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Hungry Joker 3

Genius vs. God

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 24, 2012 04:48 | Go to Hungry Joker

-> RTS Page for Hungry Joker 3

Okay, this one was bitchin'! Had a lot of difficult Japanese bits and bobs in it, so it took me a while longer to work myself through the chapter. But I think I managed to figure everything out just fine in the end.

On the upside: We finally get a more concrete image of the "Eureka" concept. That helps me a lot in translating the series as I don't have be as vague about certain passages. - Though I'm pretty sure this should eventually lead to one or two mistakes in my earlier scripts. (I will check back later and revise them eventually, but the better part of SL's floating around the web will still contain them anyway, so yeah...)

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans

Page 1
Opening caption: Truth lies where doubt was applied to the common knowledge of the world.

Tabata Yuuki
case.3 – Genius vs. God

Page 2
Insert line: The Questioning Lecture Starts With Bloodshed!!

<sfx: OOOOHHHH [noise of Haiji’s powers]>
Chitose: I already said I’m afraid of heights, didn’t I? Uwaahh
<sfx: *shiver, shiver*>
Haiji: How did you like the condition of that explosion? // I hope I’ve set the frame so we can have a nice little chit-chat now~
Masked guy: I see…

Page 3
Masked guy: So the human’s no mere human // but a chosen one, I see…
<sfx: *giggle, giggle*>
<sfx: *sizzzzle*>

Chitose: This… can’t be……!
Chitose (in picture): Despite that explosion… not a single scratch---…!?
<sfx: *giggle, giggle*>
Masked guy: Those individuals… // that are commonly referred to as “genius”…
Haiji: Hm, I get that a lot. // A genius – That’s an individual born with absolutely exceptional talents… // certainly true. // Guess I’m a genius.
Haiji (in picture): Hahahahaha [TN for SL: Written upside-down!]
Chitose (thinking): ……and a weirdo on top of that.

Page 4
<sfx: *crush*>
Haiji: Still, // I don’t know anything about myself! // And the same // goes for what’s been my single sole possession. // This apple that’s been awarding me // these scientifical super powers……! // That also applies to your powers by which you can mutate human cells. / You must have obtained those in a similar fashion, through something just like the apple…? // You will tell me everything! // All the things you know that I don’t!
Masked guy: --I’m surprised…

Page 5
Masked guy: So you don’t even know a thing // about the “Eureka”, huh!?
<sfx: *sliiiip* [dragging sound]>
Haiji (in picture): …the “Eureka”--…
Chitose: Peas……?
<sfx: *squeeze*>
<sfx: *drip*>
<sfx: *squeaa~l*>
<sfx: *gulp*>
<sfx: *creak*>
<sfx: *squeeeaaa~l*>
<sfx: *creak, creak, creak*>

Page 6
<sfx: *OOOHHH*>
<sfx: *squeeeaa~l*>
<sfx: *flap*>
<sfx: *CRAASH*>
<sfx: *whoosh*>

Chitose: …Doctor--!
Haiji: If I’m not mistaken…
<sfx: *squeal*>
Haiji: This might be worth a try!
<sfx: *thrust*>
<sfx: *blur…*>

Page 7
<sfx: *BLUUURGH*>
<sfx: *rattle, rattle*>
<sfx: *creak, creak, creak*> [TN: all over the transformation scene]
<sfx: *fuu*>

Chitose: …she changed back…
<sfx: *float*>
<sfx: *tap*>

Haiji: I had to be a little rough but the experiment was a success.
Haiji (in picture): Hahaha
<sfx: *thunk*>
Chitose: Wah!

Page 8
Chitose: Thank god…! // She’s alive--…!
Masked guy: Umm… // ‘scuse me, could I have that back? // There are still // lots and lots and LOTS // of things I might want to try out…!
<sfx: *squeeze*>
Chitose: --N… no way…! // ……what… / just what in the world… do you think humans are……!? //
To think anybody would do such a thing… // You can’t just deal with them however it pleases you---!!

Page 9
Masked guy: Right. // That’s what humans are to you… // But for me… // I don’t care if it’s reviving them… // or letting them perish… // I can do whatever I wish to them! // That’s the kind of thing they are!
<sfx: *squeeze*>
<sfx: *giggle*>
<sfx: *startle*>
<sfx: *snip*>
<sfx: *whoo~sh*>

Chitose: Huh?

Page 10
<sfx: *kun-*>
<sfx: *float*>
<sfx: *squish*>

Haiji: I don’t care who you are, // if you’re a god or whatever the hell you might be… // but you will tell me more // about this apple of mine and your peas… about these so-called “Eureka”!
<sfx: *whoosh*>
<sfx: *OOOHHHHH*>

Page 11
<sfx: *creak, creak*>
<sfx: *CRASH*>
<sfx: *stand firmly*>
<sfx: *shiver, shiver*>
<sfx: *giggle*>

Masked guy: --it’s a real shame… // But you no longer // fascinate me!
<sfx: *CRAAASH*>

Page 12
Chitose: Kyaaahhh
Haiji: …peas… // genetics-- / cells… // the father of modern genetics… // “Mendel’s Peas”, huh?
<sfx: *giggle, giggle*>
Masked guy: The “Eureka” // bestow powers of truth in accordance to the compliance ratio / of the body of the individual utilizing them. // So even if a human were to acquire some knowledge from them that would be nothing but a mere fragment of the whole picture! // Which is why the “Eureka” belong to us! // We, who are…
<sfx: *OOOHHH*>

Page 13
Masked guy: …referred to as “Gods” // by your kind, human…!
<sfx: *OOOHHH*>
<sfx: *whoosh*>
<sfx: *CRASH*>

Masked guy: --in the end… // you’re just a human!

