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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 29

The Mystery of Yatsudoki

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Feb 15, 2013 20:24 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 29

I. Hate. Wordy. Chapters.

After solely working on the Action-packed HUNGRY JOKER for several weeks switching back to Oumaga felt like a kick in the crotch. The amount of text is ridiculous. One chapter of OD amounts to about two of HJ!

But enough with the whining. Here goes nothing. Enjoy the release!

Reserved for kra Scans

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Chapter 29 – The Mystery of Yatsudoki
Horikoshi Kouhei

Insert line: The dreadful other side of the circus troupe…!!

<sfx: *ominous aura*>
Michinoke: During the performance / it was your inaptness / which caused for a delay of several seconds // between the acts! // That ain’t good~. That reeeaaally ain’t good. The stage is a very fragile thing! / One small mistake will become a huge error.

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Suzuki: But director… / It hasn’t even been a week since Kikuchi-kun joined…!
Kikuchi (in picture): Not just the bear… / …all of them…
Michinoke: Then it was you who showed up on stage without putting his body and mind into it!? // You have to overcome that kind of pressure!! // You’re a pro after all, Suzuki!!
<sfx: *whoosh!!*>

Page 2
Toy Toy: Stop! You can’t! // You mustn’t strike Suzuki! / Suzuki is a capable guy! // The bad one is the guy with the hair explosion! <*woof*> // That’s right! Isn’t it, Suzuki!? You’re listening, Suzuki!? / The useless one is that guy!! To be frank, he’s just so clumsy!! <*yelp*>
Introbox: Toy Poodle // Toy Toy
Biakkov: A useless guy? // Don’t matter to me… // I’m gonna bite’em and crunch’em!! // I’m gonna rip’em up and cut’em open!! Each’n’everything!! At any price!!
Introbox: White Tiger // Biakkov
<sfx: *crunch, crunch* x multiple times>

Page 3
Rodeo: Stop it!
Biakkov: Never!
<sfx: *whip*>
Rodeo: So typical for a carnivore… showing us off to the newcomer right after the performance… // It’s not hard to guess what Michinoke’s intention behind this is… / it’s training! [TN: As in animal training, dressage.]
Intro Box: Thoroughbred // Rodeo
Michinoke: So noisy~, it’s always the same!! Let’s try and tune it down a little! Ready, set, go!!
<sfx: *clap*>
Toy Toy: You’re the loudest here! Right, Suzuki!?
<sfx: *rattle*>
Bubble: *RUMBLE, RUMBLE*!!
Hana (in picture): A horse… and a poodle… and…… a white tiger!?
Hana (thinking): The tent just tilted over to the side……
Rodeo: Biakkov, stop it! / If you really want to act violently that much, use this thing!

Page 4
<sfx: *ka-ching*>
Biakkov: Slice… // and crunch!!
<sfx: *crash*, *crash*, *crash*>
Kikuchi (in picture): That’s an iron dumbbell…! What IS this guy…!! Impossible…
Biakkov: Ngaaahh~~ more!! MORE!!!
Michinoke: Don’t instigate him, Rodeo! // But that’s right: it’s training~, training! // At today’s performance we learned about this guy’s inaptness! // Since he can’t even do so much as handle a single animal sufficiently… / then, on the contrary, receiving the “Whip of Love” from an animal is the shortcut towards improvement, right!?
<sfx: *clap*>
<sfx: *pant, pant*>

Page 5
Kikuchi: Suzuki... –san!
Suzuki: I’m sorry…
Michinoke: That’s… // the kinda place this is!
<sfx: *ominous aura*>
Michinoke: But only to a point where he won’t die. Got it, Biakkov?
Kikuchi: All… // I wanted… // was to change myself.

Page 6
Hana: EXCUUU~SE MEEE!! / Is there a~nybody arooound!?
Kikuchi (in picture): That voice…!
Michinoke: A visitor!? But we even put up a sign that this was a no trespassing area for unauthorized personnel… // You guys, hide away!

