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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Haikyuu!! 1

+ posted by myao as translation on Jul 23, 2011 16:49 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 1

This translation is reserved for Manga:Code

[] = text in boxes or in the panel but not in a bubble
** = translator's comments
// = new bubble or new section of a bubble

[Volleyball (HAIKYUU) // 1 team made up of 6 people (for a 6-person formation). 2 teams hitting a ball across a net in the middle. // A sport that uses 3 volleys to connect to an attack, without letting the ball fall to the ground]
**haikyuu = 排球, the Kanji and Chinese (pai qiu) term for volleyball. In Japan, the English-derived word バレーボール is used to refer to the sport in most cases.

[-Tying shoe laces // tightly, tightly]

[so that I can run anywhere, // jump anywhere, // and]

[reach the ball// with this hand]

[To the top, further, higher, faster!!]

[2011 // Early April]

-: I heard the boys’ volleyball team has a practice match today.
-: Wow-! They're working hard even though it's still spring break- // Who’s it against?

-: That's what I wanted to tell you! // Against "Karasuno"!!
-: Karasuno?
-: It's that high school that's been picking practice matches with the schools around here lately and winning them all!
-: 'Picking''s not a fight, you know

-: Until last year, they were an unknown weak team // so it's been quite the buzz

-: Look over there // Lately other schools have been watching their matches too

-: Wow-! I had no idea!

-: Oh
-: Greetings!!! // Cheers!!!
-: They're here, they're here!!

-: Karasuno High!
On their jerseys: Karasuno High School Volleyball Team

-: They really are 'Karasu'! Their jerseys are black!
**Karasu (烏) means crows
-: They don't have a lot of people. Not even 10...

-: The buzz-cut guy is so scary looking! Whoa, he looked this way.
-: Mr. Glasses over there is the only tall one.
Tanaka: Girls

-: But the most famous one in Karasuno is the "Setter"! // From Kitagawa First Middle School, last year's runner-up at the middle school prefectural tournament,

-: Kageyama Tobio!!
-: Huh? But entrance ceremonies haven't happened yet, right? // He's already taking part in the club!? He's really driven!
["Setter" Tosses the ball up for spikes and sets up the attacks. The team's control tower position.]

Kageyama: Let's win in straight sets again today!
[Karasuno High School Almost 1st year Setter Kageyama Tobio]
[Almost 2nd year Center Tsukishima Kei]
Tanaka: Why are you acting like the leader, newbie!!
[Almost 2nd year Left Side Tanaka Ryunosuke]
*clap clap*
Sawamura: Alright, alright. Stop fighting and go warm up!
[Almost 3rd year Captain Right Side Sawamura Daichi]

-: Chance!
-: Left, left!

-: Oh no... // what a point difference

-: ...was Karasuno always this strong??
-: Can't keep up with their attack at all... // Anyways-

-: that buzz-cut's got a lot of power~! // ... and if you face him, you'd lose just in spirit... he's scary

-: "Glasses" is an annoyingly calm and clever blocker and...

-: The captain's really steady... // If that person was gone, the defence would be in shambles

-: And... // as expected...

-: Kageyama...! // He throws up accurate tosses from any position... Seems like he's already Karasuno's control tower...

-: -but I don't really want to be teammates with him
-: Yeah
Kageyama: Tanaka-san, it's your 4th service miss today
Tanaka: Shut up! // I know that!!

-: Ah! // We lost!

-: But the setter really was amazing!

Hinata: -This is

Hinata: Karasuno High...!

Hinata: The team // I'm going to be an ace at...!
[Karasuno High School Almost 1st year Hinata Shouyou]

-: Who's that?
-: Dunno.

[A few days later]

[Prefectural Karasuno High School]

[First Auditorium]

Sawamura: Only 3 first years entering the club, including Kageyama...*sigh*
Kageyama: So few!
Tanaka: Don't be so blunt about it!

Kageyama: How should I say it then?
Tanaka: *annoyed*
Sawamura: I wish an ace spiker would just show up like BOOM!

Hinata: CHEERS!

Hinata: 1st year class 4!

Hinata: Hinata Shouyou!! // I'm here to be the ace of the volleyball team!!

Tanaka/Kageyama: ...Say what?

Sawamura: ...Ah~um~ // You want to join? Have you played volleyball before?
Hinata: Yes!!

Tsukishima: Oh nice~! // A new ace, huh!

Tsukishima: With that height?
Hinata: Ahh!?

Hinata: E-even if I'm not big...
*stands up straight*

Hinata: I can jump!!

Tsukishima: Wow, how amazing!
*can't speak*
Kageyama: You

Kageyama: if you're really all that // Spike one of my tosses

Hinata: This guy... is the one that was being praised last time // "Kageyama"...!!
Sawamura: Hey don't

Hinata: Fine!

