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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 26

The Zookeeper Goes to School

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 19, 2012 20:58 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 26

What day's today? - Oumaga Monday! That's right, kids! After weeks and weeks of waiting I'm here to bring you the rest of Horikoshi's tale about the crazy bunch from the Oumagadoki Zoo.

Expect more Oumaga-related stuff this week! And it all starts on Oumaga Monday~

Important Notes:
  1. This script is generally free for use, as OD is currently not handled by any group! - Please send me a short notice if you intend to use it. We can also discuss an ongoing collaboration for this project with advantages, such as reservation rights for the TL.
  2. Most important ground rule remains: Credit me!
  3. No changes to the script without consulting me first!
  4. That being said, I'm no native English speaker. Thorough proofreading is advised before using it in your SL!

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen
Sideline: For the first time in history! A special live concert flooded by animals!! The curtain rises, of course, at Oumagadoki*!! [TN: The beginning of dusk, lit. “the time when demons meet”]

Insert text: The brand new JUMP Comics Volume 2 of Oumaga is on sale now~! ♪ Length increased to 23 pages ♪

Chapter 26 – The Zookeeper Goes to School
Horikoshi Kouhei

Page 2
Insert text: The curse has WEAKENED!!

Hana: Your arm // has recovered some more!!
Shiina: Ohh… // But I didn’t even smack the lion, so why!?
Shiina (Flashback): As far as visitors are concerned, the longest anybody ever stayed was, like, 10 minutes…
Mikio (Flashback): It was totally interesting!! // I wanna come again!
Hana (in picture): I see!

Page 3
Hana: It’s the visitors!! // It’s the first time people enjoyed it here!
Shiina: Hm?
Hana: So we brought the zoo a step closer to getting popular, right!?
Oogami: Waah // Director, your hand!?
Shishido: Yuck, how gross! That looks just gross!!
Uwabami: The director’s bare skin, completely uncovered like this…
<sfx: *wiggle, wiggle*>
Oogami: You see something in just about everything, huh…

Page 4
Shiina: I don’t really get this but playing with Little Kid-man and Kisazou was da bo~mb! // And I even recovered some more of my hand. Hell yeah!
<sfx: Gahahahaha>
In panel: Breaking the curse… / For the director this happened to come about as something completely natural. // It’s just normal you would want to return to being human as fast as possible, just like the director of that aquarium… // Yet this guy, how in the world does he manage to stay this optimistic…!?
Box: Just what kind of person has he turned into over the time…?
Kisazou: But, um! But, um, I was about to trample that kid…
Hana: Oh! // W-well, that’s nothing to be worried about, Kisazou-kun.
In panel: He’s right, though… It was quite dangerous, that’s certainly not how you treat your visitors! [TN: This passage is a little wordplay. The expression that’s used is seikōhō (jap. 正攻法), which is literally “frontal attack” but it also means “doing good business”, “treating your customers fairly”, etc.]

Page 5
Uwabami: It is true, that certainly was not how you should treat your visitors. Isn’t that right…?
Hana: Uwabami-san can read minds!?
Gorilla kong: Not like I’d approve of it… // but that Mr. Whale from the aquarium sure knew how to run a business.
Oogami: No doubt, their shows were fancy…
Hana: Putting up shows in a zoo, that’s nothing unheard of. / It could become a real financial boost…
Uwabami: With Hana-chan’s knowledge~ // And the director’s principle of obligatory fun~ // And as long as each one of us gives his best…

Page 6
Uwabami(?): there is not a single thing we cannot accomplish!! / This way, we are going to rise even further!!!
Everybody: Yeeaaaa~~h!!!
Shiina (in picture): What’s this about!?
<sfx: Piriraring~>
Hana: It’s a text from Noriko-chan…
Cell display: Supplementary Lessons Tomorrow!! / Hana~~~! It seems like you haven’t showed up at your club even once, you OK? Thought I should remind you about tomorrow’s supplementary lessons, just in case~!

