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Hungry Joker 11

The Woman of Steel

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Feb 6, 2013 01:04 | Go to Hungry Joker

-> RTS Page for Hungry Joker 11

Let's go for the hat trick, shall we...? To my own surprise my awesome proofer decided to be busy as a bee and work his way through all my scripts in one evening. (Thanks, mate!)

With that my scripts on MH are finally up-to-date with JUMP again. (Well, for the night at least...)

Enjoy this release since I had one hell of a blast with this chapter!

Mr. Prince x Kiss Scans Only

Page 1
Haiji: Well, let’s enter it then // that mist labyrinth…!

Insert line: A puzzling mystery that makes their jaws drop!!

Tabata Yuuki
case.11 – The Woman of Steel

Page 2
Niels: Granny is just like you… // a Eureka’s... adaptor–…!?
Haiji: At this point that’s the hypothesis with the highest probability. // At first, I also considered a mirage or some sort of illusion but this…

Page 3
Haiji: …is a labyrinth molded out of mist……! // That is something that can’t be accomplished without the use of a Eureka’s power.
<sfx: *fssshhh*>
<sfx: *sink*>

Haiji: Of course, it may be a different story if we were to assume she really was a witch after all…
Haiji (in picture): Hahahaha
Niels (in picture): Whaaa~t!?
Niels: ––y-… you can make all of this from mist…!?
Chitose: Niels-san… was your grandmother in any way peculiar or different before she disappeared…? / Did she maybe get hold of some sort of wondrous item–––…
Niels: …even if you say something like that… // That’s perfectly normal for granny, she’s always like that…
Witch (in picture): Eeeee~~~~hihihihi
<sfx: *blub, blub* *boil, boil*>
Chitose (thinking): She’s never been normal in the first place then…

Page 4
Vivi: Why did the old woman disappear to begin with?
Niels: …I don’t know either…… / A few days back she was just gone all of a sudden without saying a word––…
Vivi: Maybe she was running rampant when she couldn’t control the Eureka’s powers.
Niels: That’s……! // Granny… come back to me……! // Don’t leave me… all alone……!
Vivi: Excuse me, but… // SEEING YOU IS TICKING ME OFF!
<sfx: *point*>
<sfx: *flinch*>

Niels: I’m sorry, so sorry. I shall see to it that I can meet your gaze as little as possible and put my every devotion into leading a quiet and inwardly la~ha~ha~hife!
Chitose (thinking): Going that far!?

Page 5
Vivi: <Humph!> If you’re going to be alone, so what!? You’re really pathetic, aren’t you!? // There’s not a thing I haven’t been able to handle by myself!
<sfx: *swish*>
Chitose: Oh right… / you don’t even have an assistant, Vivi-san, do you…?
Vivi: I don’t need anything like that. // Basically, sending me alone on this mission would have sufficed––…
<sfx: *clack, clack, clack*>
Haiji: Hmph, / did no one else enter this labyrinth?
Chitose: Some townsmen supposedly did… // But it seems like they all turned back the minute they encountered monsters……! // …monsters… what in the world does that––---

Page 6
<sfx: *snooorrrrt*, *snooorrrrt*>
Haiji: Hm, / as expected, you hear labyrinth and you think Minotaur.
Haiji (in picture): Hahaha
<sfx: *snooorrrrt*>

Page 7
<sfx: *WHOOOOSH*>
<sfx: *CLUTCH*>

Chitose: Kyaaaahhh
Haiji: Hm.
Chitose: Do-… Doctor…!! // Are you alright–––!?
Apple: *roll, roll*
Haiji: Hmph, // quite the opposite really. / Seconds ago my powers reached the time limit.
Chitose: Wha…!?
Niels: Hiiiiiii!
Chitose: …that’s––!
Haiji: I guess I have no other choice but to rely on that woman there.