Hinata: I'll do it!

Sawamura: Ahh...

Tanaka: Hey! The net is 240 cm! // You gonna be alright!?
Sawamura: *agh*

Sawamura: They're all underestimating me...!
[In tears]


Hinata: I'll scare you guys, just watch!!

-: WHAT!?

[-he flew]




Tanaka: What's with the magnificent air-ball just now!!
Tsukishima: Embarrassing~
Sawamura: But the jump was amazing...!
*turns red*
Hinata: ...ugh

Kageyama: You // said you were experienced, right...?

Hinata: ... I did!! // Spikes too, // I can touch it about 3 out of 10 times


Sawamura: B... // by the way, how strong was your middle school?

Hinata: I've never played a match! // We only had 3 people so we were just a "society"... //-that's why

Hinata: in order to play real volleyball // I came to a high school that had an actual team!

Tsukishima: Hahaha
Tanaka: And yet saying "I'm going to be the ace". Aren't you afraid of anything? // Hmm?
Hinata: *ugh*

Kageyama: -When you can't even do the basics... // don't say things like you're going to be the ace!

Kageyama: Even if you can jump high // a guy like you // is far from being a starting player

Kageyama: We don't need someone who's only talk.

Sawamura: Ahh, hey don't, don't! // Don't worry about it Hinata! He's just really passionate about volleyball.
Hinata: ...damn it...

Hinata: ...for sure...I'm going to become a starting player for sure...and then... // I'll make you say "Please hit my toss"..!


Kageyama: Who would say that, idiot.

Hinata: Ah... // That was supposed to be in my head... // Did it come out?

Kageyama: When you can't even do the basics, don't say things like you're going to be the ace!
Hinata: Damn it... // Just watch me... // I'll practice the most and become the best...!

Hinata: Alright, the first one her... // ...huh? It's open... // *gaah*


Hinata: Grr... he's the first one here!

["Who'd say that, idiot"]
Hinata: He's so annoying! // Just because he's slightly good! // Well, not just slightly!

Hinata: And even though he's good, practicing the most! // How greedy! Give me some of your skills!!

Hinata: Hey, hey, hey! // What do you have to do to be so good. // Hey

Hinata: Hey // hey

Hinata: Hey // *Arrgh*
Kageyama: Practice!! // While thinking about your form! // Carefully!! // Over and over !!!

Hinata: I- // I'll do it!

Hinata: -Kageyama, you // went to a strong middle school, right?

Hinata: Why didn't you go to a stronger school?

Kageyama: Because if you want to play against all the top schools // you have to be part of a team that's not "at the top"

Hinata: !? // Then you came to a weak school so that you could play against strong teams!?
Kageyama: Even if you're weak, there's no reason you can't win against fellow high-schoolers. // What's important is how you draw out the strength of your players.

Kageyama: "Multiplying" that drawn power // is my job.
Hinata: Damn... // What he's saying is kinda cool...

Kageyama: I was wondering too
Hinata: What!? // What are you wondering about me!?

Kageyama: You've been "sorta" playing since middle school // so why are you so bad?

Kageyama: You're wasting your jumping ability. Even though you can jump that high.
Hinata: But... // I didn't have a teacher to teach me... // and we couldn't play in matches so the other guys didn't take it seriously...

Kageyama: Don't make excuses!!!
Hinata: You're the one that asked!!

Hinata: ...but // we still... had fun
Kageyama: had fun...?

Kageyama: In a competition...

Kageyama: to truly have fun // you need to be strong

Kageyama: With your ability now // there's no way you can have fun during a match

Hinata: Damn it...

Hinata: I can... // I can... do it, you'll see...!

*bell ringing*
-: Time for food~ // Food // food~

-: Ah, Hinata woke up!
-: How's he able to wake up right at lunch break?
*gets up*

-: And where are you going!?
Hinata: Practice
-: For what!?

["With your ability now there's no way you can have fun during a match"]
Hinata: I'm going to practice and practice // and become stronger no matter what!!

*munch munch munch*
Hinata: Hmm, but... // if I practice by myself // it'll be a repeat of middle school...

Hinata: Nnnn~

Hinata: Alright!

-: Huh? Kageyama?

-: ...I don't think he'll wake up until afternoon classes start

-: Tanaka? // He got called away by teachers just now to discuss his habits

Tsukishima: Practice!? // It's lunchtime time right now.

Sawamura: Oh // Alright// I'll watch, I'll watch

Hinata: Captain!

Hinata: Ah // Damn it

Sawamura: Hahaha! Don't be in such a rush. You'll get better for sure, Hinata.
Hinata: Really?
Sawamura: Yeah. Your athletic ability is high to start with // but above that, your personality is your weapon!