Page 14
Masked guy: There’s no chance a genius like you // could inflict a single scratch on a god like me…!
Chitose: Doctooo~r--!
Haiji (thinking): The time remaining from the apple is about to elapse…
Haiji: --hmph, how troublesome…
<sfx: *squeeze, crush*>
Masked guy: There won’t be a single thing troubling you anymore. // Cause once I squashed that apple / nothing but death awaits you!
<sfx: *giggle, giggle*>
Haiji: …can’t be helped…
<sfx: *phew*>
<sfx: *float*>
<sfx: *OOHHH*>

Page 15
Chitose: Kyaahh!
<sfx: *OOHHHHHH*>
Chitose (thinking): We’re above the ocean, when did we---…!?
<sfx: *SPLAASH*>
<sfx: *float*>
<sfx: *crumble*>
<sfx: *OOHHH*>
<sfx: *splash, splash*>

Masked guy: …he ran away…? // What a boring guy…

Page 16
No text.

Page 17
<sfx: *POW*>
Haiji: There was one more experiment // I wanted to conduct before I took my leave. // It appears that throwing a simple punch at you // turned out quite feasible~ <hahaha>
<sfx: *crumble, crumble*>
Haiji: You said that I wouldn’t be able to inflict a single scratch on you…

Page 18
Haiji: But you telling me such a lie sure is troublesome, // dear God!
<sfx: *SPLA~~~SH*>

Page 19
<sfx: *float*>
<sfx: *step*>

Girl: You’re done playing now, // Kildo? [TN: The character (jap. キルド, kirudo) could very well be named differently, “Killed” for example. (Which would be a real stupid name IMO.) But I’m pretty sure the name goes back to Mori Hiroshi’s series of novels, entitled The Sky Crawlers, which was also made into an animation film back in 2008. In that story you have the so-called “Kildren” (kirudore), genetically designed humanoids who live in eternal adolescence.]
<sfx: *fla~p*>
Girl: It’s time for the dinner party. // But more importantly, I see that boy from just now // actually managed to spill some of your blood~
<sfx: *giggle*>

Page 20
Kildo: I found me… / an interesting human…!
<sfx: *giggle, giggle*>
Kildo: He’s mine! / So don’t you lay a finger on him, Rosalie!
Rosalie: Understood~
Rosalie (thinking): ……that kid…
Rosalie (in picture): I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before--…
<sfx: *blink*>
Nurse: …hm…

Page 21
Haiji: So she’s finally awake, huh?
<sfx: *stir, startle*>
Nurse: …Haiji-kun--? / Huh, where am I…!?
Chitose: Ah, thank god~
Nurse: Wah! Huh!? Why am I undressed--!?
Chitose: I wonder where one should even start explaining…?
Haiji: Take this money and get home somehow, buy yourself some clothes you like or whatever!
<sfx: *toss*>
Nurse: Eh… what!? Hu~h!?!
Chitose (thinking): He wants to settle this with money--!?
Nurse: What in the world is this all about!? I don’t know if you’re a special patient or whatever is going on here… / But please explain this properly--!
Haiji: I can't tell you anything about these circumstances. / See you~
<sfx: *pat, pat, pat*>
Nurse: W- wait a minute!
Chitose: Doctor-!
Nurse: …Haiji-kun-! // I-… I don’t really know what happened, but… // but-…

Page 22
Nurse: You actually… saved me, didn’t you? // Thank you. // You said might’ve said that you don’t understand emotions like devotion, / but I don’t think that’s true!
Haiji: There are but two things I can say to you: // “Thanks to you, too. For taking care of me.” // and “Get along with your little brother.”
<sfx: *pat, pat*>
Chitose: Doctor…!
Nurse: Take care on your way~!

Page 23
Chitose: Huh!? // You’re going to the Oh'ei Museum--!? [TN: This name, ōei hakubutsukan (jap. 王英博物館) in Japanese, is a wordplay on the British Museum in London, daiei hakubutsukan (jap. 大英博物館). The first syllable 大 can also be read as “ō”.]
<Truck: Fukuju Co. Ltd.>
Chitose: If you’re saying Oh'ei Museum… you mean the one in England!?
Haiji: Is there another one besides that?
Chitose: W- why all of a sudden…?
Haiji: I didn’t have a chance to ask god about everything but there’s one thing I understood: / There exist a number of so-called “Eureka”, things just like this apple! // Newton… Mendel… they might very well be related to great “discoveries” in the history of science-- // If my intention is right… //
The “Pythagorean Hammer” that’s currently exhibited at Oh'ei Museum // is a “Eureka”!

Insert line: Off to the Next Key of Inquiry!!

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