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Hungry Joker 4


+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Dec 1, 2012 17:41 | Go to Hungry Joker

-> RTS Page for Hungry Joker 4

The moment you realize you're reading a manga that's directed at teenage boys but uses phrases that an IRC Channel full of Japanese translators in their 20's can't seem to solve...

Since i had been receiving questions about this: Expect the new script usually around Friday or Saturday. I'm not gonna rush things. I'm a slow but thorough worker.

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans

Page 1
Insert line: The next clue to investigating his memories…

Haiji: There’s a possibility the “Pythagorean Hammer” that’s currently exhibited at the Oh'ei Museum // is one of the “Eureka” like this apple. // Which is why we’re going to England, Takeda!
Haiji (in picture): Hahahahahaha
<sfx: *pat, pat*>
<sfx: *clap, clap*>

Chitose: …doctor! // Excuse me……

Page 2
Chitose: I’m very sorry but I just can’t keep up with this anymore!! // I’d like to request you to let me off as your assistant!!
Chitose (in picture): Uwaaahhhhn
<sfx: *energetically*>
Chitose: I don’t need any wages, // so just forgive me, please~~!!
Chitose (in picture): Uwaaaahhn
<sfx: *race off*>
Chitose (in picture): I’m sorryyyyy~~~
Haiji: Dear me…


Insert line: She ran away…

Tabata Yuuki
case.4 – Assistant

Page 3
News reporter: …on the incident at a hospital where several in-patients were found naked and unconscious in various locations throughout the hospital… // it appears that a number corpses have been moved from the morgue as well—
Chitose (box): Good morning, this is Toriiooji Chitose. // I’ve been working part-time as an assistant to a certain doctor // but feeling that I’ve reached my limit on several occasions I had to quit eventually.
News reporter: Furthermore, none of the in-patients are in critical condition…
Chitose (box): The doctor should be sitting on a plane right about now… // From now on, I’ll be trying my hardest as just a regular college student.
<sfx: *clack*>
Chitose: Good morning, mom~

Page 4
Mom: Haiji-kun, would you like a second serving?
Haiji: Hm, / thank you very much.
<sfx: *munch, munch*>
Haiji: Hm, // such a late riser, Sugita!
Chitose: It’s Toriiooji!
Mom: Oh my~ good morning, Chitose.
Chitose: What are you doing at my house, doctooo~~r!?
Haiji: I’m having breakfast. <can’t you tell from looking?>
Chitose: Weren’t you heading to England…?
Haiji: No living creature can exist without ingestion. / And I must complement you how well-balanced this menu is, Mrs. Mom! [TN: Haiji uses a not all too common yet very polite and respectful form to address Chitose’s parents, i.e. Okaa-san-dono (お母さん殿) and Otou-san-dono (お父さん殿) respectively. This would be the closest adaption of that form, please bear with it.]
<sfx: *munch, munch*>
Mom: My~ my~ that’s great to hear~~
Chitose (in picture): They kinda get along well for some reason--!?

Page 5
Mom: Oh my~~, Chitose, why haven’t you told me sooner that you’re working for such a smart and cute doctor~?
Chitose: But I quit already…
Chitose (in picture): ‘Cause I didn’t want to worry you, mom!
Mom: Is it possible you’ve used the charms of a senior to snatch yourself a juvenile genius scientist, Chitose~!?
Chitose (fantasy): So you don’t like / senior girls, doctor~?
<sfx: *ppffffffft*>
Chitose: NO!
Mom: You really are your mother’s child~ // C’mon, why not introduce him to your father.
Mom (in picture): Like mother, like daughter~
<sfx: *diii~ng* (death bell)>
Mom: You know, her father was a scientist as well just like you, Haiji-kun~ // But he passed away in an accident 6 years ago.
Haiji: Hmph, // what is it you say in these kinda situations…? // Please accept my deepest condolences.

Page 6
Haiji: So there’s no Mr. Dad around… // In that case, Mrs. Mom, there’s something I need to talk to you about.
Mom: Yes, go on~
Haiji: I’m asking for the hand of your daughter.
<sfx: *ppffffffft*>
Chitose: Wha-wha-wha // what are you saying, doctooo~~~r!?
Mom: Alrighty~♪ She’s all yours!
<sfx: *ppffffffft*>
Chitose: You, too!? What are you saying, mom--!?

Page 7
Chitose: Mind coming with me for a second, doctor!?
Haiji: Hm, / what is it? I’m just following the proper rules of society here…
Mom: <Oh my~> What might you be planning to do, just the two of you in your room, Chitose~?
<sfx: *Ufufufufufu*>
Chitose: Just zip it, mom!
Haiji: What’s with this room…!? // Who would want to live in here!?
Chitose: … I’m sorry.
Haiji: Still, something in here sure smells nice~ // It’s an odor I’ve never smelt before… might you be fermenting something in here?
Chitose: No.
<sfx: *sniff, sniff*>
Haiji: Hm, / and what’s this taxidermied animal I have never seen before?
Haiji (in picture): What family does it belong to?
Chitose: That’s just a regular stuffed animal.