Page 7
Hana (in picture): School--!! // I totally forgot about that~~~!!! // That’s right, I’m still just a normal girl in high school! // I’ve become completely used to all this absurdity around here… But what am I supposed to do now-- // He even forced me to set up camp here, after all… but I really need to attend these supplementary lessons!
Hana: U~m~~~ director…? It’s, um… could I…
Shiina: Huh!?
Hana: I’ve got supplementary lessons tomorrow… // so please let me leave for school, OK…? // Maybe… it would have been better…….. if I had not said… a single word…
<sfx: *grumble, grumble*>
Hana (in picture): Oh god, he looks really upset!! … like I thought, he’s…

Page 8
Shiina: Fine.
Hana (in picture): Phew
Hana: Just what I thought he’d… / SAY WHAAA~T!!?
Shiina: I just came up with an amazing and fun idea. // Go, go as fast as you can.
Hana: I-… is this really okay…… director? Really?
Uwabami: I don’t quite know what this “school” is you mentioned but if it’s important, you better go~
Oogami: That’s right!
Diary: And so, while (foolishly) trusting the puzzling words of the director…
Hana: Really?

Page 9
Hana (in picture): I returned to my normal life again, // for the first time in several weeks
Hana (in picture): They fixed the prawn!
Hana (thinking): It’s unbelievable that this here and the zoo are both part of the same world…

Page 10
Promotional poster: Circus / Closed on Wed. & Thu. /It’s Big Entertainment: We have a clown and all sorts of cute animals, like a bear and a poodle!
Hana (in picture): A circus…? // The circus… // That’s it--!! // If we use this as a theme and if everybody was to practice…
Boy: Oh! Hey~…!!
<sfx: *startle*>
Hana: WAWAWAH!!!

Page 11
Kikuchi: You’re… / Aoi-san from the Class C, am I right…? // I’m sorry… // Ah, I mean, excuse me… [TN: Not sure how well this works in English, he generally pick a more formal expression to greet her or rather, excuse himself for “imposing” himself on Hana.]
Hana: Huh… well, I am Aoi… but who are you?
Hana (in picture): He really surprised me there. Oh, that uniform… so we’re from the same school…
Kikuchi: Well… how to put this best… // I’m Kikuchi from Class A… Just now… you… // You were checking out that poster there, right? Please excuse me if you did not…
Hana: Sure, I took a peek.
Kikuchi: For real!? That’s nice! Um… Um, y’see…
Hana (thinking): What a weirdo…

Page 12
Kikuchi: I heard you knew quite a lot about animal, Aoi-san… // Please excuse me if that’s not true…
Hana: Huuh!? I do, but…!?
Kikuchi: For real!? Um, y’see, there was something I wanted to ask you…
Hana: Huh?
<sfx: *vroo~m, vroo~m*>
Kikuchi: Wha- shit! Let’s continue this at school…!
Hana: Huh? What? What’s this all of a sudden? // AH!!
Hana (in picture): The bus!!
Bus: High School Bus / High School Bus

Page 13
Teacher: Aoi!! You’re late!!! // Sheesh, what were you up to!?
Hana: I missed the bus… so I had to run here…… // I must have fallen down 26 times… I’m sorry…
Teach: O…… Oh, I see… is that so… 26 times… sheesh… alright then… well, sit down…
Pupils (thinking): She made Somie-sensei, the Devil speechless!! Aoi’s clumsiness is not to be sneezed at!
Ikumi: Klutz girl,
Flashback: Klutz girl!
Hana: Hm?

Page 14
Ikumi: You hurt my eyes when you’re sitting close by while being this dirty // Maybe you can mind your appearances, even if it’s just a little?
Hana: Th… Thanks, // Ikumi-chan…
Noriko: Hey Hana, you’re alright!? 26 times, you said…
<all sfx: *whisper*>
Hana: Nope, can’t say I’m alright…… // Ah, but thanks for your text, Noriko-chan!
Noriko: I already heard all those stories about how you completely ignored your club to focus solely on your part-time job. You need money that badly?
Hana: Huh? No, that’s not i- / waahh!!
Noriko: You pulled your chair too far behind… // But y’know,

Page 15
Noriko: There’s something about your face, Hana. It kinda looks different // compared to the time before the summer holiday!
Hana: Eh!?
Noriko: I’m not really sure how to put it… it’s just before you always had this insecure and uneasy look on your face… but now it’s gone.
Hana: Y… you really think so?
Noriko: Is it a boy!? You got a boyfriend!?
Hana: What!? No! Stop it, that’s not it!
Somie: Shut it over there, sheesh!!
Hana: I’m so sorry!
Somie: Y’all got it!? Your first half-year’s results were disgraceful!! Sheesh! // Be assured, those of you who won’t improve during this course will surely fail in the entrance exams as well!! That one moment counts for the past three years!
Hana (in picture): The entrance exams… that stuff still seems completely unreal to me…
???: Aoi Hana

