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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 28

Welcome to the Yatsudoki Circus

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 26, 2012 01:57 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 28

Can you believe it? I really made the magical 50! That’s quite the milestone for me, really. I remember how I started translating when I had learned Japanese for, like, six months or so. Boy, what a mess that first script must have been. (I’m actually too ashamed to check for myself…) But here I am a few years later, still one of the slowest fucks who dare to call themselves translators but at least my Japanese has improved to the point where I can work myself through a single chapter without feeling like eating my own face every 10 minutes (out of despair because the Japanese is too difficult)… so that’s some progress, right?

May the next 50 come about sooner and be less exhausting and strenuous at the same time. I’ll make sure to continue putting my heart into every release and aim for better quality with the next one.

More good news: It looks like Jump LJ Scans and KRA Scans will be handling this series as a joint project! I’m not sure WHEN you can expect the first releases but stay tuned for any updates~!!


Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Insert text: A circus director with a twisted love for entertainment…!! Page count increased to 23P!!

Michinoke: Hey there, little newcomer… // how much longer you’re gonna sit there!? HUH!? // It’s been what? 5 seconds already since you fell on that sorry behind of yours!? You haven’t even moved a single inch...
Employee: You can’t just slash your whip at people, Michi-san… plus, Kikuchi has joined just the other day…
Michinoke: I don’t care if it’s people or turd! They say pain is the shortcut towards success!! “The whip of love”*… / you never heard that expression!? // Huh!? You don’t know it!? Well then… [TN: “The whip of love” – ai no muchi (jap. 愛のムチ) is a real idiomatic expression in Japanese, so nothing Michinoke made up. It actually means being strict towards those you love, i.e. you are strict with them because you care about them (and hope to see them really better themselves).]
Kikuchi (in picture): This circus I joined…
Michinoke: I’ll teach you right now!

Page 2
Michinoke: Don’t know it!? I’m gonna make you understand!! Faster than you could pick up any dictionary!!
Employee: ……I get it.
Michinoke: Y’see, that’s the shortcut!!
Kikuchi (in picture): is absolutely insane!

Page 3
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Sideline: ☆ The brand new JUMP Comics Vol. 3 will be on sale 3rd April! The conclusion of Shiina VS Isana!! Make sure to pre-order it at your local bookstore!!

Insert text: The journey to the world of the clowns starts now!!

Horikoshi Kouhei
Chapter 28 – Welcome to the Yatsudoki Circus

Page 4
Hana: Make that bear… // your friend!?
Shiina: Yupp. / I’m gonna invite him to become a member of Oumagadoki.
Hana: Apart from that… get down, right this moment! <so heavy!>
<sfx: *shake, shake*>
Name box: Fu – ku – mo – to | Fukumoto | Snowy Owl (Female) [TN: As always, there’s a reason to an animal’s name; Fukumoto is an owl, fukurou in Japanese.]
Fukumoto: So am I seeing this right… you’re trying to lure this bear away from that circus place?
Oogami: Oh, just like a talent scout~
Fukumoto: But you know… maybe this is just me being silly…

Page 5
Fukumoto: But isn’t that kinda like what // the aquarium did?
Igarashi: You can’t refrain to kidnapping and the likes, director!! I still cannot shake the images way! That-, that despair and plain fear when I was stuck under that armpit…!!
Hana: Ow!!
<sfx: *boing*>
Shiina: Not gonna do any o’that!
<sfx *thump*>
Shiina: I just wanna try talking to him. If he’s an interesting fella I’ll invite him! // That’s what I always did, right!?

Page 6
Fukumoto: You mean on base of a mutual agreement, right?
Shiina: What good is it if there’s no such thing!
<sfx: *clap, clap*>
Igarashi: If that’s how it is…
Fukumoto (in picture): Quite relieving, right?
Uwabami: Back when I was brought over here it’s been the same for me~ Makes me think back of those times~~… I can’t believe it’s been this long ago already…
Kisazou: Me, too! Me, too! And meeting new friends is always nice~! Right? It’s fun for everyone!!
Hana: Wait a minute, guys!! // I’m sorry to break the mood… // but it’s impossible!! / As far as circus animals are concerned… they’re each trained individually. / And they’re irreplaceable and highly valuable cornerstones for the circus, you know!? // They won’t cede you one of their members just like that, simply because you’re asking them to!!
<sfx: *silence*>
Hana: Huh…… I-I’m telling you…

