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Hungry Joker 10

The Labyrinth of Mist

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Feb 5, 2013 23:53 | Go to Hungry Joker

-> RTS Page for Hungry Joker 10

And here's the second one of the eve! Commemorating the start of a new arc in extended 23 pages.

The scanlation for chapters 9 and 10 should be up in the next 24 hours...

Mr. Prince x Kiss Scans Only

Page 1
Villager: Damn that ominous mist……! // It got even thicker again, didn’t it……?
<sfx: *OOHHH*> [ominous atmosphere]
Granny villager: Terrible… so terrible…
Villager: Under no circumstances are we to enter it…! // That labyrinth of mist… // the witch has created……!

Increased 23 Pages!!

Side line: A foggy mystery is spreading through a town… the start of a new arc!!

Page 2
☆ Commemorating the three super popular rookie works in a feast of increased 23 pages!! / The mist labyrinth is waiting! The curtain rises to the new arc!!

Insert line: Dyeing the world, will it be “white” or “black”……?

Tabata Yuuki
case.10 – The Labyrinth of Mist

Page 3
Voice: About 5 days ago on a certain plateau in the French province Quercy // there was a sudden outbreak of dense fog, the cause of which is still unknown. // What residents from the vicinity saw inside that mist, // something that hadn’t been there before the outbreak of the fog… / was a mysterious labyrinth……! // And what’s more, in that labyrinth // a terrifying monster has been hiding––
Chitose: …it says here! / Doctooor!

Page 4
Haiji: Hmph, // interesting!
Haiji (in picture): Hahahaha
<sfx: *flip flap, flip flap*>
Haiji: So you mean to say this is the doing of some sort of Eureka?
Mira: That’s quite likely! // Haiji-kun, Chitose-chan, securing the Eureka that catalyses the formation of the mist labyrinth // is your monumental first mission as White Jokeee~rs! // Since Alan and I have another mission we can’t come along with you. / I’m so sorry~! Real bummer, I know~!
Haiji: Not at all. // I’m relieved that giant man with the evil eyes won’t be around.
Haiji (in picture): Hahaha
Alan: Huh!?

Page 5
Mira: But be at ease~ Because another member of the Hungry Jokers will be joining you! // I dare say she’s a reliable “woman of steel” ♪
Haiji/Chitose (in picture): Woman / of Steel…?
Mira: Oh yeah, Haiji-kun, I think you guys will probably end up arriving first. So be kind and wait for her— // Now then, good luck~ <See you later~>
<sfx: *zap*>
Mira: I wonder if Haiji-kun’s group will be able get along with Vivi-chan--?
Alan: Who knows…
Alan (in picture): No way in hell I’d ever go on a mission with that girl again! EVER--!
Mira: --Well then, / next up…
<sfx: *beep*>
In picture: Headquarters

Page 6
Voice: --Good evening, / Alan and Mira. // It’s terrible what happened at the London branch. // Good job wiping out one of the Mavro // as well as looting the amber rod of Thales–! // How did // Haiji-kun fare--?

Page 7
Mira: At present, there are no problems whatsoever. // He was a perfectly normal human being ♪
Boss: I see… // We shall try and observe the situation for a little longer then. // I also requested from Vivi // that she’d investigate him up closely–…
<sfx: *HIIIHHH*>

Page 8
<sfx: *HIIIIIHHH*>
Vivi: It appears you have been waiting a little for me…! // The adaptor of the apple Eureka // and his assistant… // Somehow I’ve been hearing quite the stories about you two~
<sfx: *flap*>
Vivi: I am Vivienne Blanchard. // Pleased to meet you~
<sfx: *fluffy*>

Page 9
Vivi: For the two of you who joined the White Jokers // here’s a blessing of roses---!
<sfx: *whoo~~sh*>
<sfx: *rustle, swish*>

Vivi (in picture): Hohohohohohoho
Haiji: *munch, munch*
Chitose (in picture): She’s not the slightest bit like a “steel woman”! What’s with this fluffy, cute person turning up--!?
Haiji: Hmph.
<sfx: *ssht*>

Page 10
<sfx: *COLLAPSE*>
Vivi: Ho…
<sfx: *WHOOOOSH*>
Vivi: Kyaaahhh
<sfx: *OOHHH*>
<sfx: *float~*>
<sfx: *drop*>

Vivi: What do you think you’re doing, you foo~~l!?
<sfx: *startle*>

Page 11
<sfx: *yeee~ll*>
Chitose (in picture): I’m sorryyy~~
Chitose (in picture): She’s no longer fluffy at all––!!
<sfx: *snap out*>
Viv: And where is our MVP, the apple man—?
<sfx: *swish*>
<sfx: *float, float*>

Haiji (in picture): hmm hmm // *fiddle, fiddle* // Off you go!
<sfx: *CRACK*>
Vivi: What do you think you’re doing, arbitrarily taking apart other people’s stuff–!?
Vivi (in picture): HHEEEYYY–––
Haiji: I see, that’s the way it’s constructed.
Haiji (in picture): That was satisfying.
<sfx: *rattle, clunk*>
<sfx: *pat, smack*>

Chitose: I’m so sorryyy~ He’s just the kind of person who has to investigate something thoroughly when he’s taken an interest in it—…
Haiji: Speaking of which… // What part about you is it that makes you a “woman of steel”?
<sfx: *stare, stare*>
Vivi: *twitch*

Page 12
Vivi (in picture): *rear up*
Vivi: …not cute at all…
Haiji: Hm?
Vivi: You… / Please refrain from calling me by such a common and uncute name like “steel” again…
<sfx: *rumble, rumble, rumble*>
<sfx: *ROOAAAR*>
Chitose (thinking): And now she’s no longer cute at all---
<sfx: *pat, pat*>
Haiji: Your chest sure is like a steel plate, so that probably must be why…
Chitose (in picture): Do- DOCTOR--!! // WAAAHHHH // Are you even human—!?
<sfx: *quiver, tremble*>
Haiji: Even so, you’re flat as a pancake~ / What in the world have you been eating all this time?

