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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 25

Visitors have arrived!

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Jun 30, 2011 15:59 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 25

No bird, no airplane, and of course, no Superman! - It's just the slow and lazy translator who goes by the name Prince and wants to start up again after weeks of obligations and sheer hate for Shueisha and JUMP for cutting Oumagadoki Doubutsuen.

So, we have one major arc left. Before that some funny transitional chapters which will eventually lead to the final arc.

Continue to share the Oumaga love until the last story is told, until the last release is out there for you guys, aight!? -- Let's go~~

Reserved for Red Hawk Scanlations

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Hana (in picture): Visitors // have arrived.

Chapter 25 – Visitors have arrived!
Horikoshi Kouhei

Insert text: The debut of zookeeper Hana, serving her first customers!!

Head line: ★ Discover the naked truth of one of Hana’s days with the Bangai-hen that is featured in JUMP NEXT!, on sale now!! [TN: In the Japanese version they chose the expression sekirara, which can either mean unvarnished or open-hearted on one hand or buck naked on the other.]

Mukio: See, Dad, this is the neighborhood where I saw a bunch of animals run around! // So this zoo lets its animals run off the leash! That’s just so cool!!
Mukanai: Hmmm, yeah. Right. // And Ushimitsudoki decided to close down all of a sudden. I haven’t been having fun at all lately~
Telephone: Might it be possible for us to take off for a little while?
Mukanai (in picture): Huh!?
Mukanai: Oh! / Excuse me, Miss, but are you in charge?
Hana: Eehh!?

Page 2
Mukanai: I’m the Director of Ushimi Constructions, Hanauwa! // And this is my son Mukio. // Here, our entrance fee.
<sfx: *bow*>
Hana (in picture): He’s… the director!? Huuu~~h? W- w- just what in the world am I supposed to do~~~!? Uwaahh!!
<sfx: *super twitch-thump thump*>
Hana: Th… Thanks a lot… // Welcome! Farewell! Please visit again! We’ll be awaiting your next visit!
<sfx: *bow*>
Mukanai: But we just arrived… // Hey, is this place run by a private administration or a municipal administration? Well, I guess either way is fine…
Hana: Demonstration? Well, I can dance a little. Check it out!! *
[*TN: Private administration (私営) and municipal administration (市営) are both pronounced “shiei”, which Hana mistook for “shee-eh!” (シェー), the trademark reaction of Iyami from Akatsuka Fujio’s manga Osomatsu-kun. This reaction became a popular trend in Japan and even got its own Wikipedia article: http://tinyurl.com/6yw8mol]
<sfx: *pose*>
Mukio (thinking): This big sis is…
Mukanai: From the looks of it, this place doesn’t seem to be profiting… // Say…
<sfx: *biii~g silence*>

Page 3
Mukanai: How about I become the sponsor of this place?
Hana (in picture): What?
Hana: Become the “Suppon Sir”? *
[*TN: Another misunderstanding: Mukanai says “sponsor” (スポンサー, suponsā), which Hana mistook for a “Soft-shelled Chinese turtle” (スッポン, suppon).]
Hana (thinking): Could you at least tell me your name…?
Turtle: I’m just a common soft-shelled turtle.
Mukanai: Do you know the Ushimitsudoki Aquarium? You know it, right? I granted it some of my money so it can put up some nice publicity for my business. // The other day they told me that they were taking a holiday, without even getting in touch with me beforehand, I was furious! Also, the shows and the overall quality dropped, you know. But, oh well, the director there has always been a funny one.
Hana (in picture): Ushimitsudoki…!! Does this mean that… he might’ve been there on that day!?
Mukio: Big sis!

Page 4
Mukio: It’s you from the other day… // You’re the one who rushed through the forest with all the animals back then, right!!?
<sfx: *thump, thump*>
<sfx: *SHOCKED*>
Hana (in picture): HE SAW UUU~~~S!?
<sfx: *rumble, rumble*>
Hana: Oh no!! How can he…I mean… Huuh!? What’s that all about? I really don’t know what you mean!
<sfx: *turn around*>
Mukio: Haha, I can totally see through that!! So it was her after all, Dad! // To think this zoo was such a place, where animals could play around like that…

Page 5
Mukanai: That’s exactly why we’re here……// My son was talking about nothing else lately. / And when I heard his story I thought it sounded like a promising and prospective concept, which is why I was asking to be your sponsor! // But before we can continue about that topic // I want to see it in action!
Hana (in picture): Promising!? Prospective!? Sponsor!? What…!? In other words… a way to make money!? // I don’t quite understand but it sounds like… A GREAT OPPURTUNITY!!
Hana: DIRECTOOO~~~R!!!!
<sfx: *excited*>
Hana (in picture): Wait a…!! / No good! If that person were to show himself / he’s going to ruin everything, no doubt about it!!
Shiina: Huh!?

