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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kami Sen 17

Konoha's Heart-thumping☆Cooking!

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Jul 5, 2011 04:15 | Go to Kami Sen

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For Complex Scans only

pg 01 ---------------------------------------------------------------- [NOTE: Just to make sure, "(Meaning Unclear)" is part of the translation]
It is a refreshingly cute opening....
but we are heading towards a fetish-like direction☆(Meaning Unclear)

17th Night [Konoha's Heart-thumping☆Cooking!]

pg 02 ----------------------------------------------------------------
[NOTE:Senbei = Japanese cracker, I used "Senbei" but I'll leave the choice to you]

[Bold Text]: Today, Konoha-sama is loafing around way too much.

How is it, Konoha-sama? // The senbei from Makoto,

they're good, right!?

"Shirohime's good luck senbei"

The Himemiya Shrine is selling them as souvenir.

No, they are not!

I am eating them because there is nothing else to eat!

pg 03 ---------------------------------------------------------------- (Am I understanding the word 'gourmet' right?)
Is what you said, but you already ate half of them...

That is because I feel really refreshed- // at the thought of chomping on Shirohime's face.

Still, they call this kind of thing a specialty, // yet why would they make them all taste so mediocre?

If it is Konoha, they would even be good enough for a gourmet....

That is it!


Make a specialty for the Izumi Hotspring!?

pg 04 ----------------------------------------------------------------
They will not be just a mere specialty!

We will make blessed pastries infused with Konoha's divine power!

Everyone will become so enchanted from the sweeeeet taste of Konoha-flavored pastry, // and it would a great fortune for the hot spring!

Infusing Konoha-sama's divine power....

Infusing such unholy power, // corpses will pile up, huh?

....did I hear something rude from some brave one just now?

Ah, it's Koutarou, he's the one who said it.


pg 05 ----------------------------------------------------------------
This is bad...., for the time being, we can only go along with Konoha-sama until she's satisfied, // or we're gonna get killed!

This is because Jii-chan said that unnecessary thing!

I have decided what to make.

Prepare the ingredients!

First, large quantity of mochi!

Second, grill net for mochi!

And finally, the most important ingredient is---

the lovely Konoha's- // hot body----!!

pg 06 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Are we only going to grill mochi? // What about the flavoring?

Fufu... // we need no such thing!

Behold! The miracle of god!

This is how one makes the Konoha-mochi!


pg 07 ----------------------------------------------------------------
How's that!?

Uh, even if you ask me that....

From Konoha's body- // comes out the divine essence of wonderful taste and aroma.

It is the god's mochi soaked with Konoha's juice!

Is there anything else that tastes better than this!? // No, there is not!

Sounds erotic, somehow.


Mu! // Now I see!

pg 08 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Konoha-sama's divine power reverses plus and minus!

That means it'd be mochi that will make you thinner the more you eat!

This will sell!!

Mu? Did you say something?

No! Absolutely nothing!

I'm looking forward to it, the Konoha-mochi!

Umu, // it is about time, grill the mochi.

Yes! Right away!



pg 09 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Abababa (Monster Mochi)

Ugegegege (Monster Mochi)

The heck are these!?


These are...!?


They look good, aren't they!?

No need to hold back, you may eat them!

Um.... aren't these things making strange voices?

Indeed, they are.

And there's ominous-looking gas coming out from them!

And the problem is?

...No, uh....

pg 10 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Before thinking they will sell or not, if someone were to eat these things---

it'd be a certain death for them!!


Try and see how they taste.

....Konoha-sama.... // we are truly grateful that you are thinking about the hot spring, but....

Just for these mochi!

I refuse to eat them with all my might!!

Whaat!? // Why!?

pg 11 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Hmph, you just judged them by their look, were you not?


Gehahahahaha (Monster Mochi)

Fine! I will not ask for your help!

I will make the guests taste them!

Oh no....

This will be the end of the hot spring business...

Then, our only choice is---

Koutarou!! // You'll be the poison-taster!!


Nii-chan, I won't forget your bravery!!

pg 12 ----------------------------------------------------------------

It tastes GOOD!

Hey, this is really good!

This is the first time I ate something this good!

Uhahahaha (Monster Mochi)

Hmph, // I have been telling you THAT.

How can this thing be so go-....

Uoooh!? // It's good! Way too good!!

Seriously! It's absurdly good! // Erotically good!! (NOTE: yeah, the original says "ero umai!!")

pg 13 ----------------------------------------------------------------
We definitely can use this for our specialty! // The shape is horrible, though.

That is a given!

To think Konoha-sama's divine power could be this useful!

Konoha-sama, erotic!


Girigiri (Cute mochi?)

Gagaga (Cute mochi)

I made... some pastries, too....

Try them....

pg 14 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Ooh! It's Kyouko-mochi!

Their shape looks a bit better than Konoha-mochi~~

Okay! Poison-taster Koutarou, if you please!

Aah~! Fine, I get it!

This one tastes good, too!! // The mild sweetness enhances the good taste of the mochi even more!!

I'm glad....

I can be more useful for the hot spring....

pg 15 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Y-you're right.

Thank you, Kyouko-sama!


Now we can make both of them for our hot spring's specialty!

It feels like they can even garner customers from far away!