Page 8
<sfx: *OOOOHHH*>
<sfx: *heavy steps*>

Vivi: …it can’t be helped, huh. // Now then everybody, I’d like to request you to close your eyes until I tell you it’s okay to open them again.
Chitose: Huh?
Vivi: Unfortunately, the power of my Eureka causes harm to everybody who sees it. // So if you don’t want to lose your eyesight you better make sure to shut your eyes…!
Chitose & Niels (in picture): Understooo~d!
Vivi: That goes for you as well! // Close your eyes if you really wish to be saved!
Haiji: Hmph.
<sfx: *glare*>

Page 9
Vivi (in picture): That’s all but a lie. // This noble miss’s secret // is something that must not to be seen by anybody.
Vivi: Well then, // here I go…!
Text (in picture): Because…
<sfx: *KIIIIHHH*>
<sfx: *SHING*>

Page 10
Vivi (in picture): …there’s no doubt they’d be put off by it!
<sfx: KIN*>
<sfx: *snooorrrrt*>

Page 11
<sfx: *slash*>
<sfx: *fsssshhhhh*>

Vivi: Being an ugly monster–– // That’s something… // the two of us have in common…
Text (in picture): The Sumerian Ruby // The world’s oldest alloy. It is said that the bronze from the Ancient Sumer civilization could only be accomplished by the discovery of molds made from this ruby. // Ruby (Aluminium oxide) exceeds bronze by far. Due to the nature of its melting point (2050°C) the creation of an alloy became possible for the first time. // This is my metal manipulating Eureka. / The thing that took everything from me… / …the daughter of an old, aristocratic household.

Page 12
Vivi (in picture): Six years ago during a certain incident // this thing was embedded into my body. // My parents who own a major corporate group had spent large amounts of money but no matter the procedures undertaken // it couldn’t be taken out of my body. // The ironic thing about the Sumerian Ruby is… // that by inserting it into a compatible human body it was showing its powers as a Eureka–––
Parents: Unsightly…!
Vivi (in picture): And I was abandoned. // After that, the White Jokers took care of me. // And I learned how to “use” this body of mine.

Page 13
Vivi (in picture): I was no longer the daughter of a noble household. // No butlers, no manor house, // I was just an isolated and lonely ugly girl. // But you know, // if there’s no butler around you can just make some black tea yourself! // If there’s no manor house anymore you can just become super rich and buy one yourself! // Now I can grow black tea shrubs and plant roses all by myself! // And I alone have created a company that’s even greater than my dad’s!

Page 14
Vivi (in picture): “To be cute” // “To be beautiful” // I was aiming for what I had lost before… // “Being a perfect noble lady” // In order to fulfill this there is still but one thing I need to procure… // A way to remove the Sumerian Ruby that’s been embedded into my body––!!
Vivi: You’re–– // a real nuisance!
Vivi (in picture): By means of my own force / I will regain everything!!

Page 15
<sfx: *KICK*>

Page 16
<sfx: *slice*>
<sfx: *fssshhhhh*>
<sfx: *shing*>
<sfx: *flu~ff*>

Vivi: I won’t tolerate any obstacles // blocking the path ahead of me––…! // …well then… // let’s rescue the apple man next, shall we––
<sfx: *flap, flap*>

Page 17
Haiji: Hmph! // I see, / a metal manipulating Eureka, huh?
Vivi: Wha- wha- / HOW DID YOUUU~~~!? // Aren’t you supposed to be caught––!?
Haiji (in picture): Hahahaha
Haiji: What I said about the time limit was a lie. <It was so I’d get you to use your powers.>
<sfx: *fssshhhh*>
Vivi: B- b- but I said you shouldn’t look–––… // I mean, I even said if you watched you’d lose your eyesight–––… / Are you a fool or what––!?
<sfx: *ssssttt*>
<sfx: *extinguish*>

Haiji: Well, it’s because there was simply no way they’d send me on a joint mission with someone who possessed such a dangerous power.
Haiji (in picture): Not even the Hungry Jokers would be that foolish, right?

Page 18
Haiji: Hmph, / the powers of your Eureka––…
<sfx: *startle*>
Vivi (in picture): What’s with that body––…!? // Woman of steel! // …so scary… // Unsightly!
Haiji: …they’re beautiful! // The sudden creation of those exquisitely sharpened blades… // And the moves that refined those powers as you so freely unleashed them…

Page 19
Haiji: It was like one could catch a glimpse of all the efforts and struggles that were invested to reach that level. // To that polished beauty of your hard work, / I pay my respect!
Haiji (in picture): Hahahaha
Vivi: Wha- wha- what a- a- are you // sa- sa- saying––…!?
Haiji: Now show it to me one more time, closely and without rushing.
Chitose (in picture): Ummm~~~, how much longer do we have to keep our eyes closed…?
Vivi: A- a- absolutely not––! No way!

Side line: The unclouded perception of a man and scientist!!

End line: Next issue – Rushing into the labyrinth’s innermost section! / What events will await them there!?

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