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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 27

Kikuchi-kun's Consultation

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 22, 2012 02:17 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 27

Just like the great philosopher P. Diddy once said: "Bad Boy, Baby! - Can't Stop, Won't Stop!!" - This week is far from over this is the third Oumaga Release in a row~

  1. This script is generally free for use, as OD is currently not handled by any group! - Please send me a short notice if you intend to use it. We can also discuss an ongoing collaboration for this project with advantages, such as reservation rights for the TL.
  2. Most important ground rule remains: Credit me!
  3. No changes to the script without consulting me first!
  4. That being said, I'm no native English speaker. Thorough proofreading is advised before using it in your SL!

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Sideline: ★ The newest volume, JUMP Comics Vol. 2, of Oumaga is on sale and enjoys great popularity! Sketches of Isana and Sakamata included!!

Insert text: Even during business meetings… // he’s always on her mind! ♡

Horikoshi Kouhei
Chapter 27 – Kikuchi-kun’s Consultation

Page 2
Sideline: The shocking confession of a classmate!! It’s not about love… but about a bear!!

Kikuchi: Can a bear… // talk?
Kikuchi (in picture): Can a bear // talk? // talk? // talk? // talk?
Hana: W-w-what are you talking about, silly!!? / That’s, like, impossible~ [TN: Hana apparently gets into girlie mode when she needs to lie and sound convincing!]
Kikuchi: Ah—r-right! I’m really sorry!!
Hana (in picture): A bear… // at the circus… // talking… // that’s… // that’s…

Page 3
Kikuchi: It’s just… I only just recently joined the circus… // but that place is strange! / Just plain weird!
Hana (thinking): Don’t tell me……
<sfx: *thump, thump*>
Hana: What do you mean, when you say “weird”…? like, give an example…
Hana (thinking): Don’t tell me, don’t tell me he really… // This can’t be true!?
Kikuchi: I saw it… I was not supposed to see it… but I did…
Sign: No Trespassing
Kikuchi: That’s it…

Page 4
Kikuchi: Just like that thing // ther-… HUH!?
Kikuchi (thinking): What’s THAT…
Shiina: I’s looking for ya, / Aoi Hana!
Hana (in picture): Haaaaa
Text (in picture): That’s…

Page 5
Hana: MY LI- / NYA!!
Shiina: Again!?
Hana: Why you look so happy, were you planning to steal that!? Where have you been!? What about the gym teacher!?
Shiina: I lost him! But what’s more important, why did you stop before the game was even over!?
Hana (thinking): Always the same, no use trying to talk to him!
Hana: Even if you won’t give in, please put at least the hat back on! // And make sure to return that bust!
Shiina: Oh, my hat! I’s looking for that one~
Hana: You never know if this guy even wants to hide or not…

Page 6
Kikuchi: Um… Aoi-san? Just now… what was…
Hana: Aahh, Kikuchi-kun!
<sfx: *push*>
Hana: I hate to admit it but that’s actually my cousin! Can you believe it!? He showed up in a cartoon-character costume! He’s really into that stuff!! It’s so gross! Right!?
Kikuchi: I see… / He seems like a handful!
Hana: I wouldn’t be surprised if that bear you saw was just another costume like this!!
Shiina (thinking): The toilet.
Kikuchi: You’re wrong! / We don’t have any costume shows there! // Plus… that place… it’s just weird! Anyway… // There’s no way I’m misjudging this! I’m not that clumsy!!
<sfx: *ding dong*>
Kikuchi: Oh, it’s the bell… // I’m sorry… I had to bother you with this.

Page 7
Hana: Director!
<sfx: *psshhhhhh*>
Shiina: Hm?
Hana: Please make sure you’re quiet enough / so that no one will find you until my supplementary lessons are over. // And once we’re back at the zoo // There’s something important we need to talk about.
<sfx: *pssshhhhh*>
<sfx: *pshhhh*>

Hana (in picture): How can he… at such a time…
Shiina: Phew~~ // Feeling fresh~ / So now…
<sfx: *turning door knob*>

Page 8
<sfx: *pop up abruptly*>
Mizoguchi: …this // teacher…
Shiina: Ohh-- // It’s the slow dunce “it” [TN: Remember, Shiina thinks they’re playing catch!]
Shiina: Ya think you still got enough juice left to catch me!? Hyahaha
Mizoguchi: Thou wilt not get away…
<sfx: *booiiing*>
<sfx: *dash*>

Hana: Waaahh… I already begged you, so please don’t cause any more ruckus afterwards…

Page 9
Box: At last, without me being able to concentrate on any of the classes, // my supplementary lessons came to an end.--
<sfx: *fidgeting nervously*>
Somie (in picture): Hey, Aoi!
Hana: Hah… // hah… // hah… / finally… // there you are! // What’s with that posture…?