Page 13
<sfx: *KA-WHAM*>
Haiji’s check: *hisssssssss~~~*>
Vivi (in picture): *ROOAAAR*
Chitose: I’m so sorryyy~~ He doesn’t actually mean any harm~~
Vivi: Hm?
<sfx: *MELLO~~W*>
<sfx: *boing*>

Page 14
Haiji & Vivi: A witch?
Chitose: Yes. / It seems there’s an old woman living in the vicinity of the plateau where the mist broke out…
Chitose (in picture): It’s said that on top of her being a rather eccentric person, a number of strange incidents have occurred in that local area multiple times–– // It appears the townspeople call her a witch. // It seems that old woman has disappeared with the outbreak of the fog. // There’s a rumor making rounds in town that the witch is building a labyrinth inside the mist––…!
Vivi: Hohoho / That is indeed the kind of story common people would come up with.
Haiji: Hmph, / does this mean that old woman is the adaptor of a Eureka…? // She has got any family?
Chitose: It seems like she’s been living together with her grandchild…

Page 15
Haiji: Is this her house? / The mist is right under one’s nose here.
Chitose: Somehow… this place feels like a ghost or something is about to pop out from it any minute!
Vivi: You really are a fool, huh? Like these kinds of things even exist…
Haiji: Hmph, / looks perfectly normal from the inside.
Vivi: And how’s that? / Just look at this room! Such poor taste! This is exactly why common people are––…
Chitose: Wait a-… what are you two doing, barging in there however you see fit––!?
Haiji: Hm, / it’s not like the door was locked. <Hahaha>
Vivi: It’s not like I needed some kind of permission to enter a commoner’s house!
Chitose: ……… <Those guys…>
<sfx: *pat, pat*>
<sfx: *rustle, swish*>

Chitose: Ex-… excuse my intrusio~~n…
<sfx: *pop up*>

Page 16
Chitose: Kyaaaaahhh
Haiji: Hm?
Dude: Gyaaaarrgh
Chitose: Excuse me. Excuse me, please.
Guy: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.
<sfx: *rustle, flap*>
<sfx: *shiver, tremble*>

Vivi: *thump, thump*
Someone: ……hm?

Page 17
Niels: --I’m so happy…! / It’s been quite some time since I last had any visitors… // I’m Niels… / The place may be a little dirty but plea~hee~hee~se make yourself at home!
Niels (in picture): Fufufufufufufufu
<sfx: *clank, cling, clink*>
Chitose (thinking): So scary!
Haiji: I refuse. / We don’t have any time to waste by staying at this place.
Vivi: I can’t even sit on a chair this dirty! / Plus, I don’t drink anything but homemade rose hip tea!
Niels: That’s true… like anybody could really make themselves at home in this eldritch house where creepy me is living…!
<sfx: *doo~~~m*>
Chitose (in picture): Waahh
Chitose: Niels-san…!
Niels: That’s right… I’m destined to live my life forever alone in this house, quietly, just like some moss… And one day I’ll die like an insect, without anybody even realizing… that’s my destiny–… <*sniff* *sniff*>
Chitose (thinking): So gloomy!

Page 18
Niels: In the end the only person who’s willing to spend time with me is granny… / …I wanna meet her again… granny……
Haiji: Hm? // Is your granny that old woman they’re calling a witch in town?
Chitose: Doctor-!
Niels: Granny is nothing like a witch… // Sure, even from a grandson’s viewpoint she was quite a peculiar granny but still…… / still… // I have no doubt / that granny is locked up in that labyrinth… and can’t emerge from it––…! // Granny……!
Vivi: –and despite this, / you mean to just stay here and do nothing about it!? // You’re one terrible fool, aren’t you!?
Haiji: Hmph…

Page 19
Haiji: Now then, let’s make sure // without further ado!
<sfx: *BAM*>
<sfx: *FLOA~T*>

Haiji: I want to / know the answer soon!
<sfx: *twinge, twinge*>
<sfx: *whoo~sh*>

Niels: Gyaaaargh!!?
Vivi: Still, you don’t just go ahead and make us fly however it pleases you, foo~~~l!

Page 20
Niels: W- w- we’re floating--… / D- d- do- don’t tell me… / y- y- yo- you’re a witch, aren’t youuuu!?
Niels (in picture): Gyaaargh
Haiji: Nope, I’m a scientist. / And a guy in the first place.
<sfx: *OOOHH*>
Haiji: Humans are scared of things they don’t know or don’t understand. // So what you guys call “witch” is in fact “your own ignorance”. // Which is why… // we shall deepen our knowledge, don’t you think? <Hahaha>
<sfx: *fwoooom…*>

Page 21
Chitose: Kyaaaaahhh
<sfx: *AAAAHH*>
<sfx: *WHOO~SH*>
<sfx: *pat*>
<sfx: *thud*>
<sfx: *crash*>
<sfx: *scree~ch*>

Haiji: Oh~
Chitose (in picture): Ouuu~~~ch!
Vivi: Now isn’t this interesting…!

Page 22–23
Someone: This is-- // the labyrinth of mist……!!
<sfx: *fssshhhhh*>

Insert line: Clear up the fog that’s veiling the truth!!

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