Page 8
Chitose: Bu- but more importantly, what was that all about just now, doctor--…!? // So… i-is it true that… // I- I mean, that you like me……?
Haiji: Like you? / Good grief, so that’s what that line means?
<sfx: *crackle*>
Chitose (in picture): HUUU---H!?
<sfx: *float*>
Haiji: I only came to ask for your helping hand as my assistant! // I will do my utmost possible to guarantee your safety with these powers of mine!
<sfx: *flooaaa~t*>
Chitose: --…wha… // what’s the meaning of this---!? / Huh… no, no, no… // Before we talk about my safety and such, it’s not like I’ve actually ever been much of a help in the first place…!?

Page 9
Chitose: …I couldn’t even do anything significant within just ordinary research… // But once those absurd situations occur I’m completely taken aback and can’t do anything at all. / I fear I might only end up being a burden on you, doctor…!
Haiji: Hmph, // it appears that you don’t know this,… // but ever since you became my assistant the results of my research on mysterious things have progressed remarkably.
Chitose: Huh…?
Haiji: That’s an evident fact as proven by my data. // It’s certainly true that your abilities are extremely low compared to a proper assistant. // There are times when your constant confusion of chemicals drives me up the wall, / or your habit of falling over for no good reason whatsoever confuses me because I can’t understand it for the life of me. // While on the other hand…

Page 10
Haiji: There’s also the warmth of tea you make during work // that makes me feel relieved. // Things I “didn’t have” at all before you came around. // It appears that through your intervention // I can somehow “discover” new facets about me. // In the 6 years before I met you, / in the end I couldn’t solve the mystery about myself… // But now it’s like I might actually be able to solve it—

Page 11
Haiji: The key to this must lie in you. // Looks like it’s just how that one quote from Edison put it: “Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.”---… / It appears that somehow // you are that 1% to me. [TN: Tabata took some slight liberties in modifying that quote. Edison actually said in 1903: “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”]
Chitose: U-… um…
Haiji: Well then, I shall repeat myself again—

Page 12
Haiji: Become my assistant, // Toriiooji Chitose!

Page 13
Chitose: --please… / let me think about this some more…
Mom: Oh, Chitose. // You two finished your talk? // You know, seeing Haiji-kun makes me remember you dad.
Chitose: Huh?
Mom: They’re quite alike, don’t you think? // Their overly straightforwardness for example… <fufu> // Despite the maaa~ny hard times dad faced during his work / he still enjoyed it a lot, you know?
Mom (in picture): Fufufu
Mom: You’re the same, when you were complaining about how hard it was that you always get pushed around by the doctor / you still looked so lively to me!

Page 14
Mom: That kid will surely make some great discoveries~ // As long as he’s got someone indispensable at his side to support him~
<sfx: *firm* [pressing lips together]>
<sfx: *pat, pat, pat, pat* [storming upstairs]>

Chitose: Doctor-- // I- I’ll be… // trying my hardest as your assistant!!

Page 15
Haiji: Hmm, / let’s go to England then.
<sfx: *step, step, step*>
Chitose (in picture): i-impassive!
Chitose (in picture): Huuuh—
Chitose: Even if we leave right this instant we’re still at my house, / there’s no chance we’ll ever make it in time for the plane to London whatsoever--!
Haiji: I know that.
Chitose: Huh?
<sfx: *RUMBLE, SHAKE*>
Chitose: Wha-… // what was that--!?
<sfx: *clack*>

Page 16–17
Haiji: Which is why by using the powers of the apple I already got us to a location from where we’re guaranteed to be on time.
Mom: Oh my~
Chitose (in picture): Oh jeez… that doctor…

Page 18
Haiji: Let’s go, Chitose!
Haiji (in picture): Hahahaha
Chitose: Yes~
Box: England – London // Oh’ei Museum

Page 19
<sfx: *tchik*>
Guy: …now… // let’s see what kinda bastard takes the bait~……
<sfx: *ffttt*>
<sfx: *glooo~w*>

Guy: …not that I’d mind if this blew over without me killing anybody--…

Insert line: Nothing ventured, no “truth” gained! [TN: This is a modified version of the Japanese saying koketsu ni irazunba koji o ezu (jap. 虎穴に入らずんば虎児を得ず), which literally means “You can’t catch the tiger’s cub, if you don’t enter the tiger’s den!”. The English equivalent for this is “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”. Tabata changed the second part to »“shinri” o erarezu« (jap. “心理”を得られず) or “no 'truth' can be gained”.]

Final line: Next issue – Haiji disembarks in the UK! What awaits him at the museum…!?

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