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Hungry Joker 13

The Truth of the Labyrinth

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Feb 28, 2013 00:17 | Go to Hungry Joker

-> RTS Page for Hungry Joker 13

And this makes two...

Get your nerd on, 'cause Tabata-sensei is about to drop a knowledge bomb on your asses! Plus, an antagonist that comes off like just about THE weirdest sex fiend you'll find in any current WSJ manga. - He sure loves his innuendos.


Mr. Prince x Kiss Scans Only

Page 1
Insert line: The old woman they were supposed to meet in the depth of the mist is…!?
Vivi: She’s… passed away……!?

Tabata Yuuki
case.13 – The Truth of the Labyrinth

<sfx: *quiver*>
<*sfx: *scuttle*>

Niels: Granny… // Granny–– // Granny…! // Uwaaaahhh
Chitose: …thi-… s is……! // Just what in the world… happened––…

Page 2
Mavro: Good day, // lovely young lady.
<sfx: *pat*>
<sfx: *buzz*>

Chitose (thinking): …! This man was the one who’s been whistling–––…
Chitose: …who… are you…!?
Dodomekis: I’m Dodomekis. // Nice to meet you, my beautiful young lady. [TN: His name possibly has two origins: The first being the Dodomeki (jap. 百々目鬼, “many-eyed demon” or more literal “demon with hundreds of eyes”), a predominantly female yōkai from the Japanese mythology, that is often depicted with hundreds of golden eyes, just like coins, on her arms. And the second being the hoodlum Yoromekis (jap. ヨロメキス) from Tezuka Osamu’s manga „Noman“ (1968).]
<sfx: *blink*>

Page 3
Haiji: <Hmph!> I’ll try asking again: Who’re you? // And why are you in this place?
Dodomekis: I ain’t talkin’ to no guys––!!
<sfx: *GLARE*>
Chitose/Haiji: Wha––––
Dodomekis: Oh my~, being all alone with that old woman has sure been lonely.
Chitose: Do you know what happened to Niels’ grandmother––…!?
Dodomekis: Hmm~~~ // “What happened to her”, you ask––…?
<sfx: *sst*>

Page 4
Dodomekis: I have killed her~!
<sfx: *fwwsshh*>
Haiji (thinking): Black garments… // This man––– // is a Mavro…!!
Dodomekis: You see, I’ve solely turned up at this place / in order to eliminate that Eureka compatible person.
Haiji (thinking): A tall man, dressed all in black––…! // It wasn’t him, huh––…? <too bad>

Page 5
Dodomekis: Besides, / that ugly old hag / just seeing her alive was so displeasing it made me want to throw up…!!
Chitose: How can you––…
<sfx: *tremble*>
Chitose: Huh…
Chitose (thinking): My body… won’t move––…!?
Dodomekis: Please, put your mind at ease. // Because I’d never do something like killing // such a sweet young lady like you.

Page 6
In picture: Curare Beak // When the aboriginal Indians saw the scene of an Amazonian bird bringing down his prey with a beak that’s been smeared with poisonous sap from pecking the bark of a tree, the arrow poison called “Curare” was born. // As a result of Curare’s effects being used as a muscle relaxant modern day medicine advanced.
<sfx: *see~~p*>
<sfx: *ruuu~n*>

Dodomekis: For women I use neurotoxins to stop their movement so they remain just as beautiful. // But for everyone else, men, old folks, brats, they all get killed with pain-causing, deadly poisons……! // You see, since poisoning this old woman was hardly enough to satisfy me, / I had planned to head over to the nearby town as well… // But it was then that this old hag…
<sfx: *GLARE*>

Page 7
Dodomekis: With her last remaining force // erected this bloody thing here, this damned mist labyrinth……!
Haiji: So the mist labyrinth // was built for the purpose of locking away this man from the Mavro…!
Haiji (thinking): And that means those Minotaurs, who were scaring away anybody who set foot into this labyrinth, // were summoned so that no one would be exposed to this man from the Mavro, huh?
Niels: …then… that means granny…… // for our sake––…
<sfx: *drip…*>

Page 8
Niels: Granny…!
Vivi: How much longer are you going to continue with that? You cowering on the floor like that won’t change anything! // Hurry up and run away!!
<sfx: *quiver, shake*>
<sfx: *tremble, tremble*>

Dodomekis: There was no way in hell I’d be able to touch such a filthy, disgusting old hag like her… / Thus–– // I was awaiting you guys, I was convinced more White Jokers would surely show up! // That way I’d be able to procure additional Eurekas…! // And if I were to combine the power of those Eurekas, escaping this place would become a walk in the park––…

Page 9
Dodomekis: …even so, // to think that such beautiful women would arrive… / made the waiting all the more worthwhile. <Fufufufu> // And there’s even two of them…! // Just imagining the tender curves // of those seductive bodies……! // You gals // shall also become a part of my collection––
<sfx: *whistle~*>
Dodomekis: Due to the neurotoxins, they can only perform actions and motions that I choose… // my personal maids, that is. [TN: The kanji used for maids here is 人形 (“doll” or “puppet”).]
<sfx: *startle*>

Page 10
Dodomekis (in picture): Fufufufufu / Fufufufufufu
Dodomekis: Alright then, // let’s not waste any time and head home together~
<sfx: *KIIII*>
Vivi: Don’t mess around with me…!! // You’re disgusting!
<sfx: *ka-shing*>
Vivi: Learn the proper way // of courting a woman–––!

Page 11
<sfx: *POOO~W*>
<sfx: *vssshhhh*>

Chitose: Vivienne-san––!!
<sfx: *sizzzz*>
Dodomekis: Hey now, hey now… don’t cha dare deceiving me like that! So you’re not seductive at all, are you……!? // You... / fused your body with a Eureka, huh–––…

Page 12
Dodomekis: I’ve got no need / for such an obstinate and ugly woman like you!
<sfx: *OOOHHH*>
<sfx: *THU~~~~D*>

Haiji: ––Hmph, // usually I am someone with an overflowing interest in abnormal creatures…

Page 13
Haiji: I don’t know why // but for some reason your existence is so displeasing it makes me want to throw up…!!
<sfx: *creep…*>
Dodomekis: ––that… // shitty brat……
Haiji (thinking): It had no effect–––
Explanation: From a scientific viewpoint, there is no clear distinction between “poison” and “drug”. // The very same chemical substance can be classified as either a poison or a drug, depending on its portion. // Therefore, bodily functions can be strengthened and intensified by controlling the nerves.
Dodomekis: I’ll crush and friggin’ beat you to a pulp…!

Page 14
Vivi: How dare you hit a noble lady in the face, hm–––!?
<sfx: *SHING*>
<sfx: *whoosh*>

Dodomekis: So dermal poisoning // won’t work with that skin of yours, huh…
<sfx: *piew*>
Dodomekis: Let’s try invading your lungs then––!
<sfx: *bwaaahh*>

Page 15
<sfx: *cough*>
<sfx: *ehho*>

Dodomekis: And for that foul mouth, // let’s add an orally administered dosage as well, hm––!?
<sfx: *dizzy…*>
<sfx: *fwoosh*>
<sfx: *whoosh*>
<sfx: *splasshh*>

Page 16
Haiji (thinking): I’m not gonna make i–––
<sfx: *splatter, splash*>
<sfx: *sip, sip, sip…*>
<sfx: *fwump*>
<sfx: *thud*>

Chitose: Doctor…!! // Vivienne-san–––

Page 17
Dodomekis: It is over, hm…!
Haiji: ––not yet! // There’s one more person on our side!
Niels: …huh!?

Insert line: Their final bet is!?

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