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AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jouretsu 45

Determination and Belief

+ posted by myao as translation on Jul 23, 2011 19:11 | Go to AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jouretsu

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[] = text in boxes or in the panel but not in a bubble
** = translator's comments
// = new bubble or new section of a bubble



Minoru: Are you alright? Yoshinaga...!?

Hiroko: ...Yeah

[I guess you can't be... // alright...?]

Hiroko: Urayama-kun, are YOU alright? // I'm heavy, aren't I?
Minoru: Perfectly fine!! // It's like I'm riding by myself
*pedal pedal pedal*

Hiroko: Thanks...
Minoru: Huh...?

Hiroko: If I just followed what my dad said // I'm sure I would have regretted it for the rest of my life


Hiroko: To be honest, I don't know even now... if I'm right... // Even though it's about myself, isn't it pathetic...

Hiroko: See, I'm bad at singing and dancing, right?

Hiroko: Of course I want to keep being an idol. // But I don't think my dad's wrong... // saying I don't have an idol's talent

Hiroko: I also feel like I shouldn't make my parents worry // No matter how strict, he's the only father I have...

Hiroko: I wonder if the other Kenkyuusei will be angry... if they'll forgive me... // I have to apologize...

Hiroko: But... I've got to do it

Hiroko: Even if everyone hates me // and I become all alone...!

Minoru: I'm

Minoru: here

Minoru: What's important to...Yoshinaga, // being an idol, I support that

Minoru: I know you might encounter lots of // painful things and sad things but

Minoru: as long as Yoshinaga is an idol // until I'm the last one remaining, I'll be your fan.

Hiroko: Urayama-kun...

Minoru: Gah! // We passed the station!!

Minoru: Was it Togasaki-san? Go talk to that guy! // Maybe he'll think of a good solution!!

Hiroko: ... yeah

-: What!? Your father was stopping you!?

Hiroko: I'm sorry! // I thought I'd cause you trouble so I couldn't tell you I kept this a secret...!!

Hiroko: From now on, I'll change my mindset

Hiroko: and work harder than before // so please let me perform with you again!!

Togasaki: I understand now
-: Togasaki-san...

Togasaki: Quit AKB

Minori: What!?

Togasaki: Did you think I'd sympathize with you? // Welcome you back, pet your head // and help you convince your father?

Minori: Hi...Hiroko had to muster up a lot of courage to come here. // For the other Kenkyuusei and for her fans

Togasaki: Fans? // Do you think you're full-fledged idols now?

Togasaki: There are plenty of replacements for Kenkyuusei. // The audience will forget about you in 3 months.

Togasaki: All the members here // have unwavering belief

Togasaki: Someone who's not determined to lose everything in order to be an idol // can't be kept in AKB.

-: W..well... Togasaki-san was saying that but he's probably cheering for you...
-: It didn't look that way

-: He-y, idiot! Don’t say that!!

-: Well, for today, let's work hard during the performance for the fans. Right, Hiroko?

Hiroko: Y...yeah... // Thanks...

-: I can't believe it

-: I thought you were motivated so I put up with your bad singing and dancing // but if that motivation is shaken, then it's hard to work with you

-: Today your friend took you here but // what about tomorrow? The day after that? // If your dad tells you to stop, aren't you going to quit again?

-: There are a lot of people // who want to be in your position.

-: How rude is it // if you're doing this half-heartedly

[I have to work hard-]

[I'm causing trouble...]

[I have to work hard! // More than anyone...!]
music: Yatto futari ha-

music: Deaetan dakara

[There are a lot of people who want to be in your position. // How rude is it]

[I have to work hard]
music: Akireru kurai-

[There are plenty of replacements for Kenkyuusei]

music: Watashi ga hitori de-

Hiroko: Why...


Hiroko: Why am I so // bad at this-

Hiroko: If I had talent // would my dad have approved-

[I understand your potential the most]

[Was my dad // right...]

[I'm // here]

[I'm sorry... Urayama-kun...]

[Maybe I'm not cut out // to be an idol after all-]

-: Wai-...wait, please don't do that!

Hiroko: D... // dad...!!

Hiroko's dad: It's easy to have moments of confusion in adolescence // Right now // you can still go back

Hiroko's dad: Come

Minoru: Hi...// Hiroko...!!

[Goodbye, AKB]

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