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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 24

Who’s the Strongest in the Zoo!?

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Mar 31, 2011 23:39 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 24

And another one...! No April fool's joke!! :D

Horikoshi-sensei is taking things slow after the Ushimitsudoki Aquarium Arc and a little fun episode awaits you guys. But the next Major Arc will follow soon and it's going to be... FLASHY!

Get off RedHawk's lawn!

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Insert text: 2011 is // the Year of the Rabbit!! (Which is my year!)

Chapter 24 – Who’s the Strongest in the Zoo!?
Horikoshi Kouhei

Left side: ☆ JUMP Comics Volume 2 is on sale and is really popular!! Don’t miss out on the Aquarium Arc!!

Page 2
Insert text: Shiina rescued Igarashi from the aquarium! And what’s left to do for the animals in high spirits is of course…?

Journal: And like that a long, looong day took its end. // It didn’t go without casualties, // but in the end we managed to rescue our comrade and returned to the zoo.

Headline: ☆ There’s a Bangai-hen released in Jump NEXT!, which is about Hana’s harsh life in the zoo! See Pages 142/262 for more info!!

Takahiro: Mission… accomplished…
Uwabami: Without exaggerating, your job really was the hardest, Takahiro…
Takahiro: What are you… saying…? An order is an order…
Uwabami: I’m going to give you a massage later on, okay…? // Fufu… // We only left a few hours ago but it feels like ages~

Page 3
<sfx: *nod* *nod* *nod*>
Oogami: You’re right~ I was burning to get home as fast as possible! I was twitching // It was the Wolf Twitch!
Chita: Yeah, whatever! // I’m starving, y’know! / Just give me some meat to eat already!
Gorilla Kong: Director, please lean on my shoulder!
Shishido: Shiina! Seal! Female!!! // Get the hell off already!! After all, the boss is supposed to be going off last!!
Hana: Igarashi-san, I’ll let you off.
Igarashi: No, no, ladies first. <After you…>
Animals: Uoooohhh~~!!! // Guuuyyy~~~s!!
Shiina: Yo, beasts

Page 4
Shiina: WE’RE HOME!!!!

Page 5
Animals (in picture): Welcome ba~ck
Goat: Are you guys alright!? Oh, and… what about Igarashi…?
Hana: Ta-daa!!
Igarahi: Please excuse me for all the trouble and worries. I’m deeply sorry~

Page 6
Animals: Yaaa~~y!! Igarashi~~!!
Kisazou: Yeah, really! / But you all… everybody looks so hurt and wounded…
Hana (in picture): … everyone’s completely battered…
Hana: In the end I couldn’t fulfill my duties as a zookeeper… // And I caused a lot of trouble for the aquarium as well…
Oogami: Don’t mind it!
Chita: It’s alright, it’s alright, y’know!
Hana: It is not like the aquarium was a bad place as a whole, // it was just ruled by a really bad person! // He was a pitch-black man who couldn’t be saved.
Chita: You were the one who called it a jail, y’know
Oogami: Hindsight is easier than foresight. Plus, we freed the fishes! / If you’re not gonna call that the best possible solution then what is?

Page 7
Uwabami: Since when were you two such optimistic guys!?
Chita: Ya didn’t know?
Oogami: You didn’t know?
Hana: You’re right… / Thank you!
Animals in picture: Ya~y // Ya~y
Ikkaku: LOVE!
Hana (in picture): If the Ushimitsu Aquarium would become such a place… maybe we would be able to become friends, that sure would be nice~ // Friends…… / What I learned about the curse this time was that a person like Isana, even if they gained huge popularity, won’t be able to break it completely. // And on the other side… though it’s nothing but a hypothesis… / If humans and animals accept each other mutually… on top of unifying the place, they would need to make the park big.

Page 8
Hana (in picture): Which means… we, as we currently are, still can’t make it in the end… // After all, we’re flat broke… and we still don’t have a single visitor showing up. // That means, from here onwards I’ll have to try even harder!!
Someone: Director!?
Someone (in picture): Ahh!
Shiina: Uhh… it is over…
Gorilla Kong: As I thought, he really took severe damage from the whale…
Someone: A whale!?
Someone2: “It is over”, he said…
Someone3: Does that mean…? / You must not die! What are we supposed to do if you were to die, director…!?
Shishido: Oh! So you’re dying, huh? // Well, I’m gonna help you with that! Okay?

Page 9
Shiina: The phase where I couldn’t play games… // IS OVER! // Beasts, we’re gonna play a game, here and no~~w!!
Hana: He’s unbreakable, I can’t believe it!
Shishido (in picture): the fuck? He looked like he was about to die!
Hana: You must rest your body, you can’t do this!
Gorilla Kong: As expected… I’ll tag along!
Shiina: As if I could rest on such a happy occasion! / All of our friends are completely assembled again!
Hana: But look at how heavily you’re shaking!
Uwabami: Well you see… this is the director’s true self~

Page 10
Shiina: Alright then, beasts! / Try to snatch Igarashi from me! // C’mon!
Hana (thinking): And this is how a rather indiscrete game started!
Oogami: How can he still be so hyper…!?
Chita: Sounds like speed is the key to this game, y’know… / Count me in!
Oogami: Even Chita… / Am I the only one plastered in wounds!?
Hana: In the end, it’s the same old, same old…
Uwabami: The director is really happy that we managed to rescue Igarashii, isn’t he~? // There, look at his face // He just looks so happy.
Shiina (in picture): Rea~lly [TN: He’s imitating Sakamata’s Nagoya accent.]
Hana (in picture): Well, no, that’s more like the face of an orca!
Hana: …… however… yeah, they all look happy!
Hana (in picture): It’s great… it really is!

