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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Kick no Oneesan 1

Round: 1 Salaryman Guy and Kick Girl

+ posted by myao as translation on Jul 25, 2011 16:54 | Go to Kick no Oneesan

-> RTS Page for Kick no Oneesan 1

This translation is for use by the scanlation group ryColaa

[] = text in boxes or in the panel but not in a bubble
** = translator's comments
// = new bubble or new section of a bubble

Akiyama: Group date? // I told you, I can't go.

Takagi: What!? What are you saying Akiyama!! // They're models, models!!

Akiyama: Models? Who cares...
Takagi: Who cares!?

Akiyama: I'm hanging up. Cell phone use is forbidden.
Takagi: Hey! Akiyama!! You...

-: And now, // match #3 will begin!

-: In the red corner-

-: the Yamato Nadeshiko of destruction!! // Natsuno Hana-!!!
**Yamato Nadeshiko is a term describing the ideal Japanese woman

[Round: 1 Riiman Otoko to Kick Onna (Salaryman Guy and Kick Woman)]

-: The promising rookie, Natsuno Hana, // how will she do today-...

Akiyama: She's here today too!! // ...she's really...

Akiyama: really great!!

-: Hana! // Hana-chan!

Akiyama: It's about time for me to be vocal too, right. // ...alright.

Akiyama: Ha-
-: Hana-chan! // Kyaa-

Akiyama: Ugh

Akiyama: ...Let me tell you guys, I'm the man who's seen all of her matches. // All her matches!! I'm not like those loud fanboys.
[You're not telling anyone]

-: Today is Natsuno's 3rd match since her debut.
Akiyama: Well, all 2 matches

[It was 3 months ago]
-: The next segment is about female kickboxers...

Akiyama: Female kickboxer? // I bet they’re women that look like men.

-: My goal is to lose weight~
[She was on the screen for only a few seconds]

[In the corner of the screen]

[2x Zoom]

[30x Zoom]
** lol his eyes must be amazing

Akiyama: *spills*

*snaps out of it*

Akiyama: C-cold!

Akiyama: I'm probably the only one who found her before her debut on that TV.

-: Natsuno's opponent has - // a record of 8 wins 2 ties in 10 matches

-: In the blue corner, the square-cut Cleopatra!! // Buffalo Nishi-!!

-: Whoa! She looks strong. // Their arms are different thickness!!

-: She can't win against that. // Even though she wins by a landslide in the looks department.
Akiyama: You guys don't know?

Akiyama: About Natsuno Hana!! // Since debuting, she's won both of her matches. // Both were KO wins!!

Akiyama: She's not just cute-

-: Let the match start!!

-: Oh, right off the bat, Buffalo charges!!
Akiyama: No worries.

-: Attacking, // Attacking // She's not stopping!! Charging. // Buffalo is charging!

-: She's done for.

-: Still at it-!

-: I knew she was just looks...
Akiyama: Shut up.

-: Natsuno is backing up!! // She can only defend-

-: And the match ends-!! // A high kick KO by Natsuno-!!

Akiyama: See-!! // Right-!?

Akiyama: Gre-
-: Great job, Hana-chan!!

-: Well then, let's interview the winner, Natsuno. // How was it today?

Hana: Uh, // T-///thank you very much.

-: Wai- // wait, // wait

Akiyama: Short!

-: Can you say something for the fans...?

Hana: I'll work hard in // next month's match too!!

-: Ah... that was Natsuno!!
Akiyama: Again, short!!

Akiyama: I-I'll call something out at the end... // Ha-
-: Hana-chan!

[...No, it's okay // even if she hears my voice...]

Akiyama: That was so good. // Hana-chan's match!!

Akiyama: I wish I could support her more- // For example-

[Cook her dinner // when she's making weight]
Akiyama: Sorry for the wait!

[Give her a massage]
Akiyama: She relaxed and went to sleep!!

[listen to her complain about work // ....things like that]
*pets pets*
[It's okay, it's okay]

[....things like that!!]
*giggle giggle*

Akiyama: Alri-ght. A celebration party tonight!! // Let's go home and have a toast!!

[The next day]

[Accounting Department]


Akiyama: ...I wanna go home. // *sniffle*...


