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Circle Game 1

Act 1

+ posted by myao as translation on Jul 9, 2011 21:07 | Go to Circle Game

-> RTS Page for Circle Game 1

[] = text in boxes or in the panel but not in a bubble
** = translator's comments
// = new bubble or new section of a bubble

[And the last vote]

[is always decided by something called fate]

on the board:
Kayano Rika
Ishibashi Izumi
**正is a way of keeping count in Japanese; Rika and Izumi both have 19 ticks or votes on the board


-: ... the April performance of "Gone with the Wind"...

-: the role of Scarlett //will go to //Kayano-san

Rika: ...huh? //Me?


Rika: What... //no... why //I'm not suitable...
[I knew it]

Rika: Instead of me, Ishibashi-san is more...
Izumi: That's not true Kayano-san //That //last piece of paper is in my writing

[The name I wrote feeling 100% resigned //ends up being the last vote of all things]

-: Congratulations! //I'm expecting a lot.

-: Work hard, okay?

Rika: Wait, just wai- //I can't

-: What are you talking about? Everyone decided this together.

[This is because of my fate. //I don't know who decided it, but]

Rika: The main role... //I'm fine with a supporting role...

[Always //always //always //no matter how many times //I'm destined to lose to her]

[Since she first showed up //everything I've wanted //all the things I treasured]

Izumi: "Even if" //"my pride is hurt," //"even if I lose everything,"
[The one who took them away was //none other than //her]

Izumi: "I have the soil of this land"... I do not need anything else
**Izumi is quoting something
[I don't feel angry //and my tears dried up a long time ago //...I'm bored already]

[At times like this,]

[it'll be okay if I run as hard as I can //back to the school residence]

[Until my legs cramp up, //until my heart almost tears //running and running and then dropping off to sleep //And the next day, a different morning will come]

[Yes, like that time... //Like that time]

[Running through the wild land of Africa //with his back straight, the "Courageous Lenbron".]
**"Courageous Lenbron" is a cartoon in Izumi's world

[Protecting the weak //fighting the strong]

[Back to the time when I was waiting... //dreaming of a hero like that]
Wataru: Hey, Izumi, it's started already.

Wataru's dad: Are you guys watching it together again?
above their heads:
Izumi 10 years old
Wataru 11 years old

Wataru's dad: You're really good friends, aren't you
Izumi's sister: Sensei, sorry for Izumi always coming here... //I keep telling her to stop coming to my workplace
**Sensei is a polite way to address a doctor or a teacher
Wataru: Welcome home, dad. //Hey, humans are bad, aren't they?
Izumi: Oh! It's Wataru's dad!

Izumi: The handkerchief in the lost-and-found at the hospital. //It's been 6 months, so can I have it?

Izumi's sister: No, Izumi!
Wataru's dad: Lost-and-found... oh, that box...

Izumi: It's a "Lenbron" handkerchief. //If the person who lost it doesn't appear, then it should become the finder's.
Wataru: But someone's used it already. Isn't it dirty?

Izumi: Just wash it then. Wataru, you're so dumb.
Izumi's sister: Izumi!

Wataru's dad: .....That's certainly true but, //Izumi-chan, if you want that handkerchief, //uncle can get you a new one as a present. //Right, isn't it almost your birthday?
Izumi: Ah, no thanks, no thanks.
Izumi's sister: Here, you have to drink milk
Wataru: Put sugar in it~

Izumi: If you do that, I'll have to get a return gift. //My sis is always going on about how much trouble that is.
**By trouble, Izumi means financially

Izumi's sister: She's such an uncute kid. Oh, such a handful!
**this is exaggerated laughter
Izumi: Ouch

[Hyuga Wataru's house is a pediatric hospital, and //since he didn't have a mother, lived alone with his kind father.]
[They were pretty well off, and even had satellite antennas. //I could only watch "Lenbron" on TV at Wataru's.]

[My sister worked as a nanny here //while studying to become a nurse.]
Wataru: So that's why Izumi //didn't come on my birthday.
Izumi: I told you that before.

Wataru: Then from now on, //let's have parties without presents. //We can tell Yamashita, Nobuo and everyone.

Izumi's sister: Really! //Why did you say that! //Now they'll feel bad for us. //On top of that, you actually kept that handkerchief!

Izumi's sister: You need to push some of the things you want to say to the back of your throat. //You shouldn't just say everything you want brashly

My sister...Wataru's dad...
Izumi: Sis, you like Wataru's dad, don't you?
SFX: brashly

SFX: drops
Izumi's sister: T-

Izumi's sister: that's what I mean, don't say things like that so clearly!
Izumi: Why not?

[I'll become 11 years old next month. //Even if I don't have a father and a mother, //I have a hardworking older sister (but she's scary when she's angry). //Even though we have to be thrifty, I still managed to get a "Lenbron" handkerchief. //School is fun and I had a lot of friends.]

[Above all, I was quite happy]
Izumi: What's wrong? //Wataru? //You look depressed

Wataru:...There's an annoying guy in my class
Izumi: Annoying? //How?
Wataru: Izumi-chan knows him too... //He's the most visible guy in our grade.