Hinata: Hardworking and // honest

Sawamura: You realized you couldn't keep practicing the way you did in middle school // so you went to find the other players, right? Giving up your lunch break. // Being able to work hard and being honest // it's a really valuable talent.

Hinata: What about Kageyama then!? Is he "honest" too!!?
Sawamura: Ah...

Sawamura: Right, he doesn't have what you'd call an "honest personality" but... // he cares a lot about winning // so he has a flexible mind

Sawamura: He's always thinking about getting better and winning // so if it's for that purpose, he's willing to listen to other people's opinions
Hinata: So if I'm needed to 'win' will Kageyama throw tosses to me!?
Sawamura: Uh-huh, that's right! So...

Sawamura: Work hard, get better and become an important player on the team alongside Kageyama
Hinata: Yes!

Tanaka: Oh! // Hinata's jumping really high today too

Tsukishima: His timing's completely off. Too tense.
Tanaka: Calm down and watch the ball~

Hinata: Damn it...
Kageyama: Of course you're won't get better so easily! Don't get bummed out so easily!!
Sawamura: Hey! You guys, get over here~!

Sawamura: I've decided the opponent for our next practice match.

Sawamura: It's the private school Hanagata Academy
Kageyama: Oh!
Tanaka: Oh!?
Tsukishima: Ugh

Sawamura: They're definitely a candidate to win the prefectural tournament this year. // They play “data volleyball” by analyzing their opponents thoroughly.

Sawamura: I heard they even have dedicated analysts.
Tanaka: Ahh! // It's those guys that have been at our practice matches lately.

Hinata: ...aren't you going to say "win in straight sets" like you usually do?

Kageyama: Probably... our attack patterns have already been analyzed so // it'll be a tough match.
Hinata: But...

Hinata: you say that so happily...

Kageyama: Well it doesn't matter to you since you won’t' be playing.
Hinata: *riled up*

Hinata: ...I...!

Hinata: came to the team so that I could play actual volleyball!! // I'll play no matter what!!

Tanaka: That's not something for you to decide!!
Hinata: Gahh!

[The day of]

[-the practice match vs. Hanagata Academy- // Hanagata Academy Private High School back entrance]

-: Karasuno's "Kageyama" came from Kitagawa First Middle School right~

-: Ah~ they came second at last year's middle school prefectural tournament?
-: He went to such a weak school despite that
-: What, he wants to be the boss at a weak school?? // Apart from Kageyama, they're all worthless.
-: Like that buzz-cut guy!
-: Ah! The one with the stupid-looking face~

Tanaka: Hey!?
-: Ugh

-: Ah // Um
Tanaka: -If you don't take Karasuno seriously...

["we'll eat you alive"]
**食い散らかすぞ "is actually a description of the way crows eat things (messily, I guess?) but a literal translation doesn't sound as scary.


Sawamura: -I think you guys know already but-

Sawamura: you can't cause any problems coming to another school, okay?

Sawamura: Sorry about that! // Hey, don't loiter. Hinata, stop following their leads
-: Ah, no...

Tanaka: Those bastards! Saying all those things!!
Hinata: I'll blow them away during the match!!!
Tanaka: Yeah! Ah... huh?

Tsukishima: ...did you know you have to play in the match first before you can blow them away?
Hinata: Ugh

Hinata: Damn it...

-: All right! // Chance ball!

-: Get to the front // front!
-: Someone cover that

Tanaka: Ahh // Damn it, again...

-: Oh no! We stopped you again. I’ve lost count of how many times already.
Tanaka: B-a-s-t-a-r-d-s!

Kageyama: Sorry. Our pattern's definitely being read... // the level of their blocks is above our expectations
Sawamura: Hmmm I guess this is the difference in our levels...?

-: Karasuno's attacks depend on Kageyama! // And our "Kageyama countermeasure" is perfect....!

Sawamura: Hmmm... we're stuck... // What should we do...

Sawamura: I guess in order to change the flow...

Kageyama: Please don't do that! // If you let THAT in, it'll just get harder!

Sawamura: ... But it's a practice match so we’ve got to try things! // You know how high Hinata's potential is, right? // If he gets more experience, he'll become a big asset

-: Member change!

Sawamura: Hinata // Ready to go!?

Hinata: ! // Yes!

[A match...!!]

[My first... // match!!]

Kageyama: Don't get nervous!! You'll be too much to handle.
Tanaka: I think that's impossible

Sawamura: Focus on this one point!!

[This is... the air of the court during a match...!! // But this is only a practice match... // an official match will be // ... more...!!]

Kageyama: ... nothing else to do but try ...!

Kageyama: Even if it's by chance, do it!! // Hinata!

Tanaka: Do it!

