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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kick no Oneesan 3

Round: 3 A Locked Room Defense

+ posted by myao as translation on Oct 23, 2011 03:07 | Go to Kick no Oneesan

-> RTS Page for Kick no Oneesan 3

Reserved for ryColaa Scans

[] = text in boxes or in the panel but not in a bubble
** = translator's comments
// = new bubble or new section of a bubble

Hana: Do you want to // stay for some tea?

Akiyama: W...who'd have thought.... // on only our first date (?) !? // That I'd...

Akiyama: Excuse me.

Akiyama: end up entering Natsuno Hana's room...!!

Akiyama: W-ow!!

Hana: Alright, I'll go make the tea.

Akiyama: O-ooh this is Natsuno Hana's curtain!! // Wah, and this her stuffed animal!!

Akiyama: G-aah, her TV!! // Whoa, tissue!! // Wow!

Akiyama: Amazing-!! // So this is her room!! It's way more girly than what I was expecting!!

Akiyama: Is this man... her favorite kickboxer!? // Or...

Hana: I could only find coffee.

Akiyama: Ah, right. I'm fine with anything!




[It felt like too much powder...]


Akiyama: Strong coffee is great after a drink, isn't it.
[This is... Natsuno Hana's preference!!]


Hana: I'm sh-orry... it was my first time making coffee...
**This is not a typo, she actually says shorry
Akiyama: Huh... Then why do you even have it!?

[Oh no... I've got to say something!! // Or we'd really only be drinking tea!!]
Takagi: No silence!! She'll think you're boring. // Just keep praising her or whatever!!
[Anyway, you have to talk!! And listen!! // According to Takagi]

Akiyama: Um, today was... really a lot of fun. // Being able to have dinner with THE Natsuno Hana.

Akiyama: A...and

Akiyama: If you don't mind... maybe, // we can have a meal again sometime?

Akiyama: Then!! // Let's exchange contact numbers or...!!


Akiyama: Um.., then, I'll be going now.

Hana: Just a little longer... // okay?

Akiyama: She... touched my hand. // It was so soft..!!

Hana: Yukiyama-san
Akiyama: Oh. Yes. // It's Akiyama

Hana: You're interested in kickboxing, right?
Akiyama: Yes!!

Hana: Uh-huh.
Akiyama: I never watched combat sports before so I was scared at first but...

Akiyama: Do you ever get scared Natsuno-san? // Like during matches.
Hana: Hmm. But it feels good.

Akiyama: Ah-, that's true. Sports are great // I too like to work up a sweat...
Hana: No, no.

Hana: Because you can punch 'em as hard as you want!!

Akiyama: Pun...?

Hana: Like... BAM. // BAM. // BOOM
Akiyama: Bam.. huh. // I've never punched anyone... // Boom.

Akiyama: Then, you'd want to have a match soon, right. // I'll be eagerly wai-
Hana: Match... no I can't.

Akiyama: Wha...
Hana: I got in a fight at my old gym so they won't let me.

Akiyama: Um.... // If there's something I can do, please let me know!! // I...


Hana: I'm... gonna go wash my face.

Akiyama: Ahh, that was surprising. // Punching people feels good? //.... But wait.

Akiyama: It didn't feel too bad... I think!! That kick...
[No No No // On second thought, no]

Akiyama: Never mind that, this situation!! She let me in her room... which means! // Thinking normally... // Could she have a thing for me!? // Does she!?

[...wait a minute, this sound.]


Akiyama: Why!? She just went to wash her face... // Unless...

Hana: Let's do something that feels good? Like, BAM.
Akiyama: B // b // b


Akiyama: Huh.

Akiyama: Sh-

Akiyama: She's here-!!

Akiyama: Whoa,

Akiyama: Waah!! // Natsuno-san!

Akiyama: I'm going hom....
-: What's this?


-: Wh-// ww-why is there a man in my home!?
Akiyama: Wait, a woman!? A man!?

-: Huh!? Who are you calling a man! // I'm a woman!!
*puts on wig*

-: What do you mean "Whaaat"!! // I'm different from when I was like this!!
Akiyama: I'm sorry!

Akiyama: A MAN-!!

-: Get out!!
Akiyama: No, please wait!

-: Come on, get out already!
Akiyama: This is Natsuno Hana's room right!? // There must be a misunderstanding.

-: This is my room! // You dumbass.

Akiyama: Huh, then... // That must... mean

Akiyama: boyfriend? You cohabit with Natsuno-san!?
-: Of course not!! // I only fall in love with men!! // You wanna be beat up!!
** The woman (?) uses "ore", the male pronoun for "I" here**

-: Oh I let slip a bad side just now.
Akiyama: I'm sorry. // Then… who are you? // And what exactly is your relationship to Natsuno-san...

-: I'm Natsuno Hana's kickboxing coach, Ruriko. // And the owner of this room. // She's just staying here.

Akiyama: Ah... and the kickboxer in the picture
Ruriko: Domon Kouji, the former feather class Number 2 of Japanese kickboxing.

Akiyama: Kouji... so you ARE a man...
Ruriko: *grunts*

Akiyama: Wait a minute, Kouji-san
Ruriko: Shut up, I'm Ruriko now!!
Akiyama: Before I leave, can you tell me Natsuno-san's contact number?
Ruriko: You sleaze.
Akiyama: I'm, Natusno-san's fan!! In kickboxing.

Ruriko: You're better off giving up.

Ruriko: That girl is clueless with this kind of stuff. // There's no use liking her. // She won't give you the time of day.

Akiyama: But, today, it was Natsuno-san who invited me to the room.

Ruriko: When she gets drunk she brings in a lot of things.
[She’ll follow easily too]

Ruriko: See.

Ruriko: You're just like these dolls here.

Ruriko: Wait

Ruriko: Why are you sleeping in this pile?
Hana: Ah, Domon-san.

Ruriko: You brought in a weird thing again...!
[Weird thing?]
Hana: But Domon-san, you said you wanted people.

Ruriko: What, so you mean you were recruiting for the gym? // Aww, you're so cute.

Ruriko: No matter how you look at him, he's a cowardly salaryman, // but I guess he's kinda cute, in a harmless way.

Ruriko: Do you want me to train you hard? // If you'd like, come.

Akiyama: In the end...

Akiyama: The reason she invited me in // was so she could recruit me to the gym. // *sigh*...

[But I have it now. // A connection to her!!]

[If I go here... // I can see Natsuno Hana!! // ALRIGHT!!]

Ruriko: You can see me too.


Ruriko: He didn't have to be that grossed out...

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