Page 6
Hana (in picture): The fact he’s considerate of his friends is fine and all, but when it comes to running the park he hasn’t changed in the least! // Plus, I can’t make him transform the reliable Uwabami-san and Oogami-kun!
Shiina: *has nothing to do with it*
Mukanai: Say what? The director will also join us?
Hana: No! Unfortunately, the director is… absent today. // And because of that, today, your guide will be / me!! // I will guide you through the Oumagadoki Zoo!
<sfx: Ta-daa~~>
Mukio: Yaaa~y, let’s not waste any time! Let’s go! / Let’s zoo around! [TN: Lame word play, Mukio literally says “Let’s Doubutsuen” (= let’s zoo), while this doesn’t make much sense in English, it’s working in Japanese. (Kinda like attaching –ing to certain nouns to create corresponding verbs.)]
Hana (thinking): Me and my big mouth…
<sfx: *heart racing* *shaking nervously*>
Hana (in picture): I will make sure they enjoy themselves!! // Even if I have to manage all by myself!!

Page 7
<sfx: *cough*>
Hana: U~~m, first one, is our Gorikon-ku… I mean, gorilla!
Mukanai: This cage is quite intricate, I must say. All the other ones are kinda run-down though…
Mukio: Is that the same gorilla I saw in the forest!? Oh wow, it’s sleeping!
Hana: Even though gorillas are thought to be rowdy and rough animals, they are actually very sensitive…
Mukio: Wooo~~w, gorilla, gorilla!! Wake up and rampage, c’mo~~n!!
<sfx: Yay~, yay~>
<sfx: *ears twitching*>
<sfx: *splash*>

Bottom line: Jump Comics’ newest Volume 2 is on sale and is quite popular!! It’s stuffed with some top secret sketches of the Aquarium!!

Page 8
<sfx: bad mood…>
Hana (in picture): He flung his crap!? / That’s right… when he’s not transformed he’s just a normal animal…! If his sleep is disturbed he’ll be in a bad temper.
Mukanai: Show us… the next one please.
<sfx: *rumble*>
Mukio: Dad…
Hana (in picture): This is bad! / I have to make up for that!
Hana: Alright!! Next up, is the star of our zoo, the lion!!
Hana (in picture): Shishido-kun is rampaging all the time, so he’s sure to blow them off their socks!! // I’m begging you, king of the beasts!!

Page 9
Mukio: He’s also sleeping~~
Hana (thinking): Shishido-kun---!!
Plate: Lion | Shut yer traps!!
Hana: Ahaha e… excuse this young cub. / He’s usually clamoring 24/7…
<sfx: *gesticulating wildly*>
Hana (in picture): I forgot that a normal male lion does nothing but sleep!!
<sfx: *silence*>
Mukanai: Don’t you have anything a little flashier than… this?
Mukio: Yeah…
Hana: Then, um… aahh! Then, next up, our gem: the elephant!
Hana (in picture): What am I supposed to do!? This is our long awaited, once in a lifetime chance… and just what am I doing!? // The elephant!! The tall and big elephant!! / They’re sure to enjoy themselves!!

Page 10
Hana (in picture): AAAHHH~~~~!!!!!!
<sfx: *KICK*>
<sfx: yay~, yay~>
Mukanai: What’s wrong? What about the elephant?
Hana: I made a mistake! It’s the other side, that way, that way!!
<sfx: *turn around*>
Hana (in picture): What the hell do you think you’re doing!? The park is still open, rabbii~~t!!
Hana: How about you sit down here for a minute and have a nice chat…?
Mukanai & Mukio: Huh?
<sfx: *race*>

Page 11
Hana: Director!! // Just what in the world do you think you’re doing!!?
Tag: Inside the elephant house
Hana: Wasn’t it no transformations while the park is open!?
Shiina: Nah, I still haven’t played enough yet, you know? // And why are you so upset with me? I’mma get right back at ya!
<sfx: *information processed*>
Hana: Waahh, I spilled the beans!
Shiina: Customers, you say!?
<sfx: *swish*>
<sfx: *stuff*>