Page 7
Michinoke: Hey there, hey there, miss!! Excuse me but this area is off limits to visitors!!
<sfx: *fwp*>
Hana: Oh… // I-… I’m sorry!
Hana (in picture): They were trying to chastise Kikuchi-kun!! // This man must be the circus director… // Is he a cursed human…?
Michinoke: Miss, I’m sorry but this area is off limits!
Michinoke (in picture): From her looks she seems to be a normal human…
Michinoke: You didn’t… // happen to see anything, did you?
Michinoke (in picture): But she does not appear // to be all too well-disposed.

Page 8
<sfx: *rumble, rumble*>
Bear: It smells like rain…… // The clouds also look menacing… looks like a rain shower is coming. // Hey, // your group… you aren’t human, right?
Uwabami: What…!? // Who are you!?
<sfx: *twitch, twitch*>
Bear: Someone who’s living under the very same conditions as you. // And I will also tell you why I know that…

Page 9
Bear: Even though you disguise yourselves in costume I can still tell. / Because of the smell! // Alas…! It started to rain… / I hate the rain, because it’s erasing the smell… // The director and I, we’re both surprised but also rejoiced. // That there were people who shared the same fate…… you know?
Uwabami (in picture): …he’s a bit on the strange side… but he does not appear to be hostile. // Seems like we’ll be able to establish friendly ties, just like Hana-chan had planned…
Shiina: Hey, Big-man! // I’m the director of the Oumagadoki Zoo, / Shiina! // Guide me to where the bear is! I want that bear!
<sfx: *lifts hat*>

Page 10
Uwabami: Director!!
Shiina: Now that’s familiar… [TN: Referring to how Hana usually does that move on him.]
Uwabami: What do you want to show your face for!? / And more importantly, you shouldn’t talk like that…!
Shiina: It’s alright! This guy knows all about the curse!
Bear: The zoo… I see.
Kisazou: That sure surprised me!! Sure did!
Bear: Hurry up then… I’ll show you the way.
Shiina: Yaaa~y! / Aren’t you quite the nice fella!?
Uwabami: But director, we have to wait for Hana-chan to come back…
Shiina: Meeting her again will be a piece of cake… probably!
Bear: Alright, no dillydallying… I hate rain!
Kisazou (in picture): Directooo~r, wait!
Shishido (in picture): Like I // CARE!!
<sfx: *ZOOM UP*>

Page 11
Shishido: How exactly would I be interested in this liaison!?
Shishido (thinking): I’mma go home and do some training.
<sfx: *turn around*>

Sign: Yatsudoki Circus

Michinoke: Reeaally~, so you’re an acquaintance of the little newcomer? Who would have thought~
Hana: Yeah… I heard he was working at the circus… so this is my first time paying a visit… / Oh yeah, thank you very much for the coffee.
Kikuchi: It’s like… I’m really sorry that… // This is all kind of a sudden…

Page 12
Michinoke: Now it also started to rain… / we can’t finish tidying up. But we can make settle down // in the show tent!
<sfx: *opens lock*>
Hana: Excuse me… but there’s something I wanted to discuss with Kikuchi-kun in private…
<sfx: *clatter*>
Michinoke: I wanna hear some cheery, idle teen gossip~!!
Hana (in picture): But I had hoped to save Kikuchi-kun and interrogate him about the whole story in detail…!! // What am I supposed to do? It’s hard to even think of something like establishing friendly relations with that person after seeing that stuff before! // There’s gotta be an opportunity for the two of us to be all alone…
Michinoke (in picture): The brat says she’s an acquaintance of the newcomer!? // It’s troublesome enough to consider all the stuff the newcomer could blab… but more importantly, there’s a chance this ugly bitch is hiding that she actually saw Rodeo and the others. Maybe I should try investigating her a little…
Michinoke: By the way, sis~… // you really haven’t see anything before, have you!?

