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Hungry Joker 1

The Fruit of Discovery

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 10, 2012 02:37 | Go to Hungry Joker

-> RTS Page for Hungry Joker 1

Now look who we have here...! After taking a break from translating (in order to concentrate on my studies) I'm finally back in the game. - Sure feels good!

So this is the newest series from Shueisha's Weekly Shounen JUMP. The name is HUNGRY JOKER and the artist is Tabata Yuuki. This series had been an entry (and the eventual winning title) of 2011's Gold Future Cup. Back then I really, REALLY enjoyed the One Shot and while I didn't find the actual series to be quite as good, I thought it might be a nice start to get back in the TL bizz! This one generally goes out to all fellow regulars from MH's Weekly Shounen JUMP TOC Thread and all HJ Fans who had been anticipating its serialization!

I tend to forget what never-ending ordeals first chapters can be... this one had been especially nasty with its vast amount of SFX. – Thus my script eventually turned out 10 pages long in Word!
I already said this before but I can't stress it enough: I absolutely DON'T plan to take this manga over as a continuing project. I currently can't afford to work on a weekly series!

Rules for Scanlators:
  1. This script is generally free for use. – But please let me know if you use it!
  2. Don't forget to credit me!
  3. No changes to the script without consulting me first!
  4. That being said, I'm no native speaker. Thorough proofreading is advised before using it in your SL!

PS: To those wondering: Yes, I will be finishing Oumaga! Sorry for the long wait, guys. But I'll see this thing through until the very end! (Even already got some scripts done in the past two weeks) – Get ready to see more OD soon~!!


Page 1
In panel: Science

Opening caption (in red): This world is fraught with “science”---

Aside: The 1st Shot of the New Series! HUNGRY JOKER

In panel: Making the impossible possible, continuing to revolutionize this world // A crystallization of wisdom and the biggest weapon mankind has ever brought forth. // And still… // this is but a teeny-tiny scap of the great “Knowledge of God”, // thus there might still be many a things beyond the paths we have trodden---…

Page 2–3
case.1 – The Fruit of Discovery [TN: I can’t say for sure from the quality of the Raw but I think “fruit” is supposed to be read as “apple” here.]

Caption (red): A mysterious apple and a glowing corpse that’s the reason for a call // The curtain rises for a Mystery Science Adventure story…!!

Top of the page: NEW SERIALIZATION // Opening Color Pages, 54 pages!!

[TN: I’ll just ignore that commercial caption since I can’t read it properly in the Raw and I don’t think most of you really give a shit about JUMP’s cheesy promoting of new series in the first place.]

Tabata Yuuki

← The manga continues on page 25!

Page 4
Cops: Wha-… // Just what’s with this dead body……!? // This guy’s… // no case for cops like us……!

Side caption: An unordinary mystery…!!

Page 5
Cops: Contact the usual scientist--!
<sfx: *bubble, bubble* [simmering liquid]>
<sfx: *pat, pat, pat* [steps]>
<sfx: *garaa* [door sliding open]>
<sfx: *bubble, bubble*>
<sfx: *glug, glug* [swaying of the test tube]>

[TN: I’ll say this right now: this manga has a lot of SFX, like, a WHOLE LOT! While I don’t find it necessary to translate all of them I’ll try to cover most of them.]
Girl: Doctor--!!

Page 6
Girl: There’s a call from the police! / They want you to come over ASAP---… // …Doctor…!? // Hey there… aren’t you listening!? // <Heyyy> Doctor, I said--!!
<sfx: *bubble, bubble*>
<sfx: *drip*>
<sfx: *splash*>
<sfx: *bubble, bubble*>
<sfx: *sizzzz* [sizzling]>

Doctor: …hmph.
<sfx: *KA-* [opening to an explosion]>
Girl: Huh?

Page 7
<sfx: *BOOOOM*>
<sfx: *rustle, rustle*>

Doctor: …hmph, // I see. // When heated and mixed with protein it causes for an explosion… it seems.