Page 16
Shiina: So this is your school!?
<sfx: *slide*>
Hana: Aaahhhh---!!
Somie: What the… who are you!?
Ikumi: That black man…
Guy: Didn’t he just call Aoi!? …da hell’s this!?
Shiina: What, me!? I am // Oumagadoki Zoo’s direc-…

Page 17
Hana: WAAHH---!!!!
Shiina: Huuh!?
<sfx: *thump*>
Guy: What the---!? Aoi just tackled that guy!!?
Guy2: And off they are…….
<sfx: *pop up*>
Hana: Excuse me for a minute…
Somie: Wha-, wait a-… hey, Aoi!!
Hana: WHAT // ARE YOU DOING // HEEEAARR!!? [TN: No typo, she’s too upset to finish the sentence properly.]
Shiina: Never knew you had this killer move / The Aoi Hana Tackle, how fearsome!

Page 18
Hana: Why would you come to my school!!?
Shiina: Hmm~~ it sounded like fun so I followed you!
Hana: Huh?
Hana (in picture): Is this… what he meant by “amazing and fun idea” back then!? // This is not good! If it came out I brought along a trespasser to school…
Shiina: Hmm, hmm
Somie: Theeere you are, Aoiii!! And that suspicious person!!
<sfx: *startle*>
Somie: Mizoguchi-sensei!! That’s him, that’s the suspicious man!!
Mizoguchi: Banishment… for thee [TN: Yes, apparently this dude speaks archaicly and strange…]
Somie: You will come back this minute!
Hana (thinking): Ughhh--, it’s that creepy gym teacher!! And all my classmates as well!!
Someone: Huuuh…

Page 19
Hana: Director! How about a game of catch?
Shiina: Huh?
Hana (thinking): I have to get him out of here ASAP! Doesn’t matter where he goes!!
Hana: If you manage to escape you win!! How about it!?
Shiina: Oohhh! Sounds fun!
Mizoguchi: This teacher // shall // banish thee!!
Shiina: Woah!! // Hahaha, you can’t catch me!!

Page 20
Hana (thinking): Director, run away! Fast!!
<sfx: *turn around*>
Shiina: C’mon, catch me if you can!
Hana: Director…… // YOUR HAAAATTT!!!
Shiina: I’m outta here as fast as I can!
<sfx: *woosh*>
Mizoguchi: Thou wilst not get away. I shall… restore order!
Somie: What was that just now…!? A rabbit…!?
<sfx: *mumble, mumble*>

Page 21
Hana: What, no! That was one of those cartoon-character costumes… it was that kinda costume!
Somie: Who the hell wears a cartoon-character costume under his hat!? Hey, Aoi, do you know this person!? // How should we go on about this!?
Hana (thinking): Oh boy—can’t get any worse…
Box: Lunch break
Hana: Hah / Hah
Hana (thinking): I might have managed to trick them into believing it was a relative of mine who pulled a huge prank on me… // But I need to fix this now, before anything worse is about to happen! // Once I find him I’ll make him head home to the zoo!
Hana: Where has that damned rabbit gone off to~~!?
Kikuchi: Oh, hey there…
<sfx: *turn around*>
Hana: What now!?

Page 22
Kikuchi: Oh… excuse me… // about this morning…
Hana: What is it? I’m in a bit of a hurry right now, you know…
<sfx: *hoh, hoh, hoh*>
Kikuchi: Ohh!! I’m truly sorry! // I’m sorry… excuse me for my rudeness but may I ask you something…? It’s about the poster you looked at this morning…
Hana: Ah, the one from the circus!
Kikuchi: I’m one of their members.
<sfx: *freeze*>
Hana: Whaaa~~!!? I never heard about that! Who would have thought!!!
<sfx: *Whaa~*>
Kikuchi: I don’t talk much about it, I’m sorry! It’s a bit embarrassing……

Page 23
Hana (in picture): Gee~ wiz // what fortunate coincidence!! He can teach me a lot of thin-…
Kikuchi: So, yeah… I didn’t have the chance to mention it this morning but…
Hana: Oh, right. There still was something…
Kikuchi: I will ask you if you promise me not to laugh, okay……?
Hana: …hm?
Kikuchi: Can a bear… // talk?

Insert text: The appearance of a boy with a secret…!!

Final line: What’s this about a talking bear!? Next issue!!

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