Page 13
Hana (in picture): I have to dodge his investigations~~!
Hana: What’s with all that questioning whether I have seen anything!? / Which reminds me, the bear didn’t even get on stage today, right!?Even though it was written on the poster…
<sfx: *THUMP, THUMP*>
Michinoke: Lately, it’s come under heavy public criticism to use animals… // So we grant even to crowd favorites like the bear a day off! // Look, / it’s been the same with how we only had the yellow tigers to appear in the tiger show, you know?
Hana: Ohh! Come to think of it… // a white tiger such is a rare specimen and still you didn’t put him on your posters…
Hana (in picture): Ah…
Michinoke: That’s true… you see, he’s just such a ferocious fella we can’t let him appear in public yet… // But if he wasn’t on the poster and has not been featured in the show, then how come you know of him?
<sfx: *grin*>

Page 14
<sfx: *STARE*>
Michinoke: You saw him, huh?
Hana (in picture): Oh no…!! // I screwed up!!
Kikuchi: Aoi-san!!
Hana: Wah…
Kikuchi: What the… / It’s locked!
<sfx: *clack, clack*>

Page 15
Michinoke: This should do for taking precautions. // After all, / there’s a chance that ugly bitch learned our secret!
<sfx: *slurp, slurp, slurp*>
Kikuchi: This way!!
Hana: Wa-wah!
<sfx: *rush*>
Michinoke: Hrrmm~, what a waste of time! / I’ve taken care of that side as well…
<sfx: *gag*>
Michinoke: A long-awaited round of tag… // there’s finally a chance to let the tiger play again~
Kikuchi: Hah… hah… the audience seating side is also locked… We’re locked in…
Hana (in picture): Why is it that all of the cursed humans have to be like that…!?
Hana: Hah // Hah

Page 16
Kikuchi: I’m sorry, Aoi-san… / It’s my fault we’re in this situation… // Jeez… gimme a break… I can’t believe this. // What were those… those monsters…!?
Hana (in picture): Hah… // Hah…
Hana: Kikuchi-kun, was this… the first time you saw them…? Those…… “Transformed Animals”?
Kikuchi: Well, of course it was! It’s not like this was a manga or videogame, you know!?
<sfx: *BAM*>
<sfx: *thunk*>

Kikuchi: Ahh…! I get it…! / So that’s why… // That is the reason… why everything seemed so strange……
Hana: What do you mean……?
Kikuchi: Why the director acted with such irrational violence… and why there’s this mood amongst the other troupe members who all seemed to have accepted it… // It’s ‘cause those monsters had occupied the place from the shadows……! But this doesn’t make sense…

Page 17
Kikuchi: What is this place……!?
Hana: You didn’t know any of this until today, Kikuchi-kun… / but you said the other troupe members did?
Kikuchi: Uh huh… I guess so… at least Suzuki-san…
Hana: Suzuki-san?
Kikuchi: The animal trainer who’s teaching me. // According to him, one day the director’s character just changed all of a sudden…
Hana (in picture): A sudden change…? Does that mean he received the curse…..? // Then he probably set up this circus troupe in order to break the curse, didn’t he? // But I don’t get it? // Even if we assumed this… // While the circus does not appear to be more popular than the aquarium, how come that director has come that close to being human again? // This place is shrouded in way too many mysteries!
Kikuchi: Oh jee~z…
Hana: … why did you join the circus, Kikuchi-kun……? / And did you never think about quitting?
Kikuchi: I never did! / After all, I……

Page 18
Biakkov: Bite’em and crunch’em!!?
<sfx: *SPURT*>
Hana: WWAAAHH!!? // The white tiger!!? // Why is he here!!?
Biakkov: or rip’em up and cut’em open…!? // What should I do!?
Hana: Waaahhh!!?

Page 19
<sfx: *rip*>
Shishido: You in theee~re!? I’ve been looking all over for you, zookeeper!
Hana (in picture): That voice…!!
<sfx: *rip, tear*>
Shishido: I’s gonna head home but I dunno the way… // So can’t you tell me the way home!?
<sfx: *rip, tear, rip*>
Hana: Shishido-kun!!

Insert line: It’s good they took him along! Help, Shishido!!

Final line: Next issue – Lion VS Tiger! The ultimate showdown between carnivores…!!

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