Page 8
Doctor: Hmph. // What are doing there, overturned like that, / Yamada? // I see you often in that kind of position, I wonder why that is?
<sfx: *glug, glug*>
Girl: That’s cause all your experiments end in such a disaster, doctooo~~r!!
Doctor: Even when factoring this into my calculations you still topple over more than the average kid. / It’s also true that you have quite the childlike face for a university student… // Then still, why is your bosom as big as is, Yamada?
Girl: I-I… I don’t know! // And furthermore, my name is not Yamada! It’s Toriiooji! <Why can’t you just remember, please!?>
Doctor: Is that so… / Well,

Page 9
Doctor: Names and the likes are nothing more than symbols. // And on second thought it’s not like I’m even remotely interested in anything that concerns you in the first place.
Toriiooji (in picture): Whaaa-----
Doctor: Speaking of which, you’re disturbing my experiments! Leave!
Toriiooji: No, just listen to me! It’s like I told you, there’s been a call from the police--… // That’s right. // They said something about a “glowing corpse” that was found, it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen… <Makes you wonder what that’s all about, right?>
<sfx: *toss*>
<sfx: *thump*>
<sfx: *twitch, twitch* [fidgety]>

Doctor: Why didn’t you say that earlier!?
<sfx: *pat, pat, pat* [quick steps]>
<sfx: *squeek* [forehead trailing on wall]>

Box: Hello, / I’m Toriiooji Chitose. // I’m working as a part-time lab assistant in a certain research institute
Doctor: What are you doing!? Hurry up! Let’s go, Yamada!

Page 10
<sfx: *pat, pat, pat*>
<sfx: *twitch, twitch*>

Box: This is my instructor. / Other people use to call him “Haiji”. // In a nutshell, he is a “mysterious genius scientist boy”, or something like that… // What I know about him… <is essentially nothing, really.>
Chitose (in picture): Ow, ow, ow…
Chitose (thinking): That strange apple. <eerily black!> // It must have been quite the hassle to catch that glowing lizard~…
Chitose: Please, wait for me, docto~~~r!
Box: is just that he does excessive research into “apples” and “glowing things”.

Page 11
Chitose: Urgh! // …wha-… what is this…!? That corpse is……!! // Even the doctor is stumped by this---…
Haiji: -- this is it………!!
<sfx: *glitter* [amazement]>
Chitose: HUH!?
Haiji: I found it at last, Yamada!
Haiji (in picture): Hahahahahahaha
Chitose (thinking): Just what does he mean!?
Chitose: Urgh!

Page 12
Cop 1: Who is that super awkward kid!?
Chitose: Uuuurrrrggghhhh
Haiji (in picture): Hahahahahahahahahaha
Cop 2: Seems to be a… genius scientist or something like that. It’s an order from above to cooperate with him.
Cop 1: I… see… // But what’s this case in the first place…!? // A glowing corpse… / Just how in the world’s that possible!? It’s--…
Voice/old woman: God’s work--! // I saw him…!! / After illuminating this man’s corpse that godly figure had risen to the heavens and vanished--…
Cop 3: Please calm down, Ma’am…!
Old woman: This is an act of the gods!!
Cop 1: …well, you can understand her feelings…
Chitose: <Urgh> / That’s true…
Haiji: We’ll return to the lab, Yamada!
<sfx: *slap*>
Chitose: Ouch!
Cop 1: You figured anything out…!?

Page 13
Haiji: Not a single clue.
Haiji (in picture): Hahahahahahaha
Cop 1: Huh?
<sfx: *startle*>
Haiji: Which is why I’m gonna start // to ascertain things now
<sfx: *beep*>
<sfx: *tuuut tuuut* [phone dialing]>
<sfx: *beep*>

Old man: Ah~ Haiji-kun. // What’s the matter?
Haiji: I wanted to request another contribution of research funds. // About 10 Million. [TN: 10 Million Yen are roughly 125.000 USD (as of Nov. 2012)]
Chitose (in picture) 10 Million!?
Haiji: Hmph, / Thank you very much, I’m indebted to you.
<sfx: *beep*>
Chitose (thinking): HUU~~~H!? <just like that!?>

Page 14
Haiji: Alright, you’ll be carrying the corpse back to the lab, Yamada!
Chitose: HUH!? / A-a-absolutely out of the question! It’s gross!
Haiji: No talking back, hurry up! / And I will also need your help with the autopsy.
Chitose: HUH!? / You think about autopsying it?
<sfx: *giggle*>
Masked guy: I wonder if the scientist they called // knows anything about “Eureka”…?
<sfx: *giggle, giggle*>

