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Hungry Joker 12

Groping About in the Fog

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Feb 28, 2013 00:11 | Go to Hungry Joker

-> RTS Page for Hungry Joker 12

Heya fellas!

Here’s another double release of Hungry Joker from me. It’s sometimes hard to get up your spirits and translate a series that’s basically doomed to get the axe sooner or later… But you oughtta finish what you started, so that’s basically why I’m still doing this.

I’d like to dedicate this one to the guys from the Hungry Joker Wiki. Stumbled across their site when I was doing some research about a certain reference (who ever thought there was a Wiki for HJ already!?) and was quite humbled to see those guys really appreciate what I’m doing with these scripts.

One thing though: You do know I put quite a lot of thought into most of my name transcriptions, right? So there is a reason for how I jot down certain names. Let’s take Vivienne and Niels as examples: The current story arc takes place in France, thus I went with French spellings of those two names. :)

Other than that: Keep up your work there. And thanks for following me! - Enjoy this release!! (Despite that horrible Yaoi-ish atmosphere...)

Mr. Prince x Kiss Scans Only

Page 1
Vivi (in picture): Wha- wha- wha- wa-wa-wa-wa // What’s with this guy––––––––!!?

Insert line: What kinda comment…!!

Vivi (in picture): To think he would say that after seeing me in my unsightly steel form…!?
Haiji (flashback): beautiful!
Haiji: <*mutter*, *mutter*, *mutter*> / Rather than manipulating metal the power of your Eureka is utilizing it with your own body–––…
Vivi (in picture): Wha- what’s he thinking about!? I- I- I don’t get it…!!
Haiji: ––is that how it is?
Vivi: Th- th- th- that’s my line––––!!
Haiji: ? What are you so flustered about?
Vivi: N- n- no, I- I- I’m not flustered or a-a- anything!
Chitose (in picture): Um, excuse meee~~ / Is it okay to open our eyes now?
<sfx: *fssshhhh*>

Tabata Yuuki
case.12 – Groping About in the Fog

Page 2
Haiji: Now then, let me explore your body thoroughly!
Vivi: Wha- wha- wha- what are you saying, you foo~l–––!?
<sfx: *fsssshhhhh*>
Vivi: Huh?
Haiji: Hm?
Vivi: The-… they’re recovering–––…!
Haiji <Hmph!> That means it’s futile, no matter how often we attack the mist.
<sfx: *whoo~sh*>
Haiji: That includes those guys as well! It appears our only chance is to deal with the Eureka’s adaptor who’s creating this labyrinth / one way or another!

Page 3
<sfx: *fsssshhhhh*>
<sfx: *whoooo~sh*>
Vivi: huh?
<sfx: *buuu~mp*>
Haiji: Hm?
<sfx: *fsssshhhhh*>
Haiji: Dear me!

Page 4
Vivi: …oh my… / we got lost, didn’t we?
Chitose: L- looks like it.
Vivi (thinking): I- I almost died of a heart attack back there!
Vivi: This couldn’t be better! / After all, my power alone suffices for this.
Vivi (in picture): Hohohoho
Chitose (in picture): *beep*
Vivi: That Eureka detector you’re carrying with you, that the White Jokers provided… // As long as we simply keep relying on this thing, the way we did until now, we should be able to reach our target destination. // Since those guys don’t have a detector, they’ll probably struggle quite a bit in finding their way. / So this labyrinth won’t disappear before we settle things!
Chitose: I’m sure we’ll be able to reunite with the others at our destination! / Because despite being reckless and unreasonable the doctor is a capable man…!

Page 5
Vivi: Do you by any chance harbor a special relationship with that apple man?
Chitose: Huh?
Vivi (in picture): J- just what am I asking–––!?
Chitose: Oh, no. Not at all–– / I’m just a regular assistant.
Vivi (in picture): A- a- ah~, that’s how it is.
Vivi: S- s- s- so that’s how it is, huh!? I mean, it’s not like my question had any deeper meaning to it or anything! // But still, I’d like to get to know that man better……
Vivi (in picture): J- just what am I saying–––!!?
Chitose: I can imagine! / I mean, it’s a rare chance one gets to know a fellow Eureka’s adaptor…

Page 6
Vivi: L- l- l- l- like I’d ever want to get to know him–––!! Th- th- th- that ground beetle of all guys~~~
Chitose (thinking): Huuuh!?
Chitose: But you– KYAAAHHH!
<sfx: *creep*>
Chitose: Vivienne-san! One of them showed up agaaaiiin! Behind you! Please, look behind you!!
Vivi: No one would even want to lay their eyes on that guy––!!
Chitose: What are you talking about––!? // Listen to me, please look behind yooouuu!
Vivi: Im- / I- i- i- i- i-…
<sfx: *KIIIII*>
<sfx: *shing*>

Page 7
Vivi: Importunate––!!!
Monster (in picture): So mean~
<sfx: *slash, slice*>
Vivi (in picture): *gasp*
Vivi (thinking): Oh nooo~~~ // As I expected, that girl is put off by-…
Chitose: Amazing……!
Vivi (in picture): Wha-…?