Page 7
Hana: Let- Let’s think straight about this for a second, there is absolutely no reciprocal benefit whatsoever… // Now continuing these thoughts, what are our common grounds to begin with, really. Rather than simply requesting “Hand over that bear!” we should aim for constructive negotiations. The ideal would be a model where management and administration of both sides try to help each other… // Oh…… but if some part-time high school student were to burst in there all of a sudden and request such a…
<sfx: *slap*>
Shiina: EAR LOCK! // Hey Missy, I don’t understand any of that talk!! I’ll completely leave that to you!
Hana: Please try using these ears for listening, too…
Shiina: All I care for is to make that bear my comrade // and assign him show instructor for the beasts!
Hana (in picture): “constructive negotiations”… what the hell was I saying there!? / The director can’t be counted on! Which means, me all alone…? / He can’t just force this stuff on me!?

Page 8
Hana (in picture): How did I end up in yet another piiiinch!?
Uwabami: Director, Hana-chan // might it be alright for me… // to accompany you to the circus?
Hana: Huh…!? // Huuuh--!!? Uwabami-san, why!? That’s no good! They’ll notice you’re a snake!
Uwabami: Since it’s planned for us animals to star in a show, wouldn’t it be smarter for me to come along and learn about it firsthand? / Plus,

Page 9
Uwabami: You’re always trying so hard for our sake, Hana-chan; giving everything you got. // So occasionally we have to show some efforts, too. // And look, Hana-chan. See this!? / If I hide the little ones on my head you can’t even tell I’m no human! Right!? Right, director? This should work!?
Shiina: …alright!
Hana: Whaaa~ usually you’d absolutely forbid these kinds of things.
Shiina: Relax! After that incident the other day / I had been puzzling out a proper plan!
Hana: …a plan?
Shiina: When Uwabami comes along // it should be a good idea / to let the future stars of our show take a peek as well. It’s not like you get a chance to see the circus every day.

Page 10
Hana: Future… stars?
Shiina: Kisazou!! You’re coming with us!
Kisazou: Wha!? Really~!?
Hana: Whaaa~~t!?
Shiina: A’ight. Next, every circus needs a~…
Shishido: Huh? // A sarkus? [TN: He does not seem to know the word.]
Shiina: Yes! The circus is all about lions! / They go hand in hand! So come!
Hana: Shishido-kun’s out of question!!
Hana (in picture): Way too dangerous!

Page 11
Shishido: Don’t wanna, idiot! // I got no interest in that kinda shit. And I’m mad busy anyways!
Shiina: A~lright! Circus Scout Squad: Complete~
Shishido: Let go offa me, bastard!
Hana: You say you’re busy… what do you mean by that?
<sfx: *drag along*>
Shishido: Training!! // I need to get stronger! // Be it against the gorilla, that fish / or this idiot right here // I’ll get strong enough to trash all of them in an instant! // And then I’ll become the boss of this park’s pride! [TN: Pride is the correct term for a group of lions.]

Page 12
Shishido: Ga~hahaha / hahaha let go off me!
Hana (in picture): Is he serious--!?
Hana: This can’t end well……
In picture: The Following Day – Day of the Circus’ Public Performance
Sign: Yatsudoki Circus
<sfx: *mumble, mumble*>
Box: 30 Minutes before show time
Employee: Kikuchii~ your first performance is finally here~! // Don’t tense up!
Kikuchi: Yes… I’m sorry…
Employee: You’re alright? Oh, is this about the bruise you got yesterday?
Kikuchi: Nah… I’m just sorry… because of my fault…

Page 13
Kikuchi: You also got hurt, Suzuki-san…
Box: Animal Trainer // Suzuki
Suzuki: There’s nothing you need to apologize about. / The director’s the one at fault here!
Kikuchi: What if he were to hear you!?
Suzuki: Don’t worry. He’s somewhere backstage for the mic check.
Michinoke (in picture): Aah // Ahh
Suzuki: … back in the days / Michi-san didn’t use to be that way either… // But ever since that one day……
Kikuchi: Huh!?
Suzuki: ……shit, no good. Need to concentrate! Concentrate!! / Kikuchi, I’ll be relying on you as my assistant!!
Kikuchi: Wha-… ah, yes!
<sfx: *bee~~p>
<sfx: *kacha*>

Page 14
Michinoke: We~~~~~lco~~me to Yatsudoki Circus!!
<sfx: *Waaaahhhh* [roaring]>

Page 15
Michinoke: A world of dazzling amazement! // The things that are about to happen // are absolutely breathtaking! / So please make sure you will not die on us~! // Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, it’s show time!