Page 15
Chitose: Forgive my sins… [TN: No idea if there’s any way to translate this better. It’s a typical Japanese set phrase which doesn’t really mean anything.]
Chitose: Wha-!? / You started without folding your hands, doctor--… / You’re asking for divine punishment! <stop!>
<sfx: *swift moving* [Haiji’s moves during autopsy]>
Haiji: Hmph, how I see things, the probability of this happening is 0%!
Chitose: That’s certainly true from a scientific standpoint, but still……
Haiji: <And still> I wonder if this body started glowing like that so he would be easier to spot and get rescued~!?
Haiji (in picture): Hahahahaha
Chitose: D-doctor! / How can you… such indiscretion--…
Haiji (in picture): Shut up!
Haiji: Don’t just move your mouth but your hands as well. Your hands~
<sfx: *splat*>

Page 16
Haiji: Who told you to throw up!? Are you’re trying to stain this corpse with your vomit!?
<sfx: *twitch, twitch* [lively moving]>
Haiji: I’m gonna stuff your cakehole with glowing meat!
Haiji: How can you get sick with such a beautiful glowing right before your eyes? // I don’t understand.
Chitose: Just how in the world have you been raised, doctor!? / This inquisitiveness of yours just can’t be normal……!
Chitose (small balloon): Urgh
Haiji: How should I know what it means to be “normal”?
<sfx: *swift moving*>
Chitose: True, you certainly are a great scientist… <what kind of child has he been?> // But your family must be worried, too--…?
Chitose (thinking): Or maybe his family is just as eccentric…?
Haiji: Hmph, / is that what a family usually does?
Chitose: Huh…? // If my mother were to know that I’m doing something like an autopsy on a glowing corpse she’d most certainly faint right away…
Haiji: Hmph, I see. / I didn’t know that.
<sfx: *twitch, twitch*>

Page 17
Chitose: …umm--… / speaking of which… there is not a single thing I actually know about you, doctor……
Haiji: Hmph, / me neither.
Chitose: Pardon me?
Haiji: Six years ago, I called attention at a certain orphanage. // I don’t remember anything that happened before.
Chitose: …what……are you saying……? // ……what about your family……?
Haiji: Dunno.
Chitose: What about your birthplace…?
Haiji: Dunno.
Chitose: And that name “Haiji”……!?
Haiji: A given name that seemed fitting.
Chitose (in picture): --… he must be kidding…!

Page 18
Haiji: I am… // a phenomenon no one has thorough understanding of…
Chitose: …doctor…
Haiji: Which is why all this time I’ve been searching // for any clues .
Chitose: …what? // …what do you mean by that……!?

Page 19–20
No text.

Page 21
Haiji: The black apple / and numerous glowing corpses // they’re the one sole memory I have.
Chitose: What are you-… that’s……! // …such a large quantity of glowing corpses……!? / Why would you’ve been at such a place when you were young, doctor……..!?
Haiji: Hmph, / I don’t understand either.

Page 22
Chitose: I- / It must have been a dream! Absolutely! // If such a thing had happened in the past it would have been all over the news…
Chitose in picture: Ahahahaha
Chitose: And this apple here… if it was the same from back then // it would have rotten a long time ago!
Chitose (in picture): Yuck~ stop it already~~
Chitose: And that bite mark you mentioned is also missing…
<sfx: *move*>
<sfx: *pochi* [button pressed]>
<sfx: *wheeen* *dshoooo* [machine noises, whatever]>

Chitose: What’s that noise…?
<sfx: *peee~w* [lazer firing]>
<sfx: *whoosh* [apple being hit]>
<sfx: *sssshhhhhh* [fizzling]>
<sfx *frizzle, frizzle* [Chitose’s burned hair]>
<sfx: *flap, flap* [Chitose’s mouth]>

Chitose: W-w-what was that all of a sudde~~~n!?
Haiji: A lazer beam. <Can’t you tell from its looks!?> // Let’s leave that aside, take a look at the apple!
Chitose: …huh…?

Page 23
<sfx: *wobble, wobble*>
Chitose (in picture): … it’s recovering… // …to how it was…!?
<sfx: *wobble, wobble*>
Haiji: As you can see, this is no ordinary apple. // Now that you learned about the apple you should have no problems believing all the other stuff as well.
<sfx: *twitch, twitch*>
Haiji: And still we don’t understand a thing. // That is, because this apple’s paranormal matter cannot be explained by the current state of scientific knowledge…!!
Chitose (in picture): So this thing is one of the trails of “his life”…… [TN: The original wording is “himself” but I decided to change it, since it doesn’t sound like anything in English.]