Izumi: Oh, the blondie?

Wataru: You know how he transferred to our school a while back?
Izumi: Yeah
Wataru: He lives in the housing area for government workers in the 2nd city block.

Wataru: He's //like a monster.

Wataru: At noon, when the sun shines on it, //his hair becomes more and more yellow. //If you keep watching, it really becomes all yellow.
[Changes? His hair? //I want to see.]

[You can't tell what he's thinking and //he doesn't talk. Even if I invite him to play, he won't come. //I want the class to be one, //but he won't cooperate. //He can't read or write, //so during Kanji tests, he always //RUNS AWAY]
**This was Wataru speaking
*excited yelling*
-: What what?
-: Wow, look look!
-: Who is it? Someone's climbing the forbidden Live Oak!
-: It's the blondie from class 3!

[When the sun shines on it, //his hair glows yellow]
-: Brad! //Come down //Brad, how many times do I have to tell you that that's dangerous!?

[AH! //Up that high. //Oh, so cool. //I wanted to try that too]
-: Brad, I'm going to call your parents!

[What will I see //if I climb that high //What will I see?]

Izumi: Wataru! Can you climb up there?

Wataru: Wha... That's just trying to show off.
Izumi: I want to climb it. //Let's climb up there some day~
Hanndwritten text: It's too scary today, but

Wataru: Izumi, you...

Wataru: -like showing off too, surprisingly-
[That day in the park //there were middle school students playing soccer. //We got scared so we looked for a different place to play]
-: What would Tunnels' Kinashi do in this situation?
**Tunnel's is a comedy duo
Izumi: I like the way you think.

-: Who was it //that wanted to be a soccer player?
-: It's Sakamoto. //He really does run fast.

-: Oh, sorry. //It went left again.
-: I think //you're kicking it weirdly.

[We all realized a while ago //but pretended not to notice]

[If he wanted to play with us, he should have just said it //How uncute]

[I'm not gonna invite that kind of guy //Absolutely not]

*bounce bounce bounce*

Brad's mom: Brad!


[It was]

[a well-practiced kick]

[The level of play suddenly got higher. //Everyone]

[was nervous, //even Aoyama was kicking to the right place,]

[with the intrusion of an alien]

[I was nervous //and excited to see //when his hair color would change //so I smiled at him over and over]


Wataru: I'm going to prep school. I'll come another time.

-: Darn. Lately he hasn't been hanging out with us, //that Wataru
-: He's aiming to go to a private middle school.
-: I heard he rides the train to prep school
-: It's only the 5th grade and he's already worrying about middle school examinations? What a worrywart.

-: But I heard //there's a cute girl at that prep school.
-: What? //A cute girl?
Izumi: Oh, Wataru just came out.

-: Hey, //let's follow him.
[That day was a "Courageous Lenbron" day and I wanted to watch it with Wataru.]

[But Wataru's been awfully distant lately. //No fun.]

-: Hey, isn't it that girl?
-: Oh it's that girl. //She's wearing a ribbon.
[Now that I look back]

[I wish I hadn't gone]

[I regretted it for a long, long time afterwards]

[A handmade...]
Izumi: "Lenbron"
-: Huh?

["I was the one who found Lenbron"]

[Suddenly I heard a sound in my chest //"But it's mine" //From a place deep down, it shook my entire body]

[Maybe it was intuition]

["Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep..." //A siren is ringing //It //feels like I shouldn't be near this girl]

[That girl is]

Wataru: Hey, what the heck. Stop following me guys. //I've already decided I'm not going to play with you guys.
-: Why not? //Is it so you can study? //Are you gonna cut of ties with us?

Wataru: I know you guys were playing with that "show off idiot" //Traitors

Wataru: I HATE that guy
Izumi: You've got a small butt-hole
//Nodame in Nodame Cantabile uses the same expression. Describes someone who's narrow-minded.

Wataru: You're a girl! Stop saying dirty words like 'butt'. I want you to stop.
Izumi: Wataru's the one who's not acting like a boy. We're not your minions!

Wataru: My friend's mom said the reason you talk dirty //is because you don't have parents and isn't educated properly!

-: Izumi's burst punch!
-: Her strongest attack!
[Who's this friend?]

[Weren't we your friends? //Your friend's mom //Who is that?]

Izumi's sister: Problem sets are getting expensive too...
[It's a bit out of my reach...]

-: Izumi~, you're too slow

-: We're gonna go ahead!
Izumi: Sorry, sorry. I'm out of HPs!
//Health points


-: Oh, that girl's running by herself again.
-: I wish someone would let her ride with them.

-: But isn't piggybacking on bicycles not allowed?

Izumi: I'm home! //I mean, welcome back! //Sorry! //I messed up the fried rice.

Izumi: It was fine last time, but //we were out of soy sauce. Using water instead probably wasn't a good idea.
Handwritten text: It looks like porridge.
Izumi's sister: Hey Izumi

Izumi's sister: why don't you go and buy a bicycle

Izumi: Huh?
Izumi's sister: Tomorrow, go to the bicylce shop in front of the station //and pick one you like. //I'll go pay for it later.