Page 10
Hana (thinking): He’s sleeping… in such a place! // Playing catch must have worn him out, it seems
Hana: Directo~~r! // Director~~!
Shiina: Hmm…--- // You’re late, Aoi Hana.
Hana: I’m sorry. Let’s go home!
Shiina: Geez, this school really is a fun place, huh~ / It’s like a maze!
Hana: It’s not a place you go for playing…
Hana (thinking): “A fun place”, he says… so that means… // he never got to go to school, huh… // Because of that curse…

Page 11
Shiina: We’re baaa~ck!! // Beasts!!! // Transform!

Page 12
Uwabami: Where in the world have you been, Director!?
Goat: I’m starving!
Armadillo: ARR MIGHT DIE YO!! [TN: Yet another word play in Japanese, yet another great moment of Mr. Prince... Armadillo dude said arumajiki in Japanese, which means “impossible” or “unbecoming” while sounding an awful lot like “Armadillo” (jap. arumajiro). Thus I tried to adapt it somehow…]
Someone: What good brings a zoo with absolutely no personnel!? Well, not like anyone came today…
Shiina: That’s okay every now and then!
Oogami: What do you mean “every now and then”!? It’s the same every day!
Someone: Hana-chan, our foo~~~~d!!
Hana (thinking): Talking animals…
Kikuchi (flashback): Can a bear talk?
Hana (thinking): The aquarium was the same…!
Hana: Guys…

Page 13
Someone: A talking bear!? // At the circus?
Hana: That’s right.
<sfx: *tie knot*>
Hana: At first I was surprised myself // but remember the incident with the Ushimitsudoki Aquarium.
<sfx: *waddle, waddle*>
Shiina (in picture): Ohh~
Hana: If it’s like Kikuchi-kun says…

Page 14
Hana: it means that somebody at that circus makes a bear talk through the use of magical powers! // In other words, there’s a cursed human! It has to be!
Someone: Another one all of a sudden…!? Isn’t that a bit too much? / Geez, what’s with all those cursed people in this neighborhood popping up one after another……
Shishido: So what're we gonna do!? Another raid!?
Hana: No, this is different!

Page 15
Hana: This time, // I think we should all work together. // That time before Igarashi-san was kidnapped, which left us no other choice. / But wouldn’t you agree it’s only natural to lend each other a hand when you’re in the same situation!? // Think about the shows as well, wouldn’t it be smarter to try and come to good terms this time around…?
Shiina: Sounds nice…
<sfx: *seat cushion>
<sfx: *boing*>
Shiina: That bear… // I’m gonna make him my comrade!

Page 16
Kikuchi: Wah… wait. / wait a min-…
Employee: Kikuchi!! / It’s no good if you can’t even make a single doggy obey you~
<sfx: *woof, woof*>
Kikuchi: Wah / I’m sorry! Really!
???: Hey, hey, little newcomer!!!
<sfx *whip*>
Kikuchi: Ou-!!

Page 17
???: I’m startin’ to wonder if you have any motivation at all!? // Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t care less if you have any or not!!
Employee: Director…
Director: Because what they want is not motivation…!! // Neither are they waiting for some cheap-ass tricks and performances!! // What the audience is yearning for--……

Page 18
Introductory box: Director of the Yatsudoki Circus // Michinoke
[TN: Okay, two things: 1.) Michinoke’s name is a wordplay on the Japanese word for “clown”. It’s a bit hard to explain if you don’t know any Japanese, so let’s leave it at that. And 2.) Yatsudoki is, of course, again taken from the old Japanese system of time. It literally means “Eighth Hour” but corresponds to approx. 2 a.m.]

Page 19
Michinoke: Is blood-stirring, heart-throbbing entertainment!! // You got this~~!!?
Kikucih: Yes… I’m sorry.
Michinoke: We’re the Yatsudoki Circus Troupe! // We make people enjoy themselves to the max, right!?

Insert text: No doubt, that’s suspicious circus troupe!! Especially their director!!

End line: Next issue, off to the circus in order to make the bear their friend!! Extra Pages (23p.)!!

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