Page 24
Chitose (in picture): This guy…
Haiji (in picture): Hahahahahaha
Haiji: This corpse, just like with the apple, / I don’t understand it!
Haiji (in picture): hahahahaha
Chitose (in picture): just what in the world…
Masked guy (in picture): *giggle, giggle*
<sfx: *flicker*>
<sfx: *glimmer*>

Page 25
Haiji: I plan on investigating that corpse carefully and thoroughly in the future. // I think it’s connected to that apple.
<sfx: *creak*>
Chitose: …and there’s nothing else that you managed to find out about that apple……?
Haiji: It seems like that apple’s existence / dates back into distant past.
<sfx: *rustle*>
Haiji: While investigating various kinds of old documents / I noticed the apple is often worshipped as a divine fruit or as a gift by the gods.
Chitose (in picture): …the gods……!
Haiji: But! There was one exception that differs greatly from all the other reports-- // and that is the so-called “Newton’s Apple”.
Chitose: Huh… // …when you say “Newton’s Apple”, you mean…
Chitose (in picture): That incident when an apple eventually led Isaac Newton to come up with his “Law of Universal Gravitation”, right? // It is said he had a flash of genius when, by chance, he saw an apple falling from a tree in his garden--…
Haiji (in picture): Hmph,
Haiji: Wrong.

Page 26
<sfx: *twitch, twitch*, *creak, creak*>
Haiji: According to my research // Newton achieved the knowledge of his “Law of Universal Gravitation” // by drinking the juice of this exact apple!
<sfx: *creak, creak, creeaak*>
Chitose: What does this--…

Page 27
Chitose: D-… / D-doctor……!
Haiji: Hm?

Page 28
Haiji: Dear me.
<sfx: *VOOOOOO~* [monster howling]>
<sfx: *BAM* [crashing]>

Chitose: Wha- / wha- / what is THAAA~~~T!!?
Haiji: Taking everything into account there’s no doubt it’s what had been our glowing corpse moments ago. // It appears that while we averted our gaze for a few moments, its cells resurged and in addition started mutating… // But this is wonderful~…!

Page 29
Chitose: …then… you mean to say when you eat that apple… you’ll become a glowing copse--… / And turn into a monster afterwards……!?
Haiji: ---nah. // It appears that this time, the cause of that glowing corpse // seems to have been something else---…! // …how interesting…!
<sfx: *craaaaash* [rampaging monster]>
Chitose: This is not interesting at a~~~~ll!! // What… / Just what in the world is going on here!? This is insane! Why are we being attacked by a monster!?
Chitose (in picture): Uwaaaahhh

Page 30
Haiji: Hmph, / I’m gonna call him James for the time being!
Chitose: Like it matters if this thing has a name or not---!?
Haiji: Why, but of course it matters, Yamada! This is a paranormal life-form we’re dealing with here!
Chitose: My name is Toriioojiii~~!!
<sfx: *OOOHHHHH* [growl]>
<sfx: *twitch, twitch, twitch*>
<sfx: *BAAAAA--* [monster attacking]>

Chitose: Wha-

Page 31
<sfx: *BOOOOM*>
<sfx: *rustle, rumble* [debris]>

Chitose: ……ugh… // Oh……

Page 32
<sfx: *OOOHHHH* [still howling]>
Haiji: …hmph, // what an immense force… / That’s the most splendid explosion I’ve ever got to witness to this day! <hahaha>
Chitose: Doctor…! [TN: There’s some little aside comment here, for which I can’t make out the first kanji. It seems like she agrees with him by stating how big that explosion was.]
Chitose: What are you doing, talking all leisurely again…!? / Quick, run a-…

Page 33
Chitose: …doc… / tor……
Haiji: …hmph… // Run away…
<sfx: *smear, smear*> [writing with blood]
Haiji: I’m sorry but that’s impossible…
Chitose: …hah… / Ah…
<sfx: *OOHHH*>

Page 34
Chitose: …it’s just like I thought… // we shouldn’t have……! // These things that exceed our knowledge… science just imprudently stick its nose into them……! // …we should fear them… keep our distance… // cause that’s the sphere of the gods…..!!
<sfx: *OOOHHHHHH*>
Chitose: Mere humans like us… // are not supposed to set foot into that world……!!
Haiji: What are you talking about…!?

Page 35
Haiji: Entering these uncharted waters with the glee // is what being a scientist means! // …speaking of which… // Yamada… hand me that apple…
Chitose: …huh…?
Chitose (in picture): …in this kind of situation… what does he plan to--…
Chitose: Gyahh
<sfx: *stumble*>
<sfx: *thump* [Chitose falling down]>

Page 36
<sfx: *catch*>
Haiji: Now then, let’s try to // force our way right next to the god’s (or whoever’s) side…
Chitose: Huh?
Haiji: By drinking the juice of this apple Newton achieved the knowledge of the “Law of Universal Gravitation” // But there is no way that nobody else had found this out… // The number of those who tried to eat it must’ve been numerous, but with the exception of Newton every single one of them had died. One is prone to believe that’s because he only drank its juice. // But why has it really been different with just Newton…!?