Page 8
Chitose: That was so cool, Vivienne-san–––!
<sfx: *fsssshhhh*>
<sfx: *pat*>

Chitose: ––Wah!! But seeing you in that form will cause harm to one’s eyes, right––!?
Chitose (in picture): What should I do!?
Chitose: Vivienne-saaan, what’s gonna happen!? My eeeyes~~~
Chitose (in picture): *fluster, panicky* // Am I really going blind!?
<sfx: *rush*>
Vivi: That was a lie. / More importantly, let’s hurry and proceed before that monster recovers itself again!
Chitose: Wha-!? / Oh, y-yeah!
Vivi (in picture): Just what in the world–––… // …is the deal with those two…!

Page 9
Chitose: Didn’t you… just hear something, Vivienne-san…!?
Vivi: Is that… // whistling…?
Haiji (in picture): Hahahaha // Hahahahaha
Haiji: We totally lost our way!
Niels (in picture): *wheeze*, *wheeze*
Box: A person who’s been tossed and shaken really badly.

Page 10
Haiji: Since we don’t have the detector it doesn’t really matter in what direction we’re heading. I don’t have a better idea anyway.
Haiji (in picture): Hahahahahaha
Niels (thinking): That’s nothing to laugh about. At all!
Haiji: Even if we slice up one of those walls… // On top of being so narrow that only one person at a time can pass through, it also closes up again almost immediately. // Which only leaves us with…
<sfx: *float*>
Haiji: Upstairs, huh?
Niels: Gyaaaarrghh
<sfx: *whooo~sh*>
Haiji: Hm.
<sfx: *WHOOOOOSH*>

Page 11
Haiji: Hmph, // no good either. // To be able to create this kind of labyrinth with such a considerably vast range… / means the Mist Eureka’s adaptor must be quite apt to using it, huh?
Haiji (in picture): Hahahahaha
Niels: It was granny who created this labyrinth, right……? // I wonder if… she doesn’t wish to meet me again… // I wonder if… granny actually hated me in reality––…
<sfx: *doo~~~~m…*>
Haiji: Hmph, // let me give you this one piece of advice––– // As long as you’re afraid of failing and would rather suffer and worry without even trying // there isn’t but a single thing you’ll understand.

Page 12
Haiji: If there’s something you want to know about // you ought to ascertain yourself! Capture and grasp the truth!
Niels: I want… // I want to meet granny…–– // I want to know… if something’s happened to her–––!
<sfx: *fwish…*>
<sfx: *fssshhh*>

Page 13
Haiji: Alright then––
<sfx: *sst*>
<sfx: *grab*>

Haiji: Let’s meet her and make sure of that! // There’s an experiment // I’ve been meaning to undertake sometime in the future. But this might be just the right time for it~
<sfx: *crackle, crackle* [two bites]>
<sfx: *gulp*>

Haiji: The intake // of two bites at once…!
<sfx: *sst…*>

Page 14
<sfx: *THUUU~~~D*>
<sfx: *freeze*>

Page 15
<sfx: *whooooo~sh*>
Haiji: Let’s cut across in one go before the labyrinth recovers itself!
Niels: Gyaaarrgh!
<sfx: *cough*>
Niels: Gyaaargh!?
Haiji (in picture): Hahahaha
Haiji: The backlash of two bites, huh. // Looks like it’ll still take me some more time before I can use it without any risk.
Niels (thinking): He’s reckless and unreasonable from head to toe. // …… but still… what is this……? This sensation––… // This feeling of mine…… // –––… could it be… // that this man……
Niels (in picture): Aaahh
Niels (thinking): But what if I get rejecte~he~he~hed? / That’s right… how could anybody… with a creepy guy like me~hee~hee~hee…
<sfx: *gulp*>

Page 16
Niels: Ha-… / Haiji-kun…!
Haiji: Hm?
Niels: I-… / I wo- wo- wondered––… // i-… / if you’d like to be friends with me…?
Haiji: Friends… / You mean people who act in concert and foster an equally close relationship with one another?
<sfx: *thump, thump*>
Haiji: Hmph, / I dunno yet.
Niels: Th- th-… that’s right… I mean, we even only just met–––…
Haiji: But it is highly probable. // Let’s find out henceforth and make sure of it together!
Haiji (in picture): Hahaha
Niels: Ye- // Yeah–!!

Page 17
<sfx: *clack, clack*>
Box 1: A person who had to cut down Minotaurs on a total of 20 instances before arriving here.
Box 2: A person who fell down a total 20 times before arriving here.
Vivi (in picture): *wheeze~*, *wheeze~*
Chitose (in picture): *wheeze~*, *wheeze~*
<sfx: *fssshhh…*>
Vivi: What’s this? Only over here the wall is––… // Kyaaaah!?
<sfx: *thump*>
Haiji: Hm.
<sfx: *WHOOSH*>
Chitose: Doctor-! Niels-san! // The detector is responding to this place…!
Haiji: Hmph, / it seems like in the end the reaction of the mist was leading us to the right place.
Chitose: Until a little while ago there were whistling sounds coming from inside this place. / It seems like there’s definitely someone in there.
Niels (in picture): …that’s weird. I never saw granny whistle––…
<sfx: *step in*>

Page 18
<sfx: *step…*>
Niels: …granny… // Granny––!
<sfx: *charge*>
Niels: …gran-… / ny…?
Vivi: What’s the matter…?

Page 19
Vivi: ––I’m afraid to say so… // but she’s passed away……!
Chitose: …wha-…
<sfx: *OOOHHH*>

Insert line: The truth that’s sunken in the mist is!? And then……!?

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