
Ikkaku: What is the meaning of all of this!?
Sakamata: Ikkaku…
Oogami: It’s the enemyyy!!
Shiina: Who’s that guy? He looks lovely…
Uwabami: The sham gentleman!? What did you come here for!?
Ikkaku: Sakamata-dono… don’t tell me this is… the director? // I see…… so we… really met defeat in the end. // I quite expected this outcome… // Ever since our prides clashed! / Lord Rhino!! // The reason for our defeat… // No! The reason for your victory…

Page 16
Ikkaku: IS LOVE!
Hana (in picture): Talking about love… // all lordly…
Ikkaku: After suffering defeat against you… // I carved a new pride into this heart of mine!
Dholak: Gishi… / This is…
Devilfish: The c-c-con-conference- conference room……
Tekka Maki: We were rescued by Ikkaku~!
Kaizou: What da hell happened to dat boy!?
Ikkaku: Do you think it’s laughable that I was inspired by you!!?
Uwabami: What’s this about? What did you do, Kasai-san……?
Box: Because she was passed out Uwabami didn’t see Kasai’s gallant moment.

Page 17
<sfx: *sniff*>
Oogami: Director… this is bad!!
Shiina: No doubt… this guy’s awful!
Oogami: Yeah, you’re right about that, but it’s not what I meant!! // Humans… visitors are scattered throughout the whole aquarium!! / I can smell them from everywhere… // We were too carefree!
Mukanai: That director sure is late… // He said he was going to go to the director’s room, didn’t he~~?
Visitor: There’s some kinda noise coming from above, right?
Someone: This place… // there’s nowhere we can escape to… // We’ll be discovered!!

Page 18
<sfx: *swoosh*>
Everybody: Takahirooo~~!!!
Takahiro: It’s the second time I’m infringing your orders / Excuse me, Director… // This does not mean I had doubts about your success… but when I heard one explosion after the other going on…
Uwabami: Good decision, Takahiro!!
Ikkaku: This is another display… // OF LOVE.
Shiina: Alright... / Beasts

Page 19
Everybody: Ohhh!!
<sfx: *yaaa~y*>
Igarashi: ……? My lady?
Hana: If there is no director… // What will happen to the aquarium? / And the people who love this place…?

Page 20
Ikkaku: Worry not!! // I came to learn what “love” means!! // We are going to satisfy our visitors // no matter what it takes!!
Takahiro: Everybody aboard.
Hana (in picture): That man Isana and the director… // They might have been similar people tarred with the same brush. // They were both egotistic and selfish…

Page 21
Shishido: Fish, you better show up! And then I’m gonna beat you!!
Sakamata: Heh / I might really come someday, so I can devour you…
Hana (in picture): If there is one difference between them, it’s that… / while Isana was trying to recover his human body in a cold manner… // the director tries to progress while being with his friends, having fun… // The day I arrived at the zoo… // the time with Gorikon-kun… // and Shishido-kun… // no doubt about it, breaking the curse means to…

Page 22
Demon rabbit: SHOW YOUR LOVE
Hana: He showed it // And we all accepted it.
Hana (in picture): I can’t be completely sure… but it seems like it’s rather about unifying a park than making a big and successful one…
<sfx: *turn around*>
Hana: Director! // Let’s try // to continue breaking the curse while having fun, okay?

Page 23
Shiina: Huuuuh?
Hana: What’s with that face!?
Shiina: That’s a given!
Journal: This fight which started during the Oumagadoki, the time when demons meet,
Takahiro (thinking): Oh, boy… this muscle pain is horrible!
Takahiro: Director, it may be possible I’ll have to infringe your orders a third time…
Chita: Hey Zookeeper, I finally managed to pass 200 km/h, y’know!
Oogami: That’s a lie!
Uwabami: The lies men tell are so unsightly!
Oogami: Takahiro, I fought in two battles more horrible than hell. Now hang in there!
Gorilla Kong: Give it your all!
Shishido: Hey Shiina, maybe I should kill you while you’re like this, huh!?
Uwabami: Stupid cat!!
Journal: reached its conclusion during the Ushimitsudoki, the deepest of midnight… And like that // we returned to the zoo, together with everybody.

Insert text: Igarashi recovered! Next issue: start of a new story!!

End line: What awaits them after returning to the zoo…!?

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