Hinata: I can... // hit it too!!

-: Amazing! // What a magnificent miss!
Hinata: Ugh...
Tsukishima: You're being too hasty

Hinata: It's still... the first one // The next time, for sure...!! // O- // one more!!

-: !? // Why are you there!?

Hinata: Ah!
Tanaka: Wha-!?

Sawamura: Don't worry about it!

Tanaka: Ah! Kageyama's head is short-circuiting!!

Tanaka: You // lousy player!!!
Sawamura: Ahh, no, don't // Sorry, time-out!


Kageyama: ..."motivation" alone // can't make up for technique and experience!

Hinata: .....yeah....

Kageyama: What?

Hinata: I'm // lousy!! // I haven't practiced nearly enough yet!!

Hinata: But! // I want to spike the ball!! // And I want to play in the match!! And I want to win!!

Hinata: So

Hinata: as a better player you // have to adjust to me!!

["He cares a lot about winning so he has a flexible mind"]

Tanaka: What did Hinata just say!?

Sawamura: -So that’s

Sawamura: the decision Hinata made // in order to win this match.


Kageyama: -Alright

Tsukishima: What do you mean "alright"?
Kageyama: ...Hinata, // go where there are no opponent blockers // jump fast and high, then swing as hard as you can // Don't mind the the ball.

Tanaka: !? // How can he spike without minding the ball! // He'll just miss again!
Kageyama: No, Hinata won't miss

Kageyama: I'll // make him hit it

Tanaka: What!?
Kageyama: -...I'll // BRING you // the ball

Kageyama: Jump while trusting me

Hinata: -Okay
Tanaka: Hey!? // Do you really understand!?

Kageyama: Hinata's... strength apart from his jumping ability
[He doesn't say "impossible" or "I can't"]

[Every single time, his first words are,]

Hinata: I'll do it!

Tanaka: Hey, what are you planning? Are you alright!?
Kageyama: If it's a "decision for winning"

Kageyama: then I'll do it


Sawamura: It's like Kageyama's already strong concentration // became even stronger...

[Calm and observant eyes... // while being aware of the entire court-]

[Is he also watching...!? // All of Hinata's movements...!?]

Hinata: Where there are no opponent blockers // fast // high

["Jump while trusting"]

[that the ball]

[will come HERE!!!]

Kageyama: -Alright!

Tsukishima: Ugh
Sawamura: For real...!

Hinata: It hit my hand!!

Tanaka: !? // What!? What the!?

Sawamura: Kageyama... // I think he tossed the ball to exactly where Hinata's hand was... // matching his swing without even a slight time lag

Sawamura: Hmmm... Amazing, or rather.... scary... // And also

Sawamura: Hinata's jumping ability...! // He jumps to a really high place // so he stays in the air longer!
Tsukishima: "I'll bring the ball over" and "don't mind the ball" // it doesn't make sense to a normal person. Scary

-: #7 can actually hit!? // That wasn't in our data!?
Kageyama: Alright! They're doubting themselves. // Now-

Kageyama: One more, Hinata!!

Kageyama: -is just pretence...!

Hinata: Oh... // what!?
Tanaka: Alright!

Tanaka: My first clean shot today...!
Hinata: But you said "Hinata"!?
Kageyama: It was a feint, you idiot!

-: Cover!
-: Double sub // double sub!

-: All of a sudden, it's match point for Karasuno...!!

-: Damn it! Since #7 started moving around // it's hard to pick a target to block

Kageyama/Hinata: ...more than I was expecting...

Kageyama//Hinata: this guy is amazing...!! // To where I want him, he...


Kageyama/Hinata: Yes!!!

-: What the... that broad jump was super fast!
-: We lost to Karasuno...!

Tanaka: Kageyama's toss isn't losing precision~!
Sawamura: Kageyama's definitely amazing too but...

Sawamura: Hinata is // drawing out some of Kageyama's power too, I think

-: Greetings!!! // Thanks for the match!!!

Sawamura: ...hmm...

Tanaka: Is something wrong?
Sawamura: ... amazing talent is sometimes hidden due to environment
Tanaka: Excuse me?

Sawamura: I was just thinking that Hinata could have been a great player by now if he was in the right environment // But we're lucky he came to us
Kageyama: You better not get cocky! // This doesn't change the fact that your lack basic skills!!
Hinata: Ugh...

Kageyama: You said you "still had fun during middle school", right?
Hinata: Yeah
Kageyama: ...if you really // truly want to have fun

Kageyama Get // better, alright?

Hinata: I- // I'll do it!!

[-Tying shoe laces // tightly, tightly]

[so that I can run anywhere, // jump anywhere, // reach the ball with this hand, // and]

[keep being a part of // the battle on the court]

[-2 months until the team's first official match]

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