Page 16
Hana: Phew~~ just in time… // Thank god they still had same-day tickets… / Let’s see, K-20…
<sfx: *Waaahhhh*>
Shiina: But it already started, dammit!!
<sfx: *step, step*>
Kisazou: This “popcorn” thingies are so yummy! Right!? You hear!?
Hana: It’s all cause you had to get some carrots from the supermarket, director!!
Uwabami: I’ll just go sit next to the director!!
<sfx: *ta-dah~*>
Guy in audience: Can’t see a thing…
Hana (thinking): Silly me! Why did I believe the director had an actual “plan”! / They even managed to boost their fishiness… <everybody can see us just fine> // There’s a cursed person amongst this circus troupe…

Page 17
Michinoke: Phew~… from this point onward it’s the same as always.
Bear: Michinoke-san!
Michinoke: Hm?
Bear: It stinks… // There’s a stench…
Michinoke: Huuuh!? On me!?// Da hell, you idiot!
<sfx: *psshh, psshh* [spray can]>
Bear: No, that’s not it… // It’s none of the troupe members either… this is… // the stench of beasts!

Page 18
Sign: Yatsudoki Circus
Guy: Ah man, can’t believe it’s over already~!
Chick: That was so much fun~
<sfx: *chatter, chatter*>

Page 19
Shiina: DA BO~MB!!!
Kisazou: Yeah! It was amazing! Humans are absolutely amazing! Right? Right!?
Shiina: Kisazou, back at the zoo you’ll also learn to toss hoops!
Uwabami: And it’s not like any of the parts during the show had been particularly dubious in any way… // Same applies to the visitors…
Kids (in picture): So much fun~ // It was a bit scary~
Uwabami: And all the showmen were normal humans as well. / I wonder if there really is a person around that received the curse…? // If Ushimitsudoki had been the same we might have never found out about it!
Shiina: Shisihdo!! How’s it!? Learned something today!?
Shishido: Shaddup! Like hell it was! / If there’d been a fight to the death of, let’s say, man vs. tiger things woulda been different!
Hana (thinking): Kikuchi-kun sure was amazing! Of course he’s still a bit stiff and clumsy but to perform in front of such a big crowd… // And he just joined them! That’s really something…!!
Hana Uwabami-san?
Uwabami: Yes?
Hana: Would you mind keeping an eye on everybody while I take a short leave? < Shishido-kun and the director in particular!>

Page 20
Hana: The time has come // I shall start the negotiations!
<sfx *whoooosh*>
Uwabami: But haven’t I told I also w-…
<sfx: *gyaa gyaa* [noise from the fight]*>
Hana: Oh no… it’s too dangerous to leave those two unmonitored… // It’ll be alright! // Plus one of them is an acquaintance of mine! Things will work out! // If the talk goes well and they agree to support us I’ll be back ASAP to let you know!
<sfx: *whoosh*>
<sfx: *donk*>

Hana: Ouch.
Uwabami (thinking): I wonder if this is okay? // Hang in there, Hana-chan!
<sfx: *flap* [long clothes]*

Page 21
Bear: So you’re the cause… // of that beast stench…
<sfx: *pop up*>
<sfx: *step*>

Hana (thinking): First I’ll find Kikuchi-kun and have him set up a meeting for me, / then I’ll call the director and the rest, then I’ll… // …… that’s the plan but there’s not a single soul around here~
Kikuchi: Waaah! Gu-…
Hana (in picture): That’s Kikuchi’s voice!
<sfx: *peek*>

Page 22-23
Voice 1: Hey you, listen to me!! / You’re kidding, huh!? You must be friggin’ kidding, right!? Yeah, no doubt about that!!
Voice 2 (tiger): The way you’re handling us sucks ass, bastard!
Voice 1 (poodle): Please try to be firmer!! You’re human after all!
Voice 3 (horse): Because of you our rhythm had been all over the place!
<sfx: *DOOON*>
Suzuki: Sorry I haven’t told you about this, Kikuchi… / I don’t want any of this either, but…
Hana (in picture): Just what… // is this!!?
Michinoke: Now then, Newcomer-kun, the second act is about to start!

Insert text: In the end they’re here! The talking animals assault Kikuchi!!

End line: Next issue – Shiina and Co. got discovered. What’s the circus director gonna do to them!?

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