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Hungry Joker 8

A Person Who Does Not Possess

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Jan 24, 2013 15:39 | Go to Hungry Joker

-> RTS Page for Hungry Joker 8

...I know, this one was supposed to be released a tad earlier but our project leader who's also responsible for proofreading is stuck in exam hell. So cut the guy some slack, hmkay?

Rumor has it that HUNGRY JOKER did not really manage to appeal to the Japanese readers in the early chapters. Let's better hope the results improved a little over the course, otherwise I'm afraid the series won't make it past the 20 chapters mark...

Anyway: Enjoy the chapter and thanks for the support!

Mr. Prince x Kiss Scans Only!

Page 1
<sfx: *clatter, clang*>
Rosalie: Oh, Kildo.
Kildo: Ah, Rosalie! // You wouldn’t happen to know where the puppet is that I’d often taken along with me lately?

Instert line: His favorite is…!?

Rosalie: …we~~ll, / this may be a bit hard to tell you…
Rosalie (in picture): Fufufu
Rosalie: But if you meant this one, it just got torn to shreds over there~!
<sfx: *zuzuzu…*>

Tabata Yuuki
case.8 – A Person Who Does Not Possess

Kildo: Oh well, I was starting to lose interest in it anyway, // so I was already fancying the idea of wrecking the thing myself…

Page 2
Kildo: That damn Laggings… just as I thought, he was ganking off with my things however it pleases him… <Such a pain in the ass!>
<sfx: *crackle*>
Laggings: Oh my~~~, what a useless good-for-nothing, hu~~h!
<sfx: *crackle, crackle*>
<sfx: *sizzle*>

Alan: Next is gonna be your turn!
Alan (in picture): Hngaaahhh~~, I thought I was really gonna diieeee--- C’mon, I’m begging you so let me finish you as well, damn bastard!
<sfx: *OOHHHH*>
Mira: Haiji-kun, it’s alright! You no longer have to bear that rubble anymore~~~! <Thank you!>

Page 3
Haiji: Hmph, // now then…
<sfx: *fwoom*>
<sfx: *OOHHH*>

Alan: Huh?
<sfx: *…OOHHH*>
<sfx: *rustle*>
<sfx: *pat, smack*>

Alan (thinking): That was friggin clo~~~se! Watch out! I thought I was gonna die again--!
Haiji: Good job, exterminating that monster.
Haiji (in picture): Hahaha
<sfx: *float*>
Alan (in picture): Is that shitty brat trying to kill me~~~!?
<sfx: *crackle*>

Page 4
Alan: Hey, shitty brat!
Haiji: What is it, black beanpole?
Alan: How much longer will you roughly be able to exhaust the Eureka’s power?
Haiji: Hmph, / my body has grown accustomed to it so the time frame has increased but I’d say no longer than another 5 minutes…
Alan: …the same probably goes for me… // Let’s bring this to a friggin end before that time then…!
<sfx: *OOHHHH*>
Laggings: <Hihihi> / Oh~, you just go ahead and consult each other to your hearts’ contents, little maggots……!
<sfx: *reach*>
Laggings: Since I’m up against a bunch of humans who can’t even dream of wielding a Eureka to its true potential… // it doesn’t matter how big a handicap I have to put up with cause it won’t be enough anyway, y’see~~~!
<sfx: *sip, slurp*>
<sfx: *crackle*>

Page 5
<sfx: *crackle*
Alan: What’s that thing…!? / Is it that guys’ Eureka?
Haiji: Hmm, / it’s… an amber rod, huh? // So is it… the amber of Thales, // the ancient Greek philosopher?
Explanation (in picture): Thales, the earliest recorded natural philosopher. // The static electricity he induced by rubbing an amber stick with fur is said to be mankind’s first discovery of “electricity” in history!
<sfx: *buzzzz, buzz*>
Someone: So a Eureka that grants you control over electricity, huh......
Alan & Haiji: HAND IT OVER!

Page 6
<sfx: *CRACKLE*>
Laggings: You’re slooo~~~~~~w~
<sfx: *crackle*>
<sfx: *glare*>

Haiji: …this is bad…
Haiji (in picture): To think the difference in speed at which he releases his powers would be that much higher than ours--…

Page 7
Haiji (in picture): And what’s even more is that the opponent party doesn’t have a time limit……!! [TN: “opponent party” is written with the kanji for Mavro, i.e. “Black Gods Army”.]
<sfx: *crackle*>
Laggings: <Hihaha> / You guys were done from the very staaa~~rt!
<sfx: *thock*>
Mira: A~~~lright, it’s complete--! // And the lab workers were also safely evacuated~! We’re all set~~~!!
Chitose: Tha-… that’s……!