Akiyama: Ah~ so it's next month .... // I wanna see her again soon~

Takagi: Akiyama

Akiyama: Takagi
Takagi: Oh- you're by yourself. // Did they force all the work on you?
Akiyama: They're relying on me!

Takagi: Anyways, why didn't you come to yesterday's group date!?
Akiyama: Ugh. You reek of alcohol.

Takagi: They're models!! // Models!! // Well there were a few that didn't look like any kind of model but... // Do you understand!?
Akiyama: But I had something I wanted to see...

Takagi: What's this thing you wanted to see more than those cute girls!? // Spill!!

Takagi: Ki... // kickboxing? Women's? What is that

Takagi: In order to watch that!? // Instead of cute, stocky? That's what you like!?
[I can't believe it-]
*hands over*

Takagi: Ooh!?

Takagi: Way above average!!
Akiyama: Ri...// right!?
Takagi: She's cuter than the girls from yesterday

Akiyama: Tha-tha girl's called Natsuno Hana and she just debuted recently but, // all 3 of her matches were KO wins!! // Amazing, right!?

Akiyama: She's not just cute!! // Understand?
Takagi: That's pretty pathetic.

Takagi: A full-grown adult-

Takagi: acting like an idol's groupie.
*guilty jerk*

Takagi: Ah....// no // I'm... // not like that

Akiyama: I liked kickboxing to begin with ... // and she's one of the players I follow...
Takagi: You!? Having an interest in a combat sport!?

Takagi: Just one of the players you follow, eh... sounds fishy
Akiyama: H-hey, in the sport of women's kickboxing!

Akiyama: people are surprised by women hitting each other. // But it's really about trained physique, technique, and the clash of two souls!!It's a true battle! Not just for show,

Akiyama: it's a serious contest between women!! Alright?

Takagi: Hey, that's word-for-word from this! You poser!
Akiyama: Ah-!! Hana-chan!!

Akiyama: Go home already. // I'm busy-!!
*types frantically*
Takagi: Yeah, yeah

Akiyama: Tsk.

Akiyama: Making fun of my hobby. // I've been watching her since before her debut. // What's wrong with being Natsuno Hana's fan! // Group date my ass.

Akiyama: That girl's going to become more and more famous from now on... she'll be big!! // The girl I discovered from the corner of the screen!!

[That's pretty pathetic. // A full-grown adult...]

Akiyama: Takagi's right. // This really is // pathetic!? // Is it...?

Akiyama: Should I quit...?

[1 month later]

Akiyama: I still... // ended up coming!!

Akiyama: It's okay even if it's pathetic. // I'm going to watch Natsuno Hana!!
[Here's a pamphlet]

Akiyama: ....what?

Akiyama: Um, Natsuno Hana's name is...
-: Oh yes.

-: Natsuno Hana is not participating this time.

Akiyama: It... // it can't be!!

[Next month. // I'll wait for next time...!!]

[But I didn't see her the next month either]

[She didn't take part in the next tournament. // Her name disappeared from the tournament listings and her gym's homepage // That match was the last time I saw her.]

[And then...]
*pant pant*

Akiyama: *SIGH* // I've done it now...

Akiyama: I should have just waited for the starting train... // Why did I choose to walk home... // I'm an idiot

Akiyama: Whoa // It's already 3 o'clock...

Akiyama: *groans*

Akiyama: That darned Hana-!!

Akiyama: She was so strong! // And she was beginning to become popular!!

Akiyama: She could have gone much higher!!! // Hana, you idiot-!

Akiyama: No, no. It's the fault of those around her. // Hana-chan isn't to blame! I'm sure // What are you doing, manager? The higher-ups at the gym? // With that outstanding talent...

Akiyama: I could have done... // done much better!! // Tonight, all the matches will feature Hana-chan-!!

Akiyama: Hn?

Akiyama: Oh // early morning public kissing-!?

Akiyama: I bet she's not even cute... // What's with the guy's posture.

Akiyama: ...a traffic doll?

Akiyama: Is she just a drunken OL? // How unseemly.

Akiyama: Natsuno Hana.... // the kickboxer?

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