Izumi: Why, why?
Izumi's sister: It's your birthday. //But in return, no presents for the next 80 years.

Izumi: 80... you mean a lifetime.
Izumi's sister: Bring your friends over tomorrow too. //I'll take the afternoon off from Wataru-kun's house.

Izumi: Whoa, really!? My dear sister! //Wow, sis, you really are my sister right? You're not someone in disguise?
*touch touch touch*

Izumi: Tonight... are you going to commit double suicide...?
*heart racing*
Izumi's sister: Idiot!

[Whoa- Whoa- //For real? Really? //A bicycle and presents? //Did I do something good? I must have]

Izumi: Mai-chan and //Yamashita. //Nobuo too! //Everyone, no presents! //We don't have a lot of food but

Izumi: we have the "LIFE" board game! It's great!
Handwritten text: Every house has one. Though it's odd.
-: Are you sure you can't connect video games to it? //What kind of TV is that?

Izumi: Wataru! //Come to my house later and I'll show you a surprise. //It's amazing! //It has tires, pedals, and makes a ringing noise. //What do you think it is?

-: Okay. //Tell me your address one more time?
Izumi: Yup! I'm Ishibashi Izumi //from Oota District, Higashiyukigaya //37th city block. //I'm 11 years old and 68-60-75 from the top. //I'm currently single!
**Izumi is listing her 3-size as a joke.

Izumi: My sister will pay for it later. //I'm not stealing it!
-: Okay, okay.

-: Will you be alright? //Isn't it your first time on a bike?
Izumi: Yes! //But I'm good at sports so I'll be fine!
*unsteady unsteady*
Handwritten text: Are you sure?

[Woohoo! //It's quick, like I thought //The scenery is flying by //This is mine now //Alright, let's go to Wataru's house like this //Let's show this to Wataru]
Sign: STOP

-: Are you okay?
-: Did you run her over?
-: No, I think she slipped in front of us
[... Got carried away]

[... It feels good... //Like wings... //Haha, on clouds... //Am I pedaling on a cloud...? //Oh //It's warm //Why...?]

Rika's mom: Oh she's awake. //Doctor, she's up.

[Where... is this? It's pretty but it's not Wataru's house. //There's a strange face here. //A strange smell]

[A new... house? A weird house. //Why is there a weird face like that there?]

[I've never seen this]
Doctor: Her head's okay. She just has scrapes on her knees and forehead... //She does have a bit of a fever though
Rika's dad: Okay, so no worries for now
-: Oh it's class 1's Ishibashi Izumi.
Rika's mom: Here, //why don't you come in too.

[What...? Wataru...?]

Handwritten text: Oops she found us

Handwritten text: Oh no, oh no.

[All these face I've seen somewhere...]

Rika's mom: Today is //our //Rika's birthday

[Birthday... //that girl's... //this is...]

Rika's mom: We invited //all her friends. //And you? Are you in the same class?
[that girl's house...]

Izumi: Wataru

Izumi: I thought you were coming to my house today? //Maichan and Yamashita and Nobuo too
*ssh ssh*

-: A...//after... we were gonna go after this was done, right?
-: Yes, //yes
Handwritten text: Nice!
Wataru: We...were thinking of going any minute now.

["Beep Beep Beep Beep" //The siren is ringing.]
Izumi: It's okay already. //My place is small so you wouldn't have fit.

Wataru: Izumi, //you said you don’t like parties. //That’s why we didn’t tell you.

[That’s not]

[what I’m talking about]
-: Bye

Handwritten text: oh no

Izumi: Sorry to bother you
Rika’s mom: Huh? //Ah, wait, //that’s ours…

Wataru: Izumi

Izumi: Go away!

-: Izumi-chan!

[Who is that girl //What is that girl //Why is her birthday on the same day //Why does she have a Lenbron backpack //Wataru, Mai-chan, everyone else //why were they in HER house? //Where’s my bicycle? //My bicycle’s gone!]

Mika: Izumi!
[Did Wataru]

Mika: Sensei! //Come! //Izumi has //an awful fever
[feel this way too]

[Sorry Wataru //that time

[I felt sorry for that kid]

[When I got back that day, //I had a fever of 41 degrees]

[My 11th birthday present was //“measles”]

Wataru’s dad: She can rest at our house. That should be easier for you too?
Mika: Yes… //….Thank you //It’s all thanks to sensei…

Wataru: ...Izu…Izumi

Wataru: Everyone's saying… sorry…. //saying...sorry...

Wataru: My dad told me //to go and get “measles” from you

Wataru: Because guys…//will be in trouble if they get it as adults
*spits out*
**Measles can cause infertility in adult men

[Fine //I'll give it to you]

[I'll forgive you]

[I want to //become related to Wataru //because I want my sister to be happy]

[I still have a lot of important things left //still have a lot of things I want]

[When I get better //I have to go look for my bicycle]

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