You may only choose one specialty!!

Eh? Why is that?

You just can't!!

That is right!

You can't do that!!

pg 16 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Evil gods gathering people's faith through pastry, that's unforgivable!

I shall be the one who makes the specialty!!

...Hiding inside the hot spring like that, don't you feel hot?

Hmph! Gods are very persevering! I'm used to it already!

Your chest, it's partly showing.

I'm showing it on purpose!

I have made the Kotori-mochi.

Please eat them.

On purpose. (Monster Mochi)

Muhahaha. (Monster Mochi)

Poison-taster Koutarou!

Oh boy...

pg 17 ----------------------------------------------------------------
This one is also really good!

Its fluffy aroma and tender sweetness, they're superb!

....It is tasty, but....

So, how is it, Koutarou!?

Whose mochi are you going to choose for the specialty!?

Uuh..., to choose one of them is the same as making careless decision.

How come our gods can't get along with each other?

Umm~, you see~

The taste of these pastries is-----

pg 18 ----------------------------------------------------------------
equally good!

Equal my foot!

What is with the lie!? // You spineless coward!!

I'm not lying! // They are equally tasty, really!

No choice then, if you cannot decide the difference between the pastries,

then you will taste it directly!

? Directly?

What do you mean by directly....?

pg 19 ----------------------------------------------------------------
It is obvious!

In order to try the taste of Konoha----

then you will have to-

lick Konoha's body!

pg 20 ----------------------------------------------------------------
L-lick.... // Me!? Lick Konoha-sama's body!?

Konoha's delicious divine essence is mostly coming out from around here.

Go! Lick it!

Lick it well! (Text)

No, um... // licking...is a bit... uh....

Konoha-sama! You don't need to worryyyy!

For that matter, this old man will gladly stake his life and become a poison tasterrrr!!

Now, Koutarou! // Stop being so slow, and do it already!

pg 21 ----------------------------------------------------------------
B-but...., How could I lick Konoha-sama...

There's the problem of getting punished...

and doing this is just too embarrassing...

Konoha is telling you to do it! // It is more embarrassing for Konoha to be kept waiting like this!

Or perhaps, you are telling Konoha that Konoha's body is filled with ill luck that you cannot lick it!?

That certainly calls for an unbelievably heavy punishment!

U-Understood! // I'll do it! Please allow me!

....Then, here we go?


pg 22 ----------------------------------------------------------------

How is it?

The taste of Konoha!


pg 23 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Da- (Text)

What on earth did I just eat!? (Text)

SO SWEEEEET!! // What lovely sweetness and aroma!!

You won't think such flavor exists in this world!

Uoooh! (Text)

This is truly the flavor of the gods!!

It's awesome! I don't think there's anything else that's more delicious than this!

So, you finally understood, fool!

Kukuku, // it has been decided, the specialty shall be the Konoha-mochi!

Not quite! // It is not over yet!!

pg 24 ----------------------------------------------------------------
The decision....

will be made after you taste us!


Fair enough! // The most delicious god is obviously Konoha!

Koutarou! Go ahead and lick these two!

Let them know their place!

pg 25 ----------------------------------------------------------------
My most delicious part is my navel....

My delicacy point is the back of my knee!

Well now! Let the fight begin!

Am I jealous or what~~~

pg 26 ----------------------------------------------------------------


How is the taste!? What are your thought on it!?

Who is the most delicious!?

Uh, uuuuh....

Delicious! The two of you are delicious!!

This is impossible! How am I to judge the gods' taste!?

pg 27 ----------------------------------------------------------------
What!? What is wrong with your taste bud!?

But, I just can't help it! // I've never licked a god!

Mumu~~, no choice then.

We shall settle this with the delicious secret part of goddess!

Right where I want it!


For goddesses, the hidden and the most important part from which the divine essence flows....

that is----

the god's breaaaast!!

pg 28 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Come! You may taste them, Koutarou!



There's no need to hold back, suck them as much as you want!

Here! How does it taste? The milk of Konoha...

Aah, we can't do this....

No, "can't"..., suck harder...

Please suck mine, too! As much as possible!


I'm telling you, it's impossible~~

S-so bothersome~


pg 29 ----------------------------------------------------------------

these mochi of god....

are definitely poisonous, aren't they!?

He went into the dream world right after he ate the mochi enough for three people.


Uuuumu, // I wonder if the divine essence was much too strong.

Okay! // If we cannot go with mochi, then why do we not go with chocolate!?


This time, our objective is to make a specialty! // We can use this mochi for our specialty!

Mu!? // And how will you do that!?

pg 30 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Notice (Sign, text inside the circle)

Not for eating. (Sign)

Come come! // Izumi hotspring's specialty! Beautiful goddesses mochi figure!

Use them as decoration, use them as worshipping object, the mochi figure!

Welcome. (Text)

Welcome. (Text)

If you buy now, oh wow! You can get a set of all three for 500 yen!

...This thing, it does not necessarily have to be made from mochi, does it? // This feels unacceptable somehow~~

☆The story about Momose-sensei looking excited when discussing about the armpit talk is a secret, okay?☆(Outro)

Afterwards, they found out that the mochi figure can repel bugs when burned, and they were sold out... as bug repellant.

Absolutely unacceptable!!

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