Page 37
Haiji (in picture): It’s because Newton had been chosen by the apple! He was its adaptor! // It seems like he had just once licked on it and did not try to eat it…
Haiji: Now if the adaptor achieves the “knowledge” of universal gravitation from its juice… // I wonder… what he were to acquire from eating… said fruit……!?
Chitose: …doc… / tor…?
Haiji: In the end I still don’t know what it is // that characterizes one as an adaptor…… // But this is // as much as I can do for now.
<sfx: *OOOOHHHHH*>

Page 38
Chitose: So the people who ate that apple… / have all died, right……?
Haiji: …that’s highly probable…
Chitose: …assuming one would not die from it… // what’s going to happen…..!?
Haiji: …I don’t know…
Chitose: Would it be possible to somehow… // turn into something inconceivable like that monster…!?
Haiji: …I can’t tell…

Page 39
Haiji: which is what I’ll have to ascertain now…!!
<sfx: *bite*>
<sfx: *gulp*>
<sfx: *thu-thump* [heart]>
<sfx: *swish* [surgical mask pulled up]>

Page 40
Haiji (in picture): UUOOAARRGGHHHH
Chitose: DOCTO~~~R
<sfx: *VUOOO*>

Page 41
<sfx: *splaaaa~t*>
<sfx: *VUUOOOO*>
<sfx: *rumble* [debris]>

Page 42
<sfx: *float*>
Chitose: …what…?
Chitose (in picture): … things are… // floating--…?
Haiji: I see… // In this case not the “knowledge” of universal gravitation… // …but the “power itself” is bequeathed to the body---…

Page 43–44
Haiji: …now then… // Let’s conduct an experiment…!!

Page 45
<sfx: *vooom* [gravitational power]>
<sfx: *baaa~m*>

Page 46
Haiji: Hmph, // quite sturdy.
<sfx: *rumble, rumble*>
<sfx: *VUUOOO*>
<sfx: *zooo~* [gravitational power]>

Haiji: Let’s try squashing it then…!!

Page 47
<sfx: *ZOOO~N*>
Monster: UUOOO
Haiji: Hm.
<sfx: *grit, grit* *grit, grit*>

Page 48
Haiji: Insufficient amount of force… I see.
<sfx: *shake, shake*>
<sfx: *VUUOOOOOO*>

Chitose: Doctor---
Haiji: Okay, James // Here’s a question: // When the same amount of force // is applied to a much smaller surface… // …what’s going to happen?
<sfx: *zu-…* [gravitational power]>
<sfx: *crack, crunch*>

Page 49–50
<sfx: *THUMP*>
Haiji: --THIS IS.

Page 51
<sfx: *splatter*>
<sfx: *thump* [body falling to the ground]>
<sfx: *float*>
<sfx: *step* [landing]>

Page 52
Chitose: …-vived… we survived…!!
<sfx: *wobble, wobble* [Chitose shaking]>
<sfx: *pat* [hands falling to ground]>

Chitose: I don’t understand a single thing that just happened… // but you beat him, doctooo~~~r!!
Chitose: IT’S OVEEE~~R <I just wanna get home--!!>
<sfx: *slip* [surgical mask]>
Haiji: …hmph. // Over? What are you talking about--… / this is but the beginning of the research!
Chitose: Huh?
Haiji: Just what have I evolved into by eating that apple…? I still don’t have a single clue. // And the same goes for the mutation of that glowing corpse into a monster……! // I don’t know if it’s god or whatever, but…
<sfx: *giggle, giggle*>

Page 53
Haiji: hunting down that knowledge is the goal of my research! [TN: If you’re wondering about this line, Haiji literally says “that is the object of my research”, whereas “research” has the reading of “prey”.]

Page 54
Unknown man: So yet another “Eureka” // has awaken--…? // I’m looking forward to see // just how far you’ll reach, Haiji-kun…!
<sfx: *fufufu…* [laugh]>
In panel: A forbidden fruit // has been plucked---

End caption: Illuminate this world!!

Final line: Next issue – Color Opening and Extra Pages (25p)!! Haiji, recovering from his wounds, is dragged pell-mell into the next incident right away!?

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