Page 11
Shishido: Keh… this is stupid. What’s with that rabbit!? // How come he ain’t dying!?
Uwabami: And I’m wondering the same about you.
Uwabami (in picture): Weren’t you bit in the stomach?
<sfx: *blood dripping*>
Gorilla Kong: Shishido-kun… it’s better for you if you don’t act unreasonably! / Because your wounds may be the most severe, you know…
Shishido: “May be”!? They sure as hell are!
Gorilla Kong: Huh!? You insist on being hurt the most, is that something good…?
Shishido: Hey, Gorilla, I heard you beat that huge-ass walrus, huh!?
Gorilla Kong: Um… eh… yeah, in my own way, yes…
Shishido: FIGHT WITH ME!!
Hana: Huuu~~~h!?
Shishido: You rescued me from the water. / And you even managed to beat that giant! Now, look at you! That means, you’re quite strong, right!?
Hana: So that was his intention from the very start…

Page 12
Shishido: How about a fight // to decide who’s the strongest in the zoo!?
Gorilla Kong: I’m in!
Hana: HUH!? That’s unexpected!! Gorikon-kun!?
Gorilla Kong: I… may be clumsy… but it’s impossible for me to turn down a challenge to a fight between honorable men!
Oogami (in picture): Where’d he get that from all of a sudden!?
Oogami: Nah, just change that line of “being clumsy” already, you showed your skills enough times!
Gorilla Kong: However… since we’re both injured // the only way for us to have a clean and fair test of strength / is THIS!

Page 13
Hana: It’s the start of a very strange showdown!! // If it’s against the grip power of a gorilla Shishido-kun has got no chance to win… / We should stop them…!
Uwabami: As long as that stupid cat loses it’s fine! And it would be even better if he were to suffer some complicated bone fracture on top of that!
Hana: A complicated one!?
Oogami: Not like I care but… you’re fine with dying?
Oogami (in picture): Why am I the ref?
Shishido: Like I’m gonna die!! / I’ll be the one to win this!!
Oogami: Ready…

Page 14
Oogami: GO!
Gorilla Kong: Since this is probably my only strong point… / I cannot lose!
Oogami: Now look at you!
Shishido: Tch… what the… like I’m just gonna accept we’re deciding the strongest that way…
Shishido (in picture): What’s my special feat…?
Shishido: Mortal combat here and now, you hear me!? Alright!!
Hana: Wha! Shishido-kun wait a…

Page 15
Name boy: Popo // Hippopotamus
Zebra: He’s inexhaustible, that fucking idiotic hippo. [TN: The Japanese word for hippo is カバ (kaba), and the Zebra called him バカ (baka), which is the inverse of it and means idiot.]
Someone: Hm? // Hey, they said they’re deciding who’s strongest in the zoo or something like that…
Hana: We~ll, there are some theories stating the hippopotamus as the strongest animal, so does this mean Gorikon-kun is in a pinch…!?
<sfx: *thump* *thump*>
Uwabami: Hana-chan…?
Oogami: Okay then…
Oogami (in picture): What am I doing here…!?
Oogami: The Decisive Battle to be the Zoo’s Strongest, Round 2! Ready…

Page 16
Oogami: GO!!!
Goat: Hey, Kisazou, how about you? You going to participate!?
Kisazou: Huh!? Me!? Me too!? Participating in an arm wrestling competition!?
Goat: Aren’t elephants really strong!? I heard about something like that! // They say that elephants can even beat lions if they get serious or so!
Kisazou: Hmm… // I’m fine! I’m fine like this! / It’s not good for me to get too enthusiastic! I can’t do that!
Hana (in picture): Kisazou-kun…?

Page 17
Gorilla Kong (in picture): My injury is…! Ugh…
Popo: CHE~~ST!!! // THAT’S IT~~!!!
Zebra: He won, huh
Gorilla Kong: My right to exist… what am I supposed to do from now on…!?
Oogami: Don’t take it to your heart. You’re all beat up, right? Right!?
Popo: POWER~~~!!!
Zebra: He’s all about power, huh
Box: The Trial of Strength’s (Temporary) No. 1 is Popo.

Page 18
Shiina: I’m also gonna get in on this!
Box: Correction, he is No. 2.
Journal: It was the same as always… while breathing a little sigh of relief // everything went back to normal just like that.
Someone (in picture): Waahh…
Journal: And thanks to that we felt joyful and safe again.
Box: Several days later
Hana: The usual… no sign of any visitors far and wide! // How is a zoo that’s running out of money supposed to survive like that…?

Page 19
Hana (in picture): BUT! We’re definitely going to pile them up!! // To even more than the Ushimitsudoki Aquarium!
Mukio: Look, look, Papa! So it WAS there in the end! // No one wanted to believe me! // But I was right in the end!!
Name box: Munakai’s son (first born) // Hanauwa Mukio
Munakai: But what’s this awful style? It’s hilarious~
Name box: Ushimitsudoki Aquarium’s Sponsor // Hanauwa Munakai
Hana (in picture): They are… // visitors!

Insert text: The first visitors for Hana…!!

End text: Next issue – This team of father and son, who we’ve seen before, is boding ill…!!

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