Page 8
Chitose: The doctor…… // …he’s completely worn down--… / at this rate he’s going to die……!
Mira: If I’m heading out, / I can restore those two…!
Chitose: …huh…? // Mira-chan!
<sfx: *tap*>
Chitose: ……Mira-chan… / you’ll get killed, too--…!
Mira: That is something I’ve prepared myself for // the moment I became the assistant of a Eureka’s adaptor! ♪

Page 9
Mira: It’s true, I may not be able to use the Eureka myself… // but what Alan and I discovered together was: / There are things I can do as well…!
<sfx: *beep*>
<sfx: *whoom*>

In picture: Evacuation Route
Mira: Right now, the time might not be enough for it but I’m sure that one day you will find that with Haiji-kun as well, Chitose-chan! // So you better escape now!
<sfx: *tap, tap, tap*>
Chitose (in picture): …one day—

Page 10
<sfx: *slam*>
<sfx: *thud*>

Alan (in picture): …it’s futile… my body won’t move to my will anymore--…
<sfx: *crumble*>
<sfx: *crumble*>
<sfx: *fwump*>

Laggings: Even when it’s able to use a Eureka… // a maggot will always stay a maggot~
Laggings (in picture): Hihihi…
Laggings: Hm?
<sfx: *dshoooo*>
<sfx: *clack-clack*>

Page 11
Alan: Mira……!
<sfx: *tap, tap, tap*>
Haiji: ……that little girl shows up? / What is she supposed to do…?
Haiji (in picture): *cough*
Alan: This hammer has one more technique…! // Y’see, it was in fact her who discovered it through a series of experiments during which she exposed herself to various of the hammers’ different sound waves, a process that could have very well cost her her life--…! // By sending the sound waves the hammer produces through Mira’s body I’m able to modify them to any specific frequency I desire…! Just like with an amplifier! // I’m gonna use that sound to activate the body’s molecules and heal our injuries--…!
Mira (in picture): Alan--…!

Page 12
<sfx: *flash*>
<sfx: *CRACCKKLE*>
<sfx: *thud*>
<sfx: *bzzz*>

Laggings (in picture): Hihihihi

Page 13
Laggings: So you were planning to take me on under the cover of darkness, huu~h…!? // Yet another little maggot… // What did that one even crawl forth for!? I don’t get it~~… // But it doesn’t matter how much farther your numbers will increase anyhooo~~~~~~w!! // Cause, y’see~, no matter how much an ordinary human crawls around… // in the end he will never ever reach where we Gods stand--!! // Haaa~~~h… // Oh my, I think I have played enough now~…
<sfx: *crackle*>
Laggings: DIE!

Page 14
<sfx: *SPLASH*>
Chitose: This isn’t about “one day”… // This is something I can do “right now”…!!
Laggings: …huuu~~~h!? // Maggot, what did you just--…

Page 15
Haiji: That’s… oil?
Chitose: When you generate electricity sparks are emitted / and you’ll ignite yourself, Laggings--…! // You can no longer discharge any electricity……!
Laggings: To think that someone like a mere human… // who doesn’t even possess any form of power would…!!
Chitose: That’s the reason why science evolved-- / To come up with means to turn the impossible into something that can be done… // Exactly because I don’t possess any sort of power… // This idea--- has been what I managed to come up with……!!

Page 16
<sfx: *DONG*>
<sfx: *IIIIHH*>

Haiji (in picture): …my wounds… // they’re healed---

Page 17
<sfx: *AAAHH*>
Chitose: …thank Go--…
<sfx: *THUD*>
<sfx: *FLAP*>

Laggings: Maggot, how fucking daaa~re you~~~ // pulling this petty crap on me…!! I’m gonna kill you—
<sfx: *clench*>
Chitose: Aghh…

Page 18
<sfx: *SLAM*>
<sfx: *squash, scrunch*>

Haiji: Don’t lay a finger // on my assistant…!

Page 19
<sfx: *SMAACK*>
Chitose: Kyaaaaa
<sfx: *sliii~~de*>
Haiji: Hmph, // my assistant, // you did well!
Chitose: th--… / thank you!
Haiji: Leave the rest to me…!!

Insert line: The doctor takes over!

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