Page 12
Shiina: It’s finally here! / Our long awaited stepping stone towards becoming the world’s most popular place!
Tag: Customer Service Mode
Shiina: Why didn’t you tell me sooner, Aoi Hana!?
Hana: Because… YOU are one of the main causes of my anxiety, director…
Shiina: Up until now, whenever any customers arrived / they immediately leave! The longest anybody stayed was like 10 minutes // and that’s today’s customers!
Hana: Waiii—t! I want to help some way or other!!
<sfx: *drag*>
Kisazou: What? What was that, Hana-chan? Customers!? There are some customers!? // Oh wow, it’s been quite some time!
Shiina: Alright, Kisazou, transform back! We’ll continue playing later on!
<sfx: *poof*>
Hana (in picture): This is baaa~d! They’re no ordinary customers! It might be a great opportunity for this park to receive financial aid!
Shiina: Gahahaha

Page 13
Mukio: Haah~ / The big sis sure is late, right, Dad?
Mukanai: What is she thinking!? Making customers wait…
Mukio: It’s kinda different from what I expected it to be… // The other animals too, they’re all just about as interesting as normal animals… // I expected them all to burn with excitement just like when I saw them in the forest…
Shiina: Yo, customers!!
<sfx: *straight forwardly*>
Mukio: … …? You are…?
Mukanai: Pffft… when it comes to strange appearances he is on par with the aquarium’s director! This is so funny!!
<sfx: *snort*>
Hana: This is the director…
<sfx: *beat up*>
Mukanai: What happened to you!?

Page 14
Mukanai: Even if you show up personally after such a long time, we’ll be heading home now.
Mukio: Yeah… this is totally boring… there’s not a single interesting thing…
Shiina: You wanna be entertained!?
<sfx: *flap*>
Shiina: There are plenty of opportunities all over the place!! // Like the Petting Zoo Corner!! / It’s way more entertaining by just being close to the animals!

Page 15
Shiina: Kisazou! Customers! C’mon! Let’s play some soccer!
Mukio: So close…
Mukanai: It’s huuu~ge…
Shiina: Hey, Little Kid-man! Take that ball!
Mukio: Okay!
Shiina: Hoh! / Hi-ya!
<sfx: *punch, punch*>
Mukanai: Mukio, what are you gonna do you daredevil!? <but this is nothing like soccer at all>
<sfx: *punch, jab, punch*>
<sfx: *rumble* *RUMBLE, RUMBLE*>

Page 16
Kisazou: BARAAAA~G!!!
Mukanai: Uwaaahh!!?
<sfx: *fall down*>
Mukanai: Waahhh, the elephant is…!!
Shiina: Hey Little Kid-man, come over here, hey-ho!
Hana (in picture): Kisazou-kun!? // He can’t see his surroundings when he gets fired up!? / That’s it! A trait like that would explain his reaction back then……
Kisazou (flashback): It’s not good for me to get too enthusiastic! I can’t do that!

Page 17
Mukio (in picture): Such thrilling intensity… but at this rate…… I will die…
Hana: Kisazou-kun!
<sfx: *rush*>
<sfx: *twitch*>
<sfx: *turn away*>

Page 18
Hana: Elephants have really good ears so they can distinguish people by their voices. // If they hear the voice of someone familiar they won’t attack and will avoid doing so. They are very smart animals! // …so to say… well, that was the whole trick behind our little performance! I hope you enjoyed the skit! Ahaha…
<sfx: *caw, caw*>
Mukanai: Like we’d come a second time… this was way too scary!! // Mukio, we’re going home!!
Mukio: … okay… // Big Sis, / Mister Director.

Page 19
Mukio: That was super impressive! And totally interesting!! // I wanna come again!
Hana (in picture): While we didn’t make any money in the end…
Shiina: Hey, Aoi Hana, go clean my cloak!
Hana: Yes, understood.
Hana (in picture) It was the first time that we, as a zoo, were able to satisfy one of our customers. It became a memorable day!
<sfx: *strip off*>
<sfx: *pull up*>
Hana (in picture): This is…!!

Insert text: Through the arrival of the customers the director’s body did it again…!!

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#1. by Alech ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2011
waaa what's happening in Red Hawk', I'll still wait until the very end T_T

PD: sorry for my english, it sucks T_T (only when y wrote XD)
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